Dalek War Fleet

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The Dalek War Fleet (TV: Eve of the Daleks) was a massive space fleet of Dalek flying saucers (TV: The Vanquishers) staffed by millions of Dalek units. (TV: Eve of the Daleks) The War Fleet saucers visually resembled (TV: The Vanquishers) the Death Squad saucers used by the Dalek Death Squads. (TV: Revolution of the Daleks)


In the aftermath of the Flux, the Daleks deployed their War Fleet (TV: The Vanquishers) and ground forces of Daleks to conquer what remained of the universe. They were at war with the Cyber-Fleet and Sontaran Empire for control of sectors of space. One such sector, nicknamed the "Dalek Sector" by Bel, contained a planet full of refugees, who were promptly destroyed by rogue particles of the Time Force following the Great Disruption. (TV: Once, Upon Time)

Seeking to end the war as the ultimate vanquishers in the universe, the Sontarans lured the Dalek War Fleet and the Cyber-Fleet to a rendezvous on Earth, where they would combine their efforts to destroy the rest of the universe, beginning with humanity. It was, however, a trick to position the Daleks and Cybermen in front of the final Flux event, where they would be destroyed once and for all. Manipulating the situation to her advantage, the Thirteenth Doctor timed the Lupari fleet's shield to give way and destroy not only the Daleks and Cybermen, but the Sontarans also. All three fleets were promptly annihilated. (TV: The Vanquishers)

Seeking her out in revenge for the destruction of the War Fleet, Dalek Executioners pursued the Doctor's TARDIS to ELF Storage, where it was rebooting after damage from the Great Disruption. Unknowingly, however, the TARDIS trapped the inhabitants of the building in a time loop, and every time they died, they found themselves reset a minute later than the last loop. Finally defeating the Daleks in an explosion of fireworks, the Doctor saved the lives of Sarah and Nick, as well as those of her companions, Yasmin Khan and Dan Lewis. (TV: Eve of the Daleks)

Behind the scenes[[edit]]

Archive footage of the Death Squad Daleks aboard their ship in Revolution of the Daleks was repurposed to depict the Dalek War Fleet addressing the Sontarans in The Vanquishers.