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The white void (or simply the void) was part of the Land of Fiction. (PROSE: Conundrum) When the Second Doctor used the TARDIS's emergency unit to exit the time-space dimension, it landed in the void. It was patrolled by the White Robots; characters from the Land's populated regions could go to and from the void by foot. (TV: The Mind Robber)


The normal rules of time and space did not apply in the void as it existed outside of time and space. While it was nowhere, it was the "outside" with the Land being on the "inside". A gateway allowed for crossing between the void and the Land. (AUDIO: Legend of the Cybermen)

Although a place of nothingness, the void did have a "ground" that could be walked on. Objects and individuals who were drawn into the void would appear in white. Images from a person's mind could be projected within the void to lure them into becoming a part of it, playing tricks with them. Whether this was the nature of the void or the Master of the Land's influence was unclear. (TV: The Mind Robber)


The Doctor's TARDIS arrived in the white void after the Second Doctor activated an emergency unit in order to escape a volcanic eruption. Theoretically, they were nowhere.

Zoe and Jamie found the TARDIS scanner showing them the void, and then images of their homes, making them believe they had returned. The Doctor believed, correctly, that some force outside meant to use these illusions to tempt Jamie and Zoe to leave the safety of the TARDIS. Zoe did leave, with Jamie following after to rescue her. In the void, the exterior of the TARDIS itself turned white.

Zoe's home city, revealed to her in the white void. (TV: The Mind Robber)

The White Robots captured the Doctor's companions, while the creator of the illusions mentally vied with the Doctor's will in the TARDIS console room. The force took over Zoe and Jamie, turning their clothes white. The Doctor broke the force's hold and returned his companions to the TARDIS. In an effort to leave while fighting the force, the Doctor, Jamie, Zoe, and the TARDIS appeared in a Black Void. (TV: The Mind Robber)

Other information[[edit]]

The Artful Dodger referred to this place as "the void" and mentioned "the Gateway", which appeared as some kind of invisible door. (AUDIO: Legend of the Cybermen)

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