Theseus (ship)

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You may be looking for the myth.

The Theseus was a luxury cruise spaceliner in port when the Eighth Doctor and Sheena arrived onboard. After leaving port, damage to the timeline caused by the Time War meant that the Theseus' purpose of a cruise liner changed into becoming a refugee ship, for those fleeing the Time War. Members of crew and passengers sacrificed themselves to creatures that lived in the section of space that the Theseus was travelling through to ensure the creatures did not attack the rest of the ship.

After a Time Lord ship crashed into the Theseus, numerous Dalek ships in pursuit landed onboard and proceeded to murder all passengers and crew, save for a small group led by the Doctor. (AUDIO: The Starship of Theseus)

The Theseus later crashed onto a jungle planet, as a result of the Dalek invasion. (AUDIO: Echoes of War)