Destination (planet)

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Destination was the homeworld of the Dalmari, located "nowhere near" Mutter's Spiral. The Citizens of Destination colonised the planet during the early Segments of Time after their colony ship had crashed. The Master arrived on Destination after his TARDIS broke up during his flight from Gallifrey.

Posing as "the Inventor", the Master created a chamber in which time passed far more slowly than the rest of the planet. This allowed him to watch and guide the Citizens' industrial and technological progress with the aim of using nuclear fission to repair his TARDIS. Using his server robots, he covertly supplied the Dalmari with comparable technology to accelerate the technological arms race.

When the First Doctor arrived on the planet, the Master took Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright as hostages for his TARDIS, leaving after provoking a war between the two species. Stranded on the planet, the Doctor assumed control of it and brokered a peace for the next two years until Ian and Barbara, using the fast return switch, returned his ship to him. After sealing the Master in his chamber, the Doctor and his companions left the planet. (AUDIO: The Destination Wars)

Much to the surprise of the Second Doctor however, the Master had been able to repair his TARDIS and leave Destination. (AUDIO: The Home Guard)