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Parrak was a desert planet where Artron's tomb was hidden. A decayed Master, gaining the title of "the Provider," used his TARDIS and drones to siphon the planet's water from it's past and control the population, forcing them to dig in search of the tomb.

Having made a deal with the Ravenous, the Eleven trapped the Master and the Eighth Doctor in the tomb and the Ravenous killed the Master. Using the Doctor's sonic screwdriver, Helen Sinclair made all of the drones continuously dispense water like fountains, freeing the planet from the Master's grasp, before being kidnapped by Missy. (AUDIO: Planet of Dust)

Missy, the War Master and the Bruce Master later returned to Parrak to resurrect their dead past self using Artron's brain-print and giving him a new regenerative cycle. (AUDIO: Day of the Master)