The Daft Dimension (DWM 600 comic story)

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The one hundred and twenty-first instalment of The Daft Dimension was printed in DWM 600.


A quartet of Doctor Who fans meet up in a garden shed. The curly red-headed fan tells his associates that instead of their usual discussions, which always end up in pedantic arguments, they would be covering a more lighthearted subject; the fact that if you placed all 600 issues of Doctor Who Magazine end to end, they'd reach as far as the newsagent's where you bought issue one, provided you lived 178 metres from your newsagent's. Unpredictably, this sparks an argument anyway, with his fellow fans objecting to the idea of a collector placing his magazines in the street at the risk of having them blow away, or getting collected for recycling.



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  • The Doctor Who Magazine issue sitting on the table, while heavily simplified, can loosely be made out to resemble the cover of DWM 599.


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