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Consciousness was being aware of oneself and made an individual or group able to feel. The Eleventh Doctor claimed that consciousness was a "temporary delusion of separate identity during [the universe's] data collection" which life forms "suffered". (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor)

Just before the Great Rebellion, the Dalek Emperor had stored his consciousness inside Susan Mendes's mind as a safeguard. (AUDIO: Dalek War: Chapter Two)

After the Doctor escaped from the Timewyrm twice, the Timewyrm sent Anthony Rupert Hemmings' consciousness into the Doctor's mind. He took over the part of the Doctor's mind which was home to his third incarnation's personality, creating an idealised Nazi city. He imprisoned the Doctor and Ace when they arrived, but the Doctor and his past self sent a telepathic message to Saul, who worked with Emily Hutchings to draw the Hemmings' consciousness out of the Doctor's mind and back into his own severed head, killing him. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Revelation)

Historians who had been allowed access to the "Monster Vaults" of the databanks in the Doctor's TARDIS observed that the heads of the Abzorbaloffs' absorbed victims remained alive and conscious within the Abzorbaloff's digestive tract and only when it had completely drained their brains were the heads fully assimilated into its "fleshy corpulence". (PROSE: The Monster Vault)

Donna Noble briefly had an active Time Lord consciousness. (TV: Journey's End)

Rassilon planned to begin his Ultimate Sanction so that the Time Lords would be free from physical bodies and become creatures of pure consciousness. (TV: The End of Time)

Clyde Langer's body was briefly taken over by the Eleventh Doctor's consciousness who wanted to contact Sarah Jane Smith and Jo Grant but was stuck at the wastelands of Crimson Heart. (TV: Death of the Doctor)

After their death, many humans' consciousnesses were taken by 3W and uploaded to the Nethersphere. Their consciousness was still connected to their body and made them feel pain. Seb gave them the opportunity to disconnect from their body by 'deleting' their emotions, turning them into Cybermen. Danny Pink was one of these humans. (TV: Dark Water)

The Tenth Doctor's consciousness had been accidentally transferred into the TARDIS' memory core. After reaching the data/matter converter the Doctor's consciousness could return back to his body. (GAME: Eye of the TARDIS)

The Evolved's "gift" was the exchange of consciousness. (AUDIO: Forgotten Lives)

According to the Thirteenth Doctor, Dalek consciousness could "live within the tiniest fragment of their DNA", hence why the Reconnaissance Dalek was unintentionally resurrected in a clone body. (TV: Revolution of the Daleks)

O 30 December in 9,000,000,000, the Great Upload took place as the descendants of the human race uploaded their consciousnesses to the cloud. They downloaded into bipedal meat bodies another 500,000 years later. (PROSE: Time Traveller's Diary)

In a parallel universe, the Doctor's great-granduncle Quences transferred his consciousness into the Doctor's robotic servant Badger. (AUDIO: Auld Morality)