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A minute was a unit of time measurement. Though not the smallest such unit, it was still most useful for measuring only short spans of time. There also existed the galactic minute. (COMIC: Size Control)

"Wait a minute" was a saying. (TV: "A Land of Fear" et al.)

On 1 January 2000, the Eighth Doctor claimed to Grace Holloway that his TARDIS could travel from Earth to Gallifrey, a distance of 250,000,000 light-years, in "a good ten minutes". (TV: Doctor Who)

When sent back in time, Donna Noble remarked she had to run half a mile in four minutes to correct history. (TV: Turn Left)

When revived on Karn, the Eighth Doctor learned he had only four minutes to live. (TV: The Night of the Doctor)

When poisoned by River Song, the TARDIS' voice interface remarked the Eleventh Doctor would die in thirty six minutes. (TV: Let's Kill Hitler)

The Ninth Doctor claimed that, with a zectronic beam, the Daleks would be able to conquer the entire universe within minutes. (TV: The Curse of Fatal Death)

Victor Kennedy persuaded Colin Skinner to stay at LINDA "for a minute" only to absorb him. (TV: Love & Monsters)

Vivien Rook met Lucy Saxon at 10 Downing Street, ostensibly to request a 20 minute interview for a front page profile piece on "Britain's First Lady" and "The Power Behind the Throne". In reality, however, this was a ruse for Vivien to bring her findings on Harold Saxon to his wife. Lucy, fully aware that her husband was the Saxon Master, accepted a 20 minute interview only to leave Vivien to be killed by the Toclafane. (TV: The Sound of Drums)