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AXN & AXN Sci-Fi are the Doctor Who and Torchwood broadcasters for most of the countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Doctor Who broadcasts started in the beginning of April 2010 and continued until late November, on AXN Sci-Fi, with series 1-4 broadcast. Then, from the same time and in the same days, Torchwood started broadcasting and ended in January 2011. Doctor Who was moved to AXN and started replaying the already broadcast series. Later, Doctor Who will start its replay on AXN Sci-Fi and then will probably be broadcast through series 5, but it's unclear, because AXN only bought the rights for series 1-4 and Torchwood and up to now, there are no news if series 5 will be broadcast or not/ However AXN has always finished broadcasting of the series, they bought rights for, e.g. Stargate, Star Trek: TOS and Jumpers.

In most of the countries that AXN broadcast Doctor Who, it was already been broadcast by another channel, dubbed, but in neither of those countries did the series finish broadcasting - Diema 2 aired only the first two series in Bulgaria, RTL Klub only series 1-3 in Hungary, etc.