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A tram in 2424 Manchester. (COMIC: Mancopolis (part one) [+]Loading...{"part":"One","1":"Mancopolis (comic story)"})

A tram was a kind of train which ran on tracks.

In 1917, London had a system of trams which ran throughout the city. While inside a re-enactment of London during the first World War, Lucie Miller walked onto a tram track during a blackout and was almost knocked down by an oncoming tram. (AUDIO: Dead London)

Trams were present in 21st century Manchester, and, by 2424, they continued operating; the Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby Sunday were nearly hit by one after exiting the TARDIS, before being arrested by the Care Force as they accused them of being tram raiders. (COMIC: Mancopolis (part one) [+]Loading...{"part":"One","1":"Mancopolis (comic story)"})