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June Hudson was the credited costumer on several stories of the later Tom Baker era of Doctor Who. She was particularly closely associated with the costuming of the character of Romana in her first and second televised incarnations. She was responsible for Mary Tamm's iconic and introductory all-white floor-length dress and many of Lalla Ward's eclectic outfits. She was so identified with Ward's ever-changing wardrobe that she was a featured interviewee of the documentary, Lalla's Wardrobe, on the Warriors' Gate DVD release.

She also had profound impact on the Fourth Doctor's look. She created his latter-day "plum" outfit and scarf, which was seen throughout Season 18. She was the first designer to employ the self-referential question mark on an item of the Doctor's clothing — though she did so very reluctantly, at the behest of then producer John Nathan-Turner.

I said, 'No gentleman would wear a question mark. The only way he'd wear it is if were very small, and the same colour [as the shirt], so that you only saw it when it caught the light.' He said, 'But June, we want to market this, to make some money.'June Hudson [DWM 427 [src]]

Hudson as she appeared in the 2008 documentary Lalla's Wardrobe.

Although she never finalised specific designs for anything in the Peter Davison era, her influence was directly felt until Time-Flight, thanks to her design for Tegan Jovanka's air hostess uniform. Also, she did some preliminary designs on the Fifth Doctor's costume. She takes credit for putting Davison in cricket whites. She is quick to point out, however, that she was not responsible for the "red edge on his coat" or the "ridiculous pyjama-striped trousers". (DWM #427)

She trained at the London drama school Lamda and auditioned for the role of Mrs Pitt in Mummy on the Orient Express.[1]

She also had a minor role in the Class series 1 episode For Tonight We Might Die as Mrs Linderhof.[2] She also made an appearance in The Devil's Chord.

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