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Into the Unknown was a blog founded by Sam Ferrian to explore mysterious phenomena from around the world and beyond. (PROSE: About This Site)

Professor Maxwell Grey took over after Sam left in 2021 (PROSE: Welcome Into the Unknown…) in circumstances Maxwell felt unable to share. (PROSE: Don’t link...Don’t even link) Maxwell removed most of the previous articles, (PROSE: Wester Drumlins - can you help?) though was later persuaded by Larry Nightingale to re-release one by Matt Shore about a police box sighted in 1955 Alabama. (PROSE: Life is strange...and precious., Alabama's Blue Box)

Maxwell became particularly interested in the mysteries surrounding Wester Drumlins, (PROSE: Wester Drumlins - can you help?) being contacted by Larry Nightingale (PROSE: Life is strange...and precious.) and Rani Chandra about it, (PROSE: Wester Drumlins, here we come...) at the behest of Sally Sparrow. (GAME: The Lonely Assassins [+]Loading...["The Lonely Assassins (video game)"]) Both Rani and Larry contributed guest articles about the true events going on there. (PROSE: The Very Real Mystery of Wester Drumlins, A Warning to the Incurious) After Larry’s wife Natasha and Larry disappeared, Maxwell and Rani used the blog to warn about a coming battle at Wester Drumlins. (PROSE: Quick favour, 19 March, The Angels are Coming)

The site was sponsored by Magpie Electricals. (PROSE: About This Site)

Larry Nightingale stated that Into the Unknown "[wasn't] exactly the BBC". (GAME: The Lonely Assassins [+]Loading...["The Lonely Assassins (video game)"])


Beyond the below, there was at least one further article entitled "Numbers Stations: Still On Air?", but - when viewed on Larry Nightingale's mobile phone - this had been corrupted. (GAME: The Lonely Assassins [+]Loading...["The Lonely Assassins (video game)"])

Alabama's Blue Box[[edit]]

The "Montgomery Blue Box". (PROSE: Alabama's Blue Box)

An article by Matt Shore published on 21 August 2020. The article attempts to determine the truth behind the "Montgomery Blue Box". It featured a photo of the Doctor's TARDIS in Montgomery. (GAME: The Lonely Assassins [+]Loading...["The Lonely Assassins (video game)"]) The article was apparently republished on 15 February 2021, where it was open to comments from website users. (PROSE: Alabama's Blue Box)

Some of the most interesting puzzles in history are some of the smallest.
One of these is the mystery of the Montgomery Blue Box - an enigma that has stumped local historians for decades.
In December, 1955, an incongruous, blue-painted telephone box appeared in an alleyway in Montgomery, Alabama. Nobody knew where it came from, but reports suggest it was not there the previous day.
Written records show that enquiries from the local populace were met with confusion by county authorities - they had no record of its installation. Officials were sent to inspect the box, but by the time they arrived it had vanished as suddenly as it appeared.
The only visual evidence we have of its existence - and the only clue to its origins - is a single photograph of the box, taken by a local reporter.
Historians have identified it as a British police box. These were kiosks - or 'call boxes' - once used in the UK. They enabled police and members o the public to contact nearby police stations in the event of an emergency. But the strangest thing? Experts generally agree that the box in question probably originated from Great Britain in the early 1960's!
This raises more questions than it solves. What was a British phone box doing in Alabama? Where did it come from, and where did it go? How did a phone box from the 1960's appear in a photograph from 1955?
Some investigators have claimed that the blue box was NOT a police box and was instead some kind of prop constructed by hoaxers. Proponents of this 'counter theory' have pointed out that 'the windows are wrong'.
Update! Since originally running this story we've been contacted by several readers who have heard similar 'legends of the blue box'. We've had reports of wooden phone kiosks being spotted in the Punjab in 1947, Tibet in 1935, and most bizarrely allegations of two blue boxes spotted in Ypres in 1914. We'll be bringing you more updates soon!

The Drumlins Disappearances[[edit]]

An article by Cal Nye Wallers published on 9 October 2020. The article detailed part of the history of Wester Drumlins; specifically that of the disappearances of Mr and Mrs Satchwell in the 1960s. It featured a photo of the front gates of Wester Drumlins. (GAME: The Lonely Assassins [+]Loading...["The Lonely Assassins (video game)"])

Urban legends claim Wester Drumlins is a haunted house with a history steeped in mystery and death. Once a fine home in the boroughs of London, the building has long since fallen into disrepair. Its once luxurious decor has been the victim of neglect and vandals, although in recent years, it reputation has deterred most uninvited visitors.
Many have walked past Wester Drumlins without realising its paranormal significance. But its rundown appearance hides a dark history...
Written histories of the property are contradictory and confusing. Some say the house once belonged to the Satchwells, a married couple of 'discreet wealth' who lived there happily for many decades. Their tenancy ended when they mysteriously disappeared in the 1960s. Nobody knows how or when this happened, but the place fell into disrepair after their departure.
Whatever the explanation, they weren't the last people to disappear from Wester Drumlins. Some say as many as 12 individuals have gone missing after being seen in the vicinity of the house.
Despite a number of police inquiries over the decades, none of the missing people have ever been found. And in a sinister twist, we can reveal that no investigation has ever unearthed evidence of even an indication of how - or why - they disappeared.
Whatever the truth behind this mystery, there is a lingering danger in Wester Drumlins. That much at least is a stone cold certainty.