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A bed was a piece of furniture on which individuals generally slept. Beds consisted of straw (PROSE: The Shape on the Chair) or a mattress, often topped with a duvet and a pillow. (PROSE: Black Water)

The criminal Maxim Klart was imprisoned on a barren asteroid, where he was held in statis in a bed and forced to view a scrolling list of the names of his victims. (PROSE: Secret of Arkatron)

The Second Doctor was persuaded by Zoe Heriot to install an orthopaedic bed in her bedroom. (PROSE: The Menagerie)

Marc found himself unable to relax in the bed in his bedroom aboard the TARDIS as he was unused to such comfort. (AUDIO: Interstitial)

Among the changes the Eleventh Doctor made to the Digby estate when the Arwells visited was taking out the beds in the children's room and replacing them with hammocks. (TV: The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe)

While at the West Country Children's Home, young Danny Pink had a nightmare about something hiding under his bed grabbing him. The Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald unintentionally arrive there while investigating that universal nightmare. Later, they landed on Gallifrey in the Doctor's youth, in the barn where he hid to escape being tormented by other children. Clara hid under the bed and grabbed him when he was getting out of it. (TV: Listen)

David and Chris often talked about the Doctor Who TV series while in their beds. On his side, there was a lamp. (PROSE: Fanboys)

In Jo Grant's home, in her bedroom, there was a double bed which used to be shared between Jo and Clifford Jones. After he left, his side of the bed remained cold. (PROSE: Genocide)

After the Sycorax invasion of Earth on 25 December 2006 (TV: The Christmas Invasion) UNIT released a press briefing, that stated, among other things, that aliens were no longer "little green men" or "science fiction" or "hiding under the bed". (PROSE: Alien Life)