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This page defines a prefix.

Prefixes are used by this wiki to quickly alert the reader to the source of a statement. The most common of these is TV, which indicates the source is a televised story.


The prefix WC refers to webcastsvalid works of DWU fiction which are first released as online audio-visual broadcasts (even if they are later rereleased in another distribution format). This includes:

  • original DWU video works first released on licenced websites such as BBC.co.uk (e.g. Real Time)
  • original DWU video works first released on external video-sharing platforms on a licensed channel (e.g. the official Doctor Who YouTube channel) or otherwise known to be licensed.

It does not refer to:

  • text stories, comics, video games or other such non-video media published exclusively online (i.e. PROSE: 42 Prologue, COMIC: The Return of the Vostok)
  • verbatim Internet rebroadcasts of existing video or audio stories; the appropriate non-WC prefix takes priority, even when simulcast
  • web-based e-books of text stories originally published elsewhere (i.e. PROSE: Lungbarrow)
  • non-narrative fiction hosted on websites maintained by the BBC;
  • Water Closet