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Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? was a critical episode of SJA that explored Sarah's teenaged life in the 1960s and at the same time introduced the series' main recurring enemy. Called "the Trickster" this enigmatic, hood-wearing baddie was revealed to be intent on causing chaos in what Doctor Who considers to be the "Web of Time". Perhaps made possible only because the Time Lords were written out of the main series, this creature established himself as intent on tempting Sarah Jane and those around them to make different choices in their lives — choices that would end up destroying the fabric of time itself. In this story, Sarah came extraordinarily close to losing her entire existence, and was entirely dependent on Maria Jackson for bringing her back. Thus, this story had a markedly different feel to later episodes. As in Invasion of the Bane and other Maria episodes, her relationship to her father was critical, and given much more screen time than would be the usual case with Rani and her dad.

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SJA was popular enough on the CBBC to spawn its own spin-off called Sarah Jane's Alien Files. Okay, it was mostly a clip show, but there was some original content as well.

SJA is the only part of the BBC Wales Who empire to produce novelisations. An old tradition of the 1963 version of Doctor Who, the tradition was revived for SJA for many of the same reasons Target novelisations had been popular in the 1970s and 1980s: they helped kids learn to read long-form fiction.

Of course there's an action figure
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You know, there aren't really action figures per se for Torchwood. But SJA got a wave of the Character Options treatment. Granted, there's no Maria, Luke, Clyde or Rani — but there's multiple versions of Sarah cavorting with various aliens.

Looking for a guest actor on SJA? Lucky for you, SJA guest actors is a lot smaller than Doctor Who guest actors. And, like all our categories about people, it's neatly alphabetised by last name.

What might have been…

The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith was due to feature Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier, but his ill health prevented him from appearing. The Brig nevertheless does feature in the novelisation, offering a tantalising glimpse of what would have been the character's only televised meeting with a 21st century incarnation of the Doctor.

Did you know that original SJA audiobooks were released every year the programme was on the air? Though most were released in print, the series ended as ebooks.

Since SJA shared much the same crew as Doctor Who, it makes that our category:SJA crew structure would be pretty similar to that of the parent programme. Wanna find SJA 2D artists? We can do that! And SJA location managers and SJA make-up department and SJA foley editors and... oh, you get the picture.