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Neil Patrick Harris (born 15 June 1973[1]) is an American actor who portrayed the Toymaker in the Doctor Who episode The Giggle.


Early life[[edit]]

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Doctor Who[[edit]]

Casting and announcement[[edit]]

Russell T Davies sought an actor who matched the theatrics of the Toymaker, both the original version and Davies' take that would appear in The Giggle. Additionally, he wanted an actor who could sing, dance, perform sleight of hand, and do card tricks. The actor he felt fit the bill was Harris, with whom he previously worked on It's A Sin. Harris was unfamiliar with Doctor Who at the time of his casting, but was impressed with the script for The Giggle after Davies sent it to him and immediately agreed. David Tennant agreed with Davies' assessment that Harris was perfect for the role, noting the role required someone who was gifted both as an entertainer and an actor. As Tennant put it, "He's a sort of theater animal, so he’s got that bit of graft about him that my Scottish Presbyterian soul rather enjoys being around. And he’s got a twinkle in his eye, which is sort of the combination of elements that you need for Doctor Who, I think."[2]

Casting reception[[edit]]

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In the role[[edit]]

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Doctor Who[[edit]]

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