A New Beginning (comic story)

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A New Beginning was the first story of the regular run of Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor comic story series, published in 2018-19.

The story marked the first comic story appearances of the Thirteenth Doctor's companions Yasmin Khan, Ryan Sinclair, and Graham O'Brien, predating their first appearance in Doctor Who Magazine's strips by just one day.

Spiritually, the story picked up from where The Road To... left off, depicting the Doctor finally investigating the mysterious portal that had appeared to her in her three immediate previous incarnations.


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  • Yaz uses her occupation as a police officer to pass herself off as an "authority" in front of the Grand Army.
  • The Doctor wonders if the Grand Army are fighting for or against the Judge.
  • The Doctor holds a mug that says "Universe's #1 Dad".
  • The Doctor claims that Dickens would have loved the idea of "swooping up first-time time travellers and pressing them into service as thieves".





Food and beverages[[edit]]

  • The Doctor, Team TARDIS, and Perkins drink tea.


Original print details[[edit]]

13D 1[[edit]]

  • Previously…
When the Doctor fell out of the Sheffield sky and into the lives of Graham, Yasmin, and Ryan, they had little idea how much their worlds would change! Now the Doctor and her friends travel through space and time, righting wrongs, facing terrible danger, and witnessing magnificent wonders!
  • Next time!
An alien army! The truth behind the sabotaged vortex manipulator! Time travelling crooks! A fiendish mastermind! All this and more - in the next issue of DOCTOR WHO!

13D 2[[edit]]

  • Previously…
The Doctor has truly changed the lives of Graham, Yasmin, and Ryan, but their adventures have just begun… Chasing a mysterious temporal portal, the team discovered a man, trapped in a time loop! But in order to help him, the friends must first escape the clutches of the Army of the Just!
  • Next time!
Perkins is trying to steal the TARDIS! But to what end? And what does his partner have to do with all of this? All this and more - in the next issue of DOCTOR WHO!

13D 3[[edit]]

  • Previously…
The bumpy ride for the Doctor, Graham, Yasmin, and Ryan isn't over yet… and now Perkins wants to steal the TARDIS! But the Doctor feels there is more to this mysterious time wanderer than meats the eye - can she get through to him before he does something terrible?
  • Next time!
The walls are literally closing in as the Doctor and her friends battle to save Schulz from the Hoarder… but will they arrive in time? All will be revealed in the next —- DOCTOR WHO!

13D 4[[edit]]

  • Previously…
The Doctor, Graham, Yasmin, and Ryan are in search of Dr. Schulz who The Hoarder injected with some unknown substance in order to make her do his bidding. With the revelation that The Hoarder has also made prisoners of children, the gang have their work cut out to save everyone and stop him. But first there's the small matter of the deep dark hole in which they've found themselves…
  • Next time!
The Doctor and the gang arrive in Slovakia in the 1600s. For once, the team know more about what's going on than the Doctor does. Join the fam for the start of an all new story in the next issue of DOCTOR WHO.