Spaceship (Wild Blue Yonder)

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A massive spaceship fell through a wormhole to the edge of the universe where it was infiltrated by the not-things. The ship's captain, not wanting the violent not-things to escape into the universe proper, set the ship to self-destruct, but on a slow speed to keep the not-things from figuring out their plan and stopping it.

The spaceship was visited by the Fourteenth Doctor and Donna Noble when the Doctor's TARDIS crash-landed in it, though the Hostile Action Displacement System caused the TARDIS to flee without them. The Doctor and Donna soon discovered the self-destruct was activating, and the Doctor sped up the self-destruct once the not-things tried to stop it. With the threat essentially over, the TARDIS returned, allowing the Doctor and Donna to escape as the ship exploded, taking the not-things with it.

The ship's systems were programmed in a language the Doctor did not speak, which forced him to attempt to interpret it without the translation circuit while the TARDIS was gone. (TV: Wild Blue Yonder [+]Loading...["Wild Blue Yonder (TV story)"])