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Timeline for 1989
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1989 was a year.



In June, the Seventh Doctor and Ace visited Perivale. (TV: Survival [+]Loading...["Survival (TV story)"], PROSE: Survival [+]Loading...["Survival (novelisation)"])

On 24 June, Stockbridge's local school burned down. Philip Withers, son of Harold and Alice Withers, died in the fire at age seven. (AUDIO: The Eternal Summer [+]Loading...["The Eternal Summer (audio story)"], Plague of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Plague of the Daleks (audio story)"])

Between 24 July and 26 July, the Sixth Doctor met Melanie Bush for the first time. (PROSE: Business Unusual [+]Loading...["Business Unusual (novel)"])

In the summer, Bernie Wilson was promoted to Senior Caretaker at Henrik's. Erica Forsyth nicknamed him the "Troglodyte King", and subsequently found her car had been vandalized with a large scratch. (PROSE: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (novelisation)"])

On 13 October, Raine Creevy met the Seventh Doctor for the first time. However, this was the not the Doctor's first encounter with Raine, as he had delivered her in Moscow on 7 November 1967. (AUDIO: Crime of the Century [+]Loading...["Crime of the Century (audio story)"], Thin Ice [+]Loading...["Thin Ice (audio story)"])

On 9 November, the numerous revolutions against the rule of the Soviet Union in the Eastern Bloc countries led to the fall of the Berlin Wall in East Berlin, East Germany. (AUDIO: Protect and Survive [+]Loading...["Protect and Survive (audio story)"]; COMIC: The Broken Man [+]Loading...["The Broken Man (comic story)"]) Prior to or during his tenth incarnation, the Doctor had witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall on two occasions. The actor David Hasselhoff was also present and sang a song. (PROSE: Autonomy [+]Loading...["Autonomy (novel)"])

rewboss met the Ninth Doctor at the fall of the Wall in 1989, where the Doctor remarked about meeting rewboss again. rewboss later met the Doctor in Wolverhampton in 1991, but the Doctor failed to recognise him, and rewboss suspected that the Doctor had merely forgot about him over the course of a couple of years. rewboss later wrote about this on the website Doctor Who? in March 2005. (PROSE: Have You Seen This Man? [+]Loading...["Have You Seen This Man? (short story)"])

On 28 November, the country of Czechoslovakia overthrew its Communist government in what was known as the Velvet Revolution. The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams were present for that event, and stopped an alien invasion by the Mavora, with the help of the Golem of Prague. Rory commented that his younger self was "in a cot in Leadworth" at the time. (COMIC: The Broken Man [+]Loading...["The Broken Man (comic story)"])

On 3 December, Ed Morgan was admitted to a mental asylum. He was diagnosed with severe depression and agoraphobia and was released on 17 January 1990. (TV: Ghost Machine [+]Loading...["Ghost Machine (TV story)"])


The Second Doctor on Velon. (COMIC: Car of the Century)

The Second Doctor, John and Gillian visited Velon. (COMIC: Car of the Century [+]Loading...["Car of the Century (comic story)"])

Bobby Prescott and a number of other people tried and failed to stop a mob from destroying a library during riots in New York City. (PROSE: Cat's Cradle: Warhead [+]Loading...["Cat's Cradle: Warhead (novel)"])

In Cardiff, Wales, the Ritz nightclub closed down after 57 years. (TV: Captain Jack Harkness [+]Loading...["Captain Jack Harkness (TV story)"])

The Soviet Union withdrew its forces from Afghanistan. (COMIC: The Broken Man [+]Loading...["The Broken Man (comic story)"])

There was an ebola outbreak in Tanganyika. (AUDIO: The Sentinels of the New Dawn [+]Loading...["The Sentinels of the New Dawn (audio story)"])

The Usurians teamed up with the Master to undermine Earth's stock markets, but were defeated by the Sixth Doctor. (PROSEMillennial Rites [+]Loading...["Millennial Rites (novel)"]Business Unusual [+]Loading...["Business Unusual (novel)"])

The Communist regimes in Poland and Hungary were overthrown. (COMIC: The Broken Man [+]Loading...["The Broken Man (comic story)"])

Alternative timelines

In an alternative timeline created by the Elder Gods in the hope of destroying Earth, the militant hardliner Vladimir Kryuchkov became the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union following the death of Konstantin Chernenko in 1985 rather than the considerably more moderate Mikhail Gorbachev. Significant international tensions began following the democratic uprisings in the Eastern Bloc countries. Kryuchkov instructed the protestors to disperse and, when they refused to do so, he sent in the tanks.

The Red Army fired on the protesters, even the children, resulting in a massacre. Following the massacre, there were protests on the Berlin Wall, which resulted in the Soviet Union entering West Berlin on the pretext of restoring order. This meant that the American airbases fell into the possession of the Soviet Union. In response, the United States issued an ultimatum to the Soviets. The Western powers' satellites detected a Soviet army amassing in Helmstedt on the border of West Germany, which was destroyed by an American tactical nuclear weapon on 6 November of this year.

Consequently, a nuclear war which came to be known as World War III broke out between the United States and its allies including the United Kingdom on the one hand and the Soviet Union on the other hand on 9 November of this year. As nuclear weapons were used by both sides, hundreds of millions of people were killed in the conflict. This timeline was ultimately negated by the Seventh Doctor. (AUDIO: Protect and Survive [+]Loading...["Protect and Survive (audio story)"])

Births and deaths

Amy Pond and Rory Williams were born. (TV: The Beast Below; COMIC: The Broken Man [+]Loading...["The Broken Man (comic story)"])


The Ninth Doctor suggested that he and Rose Tyler go to Marbella in this year to avoid the Daleks at the Battle of the Game Station in 200,100. (TV: The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"])

The video game characters Sonic the Hedgehog and the Mario Brothers existed by this year. (PROSE: Business Unusual [+]Loading...["Business Unusual (novel)"])