War World

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War World (PROSE: War World [+]Loading...{"page":"42","1":"War World (short story)"}) also referred to as the "War Games planet" by the Second Doctor, (PROSE: World Game) was an Earth-like planet used by the War Lords as their base of operations for their War Games. They could travel between this planet and their homeworld in Galactic Sector 973.

The planet was divided up into eleven zones, each representing a different military conflict in Earth's history. In the centre was the War Lord base where there was a landing bay, a processing centre used to brainwash and condition the humans, and to store costumes for the War Lord commanders tasked with finding humans best suited to become their army of super-soldiers.

As a last resort, there was a neutron bomb located somewhere on the planet which was to be exploded in case of an uprising which would wipe out all humans on the planet.

The planet the base had been built on was made to look similar to Earth; for example, houses and shelters had been recreated, mostly in the World War I zone and appeared so authentic the Second Doctor was fooled, though there were communication units in key points throughout the zones so the SIDRATs could arrive in secret. Much of the flora and fauna on the planet were similar to Earth. The War Lords separated the zones by setting up "time zone barriers" disguised as mists that the processed humans under their control couldn't pass through. (TV: The War Games)