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Magic Bullet Productions is a British audio-production company formed in 2000 by Alan Stevens, focusing on Doctor Who and Blake's 7 spin-off audios. They are of most relevance to this wiki for their production of Kaldor City and The True History of Faction Paradox.

Magic Bullet Productions came into existence when Alan Stevens had the idea for an audio series loosely based on a film called Yojimbo by Akira Kurosawa. The film is about a Samurai who plays two powerful families off against one another in order to benefit himself.

Around this time, BBC Books published a Doctor Who novel titled Corpse Marker as part of its line of Past Doctor Adventures. Written Chris Boucher it served as a sequel to his 1977 Doctor Who story The Robots of Death and was also a crossover with Blake's 7 through the inclusion of Carnell, a character originating from that series. Stevens contacted Boucher and proposed the idea of an audio drama using the setting established in Corpse Marker named Kaldor City. Boucher encouraged Stevens to write the script, which he wrote the script in collaboration with Jim Smith. Pleased with it, Boucher gave his full approval to proceed with the concept.[1]

Stevens initially approached BBV, an audio and video production company specialising in Doctor Who related productions, with the script but they weren't interested in the idea. Big Finish, a production company licensed by the BBC to produce Doctor Who audio dramas, also didn't show interest the idea. However, Stevens decided to produce it himself and so set up a company called Magic Bullet Productions.


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