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A Centenary Special was a special episode of Doctor Who that was commissioned to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the BBC. The first and currently only Centenary Special was The Power of the Doctor, which aired as part of the BBC 100 celebrations on 23 October 2022. It was written by then-showrunner Chris Chibnall as the final story for Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor, and featured alongside other shows airing as part of the centenary event.

The Weeping Angels of Mons was published in 2014-2015 during the centenary commemorations of World War I. The comic story featured the Tenth Doctor and Weeping Angels during said war.

Other milestones[[edit]]

While not strictly Centenary Specials, Doctor Who has celebrated 100th milestones before.

The Stones of Blood, broadcast between 28 October and 18 November 1978, happened to be the 100th televised Doctor Who story. To commemorate this, Anthony Read asked David Fisher to write a new scene (expanded by Darrol Blake) featuring Romana and K9 surprising the Fourth Doctor with a birthday cake (and a new identical scarf), celebrating his 751st birthday. However, producer Graham Williams vetoed this idea as being too self-indulgent, and the scene was never shot. Blake had already ordered a cake, and this was eaten by the cast and crew.

Broadcast on 17 October 2015, The Girl Who Died was the 100th story of the BBC Wales era of Doctor Who.

Non-televised examples[[edit]]

Doctor Who Magazine[[edit]]

The 100th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was released on 4 April 1985. The second chapter of War-Game, published in DWM 101, was the 100th individual comic strip released.

The Fallen, published across DWM 273-DWM 276, was the magazine's 100th overall comic story.

Doctor Who Adventures[[edit]]

The 100th issue of Doctor Who Adventures was released on 29 January 2009.

The issue also contained its 100th individual comic strip, The Parrian Proposal. Its 100th overall comic story, Skydive!, was published in DWA 140.

Other publications[[edit]]

Radio Times celebrated its 100th anniversary in their 5173rd issue, published on 19 September 2023. Doctor Who played a small but valued part in the occasion, appearing amongst their list of 100 greatest television shows, and being incorporated into its picture quiz.

List of Centenary Specials[[edit]]

Other milestones[[edit]]