Scrolls of Gallifrey

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The Scrolls of Gallifrey were a history of Gallifrey written by Postar the Perfidious.

Parts of the Scrolls of Gallifrey's text ended upon Earth as fragments of an "ancient document", being found in a churchyard by two passing human beings. Painstakingly decoded by a team of historians under the leadership of one Gary Russell, the available fragments Scrolls were successfully translated into English, thus constituting a prime example of knowledge of the Time Lords in other species' cultures.

The fragments of the Scrolls which ended up on Earth in the humans' possession covered Gallifreyan history from the early days of Rassilon and Omega's lives up until the banishment of Borusa to the Tomb of Rassilon and installation of Flavia as the new President of the High Council. (PROSE: The Legacy of Gallifrey)