St John Ambulance

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St John Ambulance
St. John Ambulance logo (TV: The Name of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Name of the Doctor (TV story)"])

The logo of the St John Ambulance appeared on some police boxes.

The Doctor's TARDIS[[edit]]

The logo appeared variably on the First Doctor's TARDIS. It was either non-existent, (TV: Twice Upon a Time [+]Loading...["Twice Upon a Time (TV story)"], et al.) very faint, (TV: The Aztecs [+]Loading...["The Aztecs (TV story)"], The Ark [+]Loading...["The Ark (TV story)"], etc.) or in perfect condition. (TV: The Space Museum [+]Loading...["The Space Museum (TV story)"], The Chase [+]Loading...["The Chase (TV story)"], et al.)

It was not present on the Second Doctor's TARDIS for the most part (TV: The Power of the Daleks [+]Loading...["The Power of the Daleks (TV story)"] - The War Games [+]Loading...["The War Games (TV story)"]) but was still seen occasionally such as during his travels with John and Gillian (COMIC: Master of Spiders [+]Loading...["Master of Spiders (comic story)"], Egyptian Escapade [+]Loading...["Egyptian Escapade (comic story)"]) and during some of his travels with Jamie McCrimmon and Victoria Waterfield. (TV: The Tomb of the Cybermen [+]Loading...["The Tomb of the Cybermen (TV story)"], The Web of Fear [+]Loading...["The Web of Fear (TV story)"])

It returned on the Third Doctor's TARDIS very briefly as he arrived on Earth (TV: Spearhead from Space [+]Loading...["Spearhead from Space (TV story)"]) but afterwards disappeared again (TV: Spearhead from Space [+]Loading...["Spearhead from Space (TV story)"], et al.) before appearing very briefly during a travel in space. (TV: The Claws of Axos [+]Loading...["The Claws of Axos (TV story)"])

It then seemingly disappeared finally for multiple incarnations (TV: The Claws of Axos [+]Loading...["The Claws of Axos (TV story)"] - The Eleventh Hour [+]Loading...["The Eleventh Hour (TV story)"]) until it re-appeared on the Eleventh Doctor's TARDIS and remained on the Twelfth Doctor's TARDIS. (TV: The Eleventh Hour [+]Loading...["The Eleventh Hour (TV story)"] - Twice Upon a Time [+]Loading...["Twice Upon a Time (TV story)"])

The sticker was mostly absent from the Thirteenth Doctor's TARDIS, (TV: The Ghost Monument [+]Loading...["The Ghost Monument (TV story)"], et al.) though it made an appearance once. (PROSE: Black Powder [+]Loading...["Black Powder (short story)"])