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Emerging from the Last Great Time War as whom he believed was its sole survivor, the Ninth Doctor spent much of his life grieving over the immense suffering he had witnessed and the destruction he had caused with his actions. He struggled with the idea that he was the last of the Time Lords, having left the conflict with the excruciating knowledge of his hand in its apparent grisly conclusion and he would react strongly if pushed on the matter.

Now cut off from the Time Lord race, the Doctor found himself alone and bereaved. Emotionally haunted by the war, he entered a darker period of his life spattered by resentment, where he tended to brood and act rudely to those who rubbed him the wrong way, and found a particular rage towards the Daleks he believed to be destroyed whenever he encountered them. Despite this, he remained jovial and friendly towards anyone he took a liking to.

Rose Tyler was his most constant companion. During the Slitheen family's attempt to destroy the Earth for profit, he also gained a temporary ally in Harriet Jones. The crisis also began an on-going love/hate relationship between the Doctor and Rose's mother, Jackie, as well as with Rose's now ex-boyfriend, Mickey Smith.

He also had a short spell of adventures with Adam Mitchell, an employee of Henry van Statten, at Rose's request, but evicted him for almost dramatically altering human history. Adam later returned to exact revenge on the Doctor for booting him from the TARDIS, but redeemed himself as a companion by sacrificing himself to defeat the Tremas Master.

After resuming his adventures with just Rose, the pair were accidentally scammed by the ex-Time Agent Captain Jack Harkness. After helping him resolve the Empty Child Syndrome, they welcomed him on board the TARDIS in their travels. There they began a quest to recover Jack's memories that were wiped by the Time Agency, running into a future Mickey Smith, sharing an adventure with the Brigadier, and ending up with a stowaway companion in Tara Mishra.

The Ninth Doctor met his end upon discovering that Daleks, having survived the Time War through their emperor, had been rebuilding their ranks by manipulating the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire to their advantage. Rose briefly absorbed the power of the Time Vortex and became the god-like Bad Wolf. Once Rose destroyed the Daleks and their fleet, the Doctor absorbed the energy out of her, forcing him to regenerate into a new body to survive.


A day to come[[edit]]

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The First Doctor would occasionally have premonitions of his future incarnations. (PROSE: A Big Hand for the Doctor) The First Doctor was told of a time he would become the last of his species, (AUDIO: Falling) Shortly before his regeneration, the First Doctor was told of "a few false starts" before he became the Twelfth Doctor, and was shown footage of the Ninth Doctor, as well as his eleven other successors, by the Testimony when he expressed doubt over the Twelfth Doctor's identity. (TV: Twice Upon a Time [+]Loading...["Twice Upon a Time (TV story)"])

When the Third Doctor met Jackie Tyler while answering a distress call in 2006, he learnt that one of his future incarnations would meet and travel with a girl named Rose Tyler, and would also regenerate whilst in her company. (PROSE: The Christmas Inversion)

While meeting a future incarnation, the Fourth Doctor considered the implications that this future incarnation represented all the lives he'd live before reaching this point. (AUDIO: Out of Time)

Mawdryn attempted to force the Fifth Doctor to use up his eight remaining regenerations to end his follower's cycle of perpetual rebirth, but this was rendered unnecessary when Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart made physical contact with his younger self and a discharge of temporal energy was released that allowed Mawdryn and his followers to die. (TV: Mawdryn Undead) After losing his body to the Time Lords, the Tremas Master made a failed attempt to steal a regeneration from the Doctor. (PROSE: The Velvet Dark) The Fifth Doctor was told by Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart that he had worked with eight other incarnations of the Doctor by 1999, including four of his future incarnations. (PROSE: The King of Terror)

After the TARDIS became "stalled in the equivalent of a galactic lay-by", the Sixth Doctor had a worried thought of Peri Brown growing old and dying in the TARDIS, while he would "go on regenerating until all [his] lives [were] spent." (TV: Vengeance on Varos) When the Tremas Master exposed the Valeyard's alliance with High Council to the Sixth Doctor at his trial, he revealed that the Valeyard was acting as the prosecutor for the trial in exchange for the Doctor's remaining regenerations. (TV: The Ultimate Foe [+]Loading...["The Ultimate Foe (TV story)"])

During a premature encounter with Jack Harkness, the Sixth Doctor learnt that one of his future incarnations would meet and travel with Jack until abandoning him. Jack described "[his] Doctor" as a "fantastic" male who was "nothing like" the Sixth Doctor, who offered a pre-emptive apology for his future self's actions before assuring Jack that, since he was about to enter a healing coma, he would proceed to "edit" his memory of their encounter in his sleep so as not to interfere with their history. (AUDIO: Piece of Mind)

The Seventh Doctor wondered if any of his successors would have longer legs than him. (AUDIO: Fiesta of the Damned) When Ace was sent into the Seventh Doctor's mind, she discovered a room with thirteen cubicles, seven of them empty, while the other six contained shadowy white figures, representing the Doctor's future incarnations. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Revelation) After sealing Gallifrey away in a pocket dimension, (TV: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (TV story)"]) the Seventh Doctor was able to recall teaming up with his other twelve incarnations to save Gallifrey. (AUDIO: Cold Fusion)

After using a Deathworm Morphant to possess a human body, the Bruce Master tried to use the Eye of Harmony to steal the Eighth Doctor's remaining regenerations to heal himself, but his plans were foiled when Grace Holloway sent the TARDIS' into a temporal orbit. (TV: Doctor Who [+]Loading...["Doctor Who (TV story)"]) When the Eighth Doctor looked into the Tomorrow Windows, he had glimpses of various possible futures, including several possible ninth incarnations, but one image eventually asserted itself as more solid than the others: the tall, thin man with piercing grey-blue eyes and an prominent nose. (PROSE: The Tomorrow Windows) While working at Phaiton, the Eighth Doctor once pondered on how he'd spend the rest of his lives. (AUDIO: The Satanic Mill) When talking about the future, the Eighth Doctor noted he would die again, and that one day he would "run out of deaths". (AUDIO: The Gift)

During the Last Great Time War, the War Doctor began degenerating back into his past incarnations after being struck by a degeneration weapon. (AUDIO: Past Lives) After an encounter with the Master on Planetoid 50, he had gained the ability to access future incarnations. (AUDIO: The Martian Invasion of Planetoid 50) In the form of the Ninth Doctor, he found himself teaming up with the Unbound Doctor, an alternate version of the Third Doctor, along with Liv Chenka and the Master, now in the form of the Lumiat. The four of them fulfilled a prophecy involving the Time Lord Immemorial, and prevented the destruction of the Multiverse. Not long after that, he received a distress call from his granddaughter, Susan Foreman, but as he started heading to the Diamond Array, degeneration kicked in again and he bid farewell to his future face. (AUDIO: Time Lord Immemorial)


Main article: Eighth Doctor's regeneration

According to some accounts, after the Eighth Doctor fought in the Last Great Time War, (PROSE: Osskah, Museum Peace, COMIC: The Forgotten, etc.) he directly regenerated into the Ninth Doctor after he had destroyed Gallifrey with the Moment. He broke his bones falling back into the TARDIS from the eyrie on which he had activated the Moment, destroying the Time Lords and ending the Last Great Time War. Once the regeneration died down, the Doctor, his thirst for life renewed despite the horrors he had witnessed, eagerly felt at his new face before exclaiming his first word: "Blimey!". (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Time War) The Ninth Doctor, still wearing his Edwardian outfit, arrived in Totter's Lane circa 2003, reeling from his regeneration, repeatedly muttering "they're all gone, I'm the only one left." He then travelled to an Oxfam in Sheffield in 2004, where he attempted to exchange his Edwardian outfit for jeans and trainers. (PROSE: Have You Seen This Man?)

The Doctor would later recall that that he had destroyed Gallifrey and been responsible for the death of billions of innocent Gallifreyans. (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"], Dalek [+]Loading...["Dalek (TV story)"]) However, later accounts would claim that these memories were created after his true memories having been wiped due to the timelines being "out of sync" from the presence of his future selves, thus meaning he did not remember having decided not to press the button on the Moment and instead saving Gallifrey, and subsequently caused the Doctor to repress all of his memories of the War Doctor, who had broken the vow of being the Doctor. (TV: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (TV story)"])

Main article: War Doctor's regeneration
The Ninth Doctor is born after the Last Great Time War. (TV: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (TV story)"])

According to these later accounts, the Ninth Doctor regenerated from the War Doctor at the end of the Last Great Time War. After he had joined his other incarnations to put Gallifrey into a pocket universe, the War Doctor returned to his TARDIS and immediately began regenerating. (TV: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (TV story)"]) Having been delaying the regeneration for some years, (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (novelisation)"]) to the point that his body was frail and had visibly aged into that of an old man, the Doctor muttered to himself that it only "made sense" that he was now regenerating, as his body had been "wearing a bit thin". He hoped that his ears would be less conspicuous in his next incarnation. (TV: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (TV story)"]) The Ninth Doctor smashed every mirror in the TARDIS, vowing to never look at what face he was wearing, as he thought about how many children he would need to save to make up for the ones he killed by destroying Gallifrey, (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (novelisation)"]) while also vowing to earn back the name of "the Doctor" by making reparations for his wartime actions. (PROSE: A Brief History of Time Lords)

Recovering from the Time War[[edit]]

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The Doctor at the Kennedy Assassination. (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"])

Filled with regret, (COMIC: The Promise) and deciding he "didn't need companions or friends", the Doctor travelled alone after the Time War, (PROSE: The Eyeless) wanting to save as many lives as he could to make up for using the Moment to destroy Gallifrey (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (novelisation)"]) as his "punishment" for surviving the conflict. (PROSE: Meet the Doctor) He appeared at Rio de Janeiro before 2005, (PROSE: Rose) at Dallas during the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy on 22 November 1963, and in Indonesia on the day of Krakatoa's eruption in August 1883 (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"]) or 1880 or 1888. (PROSE: Have You Seen This Man?)

Searching for a place to gather his thoughts on the outcome of the Time War, the Doctor went to Galen. Teaming up with Adriana Jarsdel to find out why the people on the planet were made to want to kill, he found that it was being caused by a rift in interstitial space by the Time Lords during the Time War to protect them from the Compassionate. The Doctor set his sonic screwdriver to explode and was going to sacrifice himself to seal the rift, but Adriana sacrificed herself instead. (AUDIO: The Bleeding Heart) The Doctor later made a new sonic screwdriver to replace his old one, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"]) adding an extension feature to the emitter to make it less "grown-up". (TV: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (TV story)"])

The Doctor rode the TARDIS through a supernova to save a robot clown and spent a week trying to restore its higher brain functions, and then set it loose in the TARDIS corridors. (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (novelisation)"]) He had an encounter with River Song, who learned quickly not to mention the Time War around him. River wiped the Doctor's memory of meeting her with mnemosine recall-wipe vapour so the timeline would remain intact. (GAME: The Eternity Clock)

The Doctor followed traces of a Gallifreyan stone to 1939 London, where he discovered that RATS were also after the stone when one of them attacked Winston Churchill's secretary, Hetty Warner. The Doctor was reluctant to take part in events, but when Churchill was captured and refused to surrender, the Doctor had no choice but to intervene, stopping the RATS and saving the Prime Minister. (AUDIO: The Oncoming Storm)

The Doctor visited his old friend Plex to deliver the news that his home planet had been destroyed in a freak singularity and discovered that Plex had created hundreds of clones of himself to populate the empty planet where he resided. In light of Plex having recently become the last of his species, the Doctor realised that Plex's plan made sense and gave him a modified Chameleon Arch biodata module to "copy and paste" his memories into the clones. (COMIC: The Promise)

Embracing a second chance[[edit]]

The Doctor arrived in Southampton in April 1912 with a head injury. He was treated by the Daniels family, whose garden he'd arrived in. He spent a few days in their company, finding common ground with Arthur who was similarly a veteran of war, and learnt they were due to voyage on the Titanic. He helped expose William Spence's attempt to sabotage their shipping business with alien technology and then departed, stealing their tickets for the Titanic to save them from its doomed voyage. (AUDIO: Battle Scars) The Daniels kept a photo of them and the Doctor from their brief time together. (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"])

The Doctor stole an atmosphere destroyer from Althea Bryce and took it to Krakatoa in 1883 to destroy it, where he encountered a younger version of Althea. They deduced they were caught in a paradox as she would steal the device from him after which he would later steal it from her, a loop he worried would eventually damage the device causing it to detonate. Althea eventually convinced him to tell her about her future self's actions, causing them to argue, and he began to suffer the effects of the paradox. After Althea came to a realisation that she didn't want to be the criminal he'd described, the Doctor developed a plan with her to fake her future self's criminal reputation to avoid damaging history and for her to retrieve the weapon from Krakatoa to finally defuse it. (AUDIO: Her Own Bootstraps)

The Doctor used erased days from a temporal weapon preserved by his eighth incarnation to restore Gernica to existence after it had been destroyed in the Time War. (AUDIO: Death Will Not Part Us)

Whilst trying to stop multiple invasions and schemes, the Doctor became frustrated that his future selves kept beating him to it and leaving him Christmas cards, which he hid away in the wardrobe room that he refused to enter anymore. Finally after one future Doctor trained armed guards to force him to take a break for Christmas, the Doctor entered the wardrobe room again, apologising to the TARDIS for breaking the mirrors, and found an old card leftover from his previous self depicting Earth, which he decided could be his new place to call home now he no longer had Gallifrey to return to. (PROSE: A Day to Yourselves)

On the Sphere of Freedom[[edit]]

Travelling alone, the Doctor discovered time eddies messing with history and encountered Roman Centurions stranded in 1959 London killing the populace. He followed the eddies to the Sphere of Freedom and teamed up with a chef named Nova to stop the eddies and get her a better life, but their plan backfired and Nova was captured by a time eddy, leading the Doctor to recount his experiences to Audrey Mohinson, who he did not realise owned the Sphere and was controlling the eddies. Her deception revealed, she transported the Doctor and the TARDIS to a neutron star full of creatures nicknamed Ravagers that were trying to devour the universe. (AUDIO: Sphere of Freedom)

The Doctor escaped through another time eddy, first witnessing Soviet Union tanks in the Battle of Waterloo, then rescuing Nova from having her brain wiped by drones on a planet of giant plants. Tracking Audrey, the Doctor and Nova arrived after the Sphere's central arc was destroyed, accidentally setting the eddies and Ravagers free and causing the universe to implode, so they travelled back in time to witness a younger Audrey trying to stop the Ravagers on Tarlishia. After being briefly imprisoned, the Doctor and Nova came up with a plan to repurpose the drones to destroy the offending time particles. (AUDIO: Cataclysm)

After making a few wrong landings, the Doctor arrived on the Sphere in the past to destroy the time eddies, but this also caused destruction and he was caught by another eddy. Using a Gallifreyan control node from Audrey, the Doctor was able to psychically project himself to her across her life, learning from her and the Ravagers themselves how she was simply using her games and the eddies to try and satiate their hunger. With the TARDIS returning the Doctor to before the events took place, the Doctor returned to Audrey and refashioned her games to keep the Ravagers happy at the cost of aborting the previous timeline, although he promised the alternate timeline's Nova one trip in the TARDIS. (AUDIO: Food Fight)

Responding to calls[[edit]]

While observing the Serapheem migration, the Doctor received a call for help from Marnie McDonald, a teenager from Dundee, Scotland. Arriving on Earth, the Doctor discovered that the Serapheem had mistakenly broken down Marnie and other teenagers into their molecules, misinterpreting their desire to run away. With Marnie's help, the Doctor managed to link up with the Serapheem and convinced them to reassemble all the teens, returning them to their families. (AUDIO: Girl, Deconstructed)

In Paris, 1946, the Doctor met Artie Berger, a pianist haunted by an alien creature that fed on sound. After several attempts, and after helping Artie recover his passion for music and his love of life, the Doctor finally managed to trap the creature and throw it into the Vortex. (AUDIO: Fright Motif)

Another call for help took the Doctor to Occasus, where he was immobilised by Sacristan Hinge for ninety years. During that time, the Doctor's mind was held captive by the Incorporation, who had lured him there to take possession of his artron energy and be reborn. After resisting their torture for as long as he could, the Doctor pretended to surrender if they would allow him to move his eyes. He took the opportunity to communicate with Fred, the artificial intelligence guarding Occasus, and convince her to demobilise him. The Doctor and Fred then worked together to prevent the rebirth of the Incorporation; they finally succeeded by transferring the artron energy into Fred herself, who became a living being. (AUDIO: Planet of the End)

Encountering lost warriors[[edit]]

In 1936, the Doctor got involved into the problems of the Hawthorn family of Dunberry Hall, under attack by mysterious assailants. He insisted on talking with them instead of fighting them, and managed to find their camp; here he was informed they were actually enforcers from another planet, come to arrest an alien war criminal hiding under the disguise of Lord Hawthorn. He helped them to unmask him, then went away - not without also helping the cook and servant of the house, Mrs Goose and Alice, to start a new life in London. (AUDIO: The Hunting Season)

In medieval Scotland, he met Gruach, wife of Macbeth, and helped her solve the mystery of a mysterious disease affecting the local children. Together they determined that the cause was an ancient entity disturbed by some sailors and feeding on the psychic energy of the young Lulach, heir to the previous king. The Doctor then recognised that the creature took hold of Kinade, Gruach's father, and also revealled he had been spreading lies about Macbeth, falsely accusing him of having killed the king to take the throne. The Doctor removed the influence of the creature from Kinade, and in doing so cured the children, leaving them to Gruach's care decided to take care of. (AUDIO: The Curse of Lady Macbeth)

Plagued by the Cybermen[[edit]]

On the planet Xythara, the Doctor helped Professor Flyn Beckett and his assistant (and mistress) Sasha Grey to save some endangered species. He then accepted Beckett's invitation to his funeral when the time would come. (AUDIO: Fond Farewell)

Finally arriving in 1925 to visit the set of Metropolis, the Doctor was surprised to find that Gustav Fröhlich has not been cast as the film's male lead, and horrified that a Cyberman is being used in place of the iconic robotic woman, under the guise of a "Machine Man" operated by Dieter Jovanovic. He intially assumed the Cyberman was controlling Jovanovic, and his suspicions appeared to be confirmed when the Cybermen killed the lead actor of the movie and escaped. He tracked him down together with Jovanovic, but he was surprised and ambushed by him: it was actually Jovanovic who had taken control of a dispersed and alone Cyberman, whose humanity was resurfacing. Jovanovic intended to use him to stop the production of a movie he felt "unpatriotic", because it promoted peace. The Doctor was able to break Jovanovic's grip on the Cyberman, and disabled him out of pity after they watched together the finished film. (AUDIO: Monsters in Metropolis)

Making good to his promise, the Doctor showed up to Beckett's funeral at Fond Farewell, when an avatar of the Professor's consciousness was also in attendance. He got suspicious when the Professor didn't recognise either him or Sasha, so he investigated into Fond Farewell suspecting foul play from one of his enemies. However, it turned out that the wife of the Professor asked to remove from his husband's mind the memory of their last months in order to forget his cheating, but the discarded memories took hold of the Attendants robots and started attacking people. The Doctor confronted the wife and convinced to let the Professor regain his memory, so they could have a real goodbye. (AUDIO: Fond Farewell)

Wanting to spend time with old friends following the funeral, the Doctor decided to visit Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart in Scotland. He encountered Sam Bishop, thinking he was a soldier and was fascinated with learning more about local folklore from Fiona McCall. He went with them to Inchcolm to learn more about the history. Here he encountered the Brigadier and learnt that he was there investigating a haunting. He later saw Sam being affected by a memory from the past. He captured the memories that were stored in the bridge before erasing them. However, this caused Kreel to activate his cyber-army. (AUDIO: Way of the Burryman) He used the local legends to attack the Cybermen using burrs. He realised that Kreel's Cybermen weren't fully programmed. He was taken by the Cybermen to get the Cyber-Head, and tried to stop them converting people. He wanted to use the doubts in the new Cybermen against Kreel. He used Fiona's research to find a way to ward of the Cybermen. After Fiona stopped the Cybermen, he learnt that the Brigadier had changed by not disposing of the Cybermen by bombing them and relocating those who regained their human memories. The Brigadier suggested that he needed a travelling companion, like he had Doris. (AUDIO: The Forth Generation)

Further solo exploits[[edit]]

After going too close to a temporal contusion, something got past the TARDIS's defences, causing it to misbehave. The Doctor decided to chase after it, leading him to an abandoned train station. There, he met Saffron Windrose, who had been trapped there by the Grimminy-Grew, which also trapped the Doctor by altering space so that the TARDIS was not where the Doctor had left it. Both the Doctor and Saffron experienced strange temporal dislocations, seeing people taken from different time periods who were unable to see or hear them. The Doctor and Saffron were able to reach the other people trapped by the Grew and, by speaking to them, were able to deduce that the Grew had been able to trap them because they were unable to make an important choice in their lives or were making a choice that they knew they would regret. Mrs Hodkin, one of the people trapped by the Grew, told the Doctor that she heard its song about the Sileroon which helped him to identify who the Grew was. The Doctor challenged the Grew to a thought battle in which each took turns guessing the other's true name, with the loser to be cast into oblivion. The Doctor correctly guessed the Grew's real name on his third attempt, defeating the creature. The power the Grew had over the station dissipated, sending all of the trapped people back to the points they had been taken from. The Doctor and Saffron then said their goodbyes as they parted ways, with the Doctor leaving in his TARDIS. (AUDIO: Station to Station [+]Loading...["Station to Station (audio story)"])

The TARDIS picked up a strange signal leading to the Kremlin in 1605 just after the murder of Boris Fyodorovich Godunov. The Doctor examined Boris's body after Oksana Vladimirovna Kuznetsova told him how the murder happened. He then saw how Grishka killed Boris's heir and Aleksander Petrovich Kuznetsov told him what he knew of Grishka, including the relics he had stolen. He realised following the description of the orb in Grishka's chest that it was an alien control orb. After learning about Grishka's humanity still being inside the body, he wanted to save him. (AUDIO: The False Dimitry [+]Loading...["The False Dimitry (audio story)"])

The Doctor landed on a space station orbiting Venus and met Lenni Fisk shortly before Pal Andrews froze Kenton. He became worried when he realised that Kenton was technically dead. He tried to isolate the rest of the crew and set the TARDIS adrift. He realised that the creature was the entity known on Earth as Jack Frost. Lenni and the Doctor devised a plan to stop Frost using an exothermic reaction of Venus's sulphuric acid and water. He told Frost that he witnessed the Winter Lords' destruction during the Time War. He and Lenni jumped out of the space station without space suits to jump into the TARDIS. He took her to Jeanie and to her son to get him the treatment he needed. (AUDIO: Break the Ice [+]Loading...["Break the Ice (audio story)"])

He posed as the caretaker for a country estate in the North of England. He tried to convince Mandy Litherland not to investigate the house. He had organised for fireworks to be set off at midnight. After learning that Mandy wanted to travel and gave her a baton to return a year later.[statement unclear] On this second visit, he protected her from the antibodies and showed her that the house was temporarily unstable and that he needed her help to stop it, so he kept inviting her back to the house. He missed a year which caused a problem with his plans. He realised that the house was merged with a damaged time ship. He helped Frank become a real person and not a manifestation of the broken time machine. The Doctor wanted to invite Mandy to travel with her but knew that she would not accept if she knew she could not return to the house. (AUDIO: Auld Lang Syne [+]Loading...["Auld Lang Syne (audio story)"])

He went to Salvation Nine for relaxation but discovered a peaceful community of a race descended from Sontarans called the Niners. He was impressed at how they had evolved, having forgotten anything of battle and developed agriculture and music among other things. He then learnt that the moon was going to be destroyed by the Free Galactic Alliance to wipe out the population of what they believed to be Sontarans. He tried to convince them that the Niners were peaceful and should not be destroyed, but was unable to convince them, only being able to buy time. He discovered that the moon was originally inhabited by another race, but they were wiped out by the Sontarans when they first crashed. He was about to allow the Niners to be destroyed until he discovered their birthing grounds and realised that they had truly become a new species. He presented this to the Alliance, but they were unconvinced. As a last resort, he abducted a Sontaran Field Marshal so that he would disown the Niners as Sontarans. He was able to do so by showing him the process the Niner birthing grounds, saving the Niners at the last minute. (AUDIO: Salvation Nine [+]Loading...["Salvation Nine (audio story)"])

He went to Delius' shop to get a part for his TARDIS, but was mistaken for a vet by Selo, to look at the last Zetacene Swine.[statement unclear] He wanted to save it and repopulate the species. After helping Nel with her asthma attack, she told him about what Selo was doing. He devised a plan with Nel to win the Swine to save it. He became worried when the Zetacene was let out. He worked out a way to pacify the Zetacene. He realised that Sela was using the Zetacene to kill her friends to gain their wealth. (AUDIO: Last of the Zetacene [+]Loading...["Last of the Zetacene (audio story)"])

The Doctor landed in a submarine in a sea on Titan. He helped Rachel Bates and Diana Hendry improve the submarine to allow a deeper dive into the seas. Taking a trip with Diana, they encountered a massive living creature and then a colony of Sea Devils. He learnt that the humans' pollution from mining was causing illness amongst the Sea Devils and their retaliation was the illness spreading through the human colony. He recognised it as a derivative of the Silurian plague. He tried to encourage a peace between the two species and, after some difficulty, managed to succeed. (AUDIO: The Seas of Titan [+]Loading...["The Seas of Titan (audio story)"])

He stayed at the Bad Homburg Spa and was employed by Bertha Kinzky to teach her opera. After helping Bertha save the life of a drowning victim, he was intrigued at the burnt cabbage smell of the bathing salts. He learnt that Trinity had been using Ignus Furite to create soldiers from the guests of the hotel. He saw that they were getting them to fight each other, as proxies for their own war as they could risk being fined by the Shadow Proclamation. He used the Emerald Pacifite byproduct to counteract the effect. He then told the Shadow Proclamation what had happened. He tried to convice Bertha to become a novelist. He watched her acceptance speech for her Nobel prize. (AUDIO: Lay Down Your Arms [+]Loading...["Lay Down Your Arms (audio story)"])

He was investigating Flatpack when he encountered Liv Chenka and Tania Bell. He immediately told them to leave. They couldn't find the exit despite many attempts. They decided to go back to the TARDIS but discovered it had been displaced. He was intrigued by how the store was anomalous. He theorised that everyone in the world had come to Flatpack, and that they were still in there. He theorised that the building was dimensionally transcendental. He asked to see the Manager and was taken to Colleague One. After seeing the future version of Liv he worked out the shop came from the future and that it was a system to keep people shopping. He nearly became a permanent part of Flatpack until Liv was able to destroy Flatpack and free everyone in it. (AUDIO: Flatpack [+]Loading...["Flatpack (audio story)"])

The TARDIS was attracted to a strange electromagnetic signal coming from Mrs Bevell's shop. He theorised that something was hiding in it using the red light. He learnt about the Vermine and wanted to know how they travelled to Earth. He theorised that the Vermine was using emotional attachments to power their invasions. After Bevell painted the TARDIS red, The Doctor worked out a way to trap the creatures and prevented their invasion of the universe. (AUDIO: The Colour of Terror [+]Loading...["The Colour of Terror (audio story)"])

He was investigating a mysterious botanical being after the single men of London and posed as Toby Entwhistle's valet. They went to the Fellows Club as it was easier to defend, but was appalled by the sexism and bigotry he heard. He learnt that Birkett found the plants in a crashed spaceship. He realised that his loss was the reason why his touch wilted the plants and learnt that the Eulalia was feeding on the emotions of the men so that they could transmat off the planet. He got Phil to admit her love for Toby. (AUDIO: The Blooming Menace [+]Loading...["The Blooming Menace (audio story)"])

Travels with Callen and Doyle[[edit]]

The Doctor was apprehended by Doyle who was protecting his master Callen Lennox. They went to find a colleague of Callen who was killed shortly before he realised it was the Vashta Nerada. He learnt more about Iona Lennox's research into optics. He learnt that some Vermine had entered the universe through a red star and allied with the Vashta Nerada, creating a new species called Red Darkness. He realised that the Red Darkness wanted his TARDIS, so went to it to leave the planet. A swarm of Red Darkness held Doyle hostage to force his hand to take them in the TARDIS, but the Doctor used this to his advantage to persuade the Vashta Nerada to abandon the alliance. He was temporarily blinded to stop himself being possessed. After this is invited Callen and Doyle to travel with him. (AUDIO: Red Darkness [+]Loading...["Red Darkness (audio story)"])

The Doctor took Callen and Doyle on several adventures. (AUDIO: The Green Gift [+]Loading...["The Green Gift (audio story)"])

The Doctor became annoyed at the amount of times that Doyle wanted to go to the bathroom. He was intrigued at the artificial sky and cultivated land. He learnt from Tay Lothlor about the purpose of the ship they were on. He became concerned when Fiacra knew he was a Time Lord. He requested a set of archive media from the ship's library. After visiting the solar engines, he became worried after smelling burning hydrocarbons. He learnt that the BOSS was controlling the systems. He showed the crew where to settle on a new planet. He left Callen and Doyle behind to help start the new world. (AUDIO: The Green Gift [+]Loading...["The Green Gift (audio story)"])

Returning to travelling solo[[edit]]

The TARDIS warned the Doctor of an imminent collision due to its flight circuits being fried; he activated an emergency warning to notify the planet below. He was irritated that it turned out to be Earth. He was rescued by Fridtjof Nansen and Hjalmar Johansen, and was excited to see them. He was worried when The Aurora followed him to Earth. After recognising him as an advanced being, he convinced the Aurora to not feast on Nanson and Johansen as they were important to the history of Earth. After the Aurora fixed the TARDIS, he left and asked Nansen and Johansen keep him secret. The Doctor eventually took Nansen to the North Pole. (AUDIO: Northern Lights [+]Loading...["Northern Lights (audio story)"])

The Doctor decided to visit the founding of the football league. However, he landed a week early encountering a Strike. He wasn't that delighted when seeing William Sudell's attitude. He tried to recruit Daphne to his investigations, but she was obsessed with being in her place. He later told her not to bottle up her grief after seeing Eva. He stopped the Strike by erasing its memory. (AUDIO: The Beautiful Game [+]Loading...["The Beautiful Game (audio story)"])

He intercepted a call from Vyx Leeson who he realised was scared. Vyx wanted to know how he was able to contact her. He didn't know about Leap Corps. After arriving he realised that Vyx was hiding the other worker on the ship, and that she took psychic suppressants. He learnt that Tom Francis tried to leap home to see his daughter, and he tried to show her that she needed to show her superiors what happened to make it safer. Eventually he convinced her and helped her send a signal to all workers about the disaster and to switch off the system. (AUDIO: Below There [+]Loading...["Below There (audio story)"])

The Doctor landed on a spaces garage for a repair on the TARDIS. He encountered his old friends Sita and Kiri, but Sita was poisoned. So he started to investigate it. He employed the services of Myra to get more information. After testing Myra's blood after her poisoning, he discovered it was actually Nanogenes and found out it was Tillier as part of his scheme to exploit rare DNA. (AUDIO: The Butler Did It [+]Loading...["The Butler Did It (audio story)"])

The Doctor posed as Alpha Centauri's personal assistant when they first became a senator of the Galactic Federation. He convinced them to be the symbolic candidate. He then organised their presidential campaign. The Doctor told them about the potential future where Bellatrix Vega became a dictator. An anonymous source told the Doctor to follow the Trisilicate and found out that Vega was funded by a lobby to deregulate mining. Vega later kidnapped him. He was rescued by Zzargol who told him that he was his informant. He learnt that Kramp was manipulating many governments to be run on comercial lines rather than political lines. (AUDIO: Run [+]Loading...["Run (audio story)"])

After hearing a doorbell in the TARDIS, he answered the door an encountered some apparitions. He tracked them to Antonin Artaud in Paris 1935. He accompanied Antonin to a lecture on his new play. He learnt that Antonin was seeing visions of Beatrice Cenci. He analysed Antonin's dreams by visiting them. He went back in time to verify the true portrait of Cenci. After seeing this he was determined to reveal the truth, and asked Artaud to allow him to manipulate his dreams. He discovered that the Astraphi was behind this and they exploited the fact that Antonin had received electroshock therapy and tried to get Antonin to use his positive memories to defeat them. (AUDIO: A Theatre of Cruelty [+]Loading...["A Theatre of Cruelty (audio story)"])

The Doctor encountered a set of vortex amoebae before receiving a reminder to visit Hallifax and Ann Lister. He was taken by Ambika Desai to a police station for impersonating a police officer. He delighted in this experience. He then pushed Ambika to investigate the death of a local by entropic degradation. He was affected by a resonance field around the town. Frank Kelsey told him about the Hallifax Gibbet. He found the blade and thought that it was the centre of the field. He realised he was the cause of the problem and worked out how to close the time rip the TARDIS caused. (AUDIO: The Running Men [+]Loading...["The Running Men (audio story)"])

Encountering time travelling archaeologists[[edit]]

Posing as Professor Arthur van Dango, he joined Bernice Summerfield expedition but warned her about stopping her work. He told Cantiple that he had a special project. After his TARDIS was found, he apologised for trying to make her leave. He was on the planet to retrieve some Time War fallout that the Korravin had started to worship. He asked Benny and Finnda Twisk to get to the authorities to quarantine the planet. (AUDIO: Ancient History [+]Loading...["Ancient History (audio story)"])

Meeting Rose Tyler[[edit]]

The Doctor meets Rose. (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"])

While still "not quite calibrated" to his latest body, the Doctor was alerted by the TARDIS to a temporal problem in 2005 London involving the Nestene Consciousness. (PROSE: The Beast of Babylon) While tracking down the Consciousness in Henrik's, the Doctor encountered a group of Autons who had surrounded Rose Tyler, a young employee of the shop. Pulling her away from them, the Doctor blew up the building and the next day tracked down the Auton signal to Rose's home. After saving her when it attacked, the Doctor took it to his TARDIS, telling Rose to forget him, and tried to use the arm to trace the Consciousness's signal, but the arm was too "simple" for him to do so. (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"]) After this, the Doctor left London to go on more adventures, including one in which he fought a pterodactyl. (PROSE: Rose)

Solitary exploits[[edit]]

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The Doctor slayed a dragon in Krakow, wrestled with a tiger, (PROSE: Only Human) had an adventure with Mako, (COMIC: Escape into Alcatraz) and attended the funeral of Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. (PROSE: Shroud of Sorrow)

The Doctor met Madame Vastra when she was awoken by construction being done to the London Underground. After slaughtering five innocent workers for the accidental deaths of her sisters, the Doctor managed to talk her down and help her integrate into Victorian society. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War [+]Loading...["A Good Man Goes to War (TV story)"]; PROSE: Madame Vastra, COMIC: The Lost Dimension) Though he knew the truth, he allowed Vastra to believe she was the last of her kind and spoke to her of the loss of his people, (PROSE: Madame Vastra, COMIC: The Lost Dimension) confiding in her many secrets of the Time Lords. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War [+]Loading...["A Good Man Goes to War (TV story)"]) He met fairies alongside Vastra, warned her in vain not to join Henry Gordon Jago's freak show, (PROSE: Madame Vastra, COMIC: The Lost Dimension) and was present when Vastra met Jenny Flint, "[saving] her life" in the process. (TV: The Name of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Name of the Doctor (TV story)"])

In 1944, the Doctor took Churchill on a trip to ancient Rome, where they encountered a creature disguised as one of Emperor Tiberius' reclining benches. (PROSE: The Lost Diaries of Winston Spencer Churchill) While having a sword fight with a Sontaran in 21st century Istanbul, the Doctor was saved by Sally Sparrow, who gave him her Christmas homework from 2005 and told him to keep it on him at all times. (PROSE: What I Did on My Christmas Holidays by Sally Sparrow)

The Doctor delivered letters from his fifth incarnation to Clarrie and his former companions Peri Brown and Erimem at the Kingmaker inn in 1483, (AUDIO: The Kingmaker) tended to Honoré Lechasseur's injuries after a bunker exploded in 1951, (PROSE: The Albino's Dancer) and took Alexander Pope and Theobald to see William Shakespeare's Cardenio. (PROSE: Double Falsehood)

The Doctor communicates with Sally Sparrow via videotape. (PROSE: What I Did on My Christmas Holidays by Sally Sparrow)

The Doctor was left stranded in 1985 Devon when the TARDIS jumped forwards in time to 2005, but Sally Sparrow's homework told him where to leave messages for her so she could read them in the future. One of these messages included telling her to find a video tape, where he recorded a message and spoke with Sally from 2005, explaining where the TARDIS was. The TARDIS arrived and Sally exited, telling the past Sally to use the TARDIS' reset button to return the TARDIS to the Doctor. The Doctor then reminded the past Sally to complete her homework. (PROSE: What I Did on My Christmas Holidays by Sally Sparrow)

Still on his own, the Doctor picked up a distress call from the Godspeed and joined forces with the ship's captain, Locklear, to stop energy-consuming space barnacles from killing the crew. He summoned them to his TARDIS by flashing its rooftop light, and, with the barnacles surrounding the exterior, transported them to a nearby asteroid belt so they could feed off the sun. (PROSE: The Hungry Night)

Posing as a woodcutter, the Doctor saved a little girl named Rose and her grandmother from a Zygon. He explained what happened to Rose and her grandmother over tea, before excusing himself to the TARDIS. (PROSE: Little Rose Riding Hood)

The Doctor arrived at a circus in post-Civil War Nebraska and, learning of a mysterious figure that followed the circus and led to people's disappearances, he resolved to gather more information. He eventually identified the figure as a Cyberman that had fallen through a space-time breach and had been replacing its decaying flesh in the absence of technology to replace its corroding machinery, leaving it more human as a result. After the Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to disable the Cyberman's emotional inhibitor, the Doctor returned to find the Cyberman but discovered that it had left without a trace. (PROSE: The Patchwork Pierrot)

When the Fourth Doctor used his TARDIS tuner to begin a temporal meta-collision with his other incarnations, the Ninth Doctor learnt that Earth was under threat from a pandimensional entity that had trapped his fourth incarnation in his TARDIS. While the Ninth Doctor argued with his other incarnations, the War Doctor used encoded messages from the Sixth Doctor to stop the invasion before it began, and the Sixth Doctor installed a way to expel the entity from the Fourth Doctor's TARDIS. With the crisis over, the Ninth Doctor went off for some chips. (WC: Doctors Assemble!)

Defeating the Nestene Consciousness[[edit]]

The Doctor demands an audience with the Nestene Consciousness. (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"])

After adventuring alone for several weeks, (PROSE: Rose) the Doctor ran into Rose again when he saved her from a plastic duplicate of her boyfriend Mickey Smith at a restaurant. He took Rose to the TARDIS and used the Auton's head to trace the control signal of the Nestene Consciousness, discovering it and the original Mickey in a base beneath the London Eye. The Doctor asked the Consciousness to leave Earth and find another planet to feed off, but it refused and ordered two Autons to take the Doctor prisoner, leaving Rose to defeat the Consciousness and save the Doctor's life. Taking Rose and Mickey in the TARDIS to safety, the Doctor asked Rose to travel with him without her boyfriend, but she turned him down and he departed, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"]) being alerted to the presence of a Starman by the TARDIS. (PROSE: The Beast of Babylon)

Tracking the Starman[[edit]]

The Doctor chased the Starman to Karkinos where he knocked it into the twenty-sixth dimension, but the ripples spreading out the time stream created a far worse Starman that was also linked to the Doctor's time stream. Tracking down its presence to Ali, the Doctor let her tag along with him to 2000 BC Babylon to defeat the Starman, but the Doctor was taken to be executed before King Hammurabi and was saved by Ali and the arrival of the Starman, which was later destroyed. As he dropped her off home, Ali persuaded the Doctor to return to Rose Tyler and get her to join him. (PROSE: The Beast of Babylon)

Early adventures with Rose[[edit]]

The Doctor tells Rose that he's the last of the Time Lords. (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"])

The Doctor rematerialised by Rose and Mickey, a few seconds later from their perspective, and told Rose that the TARDIS was capable of travelling in time, before slipping his head back in. (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"]) Watching from behind the TARDIS doors, the Doctor saw Rose give Mickey a farewell kiss, before running to join the Doctor in the TARDIS. (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"]; PROSE: The Beast of Babylon)

For Rose's first trip, the Doctor took her to Platform One in the year 5000000000 to observe the Earth's destruction by the sun. While there, the Doctor befriended Jabe, a representative of the Forest of Cheem, after she learned that he was the only surviving Time Lord. Jabe consoled him and felt sorry for his loss, causing the Doctor to shed a tear out of thankfulness at her sympathy. The Doctor saved the other sightseers from Lady Cassandra O'Brien.Δ17's plot to burn them alive for insurance money, at the cost of Jabe's life. He let Cassandra's frame of skin dry out and explode as punishment when he foiled her plan, ignoring her cries for help, (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"]) though Cassandra's brain survived. (TV: New Earth [+]Loading...["New Earth (TV story)"]) Making a brief stop back to London in 2005, he told Rose of the Last Great Time War, and how he was the last of the Time Lords. They then went to get chips (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"]) and were spotted by dalek, who later reported the sighting to Who is Doctor Who?. (PROSE: Rose sighting confirmed)

At Christmas in 1869 Cardiff, the Doctor and Rose found a deceased woman possessed by a Gelth, a creature turned to gas by the Time War. When Rose was kidnapped by Sneed and Company funeral parlour, the Doctor worked with Charles Dickens to find her, following Gabriel Sneed and Gwyneth to where other "zombies" had also been animated by the Gelth.

The Doctor with Mr Sneed and a splinter of Clara Oswald. (PROSE: Mickey's Blog [+]Loading...{"page":"170","1":"Mickey's Blog (short story)"})

In Sneed's morgue, the Doctor had Gwyneth try and pull the Gelth through the Rift using her psychic connection to it. The Gelth, numbering in the billions rather than just the few they claimed, wished to wipe out humanity and take over their bodies, starting with the dead bodies in Sneed and Company. The Doctor, Rose and Dickens escaped from the Gelth by filling the room with gas, sucking out the Gelth from the cadavers. Gwyneth, who had already died from contacting the Gelth, blew the house up with a match, trapping them and saving the world. Before going off in the TARDIS, the Doctor said goodbye to Dickens, telling him that his work would be remembered forever, which made Dickens a happier person. (TV: The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"]) Rose and the Doctor were seen in the background of a photograph taken of Dickens, (PROSE: The Doctor Was Involved in the Dummy Massacre [+]Loading...{"writer":"Unknown","1":"The Doctor Was Involved in the Dummy Massacre (short story)"}, Rose sighting confirmed [+]Loading...["Rose sighting confirmed (short story)"]) although according to another account, the photograph was of just the Doctor and Rose. (PROSE: Mickey's Blog [+]Loading...{"page":"170","1":"Mickey's Blog (short story)"})

With Rose by his side, the Doctor was forced to park an alien spaceship in front of Nelson's Column, (COMIC: The Love Invasion) and took Rose to the Glass Pyramid of San Kaloon and Woman Wept, where they walked at midnight under frozen waves one hundred feet high. (TV: Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"])

While the Doctor and Rose were investigating a time puncture in 2005 Toronto, they became embroiled in a Causubus plot to feed off the time energy of Count Nikolai Artem Livosich when their investigation led them to 1812 St Petersburg. The Doctor was able to placate the Causbus by giving them a time ribbon filled with his temporal energy, and then used the TARDIS to "plug" the time puncture. (PROSE: Rose and the Snow Window)

Return to the Powell Estate[[edit]]

The Doctor watches history unfold. (TV: Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"])

The Doctor tried to take Rose home the night after she left with him, but arrived a year later by mistake. To his surprise, a spaceship crashed into the Thames and alerted the world to the presence of aliens. Leaving Rose to her "domestics", the Doctor went to Albion Hospital to take a look at the spaceship pilot. After UNIT soldiers shot the awakened "alien", the Doctor and Dr Sato discovered the pig had been sent up to space from Earth in the spaceship by other aliens and that the crash had been set up to put the world on red alert.

After returning to the Powell Estate, the Doctor planned to go undercover to unmask the aliens within the government, but Rose's mother, Jackie, alerted UNIT to the Doctor's involvement and they escorted him and Rose to 10 Downing Street to help deal with the state of emergency. When the Doctor came to discuss the crisis, Rose was left in the care of MP Harriet Jones and the assembled alien experts in the room were electrocuted by the Slitheens. (TV: Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"]) Being a Time Lord, the Doctor held off the electrocution and transferred it to one of the Slitheen whilst all the other experts died.

The Slitheen framed the Doctor for their murders and ordered the troops to kill him. Escaping in the lift, the Doctor saved Rose and Harriet from Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen. (TV: World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"]) After they barely avoided the Twelfth Doctor, (COMIC: A Stitch in Time [+]Loading...["A Stitch in Time (CC comic story)"]) Harriet led the Doctor and Rose to the Cabinet Room, and the Doctor shut them behind a steel barrier, saving them from the Slitheen, but also trapping them inside. To stop the Slitheen instigating a war, the Doctor contacted Mickey, and had him launch the Harpoon missile, UGM-84A, at Downing Street from the HMS Taurean. Rose found a small, sturdy cupboard inside the Cabinet Room, and, while the Slitheen were destroyed by the missile, the Doctor, Rose and Harriet hid in the room whilst 10 Downing Street was ripped apart and reduced to a pile of rubble. After instigating Harriet's reign as Prime Minister, the Doctor invited Mickey to join him and Rose on their travels, but Mickey declined, unable to handle the dangerous life led by the Doctor. Before leaving, the Doctor entrusted Mickey with a computer virus to erase himself off the Internet, (TV: World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"]) but Mickey couldn't being himself to use it. (PROSE: Hoax This! [+]Loading...["Hoax This! (short story)"])

Continued adventures with Rose[[edit]]

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The Doctor and Rose travelled to the site of Rose's estate before it was built in 1966 London. They discovered someone had been changing history, and a housing development called Brandon Mews had been built on the estate's future, even though there should have been nothing there except fields. The Doctor went to a pub to check The Daily Mirror for any other alterations to history, and discovered the football score in the World Cup had England scoring an extra goal against West Germany.

While the Doctor learnt from Charlotte Cobb that her husband, Peter Cobb, had mysteriously died after being followed by Lend-a-Hand girls, Rose went to Lend-a-Hand House and found that humans were also being converted into Lend-a-Hand girls. Travelling to Lend-a-Hand House, the Doctor discovered the Kustollon Igrix had travelled back in time, and planned to use Lend-a-Hand girls, initially made up of female humans, but later including biotechnology grown from Kustollon genestuff, to alter history so that humanity would be given whatever they desire and never venture out into space, and consequently never win a battle between Earth and Kustollia in 3046. Igrix' first major step was to destroy the Moon in 1966, preventing any staging post from which to break out into space. With the help of Peter's work on DNA resequencing, the Doctor created a virus containing genetic instructions from Rose in the form of perfume, which Rose threw at the Lend-a-Hand girls, making them humans with human instructions.

The Doctor and Rose climbed to the top of the Post Office Tower to stop Igrix using his spaceship to fire at the Moon. The Doctor did this by spraying the human virus at his biotech ship. The ship refused to take orders from Igrix and flew into space to explore and spend some "quality time" with Igrix. Setting history back on course, the Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to destroy the housing development, and make them start over and build Rose's future home. (COMIC: The Love Invasion)

The Doctor referees a football game between opposing WWI soldiers on Christmas ceasefire. (COMIC: The Forgotten)

The Doctor and Rose visited the Christmas truce of World War I, where the Doctor got the German and the British armies to play football on Christmas by using his psychic paper to pose as a FIFA referee, leading to a day of peace before they were forced to continue fighting. (COMIC: The Forgotten)

The Doctor and Rose next journeyed to Justicia in 2501, where they encountered the Blathereen, cousins of the Slitheen family, who were plotting to use the planet's sun to reduce other worlds to cinders to use as fuel. However, the Doctor managed to stop them with the remnants of the Slitheen family, whom he was unable to stop from stealing their rival's technology. (PROSE: The Monsters Inside)

The Doctor discovered an alien spaceship was trapped between real space and the Time Vortex, and investigating further led him and Rose to the house of Lord Farthingale in 1920. There, the Doctor overheard a detective, Dr. Merrivale Carr, had identified the murderer of two people in the house as the society hostess, Glenda Neil. The Doctor and Rose entered the room, explaining to the houseguests that "invisible aliens" were the real cause of death. A haze appeared in the house and another guest, Bart Faversham, was suddenly thrown into the fireplace.

After the guests reached safety, Rose explained that the trapped spaceship's engines were releasing an energy field that had been killing people in an attempt to move. The Doctor signalled the spaceship with the standard galactic code of the 455th century. As they were teleported on board, the Doctor and Rose discovered the ship's crew had died in the crash and the ship's computer had been moving on its own through an emergency program. The Doctor repaired the ship and he and Rose returned to the TARDIS on Earth. (PROSE: Doctor vs Doctor)

Soon after, the Doctor was asked to be a representative for an alien planet, but discovered the planet's "spokesperson", Akimus Makassar, was planning to take over the other visiting representatives' minds. The Doctor placed himself and Rose in a dreamscape to save them from Makassar and his army of Units. Escaping from the Units, the Doctor created a psychic projection of himself, which stole a Unit's mask and placed it over Makassar, trapping him in mental feedback. (PROSE: The Masks of Makassar)

The Doctor and Rose travelled to a Vandosian ship, saving Phil Tyson from execution by the Vandos Tribunal. While attempting to return Phil to Earth, the Doctor was told he was a reincarnation of Shogalath, whom the Vandosians claimed was a monster for toppling the Vandos Imperium. While escaping, Phil saved the Doctor and Rose from the Bailiffs and made it to the TARDIS. The Tribunal threatened to destroy Great Britain if Phil wasn't handed over to them. They fired, but due to the Doctor's earlier efforts, the ship backfired on itself. Returning Phil home, the Doctor explained that Shogalath was, in fact, the leader of a peaceful revolt against the Imperium. Phil departed their company with a new lease on life, seeking to make a good future for himself. (COMIC: Mr Nobody)

On a human colony planet, the Doctor and Rose were attacked by the rain, but Jack and Susie saved their life by bringing them into their shelter. The Doctor discovered the rain was a living creature with the ability to easily cleave through human flesh as it fell to the ground and it was killing off colonists in their downpour because the life form was being killed. He went outside, and persuaded the rain to stop, saving a family of colonists. With the family the last humans left of the devastated colony, the Doctor guided them home in their spaceship, and he also inspired their son, Andy, to become a space traveller. (PROSE: Pitter-Patter)

The Doctor took Rose to see the Mona Lisa at the grand opening of the Oriel, a transdimensional art gallery in the 37th century, only for the Doctor to find that all the humanoids in the gallery, including Rose, had been enslaved by an artist called Cazkelf. Cazkelf used the psychic energy of the visitors to send a distress signal to his people so he could return home, but the Doctor freed Rose and set up a feedback loop, returning the stolen psychic energy to its owners. The signal was still successfully sent, but Cazkelf's people did not arrive at the Oriel. The Doctor took Cazkelf to his homeworld, which had been devastated by a disaster. Afterwards, Cazkelf returned to Earth. Expecting to face consequences, the materialisation of the TARDIS before the visitors made them believe this was all part of a performance art piece. The Doctor advised Cazkelf to "delight and amaze" them. (COMIC: Art Attack)

The Doctor and Rose met Emily Brontë. (AUDIO: The Window on the Moor)

The Doctor took Rose on a cruise on 22nd century Mars, where the two were stowaways on the cruise ship holding a private wedding party of 143-year-old plutocrat Alvar Chambers. When Alvar ordered the Doctor to be thrown into the Martian sea, the Doctor's body was taken over by a body-stealing entity that ate people by feeding on their worst fears, putting them into a state where their identities would dissolve within it while they were dreaming. The entity tormented Rose with a nightmare of the Doctor coming back too late in Rose's life for her to be a companion and then sending it spiralling into ruins to spite her. Rose saw through the illusion and found the real Doctor trapped within the entity, tasking her with freeing its surviving victims while the Doctor dealt with the actual creature. As the creature required a stable image refracted in the air to sustain itself, the Doctor used the artificial air inside the cruise ship's air bubble to create a "tornado". (COMIC: The Cruel Sea)

Temporary association with Adam[[edit]]

The Doctor confronts a lone Dalek. (TV: Dalek [+]Loading...["Dalek (TV story)"])

Tracking a distress signal, the Doctor went to the Vault in 2012 Utah, where he found a lone Dalek had survived the Time War and was being kept, amongst other alien artefacts, by Henry van Statten. Consumed by hatred, the Doctor took pleasure in torturing the Dalek, even as it begged for pity. The Dalek escaped by extrapolating Time Vortex radiation from Rose's DNA and, with no orders, chose to destroy everyone in sight. With the Vault staff slaughtered, the Doctor prepared to kill the Dalek when it dropped its defences, but Rose stood in his way. To the Doctor's shock, the Dalek committed suicide due to its personality change making it deem itself an abomination.

Before departing, Rose asked the Doctor to invite Adam Mitchell, one of Van Statten's young employees who she had befriended, into the TARDIS as he had nowhere else to go. The Doctor left the TARDIS doors unlocked for Adam to wander inside as it dematerialised, (TV: Dalek [+]Loading...["Dalek (TV story)"]) though his initial plan was to return Adam home. However, the TARDIS was knocked off course by a temporal tsunami and they arrived in Birmingham 2012 instead.

The Doctor was then forced to wait for twenty-eight years after being displaced to 1894 to catch up with Rose, who was herself sent to 1922. The Doctor ultimately discovered that the anomalies were the work of the Bygone Horde, a collection of echoes of races erased by the Time War who attempted to return to reality at the expense of the human race. Impressed by Adam's assistance in thwarting the Bygone Horde, the Doctor decided to take him on as a companion, setting a course for the far future. (AUDIO: The Other Side)

For Adam's first real trip, the Doctor took his two companions to the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire to see the human race at its zenith. Pretending to be management on the news broadcaster, Satellite Five, the Doctor and his companions found the Empire had been manipulated into remaining secluded from the wider universe. Adam, suffering from severe culture shock, was left on his own.

Captured by the Editor, the Doctor and Rose found that the Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe had been controlling the human race from Satellite Five by manipulating information. Thanks to Cathica Santini Khadeni, one of the workers who learned of the truth, the satellite's heat was rerouted, sending heat to the Jagrafess's control room, freeing the Doctor and Rose and killing the Jagrafess and the Editor. Upon learning Adam was trying to learn about the future for his own gain, the Doctor evicted him from the TARDIS and took him home, leaving him with the forehead implant he got at Satellite Five as punishment. While Adam begged for another chance, the Doctor was unsympathetic to his plight. (TV: The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"])

Further adventures with Rose[[edit]]

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The Doctor is amazed by the sort of ordinary life that brought Stuart and Sarah together. (TV: Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"])

At Rose's request, the Doctor took her to her parents' wedding, after which she told him about her deceased father, Pete Tyler, and her desire to be with him as he died. The Doctor took her to the church where Stuart Hoskins and Sarah Clark were to be wed on 7 November, 1987, not far from where Pete died. After finding herself paralysed the first time, Rose crossed the path of her past self on her second attempt and saved Pete from a hit-and-run death. Rose's actions caused the TARDIS to be thrown off into the Time Vortex. Enraged by her actions, the Doctor suspected that she had only agreed to travel with him to save Pete and considered abandoning her in the past, though Rose insisted she had not planned it and the Doctor didn't go through with leaving Rose.

The Doctor, telling Rose and the wedding guests to rush inside the church, tried devising a way of stopping the Reapers that were attacking the Earth to seal off the paradox Rose had created. (TV: Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"]) Unbeknownst to him, someone was recording a wedding video. (PROSE: Essay Competition [+]Loading...["Essay Competition (short story)"]) He started working on a way to repair the damage to the universe while leaving Pete alive for Rose. He used his TARDIS key, which was still linked to the TARDIS' interior, to bring the TARDIS back. However, after Pete accidentally made Rose hold her infant self, the Doctor sacrificed himself to the Reaper brought by the paradox and the creature was zapped by the key, killing it, but also interrupting the TARDIS' return. The Doctor was restored to life when Pete let himself get hit by the car, and Rose managed to be there for her father when he passed. (TV: Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"])

Taking a break, the Doctor took Rose to a cafe in Paris, France in the year 1923. As they ate their food, the Doctor entertained Rose by playing with the salt and pepper shakers at their table. Three of his future incarnations watched him. (COMIC: Four Doctors) Taking Rose home once again, the Doctor saved the Powell Estate from Zargath and his invasion force by making it rain with the sonic screwdriver after Rose realised that Zargath's militia was allergic to water. (COMIC: Death to the Doctor!) The Doctor took Rose to meet Althea Bryce and explained their meeting in Krakatoa. When Rose recalled that she'd seen a sketch of him at Krakatoa before, the Doctor groaned that he had another part of history to fake. (AUDIO: Her Own Bootstraps)

At one point he dropped Rose off to a Spice Girls concert, wherein he wound up in Lichyrwick and helped a boy called Malcolm come ot terms with the death of his sister some time earlier. (AUDIO: The Lichyrwick Abomination)

The TARDIS was forced down to London because of the presence of two Shadeys from another dimension, who had brought Robert Greene, a rival playwright of William Shakespeare's, four hundred years into the future. After realising that Shakespeare was remembered in the future while Greene was not, Greene used the powers granted to him by the Shadeys, powered by his "negative energy", to spread rot across London. When the Shadeys discovered the Doctor's presence, they decided to toy with the Doctor by meddling with time and have Greene kill Shakespeare in 1592.

Going back in time to protect him, the Doctor briefly took over Shakespeare's position on stage in the role of Richard III in the play of the same name. In return for relinquishing the power of the Shadeys and saving the world, the Doctor and Rose promised to remember Greene, and Green banished the Shadeys, returning to his deathbed where he was dying of plague. (COMIC: A Groatsworth of Wit)

The Breebles wanted revenge on the Doctor after a previous run-in with him. Their plan involved abducting Rose and creating a robotic replica. The Doctor was put in a tough position when she escaped her captivity and he had the task of figuring out which of the two Roses were his human companion. He solves it by asking them both to recount their adventures together. As the robot's accounts were inaccurate, he deactivated it with his sonic screwdriver. (GAME: Robot Rose)

The Ninth Doctor teamed up with all of his other incarnations to save Gallifrey from destruction at the end of the Last Great Time War, (TV: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (TV story)"]) even joining them on the surface of the planet to save people from natural disasters that were occurring as a result of their attempt to shift it into another dimension. Shortly after meeting for tea with his other incarnations to celebrate in the Under Gallery, (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (novelisation)"]) the Ninth Doctor lost all memory of the events due to the timelines not being synchronised. (TV: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (TV story)"])

When the Doctor and Rose visited Piccadilly Circus in 1977, Rose decided to tamper with history by buying the Stranglers album her mother had wanted in her youth. Rose then snuck it into young Jackie's room amongst her other albums. During their next visit to the Powell Estate, Rose brought up the album and Jackie revealed she still had it, thinking it was a gift from Colin Bennett. While Rose was pleased by her actions, the Doctor pointed out how easily Colin Bennett could have married Jackie instead of Pete Tyler. (PROSE: The Red Bicycle) The Doctor and Rose then watched Elizabeth II's coronation on 2 June 1953, with the Doctor commenting that the occasion was "fantastic." (COMIC: Where's the Doctor?)

The Doctor travelled with Rose to the Zaggit Zagoo bar on Zog, where Rose mentioned that, when she was twelve, she begged her mother for a red bicycle for Christmas, but Jackie couldn't afford it. The Doctor left Rose at the bar and went back in time to buy her the bike. The Doctor bought the bicycle from Hildreth's, but it was soon stolen by Jinko, who wanted revenge on the Doctor for a previous defeat. The Doctor followed him back to his junkyard and used his sonic screwdriver to bring the whole place crashing down. The Doctor quickly grabbed the bicycle and left to deliver the bicycle to Rose's flat in time for Christmas morning. (PROSE: The Red Bicycle)

On a return trip to the Powell Estate, the Doctor, with Rose and Mickey's help, defeated the Quevvil, who were using video games to choose victims for their mind control missions into the bases of their enemies, the Mantodeans. (PROSE: Winner Takes All)

One night, the Doctor told Rose the story of the Tailor's son and Death. She commented that Death, when he was talking about people's deaths being fixed, sounded like him. (PROSE: The Knight, The Fool and The Dead)

The Doctor and Rose visited Jackie, who had become a very successful saleswoman on the Powell Estate selling Glubby Glubs: objects which helped people sleep for a full eight or nine hours. However, it turned out that the Glubby Glubs were taking energy from their users and passing it on to the seller. With Jackie's help, the Doctor stopped the corporation responsible and ended the Glubby Glub fad. (AUDIO: Retail Therapy)

Adam's revenge[[edit]]

An older, vengeful Adam Mitchell confronts the Doctor for kicking him out of the TARDIS. (COMIC: Mystery Date)

Feeling an incoming danger, the Doctor took Rose to Eleanora's monument, where they defeated the wealthiest man in the outer rim of the galaxy, Drake Ayelbourne of Altair VII, after he tried to take Rose. After Ayelbourne destroyed the monument, the Doctor and Rose were confronted by a cloaked figure, who revealed himself to be Adam Mitchell, who had sworn revenge on the Doctor after his mother had died from a brain illness because he could not use future technology to save her. After explaining his motivations, Adam rendered the pair unconscious, kidnapping Rose after he kicked the Doctor in the face. (COMIC: Mystery Date) The Doctor eventually regained consciousness and went off to save Rose, leaving a pool of his blood behind. (COMIC: The Choice)

Following a chronal trail left by the Eleventh Doctor as the Tenth Doctor merged their TARDISes, the Ninth Doctor joined his other incarnations as they stormed Adam's fortress in Limbo to save their friends from Adam and the Tremas Master. Adam had a change of heart when the Master attempted to destroy the eleven TARDISes by overloading them with the chronal energies he had stolen across the Doctor's timelines, which would destroy the universe as well.

Seeing that Adam was not intending to cause this level of destruction, the Ninth Doctor told him that this was his chance to prove him wrong over his past mistakes, and Adam turned against the Master, stopping his attempt at causing a cataclysm by blowing up the console controlling the release of chronal energies, but this act left him right in the fray of the resulting explosion. He died moments after the Master fled, forgiven by the Doctors. The Ninth Doctor mourned Adam's death alongside his other incarnations and honoured him as a true companion on his memorial that they erected to remember him by. (COMIC: Endgame)

The Kotturuh crisis[[edit]]

After the TARDIS fell through a Time Fracture, (COMIC: Tales of the Dark Times) the Doctor and Rose arrived on a shadow planetoid during the Eternal War, where they were captured by Space Lord forces led by Rassilon. Upon realising he had arrived in the Dark Times, the Doctor attempted to flee with Rose during an attack from the Cucurbites, but Rose was snatched by a primordial class vampire, so the Doctor instead assisted the Gallifreyan forces in neutralising the Cucurbites. Making an ally of the scientist Androkan, he and the Doctor stole Rassilon's flier to pursuit Rose, and found her on a coffin ship, but were quickly captured by the vampires, who kept the Doctor alive for information, while Androkan was killed by an acolyte of the Three Mad Sisters, Friar Grystok.

Grystock took the Doctor before the Sisters, who had turned Rose into a vampire, but she had also beaten them and then made to attack the Doctor as an attack of Gallifreyan forces enabled him to gain the upper hand and send her to sleep. Assisted by a vampire slave Rose had befriended named Centia, the Doctor managed to escape the battle after convincing a leading vampire named Drogann to use the attack to gain freedom, giving him a synth-blood that enabled all the vampire slaves aboard to break their addictions and rebel against their masters. He also gave the substance to Rose, but she needed longer to recover, so the Doctor left her on a "cosy little moon" in Centia's care, (COMIC: Monstrous Beauty) while he stayed with the Free Undead as they searched for a place to settle and he investigated the Dark Times further until his search led him and the Free Undead to Mordeela. (PROSE: All Flesh is Grass)

Aboard the coffin ship, the Ninth Doctor, alongside the Eighth Doctor, confronted his next incarnation's mercenary fleet. They attempted to persuade him to stop his attack on the Kotturuh, but he dismissed them as illusions and ordered his fleet to fire, (PROSE: The Knight, The Fool and The Dead) destroying Mordeela. In the ensuing Battle of Mordeela, the Ninth Doctor watched as the Vampires ineffectively fired on the mercenary ships, and eventually asked Ikalla if they could "pitch in" more after the Daleks were forced back by Brian the Ood, but was horrified when the Bloodsmen she unleashed killed the fleet's crew and brought them back to feed on. While he was able to negotiate a cease fire with his other incarnations in a telepathic contact, the Ninth Doctor was unable to make his forces stand down, and the Tenth Doctor escaped in his flagship, the only surviving ship of his fleet, in the confusion.

In the weeks after the Battle, the Doctor continued to help the vampires search for a planet to settle on. (PROSE: All Flesh is Grass) Accompanied by Ikalla, the Doctor visited the inhospitable planet Parvanna, where he and Ikalla were hunted by an invisible creature, which the Doctor kept at bay by keeping a sonic stake alight until they were collected by their ship. (COMIC: Tales of the Dark Times) When the coffin ship was attacked by the Daleks, the Doctor was saved by his eighth incarnation, who had already alerted the vampires to escape, but found that he had to take the Eighth Doctor with him in his TARDIS to flee the Daleks. (PROSE: All Flesh is Grass) Together, the two Doctors went in search of their tenth incarnation on the planet Hoolan, where they discovered a malfunctioning time machine bridging the future to the Dark Times after its pilot had attempted to witness the Big Bang. They fixed her time machine and sent her back to her home time period. (COMIC: Tales of the Dark Times)

The Doctors eventually found their tenth incarnation on Entranxis, where they interrupted his meeting with the Death Brokers to rescue Ikalla, who the Brokers had captured after the Dalek attack on the coffin ship. The Daleks and the Kotturuh then attacked Entanxis, and the Ninth Doctor helped Ikalla escape to his TARDIS to rendezvous with his other incarnations aboard the Tenth Doctor's flagship. However, angered by their lack of concern for the dying Kotturuh, he set off with Ikalla to gather information to help them, eventually arriving on Birinji, where they met Inyit, the last of the Kotturuh. After his other incarnations destroyed the Dalek scout ship sent to kill Inyit, the Doctor learnt that the Daleks were planning to destroy Gallifrey in the Dark Times, and helped mounted a defence of Gallifrey, leaving Ikalla to look after Inyit. However, even with the Free Undead, the Doctors were unable to stop the Daleks' army of undead drones with Symbiont DNA, so prepared to collide the flagship with the saucer, in the hopes of the ensuing paradox wiping out the Daleks, but were prevented from doing so when Inyit used her final judgement to wipe out the Symbiont and the hybrids, ending the Daleks' assault as they panicked, fearing the judgement may spread to pure Dalek DNA, allowing the Eighth Doctor to sneak aboard and force the saucer into the Time Vortex. After the Tenth Doctor left the Dark Times, (PROSE: All Flesh is Grass) the Ninth Doctor collected Rose and they left the Dark Times together. (COMIC: Monstrous Beauty)

Meeting Captain Jack Harkness[[edit]]

The Doctor follows Nancy, trying to question her about the mysterious boy. (TV: The Empty Child [+]Loading...["The Empty Child (TV story)"])

The Doctor tracked a strange artefact to 1941 London, where, after Rose had wandered off, (TV: The Empty Child [+]Loading...["The Empty Child (TV story)"]) much to his annoyance, (PROSE: The Companion's Lament) he discovered the TARDIS phone ringing; on the other side, there was a boy asking for his mother. Investigating further, he followed Nancy, a homeless young woman who was feeding homeless children by stealing from people's meals that were left fresh on their tables, as they hid during air raids. She was being chased by a child in a gas mask who was terrifying her and seemed to be endangering people. Nancy told the Doctor the "bomb that wasn't a bomb" landed near Limehouse Green station. Following Nancy's advice, the Doctor went to the nearby Albion Hospital. There, he found living dead creatures, with gas masks fused to their face, and identical symptoms, including a scar on the hand in the same place as the child that pursued Nancy.

Captain Jack Harkness, who had found Rose, tracked down the Doctor, thinking he and Rose were members of the Time Agency, and revealed the object was a Chula ambulance, which Jack himself had used to attract one of the agency as part of a con to sell half of the object right before a German bomb hit it, instead bringing the attention of the Doctor and Rose. (TV: The Empty Child [+]Loading...["The Empty Child (TV story)"]) Jack teleported the Doctor and Rose to his ship, and they went to the bomb site near the hospital, where they realised the truth; Nanogenes in the ambulance had reanimated a dead boy and, due to their unfamiliarly with humans, had spread the Empty Child virus. The ambulance started its emergency protocols, calling in the creatures, who were ready to "tear the world apart" to find the boy's mother.

Every patient and soldier at the bombsite converged on the Doctor, Rose, Nancy and Jack. The Doctor fixed the nanogenes' mistakes by comparing the DNA of the child and Nancy, who was his mother, restoring the infected zombies to normal. Jack stopped the bomb from hitting the bombsite by placing it in stasis inside his warship and when everyone got to safety, the Doctor destroyed the ambulance, making sure that history said that a bomb hit that location. The Doctor rescued Jack from his Chula warship just before it exploded, taking him aboard the TARDIS as his latest companion. (TV: The Doctor Dances [+]Loading...["The Doctor Dances (TV story)"])

A TARDIS trio[[edit]]

After Jack answered a distress signal coming into the TARDIS, the trio found themselves in early 21st century Russia. After telling the soldiers present that they had orders to be there, they discovered a missing girl who had aged considerably. Taking the girl and a similarly aged body to the nearby research institute, the Doctor asked Rose to investigate the local village while he and Catherine Kornilova, a student at the research institute, studied samples of the standing stones the body was found in. They discovered that the samples aged both their hands, though the Doctor's recovered quickly due to his DNA not being "close enough" to the strain it collects life force from.

Meeting up with Rose and Jack, they went to an abandoned ship which had crashed and had been tampered with to collect energy from humans rather than wind and solar. Evading blue blob creatures attempting to power up the ship, the Doctor was able to thwart their plans and drain the ship's power completely, powering the creatures down. (PROSE: The Deviant Strain)

The Doctor intended to take Rose and Jack to the planet Kegron Pluva, but instead arrived in 2005 Bromley to investigate a time distortion, where he encountered Das, a Neanderthal who was transported from 29,185 BC to 2005 by a rip engine; a crude method of time travel that prevented anyone who used it from travelling in time again. Unable to return Das to his native time zone, the Doctor and Rose left him in 2005 with Jack and travelled to 29,185 BC to investigate further, where they encountered a genius named Chantal Osterberg, who intended to wipe out humanity and replace it with Hy-Bractors. After stopping Chantal, the Doctor and Rose reunited with Jack, who had spent a month introducing Das to the ways of modern life, and resumed their travels together. (PROSE: Only Human)

Revisiting an old adventure[[edit]]

According to one account, the Doctor, travelling with Jack, met Rose during an Auton invasion on Earth. Together, the three stopped the invasion using cabbages to knock the transmitters powering the Autons down, and then celebrated with tea inside the TARDIS. (PROSE: Dr. Ninth)

Memory fiasco[[edit]]

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The Doctor is confronted by the Lect. (COMIC: Weapons of Past Destruction)

The Doctor wanted to take Rose and Jack to Excroth, only to find the planet destroyed, and them captured by the Lect, who demanded to know why the travellers had come to the Excroth System. As a squadron of armoured Unon attacked the ship, the Doctor attempted to lead Rose and Jack back to the TARDIS, but the three were intercepted by a group of Lect. Jack blasted off one of the Lect's arm so the three could escape in the TARDIS, though Jack and the Doctor inadvertently left without Rose as the ship exploded.

The Doctor and Jack tracked Rose down to the Fluren Temporal Bazaar on Fluren's World, a black market for time weapons, where they found Rose, who had been stuck there for four days after she fell through the Vortex with a tachyon inhibitor protecting her from the time winds until Glom picked her up with his ship's time scoops. The Doctor recognised Glom's weapons as being from Gallifrey and flipped Glom's table in anger. In an attempt to attract the Unon, the Doctor announced to the crowd that he was offering his Time Lord mind for sale, but was transmitted aboard the Lect ship instead.

When the Unon arrived and fought off the Lect, the Doctor attempted to talk to them, but was teleported to meet the Unon Mother Superior, Arnora, in a sub-dimensional void. The Doctor agreed to co-operate with the Unon in return for his TARDIS being retrieved. After reuniting with Jack, the Doctor and Jack fixed a time fissure on Traxis using a temporal stabiliser. The Doctor was contacted by Rose for his coordinates, which he gave to her, only to find that she had joined up with the Lect and led their armada to the Unon's Perpetual City.

When the Doctor was taken aboard the Lect command ship by Rose, he learned that the Lect were Excrothian survivors who wanted revenge on the Unon for destroying Excroth with a entropy engine for their time travel experiments. Realising that history would repeat itself, the Doctor decided to take the Lect leader, Prelon Marleth, to destroy the entropy engine and the Unon with it, telling a disagreeing Rose that it was "[Marleth's] war, [and] his choice." However, Marleth was shot by Arnora before he could ignite the engine, so the Doctor threatened to do it himself if the Unon refused to surrender. He was then saved by Jack and the Unon Grand High Seer, Evja, from an attack from behind, but could not stop the engine's meltdown, or Marleth and Arnora from killing each other. Taking as many as he could, the Doctor took Evja and the Unon to a new planet for a fresh start. (COMIC: Weapons of Past Destruction)

The Doctor took Rose and Jack to the Eye of Orion, but found a giant ziggurat and the Hanging Gardens of Slarvia, which had been destroyed centuries before. The Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to discover a ship in orbit, which transmatted them on board and brought them face to face with Taggani, the most famous geohacker in history. After lamenting about Taggani's use of his helmet, an Aesirian world-shaper, to overrun the planet Campra with Argurian creepers, Taggani used it to form a mind-link with the Doctor. After discovering he was the same Time Lord who put his mind up for auction on Fluren's World, Taggani planned on using the Doctor's memories to recreate everything lost in the Time War.

However, the Doctor was able to enter Taggani's mind at the same time and discover that he was Brian Carrios, an art historian from the Braxiatel Collection who was expelled for being unable to spot a forgery. The Doctor used the world-shaper to broadcast Taggani's true identity on the side of the planet, before transmatting himself, Rose, and Jack back down to the surface. As Judoon ships from the Shadow Proclamation closed in on Taggani's ship, Rose pointed out that Jack's face remained on the side of the moon. (COMIC: Hacked)

When the Cybermen allied with Rassilon to take over history, the Doctor, Rose and Jack rescued Jackie during a Cyberman invasion in 2006. Having been robbed of the TARDIS, they used a stolen flyer to break the base of the Cybermen's operation, where they attempted to regain control of the TARDIS, only to have the console explode, activating the Cloister Bell. The TARDIS began imploding on itself to protect the Earth from its engines exploding, so the group evacuated to the flyer, where its shields were still up. During the chaos, Rose was partially cyber-converted and killed Jack. With Jackie safely in the shields of the flyer, the Doctor attempted to use his sonic screwdriver to confront the Cybermen and figure out how they converted Rose so fast, discovering an airborne element that cyber-converted his screwdriver into his hand, and began spreading up his arm. Leaving Jackie in the shield that would soon reject him, the Doctor attempted to return to the imploding TARDIS to collapse its containment field and allow the Eye of Harmony to rupture, destroying the Cyberman occupied Earth with it. Before it could, the Doctor and Jackie discovered that the energy had been syphoned away, before everything reverted to normal. Still able to remember the events when everyone else forgot, the Doctor looked on sombrely as Rose and Jackie embraced each other, contemplating what had happened. (COMIC: Supremacy of the Cybermen)

Escaping to the TARDIS after planting temporal beacons, the Doctor, Rose and Jack received a video from what appeared to be Jack on the planet Gharusa Prime. Answering the call, the Doctor was bombarded by Yani Mamora and other admirers upon arrival and was shocked to learn that an impostor was hailed as a celebrity on a show called Doctor Who?, before being attacked by fake Chumblies and being "rescued" by "the Doctor". He and Jack were arrested for impersonating the "real" Doctor, while Rose snuck off and discovered the other Doctor to be Slist Fayflut Marteveerthon Slitheen wearing a skin suit based off the Doctor from Fluren's World. She planned on attending a peace conference on Clix, as the Raxas Alliance was on the brink of war. Slist then kidnapped Rose to act as her companion.

The Doctor, held for interrogation, was quickly released by Estiva, who suspected Slist was the true imposter. Reuniting with Jack, the Doctor took off to search for Rose and Slist but gave Estiva a message to pass along to Yani, apologising for brushing her off earlier. The pair tracked Rose to Clix and wore Raxacoricofallapatorian skin suits to traverse the forests of Clix in disguise. The Doctor mounted a Clixian spineback named Tiddles and brought the group back to the peace conferences, where they intercepted the plot to sabotage the conference. The Doctor and his companions then departed to the TARDIS, leaving Tiddles behind as he did not want to bring a pet along. The Doctor then received a phone call from Mickey Smith in 2016. (COMIC: Doctormania)

Answering the call, the Doctor met Mickey in 2016 San Francisco, and learned that Mickey had been trying to call his next incarnation for help after his wife, Martha Jones, had turned into a gargoyle. The Doctor discovered that a wormhole was passing through the city, which, coupled with the city's previous history, had caused nearby humans to mutate. The Doctor and Mickey followed the wormhole back to Shirov-three, and discovered that Glom was behind the creation of the wormhole. The Doctor drove a large tourist bus through the wormhole when it was at maximum capacity, collapsing it whilst also sending him back to San Francisco. The destruction of the wormhole reversed the human mutations. The Doctor then called Glom on his phone and blackmailed him into launching a rescue mission for the stranded alien tourists. (COMIC: The Transformed)

Tracking a gargoyle straggler, the Doctor, Jack and Rose found themselves on Earth, in the late 20th century, where they met Tara Mishra, who later revealed herself to be a UNIT soldier. They went back to the UNIT research base, where they met the Brigadier. After their adventure, the trio discovered Tara stowed away on the Doctor's TARDIS to come along as a companion. (COMIC: Official Secrets)

The Doctor was sent to the Hesguard Institute following the alleged murder of Tara, (COMIC: Slaver's Song) in reality a ruse to allow him to investigate the inner workings of the facility after seeing news of former patients committing worse atrocities than before. He was placed under the Bad Wolf Process, meant to drain all of his negative emotions and thoughts into a vessel known as a Sin-Eater. The resulting creation of a Sin-Eater modelled after the Doctor soon proved destructive, as, due to the Doctor's telepathic abilities, the Sin-Eater developed a mind of its own and began rampaging throughout the facility with malicious glee, eventually granting the other Sin-Eaters sentience. Soon after, the Doctor reunited with Rose and Tara and transported them to the Matryoshka drive, the source of energy running the Institute. He lured his Sin-Eater there, who began feeding on the Doctor's life energy, but was soon sent into the Matryoshka drive via a teleport slipped onto him by the Doctor. Jettisoning the drive into the Void, the trio made their narrow escape to an examiner shuttle as the facility dissolved in the face the time storm surrounding it. As Tara and Rose discussed their dubious victory, the Doctor piloted their shuttle in silence. (COMIC: Sin-Eaters)

The TARDIS was pulled out of the Time Vortex by a tractor beam and forced into landing so that the Doctor could be a guest on Slist Fayflut Marteveerthon Slitheen's talk show, The Slist Show Christmas Special. After verifying that Rose and Tara were safe and in the audience, the Doctor was alarmed to learn that Slist brought him on her show as a guest to bury the hatchet with General Yolaktorin of the Retjarvik-Sattavarian, who was shot through a rift after their regime was toppled by the Doctor.

As the General lunged towards the Doctor, he fell to his knees in pain as his makeup began burning him under the lights. Rushing to his side, the Doctor, commanded the lights to be shut off, used his sonic screwdriver to turn on the snow machine, burying the General and stopping his burning. The Doctor revealed that the General butchered most of the Chapadio race and that this was a set up by to get her revenge on him. The Doctor then addressed Slist's audience, told them to have a family argument rather than watch television on Christmas, and shut down TVs across the galaxy with his screwdriver. (PROSE: Christmas Special)

Battling the Void[[edit]]

The Ninth Doctor meets his future incarnation. (COMIC: The Lost Dimension)

Sending Jack to pick Tara up off of Nomicae while he took Rose to see Horlak to "fix" her after she saw herself become a Cyberman in an alternate reality, the Doctor took the TARDIS under the Pacific Ocean in 1886, but the crew of Madame Vastra's ship hauled the TARDIS onboard their ship. After Vastra and Jenny introduced themselves to Rose, they explained that they were on the search for Silurian survivors, an idea the Doctor quickly dismissed, arousing Vastra's suspicions. Vastra began to confront the Doctor about his secret-keeping after Rose mentioned him bringing her to see a "guru with three eyes", but was cut off when the ship was attacked by a Myrka. The survivors washed up on the shore of an island where they were surrounded by Silurians, who incapacitated Vastra and brought the rest to Horlak., who explained that Rose's mind was fractured with memories of an erased timeline, and sought to have her healed before she had a psychotic break.

As Horlak began healing her, Rose heard Jack's voice calling out, setting up a psychic projection through Horlak. The Doctor was shocked to learn that the Fourth Doctor, there with Jack and K9, set up the projection to tell his ninth incarnation that the universe was being devoured, but was disrupted when Vastra and Jenny arrived. Furious with one another, the Doctor admitted to Vastra that the Silurians on the island were voluntarily quarantined by the Sixth Doctor, as they had a disease that affected other Silurians. Soon after, several of those present were corrupted by energy from the Void, but the Doctor quickly modified a Silurian gun to release those under the influence. Receiving another message from his past as he made to leave, the Doctor quickly dropped Vastra and Jenny back in London, leaving Rose behind with them to keep her safe.

The Ninth Doctor arrived at St Luke's University in 2017 in time to rescue his tenth and twelfth incarnations, along with Jenny, Bill Potts, and Nardole, from a mob of infected students, explaining that he was instructed to find them by their fourth incarnation. Fighting alongside Jenny using his modified Silurian gun, the Doctor and his future incarnations were soon distracted by a white hole opening up in the sky. The Ninth Doctor led his successors and their companions into his TARDIS after a corrupted Kate Stewart destroyed his gun, and the group learned that all thirteen versions of the TARDIS had fused into one. Following the arrival of the Eighth Doctor and Josie Day, who had managed to break out of the Void with aid from the other trapped Doctors, the Ninth Doctor helped to repair Jenny's bowship to take it into the Void and fix the crisis at its source.

Leaving the Eighth Doctor and their companions behind, the Twelfth Doctor flew Jenny's ship into the white hole with his ninth and tenth incarnations, where they established contact with their predecessors before discovering the source of the anomaly was the Eleventh Doctor, merged with a Type 1 TARDIS that fell out of reality; the Eleventh Doctor connected with it via a telepathic circuit, but only accomplished scaring the TARDIS into attempting to seek peace by destroying the chaotic universe. The four Doctors concocted a plan to allow every incarnation of their TARDIS to speak with the Type 1, persuading it to jettison all it consumed and close up the white holes. Arriving back on Earth, the Ninth Doctor agreed to take Jenny back home and return his eighth, tenth, and eleventh incarnations and their companions back to their respective TARDISes. (COMIC: The Lost Dimension)

Final adventures[[edit]]

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During one adventure, the Doctor, Jack and Rose ate Kronkburgers together. While collecting them, Jack stopped River Song from assassinating the Doctor. (AUDIO: R&J)

The Doctor dines with Blon before she's scheduled to be executed. (TV: Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"])

Taking the TARDIS to 2006 Cardiff so that it could refuel via a scar in the rift that was closed by Gwyneth, the Doctor and his two companions, joined by Mickey, enjoyed some downtime in town before seeing that Blon, the sole Slitheen survivor of the attack on Downing Street, had become Lord Mayor of Cardiff. They concocted a plan to capture her and bring her to justice. Though Blon tried fleeing, the Doctor reversed her teleportation device several times until she gave up and took her prisoner aboard the TARDIS until he could return her to Raxacoricofallapatorius to face execution after her family had already been sentenced to death in their absence. The Doctor confiscated her extrapolator to use as a "power-booster" on the TARDIS and took her to a restaurant for dinner as her last request.

After he remained unmerciful towards her, Blon tried to tear the TARDIS and the Earth apart by making the extrapolator lock onto an alien power source that was refuelling on the rift, using the extrapolator as an interstellar surfboard to escape the Earth. However, the damage she caused to the ship opened the heart of the TARDIS, which turned her into a Slitheen egg. Realising Blon had a second chance in life, the Doctor decided to drop her off in the hatchery on her homeworld. (TV: Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"])

In 23rd century New Vegas, the Doctor, Jack and Rose investigated the ruthless vigilante the Whisper, with Rose and Jack going undercover. During the investigation, the Doctor received a message from his future self via an electronic billboard that he had to make sure Police Chief McNeil survived. They discovered that the Whisper had been created by McNeil to combat crime boss Wolfsbane, not realising how lethal a vigilante it would become. They attempted to talk it down from killing Wolfsbane, resulting in him stabbing it. The Doctor helped McNeil arrest Wolfsbane, ensuring he survived. (AUDIO: Night of the Whisper)

Travelling to the Battle of Minatogawa, the Doctor, Rose and Jack found a Volsci ship. When the Doctor's attempt to awaken the Volsci from hibernation revealed that many had died due to being in their hibernation chambers for too long, the lone surviving Volsci tried to self-destruct the ship to prevent the Volsci technology ending up in Japanese hands, but the Doctor convinced her to instead pilot the ship back to her home. (COMIC: Return of the Volsci)

Last stand on Satellite 5[[edit]]

The Doctor realises he is on Big Brother. (TV: Bad Wolf [+]Loading...["Bad Wolf (TV story)"])

Immediately after leaving 1336 Japan, the Doctor, Rose and Jack were teleported to the Game Station to be put in deadly versions of TV game shows. After escaping Big Brother alongside a contestant called Lynda Moss, the Doctor met up with Jack and they raced to save Rose from The Weakest Link, hosted by a deadly Anne Droid; they were unsuccessful in preventing the Anne Droid from seemingly killing Rose. Completely broken, the Doctor, along with Jack and Lynda, was arrested for breaking in and out of the games. However, he and Jack physically overpowered the guards and set off to stop the "entertainment".

Taking hostages in the control room, Jack found the TARDIS stowed away in an archive room. Using the TARDIS, Jack discovered the laser that "killed" the games' losers was teleporting them across space. Puzzled, the Doctor discovered that the Game Station was unknowingly broadcasting a secondary signal to an empty location of space, which was where all the losers ended up. Disabling the signal, the Doctor and Jack were horrified to find two hundred Dalek battleships. Establishing contact, the Doctor learned the Daleks had taken Rose hostage but promised to rescue her and destroy the Daleks. (TV: Bad Wolf [+]Loading...["Bad Wolf (TV story)"])

The Doctor and Jack flew the TARDIS straight into the Dalek command ship and rescued Rose. However, the Doctor soon discovered the Dalek Emperor had also survived the Last Great Time War, and had been shaping humanity for many centuries, converting the contestants into Daleks for its army. Knowing his fight against the Daleks was suicidal, the Doctor sent a reluctant Rose back home in the TARDIS, while he and Jack gathered a possible resistance consisting of gameshow contestants and operatives. The Doctor built a delta wave generator, a device that would "fry the brain stems of every living thing within a thousand miles of the satellite", but was not able to perfect it to work only on Daleks.

After the resistance, including Lynda and Jack, were all killed, the Doctor was unable to bring himself to destroy the Daleks and the Earth with the delta wave generator, proudly telling the Dalek Emperor that he would rather be "a coward" than a killer. Resigning himself to being exterminated by the surrounding Daleks, the Doctor was shocked to find that Rose had opened the heart of the TARDIS and become the Bad Wolf. Having absorbed the energy of the Time Vortex into herself, she brought the TARDIS to the Game Station and scattered all the Daleks and the Emperor's atoms into dust, ending the Daleks' plot. (TV: The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"])


Main article: Ninth Doctor's regeneration
The Ninth Doctor regenerates. (TV: The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"])

Knowing that Rose would burn up if she kept so much power in her body, the Doctor drew the Time Vortex from her body and into his own with a kiss, before sending it back into the heart of the TARDIS. He then took an unconscious Rose into the TARDIS, abandoning a resurrected Jack on the deserted Game Station (TV: The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"]) after Rose had accidentally converted him into an immortal fixed point in time. (TV: Utopia [+]Loading...["Utopia (TV story)"])

Knowing that his possession of the vortex energy had caused cellular damage to his body, (TV: The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"]) the Doctor looked back on his life, deciding what was "fantastic", and that it "meant a lot". (PROSE: Shortness of Breath) He told Rose how he had wanted to take her to "so many places", such as the planet Barcelona. Trying his best to explain that he was about to regenerate, the Doctor told Rose that they had both been "fantastic", and then regenerated into his next incarnation. (TV: The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"])


The Ninth Doctor helps face Es'Cartrss . (COMIC: The Forgotten)

When the Tenth Doctor was confronted by Es'Cartrss within the TARDIS' Matrix, he summoned the Ninth Doctor, among his other past incarnations, to use their united memories and willpower to take back control of the Matrix. (COMIC: The Forgotten)

When under attack by an age-regression gun, the Tenth Doctor briefly retro-regenerated into his ninth incarnation. Appearing to be in pain from the process, he briefly warned Dorothy Bell against struggling with the age-regression gun before the effects wore off and the Tenth Doctor re-emerged. (COMIC: The Fountains of Forever)

During many failed attempts to duplicate the Tenth Doctor, defective copies of all his past incarnations, including the Ninth Doctor, were created instead. (COMIC: Breakfast at Tyranny's)

After the Eleventh Doctor was accused of committing deadly crimes against the Overcast, he brooded in the TARDIS for two days, imagining all his previous numbered incarnations, including the Ninth Doctor, interrogating him over the crimes. When he offered the rationale that he always left things better than he found them, they all turned and left him in disgust and disgrace. (COMIC: Pull to Open)

When the Then and the Now attempted to ingest the Eleventh Doctor's timeline, the Doctor briefly retro-regenerated back into his tenth and ninth incarnations, but the Then and the Now's attack was thwarted by the presence of the War Doctor, due to him being an "X-rated" period of his life that the Doctor resisted. (COMIC: Outrun)

When the Eleventh Doctor was attacked by the Then and the Now on Lujhimene, the Ninth Doctor was among the faces seen as the Doctor's timeline was almost destroyed. (COMIC: Running to Stay Still)

When the Eleventh Doctor entered into the T'keyn Nexus to defend himself, Matrix projections of his previous incarnations, including the Ninth Doctor, appeared inside it to defend themselves as well. After listening to his predecessors defend themselves, the Ninth Doctor was quick to point out that auditor Sondrah was more interested in the Doctor than the planet he was meant to audit, a sentiment that the Tenth Doctor agreed on. When the Eleventh Doctor began to deduce Sondrah's true identity, the past Doctors faded away as Oscar Wilde interfered with the Nexus. (COMIC: Dead Man's Hand)

When Clara Oswald entered the Doctor's time stream, she saw the ninth incarnation among the Doctors that ran past her, with the Eleventh Doctor claiming them to be his "ghosts". (TV: The Name of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Name of the Doctor (TV story)"])

After saving Gallifrey from the Moment after the Last Great Time War, the Eleventh Doctor dreamed of himself standing with all his past incarnations, including the Ninth Doctor, as he thought about his search for Gallifrey. (TV: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (TV story)"])

When he was exposed to energy from a time storm, the Twelfth Doctor degenerated through all of his previous incarnations, including the Ninth Doctor. (AUDIO: The Lost Magic)

Undated adventures[[edit]]

Encounters by the readers of Doctor Who?[[edit]]

Clive Finch put an open call on his website in early March, 2005, for his readers to report their encounters of the Doctor. Hundreds of people gave their accounts of the Doctor, mostly seeing him travelling alone, but several also met Rose.

His solo encounters included: a visit to a hospital and giving Doris Spelgar a cup of tea; bumping into trampus and not apologising; meeting Aaron Smith in a department store; going to HMV to look at drum and bass CDs and getting advice from Geoff Cliff; buying a tin of cosmos blue paint from B&Q; hijacking the 68 to Bolton; talking to a giraffe at Chester Zoo; saying something in Arabic to a shopkeeper; writing a sequence of numbers, 23 6 801, on a wall; getting Andrew Wooding and his class to paint their dreams; posing as an independent consultant at a council; rescuing two children from lizard people; buying a battery for his mobile phone; visiting the Los Angeles fashion district; posing for a photograph with a group of Irish immigrants in 1892; stealing a Spad XIII from a base in Foggia during the First World War; advising Stephen Norris against being friends with Anthony Wallenda or supporting Liverpool; being the best man at the wedding of Dave Tonbridge's parents; appearing in the background of a photo David Grant's father during his time in the army; defacing "definitive" works about the creation of the universe in the British Library Cosmology Section; defacing biographies in the York Central Library; meeting JR's mum in 1977; buying an issue of Heat from a newsagents; fishing near Trent Bridge; arguing with the Seventh Doctor on a university campus; getting kicked off a train as his season ticket wasn't valid until 2009; appearing in photographs taken of Victoria; trying to buy a cup of tea from a café in Cambridge with non-legal tender 10p pieces; attempting to save an old cinema in Salford from being pulled down; being pictured in an article about UFO sightings published in a newspaper in New Zealand in 1978; retrieving a large silver metal ball from Mornington Crescent underground station; visiting the Louvre; visiting a police station in Wetherby; talking about early reggae records with "Eddie Duggan" in Prague; and protesting for the West Pier in Brighton to be saved; meeting rewboss in Berlin in 1989 and in Wolverhampton in 1991; vanishing behind Lonnie Donegan during his performance of "Putting On The Donegan"; apologising to Xandra Lenea-Ashford; possibly appearing on Survivor; saving a child from being hit by a VW Beetle; being present for an explosion in a school's boiler room; and getting shot by an Allied soldier during the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp.

The Doctor was also seen travelling with Rose: Matt was knocked over by the Doctor and Rose while they were running and shouting; he begrudgingly bought spam and corned beef from a supermarket for Rose; and he returned a cache of Tudor parchments that cast Henry VIII's right to the throne so Rose wouldn't be put on the rack. The Ninth Doctor visited Big Ben in late 2004, laughing at the later fate of Big Ben (PROSE: Have You Seen This Man?) as it would be heavily damaged on 6 March 2006 when the Slitheen craft crashed into it. (TV: Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"], PROSE: Operation London, etc.)

In the aftermath of the 2005 Dummy Massacre, Mickey Smith, the site's new owner, received a number of responses when he put out a request for sightings of the then missing Rose. SharonValerii saw Rose outside of University the other day, seeming a bit preoccupied alongside the Ninth Doctor. Artie D reported that Rose looked like a girl he entirely failed to get off with at a party in Islington since she "swan off" after this other chap came up and said something about a different planet. David Mc Giveron, whilst on an outing to the Lake District met Rose in an abandoned quarry, asking him if he had seen the Doctor before running off. bobby spotted Rose, the Doctor and the TARDIS in the Bayeaux Tapestry. Alexander saw Rose and the Doctor walking towards the TARDIS in an old family wedding photo from the 1920s. (PROSE: The Doctor Was Involved in the Dummy Massacre)

Further sightings were reported when the site revealed a photograph of the Doctor and Rose with Charles Dickens. Natasha Richardson saw the Doctor and Rose under the clock in Guildford, noting that the Doctor had changed his jumper. Cara and Matt spotted the Doctor and Rose whilst on holiday in Margate in 2005, appearing to investigate a large, suspicious-looking sand castle. Reginald Jones claimed that, as he posted, he was stalling the Doctor who sitting in the other room, supposedly disconnecting the antenna from his television, after offering him a spot of tea. Reginald saw no sign of Rose and was afraid to ask. timetunnel saw the Doctor and Rose hanging around the Great Tower of London, which the Doctor was looking around. Polly saw the Doctor in Eastbourne, who told her that she would not be there for long; indeed, Polly was now living in Cardiff. suresh kumar saw the Doctor and Rose ordering a hamburger at Tasy Bite on Kingsley Road in Hounslow. Brandon Lightloafer saw the Doctor and Rose at the Goat pub in the town of Berkhamsted, muttering something about saving the town castle from being destroyed. nu reported a sighting at Dundee. Alex of Dundee reported seeing the Doctor at the railway station that day, saying that the train had not been this late since the the bridge fell down. Richard Kyanka was asked by the Doctor if he had stairs in his house. Richard answered that he did not and the Doctor told Richard that he was protected; Richard had no idea what he meant. kayley reported a sighting at Bognor Regis Pier. (PROSE: Rose sighting confirmed)

Shortly following the London UFO crash, JH reported that the Doctor had been in Glasgow for at least the last six months, claiming to see him regularly near the blue police box on Buchanan Street. (PROSE: Alien landing confirmed)

After Mickey posted a picture of a Slitheen, Skeith recalled getting lost looking for their dad whilst on a family holiday to England. Wandering through the streets, Skeith turned a corner and saw something that looked like Mickey's picture, taking off before barrelling into a man who they thought might have been the Doctor. He pointed Skeith in the right direction and suggested that they spend the next day or so in their hotel room. Skeith did not argue. (PROSE: Hoax This!)

Alternate timelines[[edit]]

When an alternate version of the Twelfth Doctor attempted to trap his post-Time War incarnations in various alternate timelines so that he could manipulate their minds to ensure his existence, he was unable to target the Ninth Doctor. Since his plan involved presenting the Doctors with dark visions of possible alternates, the tenth and twelfth incarnations mused in the aftermath that the Ninth Doctor had been left alone because the Alternative Twelfth Doctor was unable to find a timeline in which the Ninth Doctor was "anything less than fantastic." (COMIC: Four Doctors)

Psychological profile[[edit]]


A pensive Doctor (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"])

After being "beaten by losing a war with Death". (PROSE: What the TARDIS thought of "Time Lord Victorious") the Ninth Doctor was an emotional incarnation of great sorrow and anger, plagued by the outcome of the Last Great Time War, breaking down or unleashing a great rage born from emotional exhaustion when faced with the consequences of the war. (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"], Dalek [+]Loading...["Dalek (TV story)"], Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"], The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"]) However, when truly outraged with someone, the Doctor would stare at them calmly before bluntly speaking to them about what they had done to upset him. (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"], World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"], The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"], Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"], Bad Wolf [+]Loading...["Bad Wolf (TV story)"]) A mercurial individual, he hid his sorrow with a façade of manic energy, sharp wit and enthusiastic confidence, but would quickly drop the masquerade when he was either alone or deeply displeased. (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"], The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"], Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"], The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"]) His masquerade hid a near overwhelming sense of guilt regarding his predecessor's actions in the Time War, something he kept at bay by insisting that his strife had been worth it. (PROSE: A Brief History of Time Lords)

Behind his war-torn demeanour, however, he was one of the nobler incarnations, with not even a continuity bomb able to find a timeline where he was "anything less than fantastic", (COMIC: Four Doctors) and him willingly returning the power of the Time Vortex to the heart of the TARDIS after saving Rose from burning up by absorbing the power into himself, (TV: The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"]) despite the Tenth Doctor claiming that a Time Lord would become a "vengeful god" if they absorbed such powers. (TV: Utopia [+]Loading...["Utopia (TV story)"]) Indeed, the Ninth Doctor found it humorous when Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen identified his TARDIS as "technology of the gods", dismissing the idea of being a god by claiming he would "never get a day off". (TV: Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"]) He always tried to keep his promises. (AUDIO: Cataclysm) Not wanting to be a fighter, (PROSE: All Flesh is Grass) the Ninth Doctor described himself to Lynda Moss simply as a traveller in search of "a quiet life". (TV: Bad Wolf [+]Loading...["Bad Wolf (TV story)"])

He could get self-defensive over how others described him, defiantly telling Rose that he "[was] impressive" after she called him out for showing off his time travelling capabilities, (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"]) claiming he was "making an effort not to be insulted" when Rose rhetorically asked why all the "great looking" men disappear from her, (TV: The Doctor Dances [+]Loading...["The Doctor Dances (TV story)"]) and questioning if Mickey Smith found him unattractive after Mickey pointed out how handsome Jack Harkness was. (TV: Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"])

Preferring to remain unnoticed in the background, the Doctor would instead encourage or inspire others into acts of heroism. (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"], The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"], The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"], World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"], The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"], The Doctor Dances [+]Loading...["The Doctor Dances (TV story)"]) However, he was unafraid to confront his adversaries directly. (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"], The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"], Dalek [+]Loading...["Dalek (TV story)"], The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"], Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"], Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"], Bad Wolf [+]Loading...["Bad Wolf (TV story)"], The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"])

Because of the emotional burden he carried with him from the Last Great Time War, the Ninth Doctor was initially reluctant to involve himself in events. (AUDIO: The Oncoming Storm) Despite being less of an interventionist, the Doctor was willing to help his friend Plex populate a planet with clones using the Chameleon Arch, understanding the pain Plex felt for the loss of his species in a freak singularity. (COMIC: The Promise) Trying to hide his friendlier side, (AUDIO: Cataclysm) the Ninth Doctor could come across as uninterested in the details around him, acting out his plans and intentions without informing his allies of his objective. (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"]) Despite initially wanting to travel alone indefinitely after the Time War, (PROSE: The Eyeless) the Doctor became a lonely man in his solitude, (PROSE: A Day to Yourselves) looking particularly crestfallen when Rose rejected an invitation to travel in the TARDIS. (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"])

While he was more adept at noticing the flaws of humanity than his predecessors, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"], World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"], The Doctor Dances [+]Loading...["The Doctor Dances (TV story)"]) the Ninth Doctor still retained the selfless and caring attitude that he carried throughout his previous lives, never once hesitating to put himself in harm's way to save those around him. (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"], World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"], Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"], The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"]) Indeed, when facing Henry van Statten, the Doctor noted the greater aspects of mankind while deriding van Statten for his greed, (TV: Dalek [+]Loading...["Dalek (TV story)"]) and also admitted his admiration for England's defiance of the Third Reich. (TV: The Empty Child [+]Loading...["The Empty Child (TV story)"]) When he realised that he could reverse the pain and suffering he had encountered with the Empty Child plague, the Doctor became overjoyed, whooping how "just this once, everybody live[d]", with Rose Tyler claiming he was "beaming away like [he was] Father Christmas". (TV: The Doctor Dances [+]Loading...["The Doctor Dances (TV story)"]) He also tried not to hold grudges when those who wronged him needed his help. (PROSE: The Red Bicycle)

Despite initially coming across as emotionally scarred and melancholy, the Ninth Doctor displayed a fun side from time to time, bobbing his head to Soft Cell's "Tainted Love", (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"]) enjoying a meal with Nancy and her children friends, (TV: The Empty Child [+]Loading...["The Empty Child (TV story)"]) having a dance with Rose Tyler, (TV: The Doctor Dances [+]Loading...["The Doctor Dances (TV story)"]) and enjoying some downtime in Cardiff with Rose, Jack and Mickey. (TV: Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"]) While discussing the grave consequences of the human race being fed constant reality television like sheep, he interrupted himself to ask Lynda Moss if they still had the program "Bear With Me", even chuckling about the celebrity edition where the bear got into a bath tub. (TV: Bad Wolf [+]Loading...["Bad Wolf (TV story)"])

Preferring to be in the present, (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"]) the Ninth Doctor would make decision in the heat of the moment, focusing more on emotion rather than logic. (TV: The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"], World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"], Dalek [+]Loading...["Dalek (TV story)"], Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"]) He was also prone to falling for minor deceptions or overlooking obvious details. (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"], The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"], World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"], Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"]) However, he confessed that he downplayed his intelligence on occasion to lure his opponents into a false sense of security to have then expose their plans to him. (PROSE: The Clockwise Man)

More aloof than other incarnations, the Ninth Doctor failed to consider any discomfort the TARDIS translation circuit would cause, (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"]) and was also willing to temporarily allow the Gelth to occupy dead human bodies, likening it to recycling. (TV: The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"])

The Ninth Doctor did not "do domestic", (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"], Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"], World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"]) which led to tensions between him and Jackie Tyler. (TV: Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"], World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"], Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"], The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"]) He resisted speaking of his past to others, (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"]) and would feel sorrow instead of nostalgia when seeing aspects of his past. (TV: Dalek [+]Loading...["Dalek (TV story)"])

Believing marrying for love to be overrated, (PROSE: Only Human) the Ninth Doctor would turn down explicit romantic advances, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"]) but would be willing to return romantic pursuits if he felt there was chemistry with them. (AUDIO: Fond Farewell) He would also engage in friendly flirting, (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"], Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"]) and openly called Sam Bishop "gorgeous". (AUDIO: Way of the Burryman)

He displayed a certain level of childish joy when it came to toying with people, such as by deliberately addressing them by the wrong name, insulting their intelligence or subjecting them to unnecessary humiliation. (TV: Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"], World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"], The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"]) According to Rose, he liked to insult species as a whole when in moments of stress. (TV: The Doctor Dances [+]Loading...["The Doctor Dances (TV story)"]) He would often make dry jokes to diffuse the tension of a situation. (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"], The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"], The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"], Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"], Bad Wolf [+]Loading...["Bad Wolf (TV story)"], The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"])

The Doctor expressed a keen interest in history, once claiming he travelled in time specifically so he could see history unfold. (TV: Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"]) He was also a fan of Charles Dickens's work, (TV: The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"]) and had a fondness for art as well, taking Rose to see the original Mona Lisa at the Oriel, (COMIC: Art Attack) and considered himself an admirer of geohacking rather than a critic. (COMIC: Hacked) He also found pleasure in playing Mickey's video games, even briefly bonding with him over them, (PROSE: Winner Takes All) and enjoyed immersive reality. (AUDIO: Sphere of Freedom)

He liked "unsurprising" surprises, (PROSE: The Beast of Babylon) with the one thing that kept on surprising him being how disobedient his companions were when we told them to avoid "wandering off". (TV: The Empty Child [+]Loading...["The Empty Child (TV story)"]) He also voiced an affection for hugs, (TV: The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"]) and gave them out to comfort others, (TV: Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"], The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"]) or when in moments of joy. (TV: The Doctor Dances [+]Loading...["The Doctor Dances (TV story)"], Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"], Bad Wolf [+]Loading...["Bad Wolf (TV story)"])

He disliked dealing with people who tried to deny the extra-ordinary and unexplainable, even after they had witnessed it, believing that they only wasted his time with their denial. (TV: The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"], The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"])

He was a vocal fan of bananas, calling them a "good source of potassium". (TV: The Doctor Dances [+]Loading...["The Doctor Dances (TV story)"]) Sharing bacon sandwiches with Rose in a cafe, he voiced an admiration for ketchup that challenged brown sauce as his favourite condiment. (AUDIO: Retail Therapy) He happily accepted turkey while dining with young orphans, (TV: The Empty Child [+]Loading...["The Empty Child (TV story)"]) and ordered steak and chips while dining with Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen for her last meal. (TV: Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"]) He also enjoyed lemon gingerbread. (COMIC: The Lost Dimension)

He liked to have his coffee with just milk, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"]) and took his tea with two sugars. (TV:The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"]) While Rose claimed to her mother that the Doctor drank, he did not enjoy wine, instantly spitting what he had drank back into his glass after a toast. (TV: World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"]) He did, however, enjoy brandy. (PROSE: The Clockwise Man)

While he stood against killing, (AUDIO: Sphere of Freedom) the Ninth Doctor displayed a huge sense of authority against his enemies, willing to let them die when he felt it justified their actions, claiming that everything had its time and that everything eventually ended, (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"], Dalek [+]Loading...["Dalek (TV story)"], Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"]) but was willing to use diplomacy, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"]) though he preferred action to philosophical debates. (TV: The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"]) He showed a particular dislike for those who tried to justify their actions by saying they were only "following orders", telling the female programmer she had "lost the right to even talk to [him]" when she tried to use that excuse. (TV: Bad Wolf [+]Loading...["Bad Wolf (TV story)"])

Because of his pragmatic approach to situations, he would at times brush off individual deaths to focus on the task at hand, and would even encourage others to do the same and mourn later. (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"], The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"], The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"], Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"]) However, while the Doctor showed the ability to move past the deaths of those around him in the heat of the moment, (TV: Dalek [+]Loading...["Dalek (TV story)"], Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"]) he acknowledged the lives lost as soon as he could. (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"], World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"])

While the Ninth Doctor voiced a hatred of guns, (COMIC: Weapons of Past Destruction) he was willing to use of them in drastic situations (TV: Dalek [+]Loading...["Dalek (TV story)"], Bad Wolf [+]Loading...["Bad Wolf (TV story)"]) and as tools. ( COMIC: The Lost Dimension) While he similarly frowned upon violence, he admitted that he found fantasy violence in the form of video games somewhat therapeutic. (PROSE: Winner Takes All)

Always aiming to see the innocence in those deemed hostile, (AUDIO: Sphere of Freedom) the Doctor was morally outraged when the genetically modified was killed for looking threatening, when in reality it was only acting out of fright, and comforted it in its dying moments by stroking its snout. (TV: Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"]) He likewise became morally outraged when he learnt that victims of the Empty Child plague had been left to be forgotten. (TV: The Empty Child [+]Loading...["The Empty Child (TV story)"])

While the Doctor never shied away from the dangers of his adventures, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"], The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"], The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"], World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"], The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"]) he voiced an admiration for the mundane lives of Sarah Clark and Stuart Hoskins, and was shocked when they suggested they weren't important. (TV: Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"])

The Ninth Doctor was not keen to encounter his other selves, (PROSE: A Day to Yourselves) being apprehensive to speak to Dr. Constantine when he was lead to believe he was another of his incarnations. (TV: The Empty Child [+]Loading...["The Empty Child (TV story)"]) Upon receiving a message from the Fourth Doctor, the Ninth Doctor bemoaned the occasion, reaffirming the Fourth Doctor's dislike of "talking to [him]self". (COMIC: The Lost Dimension) He compared a Multi-Doctor Event to ChuckleVision. (WC: Doctors Assemble!)

When forced to reflect on his memories of the Last Great Time War, and his war incarnation, the Doctor reacted in agony, showing a great dislike of his immediate predecessor, as well as his eighth incarnation, (COMIC: Weapons of Past Destruction) though he reflected on how innocent the Eighth Doctor was before the Time War. (COMIC: The Forgotten) He was especially angry with the War Doctor for leaving him to "clean up the mess" left by the Time War. (PROSE: A Day to Yourselves)

A Matrix projection of him referred to the Tenth Doctor as "fantastic". (COMIC: The Forgotten) Upon meeting his tenth and twelfth incarnations, the three were able to work together amicably, though he claimed he did not trust either of them to rescue Jack and Tara from the Void. (COMIC: The Lost Dimension)

The Tenth Doctor held a somewhat low opinion of the Ninth Doctor, thinking him to have been "full of blood and anger and revenge" due to being "born in battle". (TV: Journey's End [+]Loading...["Journey's End (TV story)"]) The Eleventh Doctor seemingly harboured no such ill feelings, cheerfully delivering a message to the Ninth Doctor and signing off with a jovial, "Cheers, Ears", before apologising for the joke with concern. (AUDIO: Night of the Whisper) The Twelfth Doctor would later claim that his ninth incarnation was so "fantastic" that there was no possible timeline that even the continuity bomb could find where he was anything but so, a sentiment shared by the tenth and eleventh incarnations. (COMIC: Four Doctors, The Promise)

The Doctor cared very deeply about Rose Tyler, being reluctant to put her in danger, (TV: The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"], World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"], The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"]) and was even willing to let a Dalek loose on Earth to keep her safe. (TV: Dalek [+]Loading...["Dalek (TV story)"]) When the Daleks invaded Satellite Five, the Doctor sent her back home to protect her, and deliberately absorbed the Time Vortex energy in her to save her life, knowing that he would regenerate afterwards. (TV: The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"]) While others would mistake them for lovers, (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"], Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"], Dalek [+]Loading...["Dalek (TV story)"], Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"]) the Doctor himself denied such a claim when it was made by Ali. (PROSE: The Beast of Babylon)

During his limited travels with Adam Mitchell, the Doctor admitted to him that he was a "tiny bit fantastic" after he helped the Doctor defeat the Bygone Horde, (AUDIO: The Other Side) and accepted him as a true companion when he sacrificed his life to defeat the Tremas Master's plan to end the universe, (COMIC: Endgame) despite previously kicking him out of the TARDIS for attempting to send information from 200000 to his 2012 answering machine. (TV: The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"]) He was initially being dismissive of Jack Harkness for being a con man and indirectly causing the Empty Child plague, but chose to save him from the bomb he had taken onto his ship and invited Jack along as a companion due to his noble action. (TV: The Doctor Dances [+]Loading...["The Doctor Dances (TV story)"])

The Doctor though that his TARDIS was a "magnificent time ship", (TV: Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"]) even calling it the "best ship in the universe." (TV: Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"])

While he initially believed him to be no more than Rose's "stupid boyfriend", and claimed that he was "choking on [his] words" asking for his help, the Doctor nonetheless entrusted Mickey Smith with a computer virus to delete all mentions of him from the internet, even inviting him along in the TARDIS after his help in defeating the Slitheen family, and defended his honour in front of Rose by claiming he was refusing Mickey entry after he turned down the offer. (TV: World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"]) While he stilled enjoyed teasing him, the Doctor came to enjoy Mickey's company in Cardiff, even offering to wait for Rose to say goodbye to him before they left. (TV: Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"])

When it came to children, the Ninth Doctor generally treated them kindly. (TV: The Empty Child [+]Loading...["The Empty Child (TV story)"]) When Blon reverted back into an egg, rather than send her to execution, the Doctor desired to give her to a new family to start a new life, believing the new child had a chance to make things better. (TV: Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"]) He also cared for a baby Rose Tyler, taking surprise that Jackie deemed him the best man to be trusted with her care. (TV: Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"]) However, he could grow irritated with children who misbehaved, (TV: World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"]) and once had to wrestle a television remote control out of a little boy's hand, though the boy at least had a laugh about it. (TV: Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"])

The Ninth Doctor held a deep hatred for the Daleks, but was also fearful of them. When he realised that Henry van Statten's prized Metaltron was a Dalek, and that its weaponry was powerless, the Doctor proceeded to try and kill it after via torture, and even tried to convince it to kill itself when it demanded orders. However, after Rose came to its defence, the Doctor calmed down, with his anger turning into apathy as he realised the Dalek was dying of its own mutation. (TV: Dalek [+]Loading...["Dalek (TV story)"]) Upon learning the Daleks had survived by hiding away in the year 200100, the Doctor noted his desire to "burn every last stinking Dalek out of the sky". (TV: Bad Wolf [+]Loading...["Bad Wolf (TV story)"]) However, when dared by the Dalek Emperor, the Doctor struggled with the decision to either destroy the Daleks and the Earth with a delta wave or simply allow the Daleks to kill him and take over the universe. In the end, the Doctor couldn't bring himself to pull the trigger, happily calling himself a "coward" instead of a "killer". (TV: The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"])

Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart noted that the Ninth Doctor had a military mind set to him, (COMIC: Official Secrets) with Adam Mitchell identifying the Ninth Doctor as the "soldier" in comparison to his other incarnations. (COMIC: Unnatural Selection) Rose believed he had a "worry etched on his face" that hid his true feelings, (PROSE: He's Behind You) while Audrey Mohinson recognised his apathy "mask[ed] the troubled soul just beneath the surface". (AUDIO: Cataclysm)

When talking about the possibility of his death, the Doctor would show no concern for his demise, only hoping for a good death, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"], The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"]) with his only concern when faced with being killed by the Gelth was that it was to happen in a Cardiff morgue. (TV: The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"])

After the regeneration process was started by the cellular damage he had achieved from siphoning the Time Vortex out of Rose's body, the Doctor first stated his regret at being unable to take her to the planet Barcelona, and then speculated what he would look like after he regenerated. In the closing moments of his life, though, the Doctor made peace with his past actions, smiling peacefully before he regenerated. (TV: The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"])

Habits and quirks[[edit]]

The Ninth Doctor spoke with a distinctive Northern English accent, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"], World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"]) and had a fondness for saying "fantastic" when he was pleased with something, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"], Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"], Dalek [+]Loading...["Dalek (TV story)"], Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"], The Doctor Dances [+]Loading...["The Doctor Dances (TV story)"]) came across a dangerous situation, (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"]) explaining his admiration for someone, (TV: The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"], The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"]) describing a favoured place, (TV: The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"], The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"]) found something of interest, (TV: Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"]) or was sarcastically expressing displeasure. (AUDIO: Night of the Whisper)

He would at times promote his actions with the phrase, "and for my next trick", (TV: The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"], The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (TV story)"]; COMIC: Sin-Eaters) and exclaim, "give the man a medal", when celebrating a positive outcome, (TV: The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"]) or congratulating cleverness. (TV: The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"]) During interactions with new people, the Doctor often uttered that it was "nice to meet [them]". (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"], The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"], World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"], The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"], Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"])

He also used Cockney slang and street lingo more freely than his earlier selves, such as telling Rose to "leg it" when instructing her to escape, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"]) yelling "oi" to get people's attention or when offended, (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"], The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"], Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"], The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"], Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"]) calling other men "mate", (TV: The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"], The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"]) and saying, "I'll have 'ya", to those who irritated him. (TV: World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"]) He often gave speeches about things, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"], The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"], The Empty Child [+]Loading...["The Empty Child (TV story)"]) or lectured those he wished to scold. (TV: Dalek [+]Loading...["Dalek (TV story)"], The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"], Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"], The Doctor Dances [+]Loading...["The Doctor Dances (TV story)"])

While his previous incarnations were rarely heard uttering curse words, the Ninth Doctor used minor curses more freely, (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"], World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"], Dalek [+]Loading...["Dalek (TV story)"], The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"], The Empty Child [+]Loading...["The Empty Child (TV story)"], Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"]) though his TARDIS had a swear filter nested in the translation circuit. (PROSE: Only Human) When being critical of human nature, the Ninth Doctor would call humans "stupid apes", (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"], Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"]) and, on one occasion, "brainless sheep". (TV: Bad Wolf [+]Loading...["Bad Wolf (TV story)"])

The Ninth Doctor had a habit of folding his arms, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"], The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"], The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"], Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"], World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"], The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"], The Empty Child [+]Loading...["The Empty Child (TV story)"], The Doctor Dances [+]Loading...["The Doctor Dances (TV story)"], Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"], Bad Wolf [+]Loading...["Bad Wolf (TV story)"]) especially as he leaned back on his shoulder. (TV: The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"], Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"], The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"], Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"], The Empty Child [+]Loading...["The Empty Child (TV story)"], Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"])

He would also keep his hands in his jacket pockets, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"], The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"], The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"], Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"], World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"], Dalek [+]Loading...["Dalek (TV story)"], The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"], Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"], Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"], The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"]) or held behind his back. (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"], The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"], Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"], World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"], The Doctor Dances [+]Loading...["The Doctor Dances (TV story)"], Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"], The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"])

He would also grin when pleased with something, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"], The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"], The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"], Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"], World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"], The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"], Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"], Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"], Bad Wolf [+]Loading...["Bad Wolf (TV story)"], The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"]) found something funny, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"], The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"], The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"], Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"], Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"], The Empty Child [+]Loading...["The Empty Child (TV story)"], The Doctor Dances [+]Loading...["The Doctor Dances (TV story)"], Bad Wolf [+]Loading...["Bad Wolf (TV story)"]) trying to look welcoming, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"], Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"], Dalek [+]Loading...["Dalek (TV story)"], The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"], The Empty Child [+]Loading...["The Empty Child (TV story)"], Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"]) explaining a situation, (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"]) admiring someone, (TV: The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"], World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"], Bad Wolf [+]Loading...["Bad Wolf (TV story)"]) when admitting to an embarrassing mistake on his part, (TV: Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"]) when pretending to be nice, (TV: Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"], The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"], The Doctor Dances [+]Loading...["The Doctor Dances (TV story)"], The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"]) taunting his enemies. (TV: World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"], Dalek [+]Loading...["Dalek (TV story)"], Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"], Bad Wolf [+]Loading...["Bad Wolf (TV story)"], The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"]) or trying to be reassuring. (TV: The Doctor Dances [+]Loading...["The Doctor Dances (TV story)"], Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"], The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"])

He would roll his eyes when annoyed. (TV: Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"], Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"], Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"], Bad Wolf [+]Loading...["Bad Wolf (TV story)"]) and also made a habit of lounging when sitting down, usually propping himself up on an arm. (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"], Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"], The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"], Bad Wolf [+]Loading...["Bad Wolf (TV story)"]) When in his TARDIS with nothing to do, the Doctor would fiddle with a ball in his hands. (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"], Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"])

While he was rarely seen eating, (PROSE: Winner Takes All) the Doctor helped himself to two slices of turkey, (TV: The Empty Child [+]Loading...["The Empty Child (TV story)"]) ate three sandwiches and two cakes with two cups of tea, (PROSE: Winner Takes All) happily gobbled down multiple bacon sandwiches, (AUDIO: Retail Therapy) and helped himself to a huge slice of lemon cake. (COMIC: The Lost Dimension)

Like his other incarnations, the Doctor had his TARDIS key with him at all times, but also carried a spare placed on a chain with a D-shackle. (TV: Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"]) He also began habitually carrying his psychic paper around. (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"]) The Ninth Doctor otherwise broke away from the behaviour of his other incarnations, whose pockets were usually filled with seemingly random objects and knick-knacks, by carrying very little on his person, with only his sonic screwdriver on him when frisked by security. (TV: Bad Wolf [+]Loading...["Bad Wolf (TV story)"])


The Ninth Doctor held a commanding presence, and had a gift for leading others, (TV: Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"], The Doctor Dances [+]Loading...["The Doctor Dances (TV story)"], The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"]) even those initially hostile towards him. (TV: Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"], Bad Wolf [+]Loading...["Bad Wolf (TV story)"]) As such, he disliked it when he was interrupted while explaining the situation at hand, (TV: Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"]) or when someone else gave out instructions on how to apprehend the enemy. (TV: Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"]) He could also convince others he was needed as a leader for the benefit of survival, (TV: Dalek [+]Loading...["Dalek (TV story)"]) and was able to successfully order the victims of the Empty Child plague to "go to [their] room" as if he were an angry parent. (TV: The Doctor Dances [+]Loading...["The Doctor Dances (TV story)"]) He could also be effectively intimidating with just a stare. (TV: World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"], The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"], Bad Wolf [+]Loading...["Bad Wolf (TV story)"]) However, he did not seem as skilled at holding audiences, being heckled while stepping in for William Shakespeare on stage, (COMIC: A Groatsworth of Wit) and being treated as a comedy act in a makeshift cabaret when attempting to ask about a Chula ambulance falling from the sky during the Blitz. However, he could amuse and hold the attention of a group of children, (TV: The Empty Child [+]Loading...["The Empty Child (TV story)"]) and took a bow to roaring applause when he appeared on stage in the middle of a theatrical production in 1894 Birmingham. (AUDIO: The Other Side)

Unafraid of fighting, (TV: The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"]) the Ninth Doctor was skilled in close combat, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"], Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"], Bad Wolf [+]Loading...["Bad Wolf (TV story)"]) and showed a great deal of strength and agility, being able rip parts off of artificial beings, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"], The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"]) and kick open a locked door. (TV: The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"]) However, he struggled to break free from an Auton's grip, only flipping it off with Rose's help, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"]) and was restrained by two of the Editor's reanimated workers. (TV: The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"]) He also possessed keen reflexes, catching a poisoned dart-like projectile in mid-air with his fingers without even looking up from his menu when he took Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen out for a last meal, and repelled her exhaled poison with some mouthwash before she could exhale the full force of her fatal breath. (TV: Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"]) He also avoided the attack of three Elians, (PROSE: The Red Bicycle) easily manoeuvred through the chaos of Traxis, (COMIC: Weapons of Past Destruction) and grabbed onto the underside of a passing spaceship that his imposter was flying. (COMIC: Doctormania)

Despite being bad at card tricks, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"]) the Doctor was a good pickpocket, being able to swap Jack's sonic blaster with a banana undetected. (TV: The Doctor Dances [+]Loading...["The Doctor Dances (TV story)"]) He was also quite stealthy, able to disappear from Albion Hospital without a trace, (TV: Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"]) and arrive at a dinner table without anyone noticing him until he spoke. (TV: The Empty Child [+]Loading...["The Empty Child (TV story)"]) Despite some initial confusion, the Doctor proved to be a skilled dancer. (TV: The Doctor Dances [+]Loading...["The Doctor Dances (TV story)"])

He also displayed psychic abilities, telepathically placing Rose in a dreamscape of the Powell Estate from his memories before stealing energy from Makassar's gestalt to create a projection with physical substance, (PROSE: The Masks of Makassar) and confronting the entity using him as a host body within his mind before projecting his consciousness into the TARDIS to act as his vessel. (COMIC: The Cruel Sea) He also managed to project his consciousness into Tycho's body and reverse his influence on the people drained by Glubby Glubs, inducing them to forget the incident, and return to his body as Tycho's withered. (AUDIO: Retail Therapy)

Claiming to have "[come] first in jiggery pokery", (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"]) the Doctor was capable of reversing a teleportation feed, (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"], Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"]) and had the technical skills to make Satellite Five into a delta wave generator in a few hours after initially predicting it would take at least three days to do so. (TV: The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"])

Professing that he "[had] [his] moments", the Ninth Doctor proved a skilled physician, notably being able to accurately diagnose that the patients at the Albion Hospital had all suffered the same physical injuries. (TV: The Empty Child [+]Loading...["The Empty Child (TV story)"]) He also understood nanogenes and how they could heal any physical injuries, and even revive the dead, so long as they had been previously exposed to the patient's species. (TV: The Doctor Dances [+]Loading...["The Doctor Dances (TV story)"])

The Doctor could recognise substances such as ozone from smell alone, associating it with the "distinctive tingle" of teleportation, as well as tell it apart from chronon energy, (PROSE: Winner Takes All, The Red Bicycle; COMIC: The Bidding War) was able to tell that the Lend-a-Hand girls didn't "smell human", (COMIC: The Love Invasion) and was able to track down Nancy without her detection, jokingly claiming his nose had "special powers". (TV: The Empty Child [+]Loading...["The Empty Child (TV story)"]) While he did not enjoy wine, (TV: World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"]) he could identify its year and place of origin by taste alone. (PROSE: The Clockwise Man)

The Ninth Doctor displayed refined control of his TARDIS, managing to accurately pilot it back to where had bid farewell to Rose after he defeated the Starman (PROSE: The Beast of Babylon) so that he arrived only seconds after he left from her perspective, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"]) take Rose to see her mother and father marry and returned her to the moment her father died twice with no issues, (TV: Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"]) and even piloted it around Rose and a Dalek when coming to save her. (TV: The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"]) He was also successful at riding a motorbike, quickly took command of a horse drawn carriage, (COMIC: The Love Invasion) and rode a dinosaur on Clix. (COMIC: Doctormania)

The Doctor boasted that he could speak all the "five billion languages in [his] head", (TV: The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"]) such as Latin. (AUDIO: Sphere of Freedom)

Being a Time Lord, the Ninth Doctor could slow down his perception of time through sheer concentration, being able to pass through a spinning blade as a result. (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"]) He also had no difficulty breathing in a room filling with gas after it became uninhabitable to humans, (TV: The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"]) and could withstand electrical forces that were harmful to other species. (TV: World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"]) He also showed the ability to read through a book in seconds, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"]) and suck the power of the Time Vortex out of Rose Tyler with a kiss. (TV: The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"])

Intellectually, the Doctor was capable of making accurate deductions on how his adversaries utilised their technology, (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"]) and could identify certain technology on sight. (TV: Dalek [+]Loading...["Dalek (TV story)"]) He was also capable of mentally narrowing down a list of five thousand planets within a matter of seconds by focusing on the characteristics of the Slitheen family. (TV: World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"]) He could judge character quickly, summing up their motivations and history after keenly observing them. (TV: The Empty Child [+]Loading...["The Empty Child (TV story)"])

He was also skilled at video games, (PROSE: Winner Takes All) knew how to handle explosives, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"], The Doctor Dances [+]Loading...["The Doctor Dances (TV story)"]) and could be a capable swordsman when the situation called for it. (PROSE: What I Did on My Christmas Holidays by Sally Sparrow)

The Ninth Doctor possessed certain control over regeneration, being able to hold back the process long enough to carry Rose into the TARDIS and pilot them both away from Satellite Five. The action proved strenuous though, causing him to cry out in pain after resisting it for too long. (TV: The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"])


The Doctor asks Lynda Moss to join him. (TV: Bad Wolf [+]Loading...["Bad Wolf (TV story)"])

Standing over six feet tall, (PROSE: Winner Takes All) the Ninth Doctor looked like a man in his early forties, (TV: Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"]) and had pale blue eyes, strong cheekbones, a small beauty mark on his right cheek, and dark brown hair, which he wore close-cropped. (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"]) At times, he sported a five o'clock shadow, (TV: Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"], Dalek [+]Loading...["Dalek (TV story)"], Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"], Bad Wolf [+]Loading...["Bad Wolf (TV story)"]) and Rose Tyler claimed that he shaved. (TV: The Doctor Dances [+]Loading...["The Doctor Dances (TV story)"]) Whilst immobilised on Occasus for ninety years, the Doctor's hair grew out and he also grew a beard, which he distastefully noted made him look like a wizard. (AUDIO: Planet of the End)

He had large ears, which he was initially shocked at when looking at his reflection, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"]) and that he felt did not suit him, but determined that "we work with what we have." (COMIC: The Promise) Their size earned him the nickname "Big Ears" from Mickey Smith, (TV: Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"]) and being identified as the "me with the ears" by the Tenth Doctor. (COMIC: The Lost Dimension) The Eleventh Doctor playfully teased him about his ears, (AUDIO: Night of the Whisper) and their size was noted by River Song as well. (GAME: The Eternity Clock) Ironically, before his regeneration, his previous incarnation hoped that his successor's ears would be less conspicuous. (TV: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (TV story)"])

When the Doctor told Nancy that his ears had "special powers", she asked him if his nose had powers too, implying that she thought his nose was large as well. (TV: The Empty Child [+]Loading...["The Empty Child (TV story)"]) The Tenth Doctor also considered his predecessor's nose large, even nicknaming him "Big Nose". (COMIC: Four Doctors)

The Doctor felt that his appearance made him look tough, especially when compared to his eighth incarnation. (PROSE: The Red Bicycle) He also believed himself to be handsome, telling Rose he was "making an effort not to be insulted" when she rhetorically asked why all the "great looking" men disappear from her, (TV: The Doctor Dances [+]Loading...["The Doctor Dances (TV story)"]) and being fixated on Mickey Smith implying he didn't find him handsome. (TV: Boom Town [+]Loading...["Boom Town (TV story)"])

He was also considered attractive by the likes of Jackie Tyler, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"]) Jabe, (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"]) and Shirley Gilbert, who described him as "[a] bit of a dish if you like them rough", and his eyes as "dreamy". (COMIC: The Love Invasion) Slist Fayflut Marteveerthon Slitheen was awarded Cosmopolitan's "Sexiest Planetary Saviour" nine years in a row while using a skin suit based off the Ninth Doctor's appearance. (COMIC: Doctormania)

Rose Tyler's first impression of the Doctor was that he looked "hard as nails" due to his "brutal" buzzcut, weathered clothing and apparent fitness." When he turned to face her, Rose noted the delight in his eyes, as well as the Doctor's prominent cheekbones, and his "splendid ears" most of all. Even after the two parted company, as Rose processed the encounter, she thought mostly of the Doctor's bright blue eyes, beaming with excitement. (PROSE: Rose)

Winston Churchill described the Ninth Doctor as a "rough looking fellow, with wing-nut ears and a leather jacket." (PROSE: The Lost Diaries of Winston Spencer Churchill)

When the Eighth Doctor looked into the Tomorrow Windows, he had glimpses of various possible futures, including several possible ninth incarnations, but eventually "the tall, thin man with [the] piercing grey-blue eyes and a prominent nose" asserted itself as more solid than the others. (PROSE: The Tomorrow Windows)


Main attires[[edit]]

Picking the first outfit he could find after his regeneration, (PROSE: A Day to Yourselves) the Ninth Doctor opted for a more stripped-down and rugged attire. The main staple of his outfit was a battered black double breasted leather peacoat, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"]) which was compared to those worn by German U-boat captains by Jack Harkness. (TV: The Empty Child [+]Loading...["The Empty Child (TV story)"]) Some accounts suggested he also had a leather jacket that was dark brown in colour. (COMIC: Mr Nobody, The Cruel Sea; PROSE: The Clockwise Man, Rose) The Doctor was particularly fond of his jacket, even being more concerned with locating it when both the jacket and the TARDIS went missing, only cheering up once it was returned. After the stitching under the arms began to rip and a sleeve was damaged by a shard of glass, the Doctor left his jacket with Edward Repple and replaced it with an identical one. (PROSE: The Clockwise Man)

Along with the jacket, the Ninth Doctor wore a number of v-neck jumpers, coloured in alabaster, (COMIC: The Promise) bottle green, (AUDIO: Food Fight) army green, (AUDIO: The Curse of Lady Macbeth) indigo, (AUDIO: Last of the Zetacene) bronze brown, (AUDIO: The Beautiful Game) plain maroon, (TV: Rose) navy blue, (TV: The Unquiet Dead) olive green, (TV: Dalek) eggplant purple, (TV: The Empty Child) bright lilac, (COMIC: Weapons of Past Destruction) emerald green, (COMIC: Doctormania) gunmetal grey, (COMIC: Official Secrets) sapphire blue, (COMIC: Monstrous Beauty) rust orange, (PROSE: The Guide to the Dark Times) and raven black. (TV: Bad Wolf) However, he was photographed wearing a navy blue polo-neck jumper at the Assassination of John F. Kennedy; (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"]) and he also wore a sage green crewneck sweater in 1923 Paris, (COMIC: Four Doctors) and a midnight blue turtleneck jumper during a trip to the Arctic. (AUDIO: Northern Lights)

Completing the ensemble were a pair of trousers, coloured in either black, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"]) grey (COMIC: Weapons of Past Destruction) or midnight blue, (COMIC: Doctormania) along with a black leather belt, (TV: Dalek [+]Loading...["Dalek (TV story)"]) a pair of black leather Doc Marten boots, (PROSE: The Red Bicycle) and a black, strapped wristwatch, (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"]) which he often looked at to find out dates and years, (TV: The End of the World [+]Loading...["The End of the World (TV story)"], Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"], The Long Game [+]Loading...["The Long Game (TV story)"], The Empty Child [+]Loading...["The Empty Child (TV story)"]) and that the TARDIS was able to home in on while flown by Sally Sparrow. (PROSE: What I Did on My Christmas Holidays by Sally Sparrow) He also wore diamond-print socks. (PROSE: Winner Takes All)

Both Charles Dickens and Honoré Lechasseur compared the Ninth Doctor to a navvy. (TV: The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"]; PROSE: The Albino's Dancer) Jackie Tyler was particularly critical of his stripped down clothing style, believing he either owned only one T-shirt or threw them out after wearing them once. (AUDIO: Retail Therapy) The Doctor once suggested that he bought his clothes from a Gap in Croydon. (PROSE: Only Human)

Other costumes[[edit]]

Whilst at the launch of the RMS Titanic in 1912, the Doctor wore a burgundy brocade cravat with an ivory shirt and double-breasted frock coat of ebony black moleskin. (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"], PROSE: Have You Seen This Man?)

When hijacking the 68 to Bolton, the Doctor wore a bus driver uniform. (PROSE: Have You Seen This Man?)

While in 1924 London, the Doctor wore a dark brown round neck shirt under his jacket, with a pair of faded slacks, and battered shoes. (PROSE: The Clockwise Man)

During an adventure in World War I, the Doctor wore a military trenchcoat to fit in with the British soldiers. (COMIC: The Forgotten)

The Doctor and Jack briefly donned skin suits of Raxacoricofallapatorians when searching for Rose and Slist Fayflut Marteveerthon Slitheen on Clix. (COMIC: Doctormania) During his imprisonment at Hesguard Institute, the Doctor wore an orange prison jumpsuit. (COMIC: Sin-Eaters)

Behind the scenes[[edit]]


Originally, Russell T Davies approached Hugh Grant, who previously played the Doctor's alternate twelfth incarnation in the story The Curse of Fatal Death, to play the Ninth Doctor. He turned down the role, thinking the show would not take off. He expressed deep regret over this in 2007 after seeing how successful the show had become.[1]


  • The Ninth Doctor is unique in being the only Doctor to not be seen immediately after his regeneration. The Day of the Doctor shows the beginning of the transformation from the War Doctor to the Ninth, but is cut off before the full results are shown.
  • The Ninth Doctor is also the only incarnation so far whose incoming and outgoing regenerations were broadcast in reverse order. The War Doctor's regeneration into the Ninth was not shown on screen until The Day of the Doctor, eight years after the Ninth Doctor's regeneration into the Tenth in The Parting of the Ways. This does not include the Third Doctor who, to date, has only had his outgoing regeneration broadcast on television, with his incoming regeneration only being depicted in comic strip form in The Night Walkers.
  • The Ninth Doctor is also the only incarnation of the BBC Wales era of the show whose outgoing regeneration occurred in the final episode of a standard series rather than a special.

Other matters[[edit]]

Doctor Who meets Casanova.
  • A standalone panel by comic artist Lee Sullivan shows Casanova, as played by David Tennant in the 2005 BBC miniseries, meeting the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler amidst an invasion of Venice's St Mark's Square by bronze Daleks.[2]
  • In the online game The Last Dalek, which presents an alternate version of the events of Dalek, the Doctor has an entry in the Dalek's memory files. He is described as; "Male subject. Age unknown. Time Lord. Archenemy of the Daleks! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!"
  • With only one season, the Ninth Doctor's television run is the third shortest, behind that of the Eighth Doctor's two appearances in the 1996 made-for-television movie Doctor Who and the mini-episode; The Night of the Doctor, as well as the War Doctor's two appearances in the television episode The Name of the Doctor and the fiftieth anniversary special The Day of the Doctor.
  • The Ninth Doctor is only one of two incarnations to date to have the same companion throughout all his television appearances (Rose Tyler); he shares this distinction with the Eighth Doctor, who had only one companion - Grace Holloway - in the 1996 movie Doctor Who (discounting his reappearance in TV: The Night of the Doctor, where he travelled alone and mentioned companions that had not been seen on screen, but in the Big Finish Doctor Who audio stories). In spin-off fiction, it's established that the Ninth Doctor had several adventures before meeting Rose, as well as having travelled alone before coming back for her, but it is ambiguous as to whether or not he took on companions during those periods.
  • With the total sum of TV, novels, comics and other media, the Ninth Doctor stands out as having the shortest era of any non-current Doctor.
  • The Ninth Doctor is one of four incarnations whose main attire does not include any form of neckwear, alongside the Fifth, Twelfth, and Thirteenth Doctors. The Ninth is also the first Doctor whose main attire excludes collared shirts as well, opting instead for long sleeve V-neck jumpers exclusively.
  • The Ninth Doctor was the first never to face another Time Lord as an opponent on screen. As of 2013, the only other incarnation to share this distinction is the Eleventh Doctor, unless the Dream Lord or Mr Clever are technically considered to be Time Lords, each being an amalgam of the Doctor; or Melody Pond, who had Time Lord traits and served as the antagonist in Let's Kill Hitler, is counted. However, both face off against the Tremas Master in Endgame, meaning every incarnation has had a Time Lord opponent in some form of media.
  • In 2020, when asked which part of the Ninth Doctor's life was witnessed by the Eighth Doctor in the Tomorrow Windows in The Tomorrow Windows, Jonathan Morris answered that it was a snapshot from "a story which [he] hasn't written yet".[3]
  • The Ninth Doctor's era, due to its short length, stands as the first incarnation's era to be completely released to DVD in Australia, North America and the UK. The single film that made up the eighth incarnation's era was not available in North America and Australia at the point when Series One was released.
  • As of 2015, the Ninth Doctor is the only incarnation who has yet to be seen on Gallifrey in any chronicled adventure. Every incarnation before him has visited Gallifrey multiple times, the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors find themselves there in The Day of the Doctor, and the Twelfth Doctor finally made his way back to his home planet in Heaven Sent. The Tenth Doctor's comment in Journey's End of his predecessor being "born in battle", however, suggests that this incarnation has false memories of being present on Gallifrey (due to suppressing the memories of being the War Doctor), and he is alongside his other incarnations in The Day of the Doctor to save Gallifrey, confirming he's at least been in the planet's orbit.
    • The novelisation of The Day of the Doctor states that "all thirteen" incarnations of the Doctor to date (and several future ones) help save people from natural disasters on Gallifrey, making this the first (and currently only) instance of the Ninth Doctor on Gallifrey.
  • The original plan for The Day of the Doctor was for the Ninth Doctor to be the one who fought in the Time War, as hinted throughout his era. However, Steven Moffat admitted that he had difficulty with this since the Ninth Doctor is clearly "a new man" at the beginning of his adventures with Rose. (He makes several comments about his physical appearance upon looking in a mirror, indicating that he has recently regenerated and not yet gotten used to his appearance.) Though Christopher Eccleston enjoyed his time as the Ninth Doctor, he declined a part in the 50th-anniversary special. When Eccleston turned down the offer to return, as Moffat thought that he would, the character of the War Doctor was created to take his place. Moffat later explained Eccleston's reasons for passing on the reprisal in an interview:

I sort of knew that he wouldn't. I know Chris a bit. I did a couple of meetings, and there was a moment, I suppose, a giddy moment where [I thought] 'Would he actually do it?' This wasn't the kind of decision he took in a funk or that he was cross. He was very measured, very kind, very gentlemanly about it. He's a good bloke. If you look at Chris's career, this is not what he does. The Ninth Doctor turns up for the battle and not the party.Steven Moffat [src]

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