Williamson Tunnels

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Williamson Tunnels
Joseph Williamson's workforce dig one in a series of tunnels under Liverpool. (TV: The Halloween Apocalypse [+]Loading...["The Halloween Apocalypse (TV story)"])

The Williamson Tunnels were a series of tunnels beneath Liverpool, built under the direction of Joseph Williamson.

Williamson was working on the tunnels in 1820. James Stonehouse argued that they were without purpose, though Williamson argued that he was preparing for "the cataclysmic". (TV: The Halloween Apocalypse [+]Loading...["The Halloween Apocalypse (TV story)"]) Williamson had, in fact, discovered a series of portals underground. Having seen the effects of the Flux in the future, he sought to build the tunnels as a means of navigating the different zones and to start an underground city that would provide shelter from the apocalypse. (TV: The Vanquishers [+]Loading...["The Vanquishers (TV story)"])

Alfie's granddad, who was working on the construction, reckoned there were dining halls and bedrooms. According to some claims, there was an army in the tunnels. (TV: Survivors of the Flux [+]Loading...["Survivors of the Flux (TV story)"])

After Joseph Williamson's death, which took place long before 1904, the tunnels were shut down and all the work was stopped. (TV: Survivors of the Flux [+]Loading...["Survivors of the Flux (TV story)"])

In 2002 a group of volunteers began to excavate the tunnels. (TV: The Vanquishers [+]Loading...["The Vanquishers (TV story)"])

In 2021, the Williamson Tunnels were being excavated. By that time they had become a tourist attraction. (TV: Survivors of the Flux [+]Loading...["Survivors of the Flux (TV story)"]) The Museum of Liverpool contained an exhibit on the Williamson Tunnels. (TV: The Halloween Apocalypse [+]Loading...["The Halloween Apocalypse (TV story)"], The Vanquishers [+]Loading...["The Vanquishers (TV story)"])

During the 2021 Sontaran invasion of Earth, the human resistance used the Williamson Tunnels as a headquarters. Kate Stewart later used the tunnels to capture the Grand Serpent and force him through one of the portals. (TV: The Vanquishers [+]Loading...["The Vanquishers (TV story)"])

Behind the scenes[[edit]]

In the real world, the tunnels' true purpose is unclear, and is the subject of much academic speculation.[1]