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The Eleventh Doctor found that Starship UK was using a star whale in place of an engine. (TV: The Beast Below [+]Loading...["The Beast Below (TV story)"])

By one account, the Celestial Omnibus had an engine. (PROSE: Iris Wildthyme and the Unholy Ghost [+]Loading...["Iris Wildthyme and the Unholy Ghost (short story)"])

During the 21st century Dalek invasion, when the Tenth Doctor was at the Shadow Proclamation's headquarters, he noted that all the stolen planets fit together "like pieces of an engine". (TV: The Stolen Earth [+]Loading...["The Stolen Earth (TV story)"])

All Speed Inter-System Type Ks were a type of starship engine used by some Sycorax tribes. (PROSE: The Visual Dictionary [+]Loading...{"name":"TVD","page":"94","ed":"2014 reprint","1":"The Visual Dictionary (reference book)"}, The Coldest War: Marker 47 [+]Loading...{"marker":"47","1":"The Coldest War (novel)"})