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BBC One — styled BBC1 and BBC-1 until 1997 — is a British television channel launched on 2 November 1936. It has been considered the "main" BBC terrestrial television channel in the United Kingdom since it was created by the devolution of BBC tv into BBC1 and BBC2.

Since the 25 April 1964 premiere of "The Screaming Jungle", it has been the network of origin for Doctor Who, excepting a few unusual stories, such as The Five Doctors and the 1996 telemovie. It was also the home network for A Girl's Best Friend, Invasion of the Bane, and the third series of Torchwood.


Doctor Who[[edit]]

Doctor Who premiered on the BBC in 1963 with An Unearthly Child. During broadcast of the fifth storyline, The Keys of Marinus, the BBC launched a new network, BBC Two. Beginning with the third episode of Marinus, "The Screaming Jungle", Doctor Who was said to air on BBC One.

BBC One continued to air Doctor Who through Season 26 in 1989. BBC One also aired the Doctor Who TV movie in 1996. Upon its 2005 return with Series 1 onwards, it was once again broadcast on BBC One.

Related programmes[[edit]]


BBC One has also been the home network of several (but not all) Doctor Who spinoff productions.

  • A Girl's Best Friend, the pilot (and only episode of) K9 and Company in 1981.
  • Totally Doctor Who, a programme for younger viewers devoted to the franchise. During series 2, an animated serial, The Infinite Quest, was broadcast as part of this series.
  • Invasion of the Bane, the first episode (also referred to as the pilot) of The Sarah Jane Adventures, aired on BBC One in January 2007. The subsequent series aired on CBBC, a spin-off network, but were later replayed by BBC One (branded as CBBC One), usually a week later.
  • Series 3 of Torchwood, the Children of Earth miniseries, aired on BBC One in July 2009. The first two series aired on BBC Three and BBC Two, respectively.
  • Series 4 of Torchwood, entitled Torchwood: Miracle Day, aired on BBC One in summer 2011. Episodes were shown on Thursday nights a few days after their premiere in America on Starz.
  • Series 1 of Class aired on BBC One in early 2017, following the whole series being uploaded to BBC Three's streaming service in autumn 2016.