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Clay was a mineral substance which could be moulded.

According to Romana II, limestone and clay was combined with water to form cement. (TV: Destiny of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Destiny of the Daleks (TV story)"])

In 1918, Charles Banham, under the control of the Dark Forces, animated clay to form walking "corpses" which he unleashed in Yorkshire. (PROSE: Casualties of War [+]Loading...["Casualties of War (novel)"])

Containers of clay and pumice. (TV: The Doctor Dances [+]Loading...["The Doctor Dances (TV story)"])

Containers of clay and pumice were present in a storeroom within which the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler were trapped after escaping the patients infected (TV: The Doctor Dances [+]Loading...["The Doctor Dances (TV story)"]) with the "Empty Child Syndrome". (PROSE: Amarillo Hoax [+]Loading...["Amarillo Hoax (short story)"], Hitler's Last Secret? [+]Loading...["Hitler's Last Secret? (short story)"])

Mehendri Solon had a clay bust of Morbius. (TV: The Brain of Morbius [+]Loading...["The Brain of Morbius (TV story)"])

The Seventh Doctor said that when he felt depressed, he would make clay models of Zygons to cheer himself up. (PROSE: Human Nature [+]Loading...["Human Nature (novel)"])

Golems were usually made out of clay. (AUDIO: The Beast of Orlok [+]Loading...["The Beast of Orlok (audio story)"])