Extraction Squad

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An Extraction Squad was an army of Weeping Angels which was sent by the Division to hunt down a specific target. One such squad was sent to retrieve a rogue Weeping Angel that ran away due to its vast knowledge of the Division and what happened to the Doctor during their time as an agent for the organisation. (TV: Village of the Angels)

After the rogue Weeping Angel had identified human psychic Claire Brown from the 21st century as its sanctuary, one Angel had tracked them both down to a street in Liverpool in 2021 and went after Claire to send them back in time to its fellow operatives in the 1960s. (TV: The Halloween Apocalypse)

Having taken the village of Medderton out of time and space via Quantum Extraction in both 1901 and 1967, the Angels continued their search for the "Rogue Angel", finally tracking them down to the house of Professor Eustacius Jericho, doing their best to get in, despite the efforts of the Thirteenth Doctor and Jericho to keep them out.

Having retreated to the basement, the Doctor went inside Claire Brown's mind to find out what the "Rogue Angel" wanted while Jericho kept a watch on the squad. After having found out, the Doctor promised the "Rogue Angel" to keep it safe, and the trio retreated further through a hidden tunnel through to a safe spot.

The Angels, anticipating this however, followed them only to get them to move faster, with a larger group of the squad waiting on the other side. Having negotiated a deal with the squad, the rogue Weeping Angel told the Doctor she was recalled to the Division, with the whole squad combining their powers and turned the Doctor into an Angel. (TV: Village of the Angels)

However, the Extraction Squad went back on their deal and still captured the rogue Weeping Angel, imprisoning and returning them to Tecteun to hold as a prisoner on their ship. (TV: Survivors of the Flux)