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Escape Velocity was the forty-second novel in the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures series. It was written by Colin Brake, released 5 February 2001[source needed] and featured the Eighth Doctor, Fitz Kreiner and Anji Kapoor.

Publisher's summary[[edit]]

"You know me then?" asked the Eighth Doctor, a little tentatively.

"You're the Doctor," replied Fitz, a slight frown worming its way on to his forehead.

"Yes, yes, yes, the Doctor, of course I am." The Doctor smiled, genuinely pleased to see a familiar face, even if for the moment he couldn't quite put a name to it. "But, er, Doctor who?" he added, hopefully.

The Doctor and Fitz are back together at last, but the Doctor is not the man he once was — which is a shame, because Fitz has promised Anji Kapoor that his old friend is Anji's best hope of finding her alien-abducted boyfriend, Dave.

Soon the Doctor, Fitz and Anji find themselves involved in a desperate contest between Pierre-Yves Dudoin and Arthur Tyler the Third, each determined to be the first privately funded man in space. But not all the parties are playing fairly: members of an alien race called the Kulan are helping the Frenchman — and at the far reaches of the Solar System their battle fleet awaits...

Can the Doctor find Dave before the alien contact proves fatal? Who are the secret agents keeping tabs on the rival Space Race teams? Will the Doctor's mysterious blue box finally reveal its purpose? And does the Doctor, now truly a man without a past, have what it takes to stop the Kulan Invasion of Earth...?


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Cultural references from the real world[[edit]]

  • When Fitz and Dave Young witness a man apparently die and then arise, Young likens it to a scene from Terminator 3.




  • Compassion briefly appears, dropping Fitz off. She departs with Gallifreyan technician Nivet within her.
  • The Doctor's memory is still shaky; despite being able to pilot the TARDIS to the Kulan fleet without moving in time, he isn't able to immediately return Anji to Earth.


  • This is the sixth (and final) story in the "Earth Arc".
  • The TARDIS is restored in this novel with a new control room with a kitchen to the side, two swimming pools and various other rooms.
  • This novel introduces new companion Anji Kapoor.
  • Dave Young is a fan of the science fiction television series "Professor X". It has been suggested that the fictional series was designed as a tribute to the Doctor Who series itself, given the evidence listed above concerning similar running dates, characters and plotlines. It is possible that Professor X would in effect serve to replace Doctor Who in the Doctor Who universe. In this case, their American fans call themselves X-ians, while the British ones prefer to be known as Professor X Appreciation Association, with Internet-based fan organisations.
  • From this novel onwards, while the Doctor has some idea of his past, he never explicitly recalls any specific details of past adventures, companions or enemies until PROSE: The Gallifrey Chronicles.


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