A levels

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A levels

A levels (PROSE: The Church on Ruby Road [+]Loading...["The Church on Ruby Road (novelisation)"] also styled A-Levels, (PROSE: Have You Seen This Man? [+]Loading...{"writer":"Unknown","1":"Have You Seen This Man? (short story)"}) were a type of exam.


Jo Grant took, and failed, her general science A Level. (TV: Terror of the Autons [+]Loading...["Terror of the Autons (TV story)"])

Melanie Bush had left school with five A Levels. (PROSE: Business Unusual [+]Loading...["Business Unusual (novel)"])

Ace was studying for her chemistry A Level when she was suspended for blowing up the art room. (TV: Dragonfire [+]Loading...["Dragonfire (TV story)"])

Rose Tyler never sat her A Levels, having left school because of Jimmy Stone. On 5 March 2005, after she lost her job at Henrik's, she considered doing her A Levels. (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"])

Also in March 2005, Jenn decided to skip her ICT A-Level exam in a panic, but the Ninth Doctor attempted to convince her to do them as otherwise world would be doomed. She sat them, not because she believed the Doctor but as she wanted to get away from him. (PROSE: Have You Seen This Man? [+]Loading...{"writer":"Unknown","1":"Have You Seen This Man? (short story)"})

Luke Smith sat his early and got accepted into Oxford University. (TV: The Nightmare Man [+]Loading...["The Nightmare Man (TV story)"])

In 2012, as the Ninth Doctor searched through a stockpile of weapons in Adam Mitchell's workshop in the Vault, Adam told him he had assembled them to fight his way out should Henry van Statten decide to dispose of him. The Doctor joked about the prospect of Adam in a fight, asking, "What're you gonna do, throw your A-Levels at 'em?" (TV: Dalek [+]Loading...["Dalek (TV story)"])

Laura Brown was studying for A Levels when she disappeared. (PROSE: The Way Through the Woods [+]Loading...["The Way Through the Woods (novel)"])

Rhiannon babysat Anwen Williams for Gwen Cooper and Rhys Williams the night before she took her A levels in Theatre Studies. (AUDIO: We Always Get Out Alive [+]Loading...["We Always Get Out Alive (audio story)"])

Ruby Sunday's A levels were adversely affected by her move from Manchester to London. (TV: The Church on Ruby Road [+]Loading...["The Church on Ruby Road (TV story)"])