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Rehabilitation was a concept used in regards to morality, as well as within medicine.


The Controller claimed the prison camp was a rehabilitation centre for hardened criminals, but the Third Doctor denied the lie because of the Daleks including the gold leader and their Ogrons during the Time Paradox Incident. (TV: Day of the Daleks)

The Kaled scientist, Ral, told Davros he'll need time to recover and may need an extensive rehabilitation period after his near-death by a Thal shell with radioactive chemicals. Davros rejects the suggestion as there's no possibility of any improvement in his condition due to how he’s bound to a life support chair. (AUDIO: Corruption)

Governor Lok deemed that all prisoners in Volag-Noc were beyond rehabilitation because of Gurney's betrayal; even though the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones think otherwise. (TV: The Infinite Quest)

As an addict, John Hart went to rehab for drugs, alcohol, sex and murder. (TV: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang)

After undergoing the bi-generation that created the Fifteenth Doctor and their defeating of the Toymaker, the Fourteenth Doctor settled into a life of retirement on Earth with Donna Noble and her family, as well as Mel Bush, as part of his rehabilitation from the trauma brought on by the traumas he had seen in his travels so that the Fifteenth Doctor could have his carefree attitude, with the Fifteenth Doctor saying that, by seeing his future attitude, the Doctor had done "rehab out of order". (TV: The Giggle)