Nora Wicker

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Nora Elizabeth Wicker was a woman who was caught up in the Eleventh Doctor's attempts to help save a young World Tree, becoming trapped in a Time Bubble in the process.


Born on 24 May 1911, Nora lived a fairly simple and quiet life in the countryside for much of her life. She eventually fell in love with and married Ernie, considering him "the handsomest man I ever saw in my life", and the two lived together in a cottage until his death in 1977. She spent the following years mostly alone, including when a hospital diagnosis informed her of her losing her memory.

On 19 August 1987, Nora awoke to discover a new red bush in her garden, followed by the Eleventh Doctor. He eventually explained to her that it was a World Tree that had landed there by coincidence and needed to be picked up by the Grand Arboretum before it grew too big for the Earth to hold. To stop this from happening, the Doctor encased it in a Time Bubble, but accidentally included Nora and her cottage too, forcing her to relive the events of the day on constant loop, talking to his hologram for help. On the 16,921st loop when the Doctor nearly broke her out, she decided definitively that she wanted to stay with the tree to help it until a home could be found, leading the Doctor to promise to see her again whenever she was able to see "tomorrow". (AUDIO: The World Tree)