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Tegan Melissa Haybourne (née Jovanka) was a companion of the Fourth and Fifth Doctors and a temporary companion of the First, Sixth and Thirteenth Doctors.

On her way to begin her job as an air stewardess at Heathrow Airport, Tegan wandered into the TARDIS and became embroiled in the events surrounding the Fourth Doctor's regeneration. She was initially an unwilling companion to the Fifth Doctor, travelling alongside Nyssa and Adric, but came to enjoy them, later being joined by Marc, Turlough and Kamelion. However, witnessing a Dalek slaughter made her decide to leave the Doctor as it had "stopped being fun".

Tegan lived an ordinary life on Earth and campaigned for Aboriginal rights. Her sexuality and married life during the late 2010s and early 2020s was subject to many conflicting accounts.



Tegan Melissa Jovanka (PROSE: Divided Loyalties [+]Loading...["Divided Loyalties (novel)"]) was born in Brisbane on 22 September, 1960 (AUDIO: The Gathering [+]Loading...["The Gathering (audio story)"]) to Bill (PROSE: Divided Loyalties [+]Loading...["Divided Loyalties (novel)"]) and Joy. She had several brothers. (PROSE: Qualia [+]Loading...["Qualia (short story)"]) According to some accounts, her father's parents, Mjovic and Sneshna Jovanka, were Serbian and emigrated from Yugoslavia to Australia, (PROSE: Cold Fusion [+]Loading...["Cold Fusion (novel)"]) but had returned to their homeland by 1981. (PROSE: Divided Loyalties [+]Loading...["Divided Loyalties (novel)"]) Another stated that her grandfather was Albert Jovanka. (AUDIO: The Kamelion Empire [+]Loading...["The Kamelion Empire (audio story)"]) Her maternal grandfather, Andrew Verney, was British. (TV: The Awakening [+]Loading...["The Awakening (TV story)"])

Her extended family included her mother's siblings Vanessa (PROSE: Qualia [+]Loading...["Qualia (short story)"]) and Richard Frazer, who was married to Felicity and had two sons; Colin and Michael. (PROSE: Divided Loyalties [+]Loading...["Divided Loyalties (novel)"]) Tegan called Colin her favourite cousin. (TV: Arc of Infinity [+]Loading...["Arc of Infinity (TV story)"]) She also had other cousins who worked in blast-mining in Australia (AUDIO: The Contingency Club [+]Loading...["The Contingency Club (audio story)"]) and an uncle, Roger, who took her white water rafting on the Barron River one summer. (AUDIO: Devil in the Mist [+]Loading...["Devil in the Mist (audio story)"])

Tegan lived on a cattle station when she was young, describing it as being as far away from civilisation as it could be. (AUDIO: Psychodrome [+]Loading...["Psychodrome (audio story)"]) She tried ice cream when she was three and did not like it. (TV: Kinda [+]Loading...["Kinda (TV story)"]) When she was seven or eight, her mother took her to Arnhem Land to see the Aboriginal cave paintings, but they argued and Tegan ran off and got lost in the caves. Her mother also took her to a corroboree, which gave her a recurring nightmare of strange white figures coming out of the dark. (AUDIO: Psychodrome [+]Loading...["Psychodrome (audio story)"])

Tegan as she appeared as a child. (TV: Mawdryn Undead [+]Loading...["Mawdryn Undead (TV story)"])

She was living on a sheep farm owned by her father by the early 1970s, (PROSE: Logopolis [+]Loading...["Logopolis (novelisation)"], AUDIO: The Butcher of Brisbane [+]Loading...["The Butcher of Brisbane (audio story)"]) which her father let her drive around in a tractor when she was ten. She was a natural driver but preferred aeroplanes, being allowed to fly her father's Cessna when she was older. (PROSE: Logopolis [+]Loading...["Logopolis (novelisation)"]) One particular flight had not gone well due to turbulence. (PROSE: Time-Flight [+]Loading...["Time-Flight (novelisation)"]) She played a spelling game called Magic Robot as a girl and was talented at drawing, a hobby that her father encouraged her to do. (PROSE: Divided Loyalties [+]Loading...["Divided Loyalties (novel)"]) According to one account, Albert told her about his experience at Gallipoli in World War I and showed her a photograph of himself on the beach. (AUDIO: The Kamelion Empire [+]Loading...["The Kamelion Empire (audio story)"])

Tegan learnt how to dance the Charleston for a school play. (TV: Black Orchid [+]Loading...["Black Orchid (TV story)"]) Not especially bright as a child, she often took the blame for others because she could not think up her own excuses. Her next door neighbour and best friend, Felicity Spoonsy, introduced her to cigarettes which got often got her in trouble and also seduced Gary Lovarik, whom Tegan fancied. (PROSE: The King of Terror [+]Loading...["The King of Terror (novel)"]) She went to school with another next door neighbour, Mike Bretherton, and was taught physics and chemistry by Miss Anderson. (AUDIO: Hexagora [+]Loading...["Hexagora (audio story)"]) When she was twelve, she played with Aboriginal children in the Outback at her uncle's farm. (PROSE: The Eight Doctors [+]Loading...["The Eight Doctors (novel)"])

At the age of thirteen, she made a deal with God that she would be good if He killed her grandmother, who died of a coronary thrombosis six weeks later. (PROSE: The King of Terror [+]Loading...["The King of Terror (novel)"]) She had been ill for more than six years, during which Tegan's parents kept her away to avoid upsetting her at so young an age. (AUDIO: Warzone [+]Loading...["Warzone (audio story)"]) When she was fifteen, she broke her toe during track and gym, so Mike carried her books home for her. They dated at some point after this incident and, despite breaking up, Tegan still remained fond of him. (AUDIO: Hexagora [+]Loading...["Hexagora (audio story)"]) She spent many a Saturday in Brisbane with her friends; Flis, Susannah, Dave and Richard, taking the ferry to the shops and buying clothes and records. (PROSE: Divided Loyalties [+]Loading...["Divided Loyalties (novel)"]) She once went to France as an exchange student. (PROSE: The Crystal Bucephalus [+]Loading...["The Crystal Bucephalus (novel)"])

Move to London[[edit]]

After William had an affair with a twenty-year-old typist, Tegan moved away to the coast with Joy and went to boarding school, where she studied for a few terms before being expelled. She ran away to Sydney and squatted in Kings Cross before her father found her and sent her to live with her aunt Vanessa in London, (PROSE: The King of Terror [+]Loading...["The King of Terror (novel)"]) who at some point gave her a purse. (AUDIO: Devil in the Mist [+]Loading...["Devil in the Mist (audio story)"]) When she was eighteen, she was obsessed with music, R-rated films and boys. (PROSE: Divided Loyalties [+]Loading...["Divided Loyalties (novel)"])

Tegan later went to college (AUDIO: The Lady of Mercia [+]Loading...["The Lady of Mercia (audio story)"]) and studied foreign languages and Aboriginal culture, wanting to broaden her horizons and see the world. To that end, she spent most summers abroad, visiting Hong Kong in 1979 (PROSE: Cold Fusion [+]Loading...["Cold Fusion (novel)"]) but never visiting the United States (PROSE: The King of Terror [+]Loading...["The King of Terror (novel)"]) and not seeing much of Europe. (PROSE: Fixing a Hole [+]Loading...["Fixing a Hole (short story)"]) Although she came from a Jewish family, Tegan was not religious. Despite this, she still prayed after her mother told her that Bill had been diagnosed with cancer and was retiring from the farm, giving it up to Tegan's uncle Richard. (PROSE: Divided Loyalties [+]Loading...["Divided Loyalties (novel)"])

Bored of London and Brisbane (PROSE: Goth Opera [+]Loading...["Goth Opera (novel)"]) and believing that it would be "a glamorous something to do", Tegan decided to pursue a career as an air stewardess (PROSE: The King of Terror [+]Loading...["The King of Terror (novel)"]) and was hired by Air Australia, (PROSE: Time-Flight [+]Loading...["Time-Flight (novelisation)"]) after which she bought herself a cassette player as a reward. (AUDIO: The Contingency Club [+]Loading...["The Contingency Club (audio story)"]) Vanessa told her to give up the job should it ever stop being fun. (TV: Resurrection of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Resurrection of the Daleks (TV story)"])

First adventures[[edit]]

Joining the Doctor[[edit]]

Whilst taking Tegan to Heathrow Airport for her first day of work on 28 February 1981, Vanessa's car got a flat tyre near the Barnet Bypass and Tegan wandered into the TARDIS in search of help, leading to her unwittingly being taken to Logopolis with the Fourth Doctor and Adric and meeting Nyssa. She helped thwart the Master, whom she learnt had murdered Vanessa, and witnessed the Doctor's regeneration at the Pharos Project. (TV: Logopolis [+]Loading...["Logopolis (TV story)"]) She recognised that the Fifth Doctor needed a "responsible adult" to help him recover and that she was the only real candidate next to Adric and Nyssa. (PROSE: When It Was Fun [+]Loading...["When It Was Fun (short story)"])

Tegan helped get the Doctor to the TARDIS and, after jettisoning the Zero Room to avoid travelling to Event One, set the ship to materialise at Castrovalva to help his recovery, unaware that the Master had already made the kidnapped Adric pre-program the journey. She was fascinated by the history of Castrovalva, but the Doctor realised that it was a forgery and part of a trap by the Master which they managed to escape, returning to the TARDIS with Adric and leaving the Master behind as Castrovalva collapsed. Tegan was disappointed to learn that she had not actually piloted the TARDIS. (TV: Castrovalva [+]Loading...["Castrovalva (TV story)"])

Although the Doctor gave her a bedroom aboard the TARDIS, (AUDIO: Psychodrome [+]Loading...["Psychodrome (audio story)"]) Tegan wanted to be taken to Heathrow and continued to wear her uniform to remind the Doctor and herself of the fact. (PROSE: When It Was Fun [+]Loading...["When It Was Fun (short story)"]) She assumed that regeneration was a common occurrence and wondered when the Doctor would next change and what he would look like. (PROSE: Fixing a Hole [+]Loading...["Fixing a Hole (short story)"])

Aiming for Heathrow[[edit]]

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Not yet having had time to start mourning for Vanessa, Tegan subconsciously blamed the Doctor for her death and was mistrustful of Adric following the events on Castrovalva. Her perceptions of her companions created Professor Rickett, Magpie and Perditia after the TARDIS landed in a psychodrome and her memories of a corroboree she watched when she was young created a tribe of warriors. The four of them were able to start resolving their differences and work together to defeat King Magus and escape, after which she asked to be taken to Heathrow. (AUDIO: Psychodrome [+]Loading...["Psychodrome (audio story)"])

Three days after Logopolis, the TARDIS landed itself on a human colony where Tegan and Nyssa, after booking rooms at a hotel for the four travellers, met Chris Cwej, whose stereotypical depiction of an Australian offended Tegan. She was freed by the Doctor and Patience after she was arrested by the Adjudicators for consorting with aliens and worked with Nyssa and Chris to keep Adam from destroying the Scientifica with a fusion bomb which turned out to have been defused. She was eventually reunited with Adric and Nyssa (PROSE: Cold Fusion [+]Loading...["Cold Fusion (novel)"]) and found the Doctor unconscious, having been knocked out by Roz Forrester. (AUDIO: Cold Fusion [+]Loading...["Cold Fusion (audio story)"])

According to one account, the TARDIS crew went to a supermarket to buy food and encountered the Master. Tegan, the Doctor, Adric and Nyssa were trapped, but the Doctor freed them with his sonic screwdriver and they managed to escape the supermarket, which the Master had turned into a maze, and return to the TARDIS where the Doctor rested in the Zero Room. (PROSE: Dr. Fifth [+]Loading...["Dr. Fifth (novel)"]) Other accounts indicated that the Master remained trapped in Castrovalva until after Adric's death (TV: Time-Flight [+]Loading...["Time-Flight (TV story)"]; AUDIO: Smoke and Mirrors [+]Loading...["Smoke and Mirrors (audio story)"]) and that the Zero Room remained lost. (TV: Mawdryn Undead [+]Loading...["Mawdryn Undead (TV story)"]; AUDIO: Zaltys [+]Loading...["Zaltys (audio story)"])

Tegan tried out the Doctor's dream machine and saw herself in a field of fragrant flowers. Shortly after, the TARDIS landed on Isopterus where termites captured Tegan, the Doctor, Adric and Nyssa to be eaten in the future, but they managed to escape with the other captives thanks to the Doctor using his dream machine to create images of food to distract the termites. (COMIC: On the Planet Isopterus [+]Loading...["On the Planet Isopterus (comic story)"])

An attempt to get to Heathrow resulted in the TARDIS landing in Eastern Europe in the 11th century where the three travellers became trapped in a town by a series of Mongol raids. Whilst the Doctor and Adric tried to make peace, Tegan and Nyssa were made to sew patches of leather together to make armour for the men of the town and briefly wondered if time had been changed. Adric later helped Mang make longbows to fight the Mongols and the townspeople considered relocating to Wales after Tegan mentioned it. (PROSE: The Immortals [+]Loading...["The Immortals (short story)"])

When strange equations appeared on the TARDIS console, Tegan left to look around a 1950s maternity ward and met Edward Grainger, comforting him when he told her how worried he was for his son, John. The TARDIS had disappeared by the time that she headed back and waited until her companions finally returned for her. (PROSE: First Born [+]Loading...["First Born (short story)"])

The Doctor detected an unusual energy emission on a planet and, in attempting to identify it, accidentally damaged the last of the Sanchopan Machines. This resulted in a dragon attack on a village from which the machine saved Tegan, the Doctor and Nyssa by bringing them to its cavern where they were later joined by Adric and Sir Keeyoht, whom Tegan recognised as being based on the Fourth Doctor. After the Doctor deactivated the machine, its creations disappeared and the four travellers left. (AUDIO: The Ingenious Gentleman Adric of Alzarius [+]Loading...["The Ingenious Gentleman Adric of Alzarius (audio story)"])

The Doctor managed to pilot the TARDIS to 1981, but they instead materialised on board Monarch's ship where Tegan sketched a drawing of a fashionable man and woman, on which Persuasion and Enlightenment went on to base their humanoid forms. She met Kurkutji, whose dialect she was able to speak, and attempted to fly away in the TARDIS to avoid becoming an android, but she did not cover much distance and was eventually joined by the Doctor, Adric and Nyssa. With the time curve indicator repaired by Nyssa, the Doctor believed that he could get Tegan home. (TV: Four to Doomsday [+]Loading...["Four to Doomsday (TV story)"])

Tegan under the influence of the Mara. (TV: Kinda [+]Loading...["Kinda (TV story)"])

After both Nyssa and the Doctor collapsed, (AUDIO: Secrets of Telos [+]Loading...["Secrets of Telos (audio story)"]) Tegan, the Doctor and Adric admired Deva Loka whilst Nyssa slept. Tegan fell asleep at the Place of Great Dreamings where the Mara entered her mind, disturbing her with visions until she agreed that it could use her body, and she woke up two days later once the Mara had moved into Aris. She helped defeat the creature with mirrors, (TV: Kinda [+]Loading...["Kinda (TV story)"]) but part of it remained inside her head. (TV: Snakedance [+]Loading...["Snakedance (TV story)"])

Tegan found the prospect of leaving the TARDIS more difficult than she believed and gave Nyssa an emotional farewell, but the TARDIS instead landed in 1666 where the travellers met Richard Mace and found alien artefacts. She and Adric were captured by the Terileptils, but she managed to get Adric out before a control bracelet was put on her and she was made to assist them in wiping out humanity with plague. The Doctor managed to remove the bracelet's power pack and Tegan regained control, hitting a Terileptil with a gun before the Great Fire of London began. (TV: The Visitation [+]Loading...["The Visitation (TV story)"])

After escaping the Great Fire of London, the Celestial Toymaker attempted to turn them against one another, trying to do so with Tegan by showing her her father's funeral. (PROSE: Divided Loyalties [+]Loading...["Divided Loyalties (novel)"])

Tegan was still distressed by the events on Deva Loka when the TARDIS materialised in 9th century Iceland where she and Nyssa were welcomed by Revna Ulfsdottir, whose speculation Tegan went along with by claiming that she was a beaten wife exiled with her sister for adultery. She helped Revna and her daughters dig and hid with Inga Kundsdottir when they awoke the Ice Warriors, from whom they escaped in their own ship thanks to Adric. After the Ice Warriors were encased in lava, Tegan spoke with the morose Doctor about the possibility of changing the future just before he was temporally dislocated. (AUDIO: God of War [+]Loading...["God of War (audio story)"])

Deciding to stay[[edit]]

When the Doctor took his companions to Gallius U to help Adric learn to fly the TARDIS, Tegan was more interested in the observation deck than learning about astronomy and was arrested, but she and the Doctor earnt Kala Tace's trust and went with General Darren Fell in the Carl Sagan to investigate the attack on the Johannes Kepler. She was captured by Rovus and used as bait for the crew of the Sagan before escaping with Nomar to Heliopan, where they were soon joined by Nyssa. The trio were saved by Adric and Autumn Tace and travelled through a rift back to their universe, closing it behind them to prevent a Keltin invasion, but Autumn was killed. (AUDIO: The Star Men [+]Loading...["The Star Men (audio story)"])

The Doctor made another attempt to pilot the TARDIS to Heathrow, although Nyssa was no longer sure that Tegan still wanted to leave, but they instead arrived in the Contingency Club in 1864 when the TARDIS shut down to avoid triggering the Red Queen's spaceship's hyperspace jump. Tegan and the Doctor were expelled by the Edwards before meeting George Augustus, who later took Tegan captive and tied her in the cellar of the club with Nyssa and several explosives. She was able to render them useless thanks to knowledge gained from her cousins and got a dying Edward to evacuate the building, after which it collapsed and the TARDIS was buried, necessitating an extended stay in 19th century London. (AUDIO: The Contingency Club [+]Loading...["The Contingency Club (audio story)"])

Having given up on the Doctor's ability to get her back to Heathrow, Tegan persuaded Adric to fly the TARDIS himself by playing on his desire to be alone with the Doctor again. The Doctor and Nyssa's repairs to the ship led to Adric being transported to Zaltys and an attempt to locate him using the telepathic circuits caused Tegan to be transported aboard the Exemplar because of the telepathic conversation between Clarimonde and Perrault. She managed to escape the Exemplar with Lusca, who died to protect her from Sable and whom she mourned upon returning to the TARDIS. (AUDIO: Zaltys [+]Loading...["Zaltys (audio story)"])

Tegan was unhappy when the Doctor chose to answer a psionic beam rather than take her to Heathrow, but was excited to meet Harry Houdini and admitted as much when Nyssa asked about her enjoying her adventures. She, Adric and Nyssa stood watch when the Doctor and Houdini inspected an Ovid Sphere and accidentally wandered into a menagerie where they were separated, with Nyssa being hypnotised by the Master to help capture Tegan. The trio managed to escape after Tegan broke a lamp projecting the Master into a mirror, after which Tegan helped the Doctor soothe the Ovid Sphere with calming thoughts. (AUDIO: Smoke and Mirrors [+]Loading...["Smoke and Mirrors (audio story)"])

Tegan and Adric were arrested in Cardenas and, whilst awaiting an audience with Miranda, Duchess of Cardenas, Tegan admitted that she was enjoying her adventures in the TARDIS. Zaina ensured that the Duchess hired the two of them as her bodyguards and they worked to protect her from the Scorpion and his apprentice, initially unaware that they were the Doctor and Nyssa. Eventually, the real Scorpion arrived and Tegan helped distract her whilst the Doctor laid a trap which resulted in the Scorpion leaving Cicero Prime with the belief that she had killed the Duchess. (AUDIO: Kingdom of Lies [+]Loading...["Kingdom of Lies (audio story)"])

Responding to a distress call, the TARDIS landed in the catacombs beneath a city on 17th century Earth and Tegan remained with the Doctor when he attempted to send her, Adric and Nyssa to the future to escape from Sabaoth. Sabaoth used the TARDIS's telepathic circuits and her own energy to send her forward in time to serve as his anchor, resulting in her briefly possessing Katya in the 1980s before returning and being placed in a stasis chamber by the Doctor for her protection. He eventually woke her up some time after recovering Adric and Nyssa to help Leanne defeat Sabaoth in the 21st century. (AUDIO: Ghost Walk [+]Loading...["Ghost Walk (audio story)"])

The Doctor took his companions to Argentia in search of diothanine crystals and arrived at Carlo Mazzini's funeral, where Tegan and Joe Mazzini took a liking to one another. She was attacked by a Sugandian Normic whilst investigating Angelo Mazzini's murder and came to suspect Joe, but her speculation led the Doctor to deduce that time travel was involved and that he was definitely innocent. After the future Angelo died and Sofia Cozzi was arrested, Tegan declined to stay with Joe, an offer which she was tempted by given that she had feelings for him and he was able to take her back to Heathrow, as her friends needed her. (AUDIO: Serpent in the Silver Mask [+]Loading...["Serpent in the Silver Mask (audio story)"])

A willing traveller[[edit]]

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Info from Doctor Who's little book of Villains [+]Loading...["Doctor Who's little book of Villains (short story)"] and The Last Action Figure [+]Loading...["The Last Action Figure (comic story)"] and further info from The Darkening Eye [+]Loading...["The Darkening Eye (audio story)"] needs to be added

Tegan told the Doctor that she wanted to stay with him, Adric and Nyssa for a while and that he did not need to continue trying to get her to Heathrow, (TV: Black Orchid [+]Loading...["Black Orchid (TV story)"]) having already passed on an opportunity to get there with Joe Mazzini. (AUDIO: Serpent in the Silver Mask [+]Loading...["Serpent in the Silver Mask (audio story)"])

Tegan enjoyed her time in 1925, watching the Doctor play cricket and attending a fancy dress party at Cranleigh Hall where she danced with Sir Robert Muir and demonstrated her talent at dancing the Charleston. She stood up for the Doctor when he was accused of attacking Ann Talbot and she and the crew stayed for George Cranleigh's funeral, after which they were gifted the fancy dress costumes that the Cranleighs' had leant them. (TV: Black Orchid [+]Loading...["Black Orchid (TV story)"])

The Doctor took his companions to a planet without intelligent life for four days to relax and Tegan spent some time sunbathing. She wondered if the statues they found would come to life and hunt them down, which Adric thought was stupid, and they left after Adric tried to join the statues. (PROSE: Hearts of Stone [+]Loading...["Hearts of Stone (short story)"])

The TARDIS crew celebrated Christmas in the TARDIS and Tegan drank several bottles of Fosters. She refused to eat the Christmas pudding that the Doctor found in a cupboard and kicked over the one that Adric made using Block Transfer Computation when he refused to share it, after which Nyssa stuffed the pudding up Tegan's nose. (PROSE: In the TARDIS: Christmas Day [+]Loading...["In the TARDIS: Christmas Day (short story)"])

Tegan, the Doctor, Adric and Nyssa landed on a weapon test field where they were captured by the Rutans, who suspected them of being Sontaran spies. After escaping, they were captured by the Sontarans and released due to them not being considered a threat by Commander Strock. They returned to the TARDIS where Tegan, Adric and Nyssa were kidnapped by Adam Mitchell, (COMIC: In Their Nature [+]Loading...["In Their Nature (comic story)"]) but they were eventually saved by several of the Doctor's incarnations. (COMIC: Endgame [+]Loading...["Endgame (POT comic story)"])

The crew arrived on Lemaria during the celebration of Freedom Day and watched a reenactment of how the First Doctor and Susan Foreman saved the planet, making Tegan aware for the first time that the Doctor had a family. They eventually realised that the actor playing the Doctor was his twelfth incarnation, who had come to thwart the Megrati. (PROSE: The Constant Doctor [+]Loading...["The Constant Doctor (short story)"])

They encountered the Dar Traders on Battlefield, where Tegan cradled Nyssa's body during her three minutes of death. Unbeknownst to Tegan, the Traders had foretold Adric's death. (AUDIO: The Darkening Eye [+]Loading...["The Darkening Eye (audio story)"])

Adric accused Tegan of being responsible for reprogramming the helmic regulator, but she denied it and argued with him and the Doctor. She was speechless when they found Nyssa in a telepathic fight with the Master and went back to arguing with Adric after Nyssa recovered. (AUDIO: The Toy [+]Loading...["The Toy (audio story)"])

Although Tegan was enjoying her adventures in the TARDIS, Adric and Nyssa decided to try to materialise at Heathrow as a test, but they instead landed on Fleming's Island in 1981 where the ship fell off of a cliff after they left it. She looked after Nyssa after she had a psychic shock in the Fleming mansion and helped investigate after the i were released from the computers and a predator came after them. She memorised a map which allowed her to lead the Doctor, Adric and Nyssa to the fallen TARDIS, outside of which the i captured the predator in a mathematical whirlpool which Tegan could not understand. (AUDIO: Iterations of I [+]Loading...["Iterations of I (audio story)"])

Tegan and Nyssa got the Doctor to make amends with Adric after the two argued about returning to E-Space and came across the skeleton of a dinosaur, which Tegan did not believe could have been killed by a meteor. The Doctor flew the TARDIS to find the creators of androids that they encountered and arrived on Briggs's freighter where they fought the Cybermen and Tegan risked her life to shoot one of them. She watched from the TARDIS as the freighter warped through time on a collision course with Adric still aboard, crashing into Earth and causing the extinction of the dinosaurs. (TV: Earthshock [+]Loading...["Earthshock (TV story)"])

Left behind[[edit]]

Tegan felt that the Doctor was forgetting about Adric's death and asked him to go back and save him, but he refused and instead attempted to pilot the TARDIS to the Great Exhibition to cheer himself, Tegan and Nyssa up. They instead landed at 1980s Heathrow due to feedback from a Concorde being moved back in time by the Master and agreed to help investigate its disappearance, leading them to the Jurassic where Tegan got everybody back onto the aeroplane following the Master's defeat. Back at Heathrow, the Doctor and Nyssa left in the TARDIS to avoid having to explain themselves to Sheard, leaving Tegan behind. (TV: Time-Flight [+]Loading...["Time-Flight (TV story)"])

Tegan began her career as an air stewardess (TV: Arc of Infinity [+]Loading...["Arc of Infinity (TV story)"]) and once had to deal with a passenger on a flight to Brisbane who insisted on cutting his toenails in the plane. (AUDIO: The Perils of Nellie Bly [+]Loading...["The Perils of Nellie Bly (audio story)"]) After assaulting an unruly passenger mid-flight during her first year, she was fired. (AUDIO: The Waters of Amsterdam [+]Loading...["The Waters of Amsterdam (audio story)"]) She had nightmares about snakes and was depressed after losing her job, realising that she had felt alive travelling in the TARDIS and helping people. (PROSE: Fear of the Dark [+]Loading...["Fear of the Dark (novel)"])

After losing her job, Tegan caught the attention of the android Kylex-12, who identified her as a time traveller. The two began a romantic relationship, but Tegan found him over-attentive and broke up with him just as he prepared to propose to her. (AUDIO: The Waters of Amsterdam [+]Loading...["The Waters of Amsterdam (audio story)"]) She cut all ties, had a haircut and went to travel the world on her own. (PROSE: Fear of the Dark [+]Loading...["Fear of the Dark (novel)"])

Tegan visited her grandfather, Andrew Verney, just before he moved house and promised that she would see him again once she returned from visiting Amsterdam. (PROSE: Deep Blue [+]Loading...["Deep Blue (novel)"]) Verney sent her several letters in which he described his new home of Little Hodcombe. (PROSE: The Awakening [+]Loading...["The Awakening (novelisation)"])

Continued adventures[[edit]]

Rejoining the crew[[edit]]

Tegan in the Matrix with Omega and the Doctor. (TV: Arc of Infinity [+]Loading...["Arc of Infinity (TV story)"])

In January 1983, Tegan went to Amsterdam to visit her cousin Colin Frazer, only to find that he had disappeared, having been captured by Omega to lure Tegan to him. He used Tegan as leverage in his plan to create a new body for himself using the Doctor. Once the process was done and had begun to fail, Tegan reunited with the Doctor and Nyssa and watched Omega's defeat before he could revert to anti-matter and destroy Earth. (TV: Arc of Infinity [+]Loading...["Arc of Infinity (TV story)"])

Tegan was approached by Kyle, whom she rebuffed before he directed her and the Doctor to a Rembrandt van Rijn exhibit showcasing drawings of spacecraft. At the museum, they encountered the Nix and became aware of Teldek, later learning of Kyle's connection to her. After Teldek's defeat, Kyle accepted that Tegan did not love him and decided to continue living in the hope that he could find someone who would. The Doctor went on a number of adventures without Tegan and Nyssa, promising to return for them a few days later. (AUDIO: The Waters of Amsterdam [+]Loading...["The Waters of Amsterdam (audio story)"])

In the Doctor's absence, Tegan stayed in Colin's room at the hostel with Nyssa and explored the city with her, introducing her to chocolate. When he returned for them, Tegan was annoyed to find that her things had been put in storage (AUDIO: The Elite [+]Loading...["The Elite (audio story)"]) and wondered how long her companions had been travelling without her, feeling slightly envious of their ability to work together. (PROSE: Fear of the Dark [+]Loading...["Fear of the Dark (novel)"])

Travelling by choice[[edit]]

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Info from Doctor Who Quiz Book of Magic and Doctor Who Quiz Book of Science and further info from The Sands of Time [+]Loading...["The Sands of Time (novel)"], Zeta Major [+]Loading...["Zeta Major (novel)"], Aquitaine [+]Loading...["Aquitaine (audio story)"] and The Peterloo Massacre [+]Loading...["The Peterloo Massacre (audio story)"] needs to be added

According to one account, on Tegan's first morning back in the ship, the Dark influenced Nyssa and the Doctor used the telepathic circuits to pilot the TARDIS to Akoshemon's moon where the Dark was trapped. The Doctor later decided that it was time that Tegan and Nyssa learn how to read the TARDIS star charts, but they asked to do it in the morning and slept that night with their lights on as a result of their experience on Akoshemon's moon. (PROSE: Fear of the Dark [+]Loading...["Fear of the Dark (novel)"])

According to another account, Tegan's first adventure after rejoining the Doctor and Nyssa was to Florana, as the Doctor confided in Nyssa that he was concerned that Tegan's return would bring an end to the peace and quiet that they had enjoyed in her absence. There, Tegan and Nyssa were arrested on suspicion of being terrorists and separated by intellect, with Tegan being sent to work in the factories but being rescued by Garthak and his rebels. She helped the rebels in what she wanted to be a bloodless revolution and, following the deaths of the High Priest of Power and Father Thane, suggested that the TARDIS's next destination be Brisbane. (AUDIO: The Elite [+]Loading...["The Elite (audio story)"])

Tegan caught up with those that she knew in Brisbane and learnt that Mike Bretherton had mysteriously disappeared, leading her to insist that the Doctor and Nyssa help her investigate. Their search led them to follow the trace of two space pods to Lupara, where she found Sergeant Zax using Mike's body whilst Mike was trapped in Zax's Hexagoran form. She was uncomfortable with Mike's appearance, but was able to work with him and, after he returned to his body, she promised to visit him when she was back on Earth. (AUDIO: Hexagora [+]Loading...["Hexagora (audio story)"])

Following a message received from Queen Anahita, Tegan, the Doctor and Nyssa travelled to the Imperial City in the Archipelago of Sirius and were initially mistaken for off-world guests of Siris's birthday celebrations. Queen Anahita covered for Tegan by claiming that she was her new servant after the Doctor and Nyssa were arrested, after which Tegan rescued the Doctor by kissing a guard with a paralysing agent and attempted to take the Doctor's copy of The Trick of Darkness to Anahita as he requested. Following the defeats of Byzan and Albis, Tegan confided in Nyssa that she had considered leaving the TARDIS and was happy when Nyssa confirmed that she planned on staying as well. (AUDIO: The Children of Seth [+]Loading...["The Children of Seth (audio story)"])

Not long after Tegan returned to the TARDIS, the Doctor was taken over by his temporally dislocated past self and they materialised on Captain Hopper's rocket. The rocket was attacked by Cybermen and they escaped with Professor Parry and Morton to Telos Minor where Tegan, Nyssa and Morton entered a cyber-factory to escape from Professor Vansom's cyber-animals. After Vansom died and the factory was destroyed, Tegan and Nyssa gave in and told the Doctor about Adric's death, despite Nyssa having originally advised against it, and he was pulled away by further time slippage. (AUDIO: Secrets of Telos [+]Loading...["Secrets of Telos (audio story)"])

A distress signal from Threll called the TARDIS to Aronassus 49 and Tegan and the Doctor travelled across the desert to Prime City whilst Nyssa remained behind in the ship. They agreed to help with the apparently malfunctioning food synthesisers and found that a Migrator was consuming all of the food, so they placed it in suspended animation and took it in the TARDIS to an uninhabited world. (PROSE: Danger Down Below [+]Loading...["Danger Down Below (short story)"])

Tegan and Nyssa became lost in a thunderstorm after leaving the TARDIS to explore and were captured by pirates who wanted to steal the North Tribe's treasures. They were rescued by the Doctor, as were several captives from the tribe, and they left the planet, after which the tribe chose to get revenge on the pirates. (PROSE: The God Machine [+]Loading...["The God Machine (short story)"])

A Voorvolika attacked the TARDIS to feed on its energy and knocked out Tegan, the Doctor and Nyssa. When they awoke, they realised what they were facing by visiting the observation room and Tegan collapsed, having trouble focusing. The Doctor left the ship and forced the Voorvolika into suspended animation by using its energy to power the TARDIS. (PROSE: The Armageddon Chrysalis [+]Loading...["The Armageddon Chrysalis (short story)"])

Tegan, the Doctor and Nyssa travelled to Planet 435 in 2330 and found bodies in cold storage which they realised were being controlled by Carnak with metallic implants. The trio were locked up, but Tegan and Nyssa managed to get back to the TARDIS with the Doctor on a trolley whilst he used his telepathic abilities to stop Carnak. (PROSE: The Haven [+]Loading...["The Haven (short story)"])

The Doctor contracted Ponassan fever and Tegan carried him back to the TARDIS where she and Nyssa watched over him as he recovered. After he woke up, Tegan told him that they thought that they had lost him. (PROSE: The Penalty [+]Loading...["The Penalty (short story)"])

Tegan had the Doctor fly the TARDIS to Heathrow Airport so that she could see Julie Harris and realised that something was wrong when Julie ignored her. The trio followed her and found that she had been replaced with an android to assist the Master in taking hypnotised members of government and security advisers through a rift at the Bermuda Triangle and replacing them too. Tegan resisted the Master's hypnosis and she, the Doctor and Nyssa got everybody into the TARDIS and back to Heathrow. (PROSE: Night Flight to Nowhere [+]Loading...["Night Flight to Nowhere (short story)"])

The TARDIS team encountered dinosaurs and a number of other creatures in the Sahara Desert, (PROSE: Great Snakes!) the TARDIS, (PROSE: Crocs!, 'Gators, Caimans and Gavials, The Great Irish Elk, Horses Through the Ages) Siberia, (PROSE: Woolly Mammoth) Kenya, (PROSE: Elephant Hunt, Face to Face with Early Man, On Safari, Elephant Dance) Los Angeles during the Ice Age, (PROSE: Sabre-toothed Tiger, The Great Irish Elk) Loch Ness (PROSE: The Loch Ness Monster) and Dorset, where they witnessed Mary Anning's discovery of the Ichthyosaurus. (PROSE: Amazing Fossil Fish)

Whilst Tegan was once again arguing with the Doctor about going back to save Adric, the TARDIS landed on Hardy Base and she had to amuse herself as the Doctor and Nyssa analysed a cyclotron. She briefly came under the control of Catherine, whose consciousness was trapped in the machine and whom the Doctor rescued. The three travellers then returned her to Earth. (PROSE: Lackaday Express [+]Loading...["Lackaday Express (short story)"])

In 1896, Tegan attempted to change time slightly, but events remained unchanged, just as the Doctor expected. (PROSE: The Sands of Time [+]Loading...["The Sands of Time (novel)"])

They also visited Morestra. (PROSE: Zeta Major [+]Loading...["Zeta Major (novel)"])

Tegan, the Doctor and Nyssa travelled to the Necropolitan to mourn Adric and were enlisted by the Solemn Ones to solve a murder. They were locked in a cupboard and released by Verin, later receiving the Solemn Ones' thanks for solving the murder and leaving the planet without Verin being aware of everything they had accomplished. (PROSE: Wake [+]Loading...["Wake (short story)"])

On an old Earth colony, Tegan was kidnapped by Anna to keep her company and tied to a chair to keep her from escaping with the Doctor and Nyssa. She unsuccessfully tried to convince Anna to let her go and instead made her angry, causing her to smash a window, a shard of which Tegan used to release herself from her bonds. When she was reunited with the Doctor and Nyssa, she learnt that Anna was actually a psychic imprint from the destruction of the colony centuries ago. (PROSE: Soul Mate [+]Loading...["Soul Mate (short story)"])

The TARDIS picked up a distress call from F-four and Tegan spent time speaking with the colonists, who were unable to have children, whilst the Doctor and Nyssa embarked on scientific tests. She contracted a virus after sharing their food and deduced that somebody had hoped that the virus would be taken by the colonists to Earth, which they eventually accepted was the truth. She promised to share their story. (PROSE: No Exit [+]Loading...["No Exit (short story)"])

Because Tegan and Nyssa were unable to find any pasta sauce in the TARDIS, the Doctor took them to Italy but landed in 5th century Ravenna instead of 2000s Rome as intended and they were welcomed by Flavius Theodoricus. They went back in time to when Theodoric was a child to learn how he had met them before and were freed by him after they were arrested for allegedly stealing the Crown of Byzantium. Tegan told him not to do anything in anger in the hopes that he would not kill Odoacer, but she found that he did so regardless as Odoacer would otherwise have killed him. (PROSE: Goths and Robbers [+]Loading...["Goths and Robbers (short story)"])

Tegan and Nyssa were chased by Endovorms in the form of lions at Trafalgar Square, (AUDIO: The Lions of Trafalgar [+]Loading...["The Lions of Trafalgar (audio story)"]) and helped the Doctor defeat the Akunites aboard the HMS Aquitaine. (AUDIO: Aquitaine [+]Loading...["Aquitaine (audio story)"])

Tegan witnessed the Peterloo Massacre and was appalled at the conditions of the factories in Manchester. (AUDIO: The Peterloo Massacre [+]Loading...["The Peterloo Massacre (audio story)"])

The Doctor told them that he would take them to the 2012 Olympics but instead landed in 1982, (AUDIO: The King of the Dead [+]Loading...["The King of the Dead (audio story)"]) later taking them to Mistpuddle where they solved a murder. (AUDIO: The Mistpuddle Murders [+]Loading...["The Mistpuddle Murders (audio story)"])

Marc joins[[edit]]

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Further info from Tartarus [+]Loading...["Tartarus (audio story)"], Interstitial [+]Loading...["Interstitial (audio story)"], Feast of Fear [+]Loading...["Feast of Fear (audio story)"], Warzone [+]Loading...["Warzone (audio story)"] and Conversion [+]Loading...["Conversion (BFM audio story)"] needs to be added

The Doctor took Tegan and Nyssa to 63 BC Cumae so that he might meet Cicero. The three travellers were put through a series of tests by Tartarus, along with Cicero and his slave Marc, with the latter joining the TARDIS crew after becoming a freedman. Tegan knew of Talos from Jason and the Argonauts. (AUDIO: Tartarus [+]Loading...["Tartarus (audio story)"])

On Proxima in the 30th century, Tegan helped defeat Professor Kalu. (AUDIO: Interstitial [+]Loading...["Interstitial (audio story)"])

In 19th century Ireland, she and Marc tracked down and rescued the Doctor and Nyssa from the Spae Wife and her carnival. She was able to remind Nyssa of who she was in order to remove the Spae Wife's influence. (AUDIO: Feast of Fear [+]Loading...["Feast of Fear (audio story)"])

Landing on Samotis, the TARDIS crew were drafted into the race. (AUDIO: Warzone [+]Loading...["Warzone (audio story)"])

The crew eventually came face to face once more with the CyberNeomorphs, who partially converted Marc. After restoring his memories, the Doctor left him, Tegan and Nyssa on Callanna with a great deal of money, feeling guilty over Marc's conversion. (AUDIO: Conversion [+]Loading...["Conversion (BFM audio story)"])

Unlike Nyssa, Tegan was uncomfortable with the relaxing effects of Callanna given her experience on Deva Loka. She, Nyssa, Marc and Mison fled with Cott's help when Bella and Grumma came to Callanna on a human hunt and prevented them from using an atmosphere scoop, after which Tegan put on Cott's skin suit and pretended to be Bamma Lotta-Proppa Klatch-Par Slitheen to send them away. Afterwards, the Doctor returned for his companions, but Tegan did not feel that she was able to forgive him for abandoning them. (AUDIO: Madquake [+]Loading...["Madquake (audio story)"])

The Doctor attempted to pilot the TARDIS to Gallifrey so that he and his companions could talk with the help of an arbitrator, but they instead arrived at the Welkin Sanatorium where Tegan was especially rude following her recent experiences, offending Marc and Sylvie. She found Nora Edgecastle's body and, when the Doctor started seeing Adric, she assured the Doctor that he did not need to be so paternalistic with his companions nor blame himself for what happened to Adric or Marc. After realising that everybody at the Welkin were holograms, the travellers left and the Doctor apologised to them. (AUDIO: The Lost Resort [+]Loading...["The Lost Resort (audio story)"])

Arriving on RMS Oceanic in 1890, Tegan and Nyssa overheard Marion Jones plotting against Nellie Bly, but they did not warn her as they were unsure as to whether or not Nellie's mission was part of established history. Tegan was kidnapped and tied to the top of the ship's mast after swapping clothes with Nellie, but Marc was able to bring her back down and the TARDIS crew worked to ensure that Nellie completed her journey. (AUDIO: The Perils of Nellie Bly [+]Loading...["The Perils of Nellie Bly (audio story)"])

Marc changed the coordinates on the TARDIS console to take them to XB93 before falling unconscious, after with Tegan explored with the Doctor and Nyssa and helped put Marc in a sleep pod to rest. Tegan learnt that the sleep pods were compulsory and that the workers were unable to leave the rig, the conditions of which appalled her, and watched over the Doctor and Nyssa when they entered the dream world themselves, later being forced by Foster to enter a pod herself. She was unhappy when Marc decided to stay on XB93 to keep the Daleks at bay and was surprised at how quickly the Doctor wanted to move on. (AUDIO: Nightmare of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Nightmare of the Daleks (audio story)"])

Further travels[[edit]]

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Info from Pursuit of the Nightjar [+]Loading...["Pursuit of the Nightjar (audio story)"] and Resistor [+]Loading...["Resistor (audio story)"] and further info from Goth Opera [+]Loading...["Goth Opera (novel)"] needs to be added

When the TARDIS landed on Aranis Space-Hub, Tegan was eager to enjoy the entertainment facilities, but the Doctor instead decided that they would take a shuttle to Komoko to visit Velar. They learnt that he had been killed by Reno and faked their deaths in their sabotaged shuttle so that they could find another way to get off-world and alert the authorities, but their survival was soon discovered and Tegan pretended to join Reno to distract her. The miners stood up to Reno and the police took the travellers back to Aranis, the facilities of which Tegan was no longer enthusiastic to enjoy after being confronted with the xenophobia of her own kind. (AUDIO: Friendly Fire [+]Loading...["Friendly Fire (audio story)"])

The travellers became caught in the Count's time loop, inside of which Tegan worked as a landlady and had attracted the attention of Armand Barbier. She eventually remembered her real life and fled from the ghostly echoes of future soldiers with Armand and Madame LaChappelle, barricading themselves in the Count's chateau but being outside when the Doctor put the Count's time machine into overdrive. As a result, Tegan and Armand arrived in 1939 and lived a whole year together as a couple before Armand died in World War II as she suspected he would; when the Doctor and Nyssa found her, she asked to be taken anywhere else. (AUDIO: The Edge of the War [+]Loading...["The Edge of the War (audio story)"])

When the Doctor decided to visit Prague, Tegan suggested returning to Amsterdam or London instead and Nyssa remarked that she wanted to see San Francisco. They arrived at the Svarozhich Project beneath Prague and were given a tour by Jane Flora, whom they helped investigate the murder and replacement of the project workers by Szlth'TOK's people. The Doctor helped negotiate a peace and agreed to let Tegan and Nyssa read out the coordinates for their next destination, which Tegan rolled her eyes at. (PROSE: Men of the Earth [+]Loading...["Men of the Earth (short story)"])

Tegan becomes a vampire. (COMIC: Blood Invocation [+]Loading...["Blood Invocation (comic story)"])

Whilst the Doctor was teaching Tegan and Nyssa how to read star charts, Tegan, under the influence of the Mara, read out the coordinates of Manussa instead of his intended destination. The Doctor gave her an anti-dreaming device to keep her from falling under the Mara's control, but a fortune teller removed her earpiece at a marketplace and she succumbed to it, unable to fight against it in her mind. She was freed once the Doctor removed the Great Crystal from its socket, (TV: Snakedance [+]Loading...["Snakedance (TV story)"]) but she continued to have bad dreams and worried that the Mara remained in her mind. (TV: Mawdryn Undead [+]Loading...["Mawdryn Undead (TV story)"])

A distress signal summoned the Doctor to Gallifrey to help investigate a mysterious murder, but Tegan felt ill with a cold and remained in the TARDIS whilst the Doctor and Nyssa met with Cardinal Hemal. She was then attacked in her bedroom by the vampire cultist responsible for the attack. Biting her, he non-fatally infected her with the first stages of vampirism, causing her to attack the Doctor when he and Nyssa returned to the ship. However, the Doctor held her at bay with a psychic shield powered by his faith in Tegan herself. Ultimately, the vampire was killed when the Doctor and Nyssa tricked him into stepping out of the TARDIS into direct sunlight, curing Tegan and leaving her with no memory of her brief transformation. (COMIC: Blood Invocation [+]Loading...["Blood Invocation (comic story)"])

Recovering from Manussa, Tegan, the Doctor and Nyssa went on holiday in Tasmania where they encountered vampires. (PROSE: Goth Opera [+]Loading...["Goth Opera (novel)"])

Turlough joins[[edit]]

On Mawdryn's spaceship in 1983, Tegan, the Doctor and Nyssa met Vislor Turlough and travelled to Earth in two groups to return him to Brendon School and disable a transmat signal jamming the TARDIS. Tegan and Nyssa instead arrived in 1977 and for a time mistook Mawdryn for a regenerated Doctor, leading Tegan to meet Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart whilst looking for help and take him to the TARDIS. She believed that Mawdryn's plan would make the Doctor a murderer, but was thankful to the Doctor when he was willing to give up his regenerations to save her and Nyssa, She was unhappy with Turlough, whom she distrusted, joining them on their travels. (TV: Mawdryn Undead [+]Loading...["Mawdryn Undead (TV story)"])

Tegan made her suspicions of Turlough well-known whilst Nyssa was more open-minded. After Turlough hit the landing gear and made the TARDIS land in the Gardens of the Dead, Tegan went after Nyssa and found a man who had been suffocated by the psychic dust. She later struggled to keep the same thing from happening to the Doctor and sent Turlough into the TARDIS to collect water to turn the dust into mud. (AUDIO: Gardens of the Dead [+]Loading...["Gardens of the Dead (audio story)"])

The Doctor took Tegan, Nyssa and Turlough to the Cloisters beneath the Capitol to meet with Ophiuchus, who asked him to assist in his research into regeneration for medical purposes. Tegan and Nyssa could not see any problem with his request and, when Ophiuchus collapsed, they encouraged the Doctor to give him the regeneration energy that he needed to regenerate. (COMIC: Ophiuchus [+]Loading...["Ophiuchus (comic story)"])

Tegan and Turlough onboard Terminus. (TV: Terminus [+]Loading...["Terminus (TV story)"])

After begrudgingly giving Turlough a tour of the TARDIS and showing him to his bedroom, Tegan followed the Doctor and Nyssa onto Terminus in the company of her newest companion and went looking for them. The pair hid under the floor from those infected with Lazar's disease and became stuck, eventually managing to get out and restore the vanished door to the TARDIS, but Tegan declined to return to safety and managed to find the Doctor and Nyssa. When Nyssa told her that she intended to remain on Terminus, she hoped that the Doctor would be able to talk her out of it before giving her a hug goodbye. (TV: Terminus [+]Loading...["Terminus (TV story)"])

The Doctor left Tegan in the TARDIS after the White Guardian attempted to make contact, believing her to be more reliable than Turlough due to him having run away whilst on Terminus, but she left after seeing Marriner fall on the scanner. She was able to close her mind to him and rejected him as she recognised that he wanted to live vicariously through her and had no regard for any other Ephemerals, including Turlough when he jumped overboard. Upon learning of Turlough's pact with the Black Guardian, she told the Doctor that he was mad to believe that Turlough had never wanted the agreement. (TV: Enlightenment [+]Loading...["Enlightenment (TV story)"])

Tegan did not trust Turlough, frustrating him and leading him to storm out of the TARDIS into 1905 Buzzard Creek. Hours later, Tegan and the Doctor rescued Turlough from a cage he had been locked in by Thaddeus P. Winklemeyer and Turlough protected her from a Sythak by standing in front of her. The Doctor defeated Winklemeyer and Tegan gave Turlough a hug when they found that Berman Labazeen had died from Sythak venom, but she soon resumed arguing with him once they returned to the TARDIS. (AUDIO: Freakshow [+]Loading...["Freakshow (audio story)"])

Tegan, the Doctor and Turlough landed in China in 1928 instead of London as intended and rescued Edward Grainger after the aeroplane that he and Carter were flying to Calcutta crashed. She recognised Edward, whom she had met later in his life whilst she was travelling with Adric and Nyssa, and also helped save Mai Ling. (PROSE: Falling from Xi'an [+]Loading...["Falling from Xi'an (short story)"])

Nyssa's return[[edit]]

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Further info from Rat Trap [+]Loading...["Rat Trap (audio story)"], The Emerald Tiger [+]Loading...["The Emerald Tiger (audio story)"], The Jupiter Conjunction [+]Loading...["The Jupiter Conjunction (audio story)"], Eldrad Must Die! [+]Loading...["Eldrad Must Die! (audio story)"], Mistfall [+]Loading...["Mistfall (audio story)"], Equilibrium [+]Loading...["Equilibrium (audio story)"] and The Entropy Plague [+]Loading...["The Entropy Plague (audio story)"] needs to be added

After arguing with the Doctor about Turlough being aboard the TARDIS, Tegan relented and told Turlough that he did not have to leave on her account and the two of them were reluctant to leave the ship and help the Doctor and Nyssa, who had last seen them fifty years ago from her perspective but two days from their own, after seeing what appeared to be the group's skeletons. They soon reconsidered and joined them in looking for a cure for Richter's Syndrome and to solve the mystery of the skeletons, which turned out to have been made by EDGAR. Nyssa left with the TARDIS crew to take a sample of the cure to an infected planet, but Tegan warned her that she could be with them for some time. (AUDIO: Cobwebs [+]Loading...["Cobwebs (audio story)"])

Tegan had difficulty sleeping due to nightmares caused by the Mara. Her restlessness kept Nyssa awake, but Nyssa did not speak with the Doctor about it nor raise the issue with Tegan. (AUDIO: The Cradle of the Snake [+]Loading...["The Cradle of the Snake (audio story)"])

The Doctor set the TARDIS to listen out for mentions of Richter's Syndrome and landed on 29th century Chodor where he and Tegan tried to save Anulf from being kidnapped by the Takers, but they were captured by Seksa and taken to Purity Bay where they managed to gain her trust. Suffering from headaches, Tegan collapsed in the decontamination chamber and was carried away by the Takers, who recognised that she was suffering from some affliction. The TARDIS crew defeated the Shades and returned to the TARDIS where Tegan told the Doctor of her headaches and difficulty sleeping before she was taken over by the Mara. (AUDIO: The Whispering Forest [+]Loading...["The Whispering Forest (audio story)"])

Tegan had the Mara removed from her mind thanks to the Doctor's use of a Little Mind's Eye, but was unaware for some time that it had actually moved into him. The Doctor landed the TARDIS on Manussa during the Manussan Empire and Tegan and Nyssa eventually realised that he was possessed and intended to establish the Sumaran Empire several centuries early regardless of the Web of Time. Tegan was ultimately willing to sacrifice her life to save Manussa and defeat the Mara with an inverted crystal, but Baalaka realised that he was essentially the other half of the Mara and took her place. (AUDIO: The Cradle of the Snake [+]Loading...["The Cradle of the Snake (audio story)"])

Although Tegan wanted to go somewhere exciting, the Doctor took his companions to the Citadel of Samur so that Tegan could relax following their encounter with the Mara. She and the Doctor were captured by Field-Major Thurr and, after she unwittingly gave away the Doctor's identity, she was taken as a hostage to the Sontarans' crashed ship where she took a sample of nutrients to cure Nyssa's Agent Z/002 poisoning and was reunited with Turlough. Thurr destroyed the sample and Nyssa told Tegan about her husband, son and daughter in case she died, but the Doctor saved her. (AUDIO: Heroes of Sontar [+]Loading...["Heroes of Sontar (audio story)"])

Tegan and Nyssa enjoyed relaxing on Vektris for two days whilst the Doctor and Turlough worked on repairing the TARDIS and followed Turlough when he chased Deela and was captured by Hoss and Kanch. Separated from the Doctor and Nyssa after following Turlough to the Winter Planet, Tegan was taken captive by the two mercenaries and threatened Calquin Rennol with a generator tube into letting Turlough and Deela go. Later, Tegan helped defeat the Morass using a scrambling unit and agreed with Nyssa that they would not tell the Doctor anything that they had learnt about Turlough's past. (AUDIO: Kiss of Death [+]Loading...["Kiss of Death (audio story)"])

Tegan in the Cadogan Tunnels in 1983. (AUDIO: Rat Trap [+]Loading...["Rat Trap (audio story)"])

Tegan, the Doctor, Turlough and Nyssa went up against the Rat King in England (AUDIO: Rat Trap [+]Loading...["Rat Trap (audio story)"]) before visiting Calcutta (AUDIO: The Emerald Tiger [+]Loading...["The Emerald Tiger (audio story)"]) and Eight slash Q Panenka. (AUDIO: The Jupiter Conjunction [+]Loading...["The Jupiter Conjunction (audio story)"])

The Doctor took Tegan, Nyssa and Turlough to the monkey house at the Hegemonic State Menagerie in the 20th century to manipulate Milan into becoming sympathetic towards humanity and ensure that she did not invade Earth. Dressed in her Air Australia uniform, Tegan unhappily pretended to be a despairing prisoner in a cage for the first three of Milan's visits, after which Milan came to disagree with the way of the Thrandahar and surrendered to UNIT. Tegan, Nyssa and Turlough returned to the TARDIS whilst the Doctor said goodbye to her. (AUDIO: The Monkey House [+]Loading...["The Monkey House (audio story)"])

The Doctor tried to take the crew to Tegan's father's farm in 1980s Brisbane but a hit by a Zygma beam meant that Nyssa and Turlough were transported to the 51st century whilst Tegan and the Doctor remained in the console room. The two groups managed to find one another and defeat Magnus Greel. (AUDIO: The Butcher of Brisbane [+]Loading...["The Butcher of Brisbane (audio story)"])

In 2013, Tegan and Turlough were infected by quartz and, at Mulkris's bidding, destroyed Eldrad's ring. (AUDIO: Eldrad Must Die! [+]Loading...["Eldrad Must Die! (audio story)"])

Accidentally arriving in E-Space, Tegan encountered the Marshmen on Adric's home planet of Alzarius (AUDIO: Mistfall [+]Loading...["Mistfall (audio story)"]) and helped defeat Balancer Skaarsgard on Isenfel. (AUDIO: Equilibrium [+]Loading...["Equilibrium (audio story)"])

The crew also came up against the Sandmen and Tegan was forced to say farewell to Nyssa as she chose to remain behind to power a portal to allow the TARDIS to return to N-Space. (AUDIO: The Entropy Plague [+]Loading...["The Entropy Plague (audio story)"])

Kamelion joins[[edit]]

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Further info from The Crystal Bucephalus [+]Loading...["The Crystal Bucephalus (novel)"] needs to be added

Tegan struggles at the TARDIS console. (TV: The King's Demons [+]Loading...["The King's Demons (TV story)"])

When the Doctor attempted to pilot the TARDIS to Turlough's planet, they instead arrived in 1215 England and Tegan, initially wondering if it was a Black Guardian trap, was unhappy with leaving the ship and staying in the cold of Fitzwilliam Castle. She threw a knife at the Master when he made his presence known and managed to dematerialise the TARDIS to distract Ranulf and Hugh Fitzwilliam when they accused the Doctor of killing Geoffrey de Lacy. When she returned, she was introduced to Kamelion, whom she did not trust nor want aboard the TARDIS. (TV: The King's Demons [+]Loading...["The King's Demons (TV story)"])

Tegan got the Doctor to join her and his other companions in the console room after Kamelion detected an oncoming collision, after which an egg appeared above the time rotor and a phoenix burst out of it. Whilst Kamelion was overpowered, Tegan, the Doctor and Turlough fled to the secondary control room where the Doctor identified Rogos X as an attractive destination for the phoenix. He tricked the phoenix into leaving the ship and then set a course for the Eye of Orion. (PROSE: The Bird of Fire [+]Loading...["The Bird of Fire (short story)"])

Leaving Kamelion in the TARDIS, Tegan, the Doctor and Turlough attended the grand opening of Vittorio Levi's museum where the Mara used her as a conduit and made her faint. It took over Kamelion, using Tegan's dreams to take on her appearance, until the Doctor managed to wake Tegan up and had her and the Mara look at one another. Unable to face itself, the Mara retreated into the databanks and memory stores of the TARDIS. (PROSE: Mark of the Medusa [+]Loading...["Mark of the Medusa (short story)"])

A few days after Kamelion joined, the crew landed in the Crystal Bucephalus where Tegan, the Doctor and Turlough were arrested for murder. Whilst briefly stranded in the mid-1980s, Tegan met a teenage McDonald's employee named Ace, who would later become a companion of the Seventh Doctor. (PROSE: The Crystal Bucephalus [+]Loading...["The Crystal Bucephalus (novel)"])

Tegan accused Kamelion of sabotage when she saw him under the TARDIS console, not realising that he was helping the Doctor, and found herself crashing on Rastana with him and Orna after the Harrigain ship that the TARDIS landed on split in half. Kamelion saved her from drowning, but he seemed to come under the control of Nustanu and, when he briefly returned to his usual form, Tegan showed no interest in saving him. She eventually learnt that he was actually being influenced by her beliefs and, upon returning to the TARDIS, she offered to help him clear up the console room. (AUDIO: Devil in the Mist [+]Loading...["Devil in the Mist (audio story)"])

The Doctor took Tegan, Turlough and Kamelion to Abertysswg in 1902 for some fresh air, but they arrived in a coal mine just before a natural gas explosion. After becoming aware of a buildup of afterdamp, Tegan helped get those who could walk to the mineshaft and went to the surface with Kamelion, who soon disappeared due to him being influenced by Eira Hughes's grief. She and the Doctor eventually found him and they returned to the TARDIS with Turlough, who asked that they next visit New York. (AUDIO: Black Thursday [+]Loading...["Black Thursday (audio story)"])

Instead arriving in York 1984, Kamelion went missing again and Tegan, the Doctor and Turlough spent three weeks looking for him. The Hostess, having taken control of Kamelion, transported Tegan to take part in the Incredible Power Game and she acquired several Power Gems, later being joined by Turlough and realising that they were helping an alien on an alternative version of Earth. They were saved by the Doctor and returned to the TARDIS, which picked up a recall signal from Mekalion. (AUDIO: Power Game [+]Loading...["Power Game (audio story)"])

Tegan and Turlough were separated from the Doctor and Kamelion on Mekalion and were captured by the Grolls to be sacrificed, but they and the Doctor, who soon joined them, were saved by Kamelion and his soldiers. Kamelion surrendered control to Chaos in return for Tegan's survival and took her mind with him into the Locus without her consent. She, the Doctor and Turlough used the bodies of Kamelions to trick and defeat Chaos and later agreed not to think of Kamelion whilst he retired to a spare storeroom in the TARDIS. (AUDIO: The Kamelion Empire [+]Loading...["The Kamelion Empire (audio story)"])

Continued travels[[edit]]

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Further info from Ringpullworld [+]Loading...["Ringpullworld (audio story)"], Deep Blue [+]Loading...["Deep Blue (novel)"] and The King of Terror [+]Loading...["The King of Terror (novel)"] needs to be added

Tegan laughing with Susan Campbell. (TV: The Five Doctors [+]Loading...["The Five Doctors (TV story)"])

Tegan wanted to stay at the Eye of Orion, but the Doctor became sucked into a time vortex by Borusa and the TARDIS landed in the Death Zone. Tegan went to the Dark Tower with the First Doctor where they eventually met up with the Second, Third and Fifth Doctors as well as the Brigadier and Sarah Jane Smith and Borusa achieved his goal of immortality. She expected that she and Turlough would have to say goodbye to the Doctor when he was appointed President and was surprised when he said that he would be going on the run from his people. (TV: The Five Doctors [+]Loading...["The Five Doctors (TV story)"])

Resuming their holiday on the Eye of Orion, Tegan, the Doctor and Turlough were attacked by a Raston Warrior Robot against which they barricaded themselves in a ruined tower. The Eighth Doctor arrived and the two Doctors used Buridan's ass to cause it to break down, but Sontarans arrived and the Eighth Doctor tricked them into reactivating it, causing them to be massacred. After the Doctors set up a Temporal Reverse Feedback Field, the Eighth Doctor kissed Tegan on the cheek as a farewell. (PROSE: The Eight Doctors [+]Loading...["The Eight Doctors (novel)"])

Tegan woke up to find Kamelion in the form of her mother and followed him deep into the TARDIS with Turlough, deciding to use the android to show Turlough what the Fourth Doctor was like. Kamelion became overwhelmed by her subjective memories of her mother and Vanessa, as well as the Doctor and Turlough's own memories, and the Doctor placed him in a casket to shield him from them. Afterwards, Tegan told the Doctor that she was still happy in the TARDIS, but she was actually indecisive and feeling lonely. (PROSE: Qualia [+]Loading...["Qualia (short story)"])

The Doctor took Tegan and Turlough to Oxaqua to acquire Rellium crystals and became involved in the conflict between the Basks and the Thiegs, attempting to mediate peace but being arrested by Obedee. They escaped their execution and left after the two races reconciled. (PROSE: The Oxaqua Incident [+]Loading...["The Oxaqua Incident (short story)"])

Tegan, the Doctor and Turlough arrived on Mesique in the winter and checked on the Doctor's friend, Sellot, from whom they learnt that the residents were starving. They went to see a captured sasquatch who went on to catch one of the rodents plaguing the people, providing a solution to their problem. (PROSE: Winter on Mesique [+]Loading...["Winter on Mesique (short story)"])

The TARDIS crew went to Melphis to complete the Doctor's records on the planet and agreed to help find DaSamPete's robot, which they found selling drugs it had stolen from DaSamPete. (PROSE: Class 4 Renegade [+]Loading...["Class 4 Renegade (short story)"])

Tegan, the Doctor and Turlough were reunited with the Brigadier, who was leading UNIT as they attempted to deal with giant worms in the River Thames. With the Doctor's help, UNIT ended up killing the worms by lowering a block of salt into the water. (PROSE: The Nemertines [+]Loading...["The Nemertines (short story)"])

An energy reading led the TARDIS crew to Moon Village One in 2015 where the Doctor met Freda Jackson and Tegan and Turlough donned space suits and went in search of the energy on the lunar surface, finding Ravnok and Vartex's container full of cheese. Following Ravnok and Vartex's deaths, Tegan asked if they could return to the TARDIS, but the Doctor first wanted to confiscate the Dryrth technology. (PROSE: The Lunar Strangers [+]Loading...["The Lunar Strangers (comic story)"])

When the Doctor materialised the TARDIS on Walther Schwieger's U-boat in search of a signal, Tegan and Turlough became trapped inside the ship and the Doctor helped his sixth and seventh incarnations fight the Knights of Velyshaa. (AUDIO: The Sirens of Time [+]Loading...["The Sirens of Time (audio story)"])

Tegan found the Doctor in the Cloister Room after he received a note regarding the Master's funeral, which she believed that Nyssa should also have attended. Following the funeral, Tegan found the Watcher Master burning the victims of his Tissue Compression Eliminator to power the now-disembodied Master's TARDIS and was hypnotised to help steal one of the Doctor's regenerations. The Master ultimately used parts of his previous regenerations to restore Tremas's body and Tegan, the Doctor and Turlough restored and returned his shrunken victims. (PROSE: The Velvet Dark [+]Loading...["The Velvet Dark (short story)"])

In 1904 Russia, Tegan and Turlough were separated from the Doctor by an exploding teleportation device and boarded a train from Vladivostok to St Petersburg to meet up with him. Tegan was upset by the deaths of Peter, Sasha and Yevgeny Petrovitch Bazarov and let Turlough, whom she still did not trust, comfort her. They realised that Rodya had committed the murders to keep knowledge of a planned attack on Gudok from reaching St Petersburg and he tried to throw Tegan from the train, but they pulled into the station and the Doctor caught him. (PROSE: Gudok [+]Loading...["Gudok (short story)"])

They visited the location between universes, which Tegan named Ringpullworld and where Huxley's prose style reminded her of Vanessa. (AUDIO: Ringpullworld [+]Loading...["Ringpullworld (audio story)"])

One morning, Tegan and Turlough were disturbed in their respective bedrooms by the Doctor singing a Christmas carol and followed a distress call to the St Nicholas where Lieutenant Braast engaged Turlough in battle to prove himself. Tegan distracted the Sontaran's robots whilst the Doctor took control of them and had them escort Braast back to the Apocalypse and get the St Nicholas to Loen in time for Christmas. (PROSE: Sontar's Little Helpers [+]Loading...["Sontar's Little Helpers (short story)"])

Tegan with the Doctor and Turlough. (PROSE: Birth of a Renegade [+]Loading...["Birth of a Renegade (short story)"])

Tegan was unhappy when the Doctor chose to respond to a distress call from the Master's TARDIS, disguised as a battle cruiser, to which the TARDIS was then drawn by a tractor beam. The three travellers were captured by the Master and the Cybermen and reunited with Susan, whom the Master planned to use as a puppet to rule Gallifrey, but they managed to escape with her back to the Doctor's TARDIS whilst the Master's collapsed due to Susan using the Tissue Compression Eliminator. (PROSE: Birth of a Renegade [+]Loading...["Birth of a Renegade (short story)"])

The Doctor often spoke about River Song after meeting her at the Café de Paris, which frustrated Tegan to the point that she pushed him up against a wall in the Zero Room and demanded that he stop. (AUDIO: Expiry Dating [+]Loading...["Expiry Dating (audio story)"])

The Doctor promised to show Tegan her future, but they arrived later than intended, in 2084, and materialised in Sea Base 4 after the TARDIS was shot by Sentinel Six. They were separated from Turlough and attacked by a Myrka which the Doctor managed to kill with an ultra-violet convertor, some time after which they acquired hexachromite gas from the chemical store and Tegan encouraged the Doctor to release it into the ventilation system to kill the attacking Silurians and Sea Devils. On the Doctor's order, however, she and Turlough tried in vain to revive two Silurians with oxygen packs. (TV: Warriors of the Deep [+]Loading...["Warriors of the Deep (TV story)"])

To recover, they visited Tayborough Sands where Tegan began to consider that it might be best to leave the TARDIS before death became completely meaningless to her. She decided that she wanted to visit her grandfather, Andrew Verney. (PROSE: Deep Blue [+]Loading...["Deep Blue (novel)"])

The Doctor took Tegan and Turlough to Little Hodcombe in 1984 as Tegan requested, but they were arrested as trespassers as part of the village's war games and learnt that Verney had disappeared several days prior. Ben Wolsey and Joseph Willow kidnapped her on Sir George Hutchinson's orders to be sacrificed as the Queen of the May, only for Wolsey to turn against Sir George and replace her with a scarecrow. Following the defeat of Sir George and the Malus, Tegan asked to spend some time with Verney, who had been being held prisoner, and Turlough agreed. (TV: The Awakening [+]Loading...["The Awakening (TV story)"])

Tegan and Turlough spent three weeks exploring the Dorset countryside together whilst the Doctor tried to return Will Chandler to 1643. (PROSE: The King of Terror [+]Loading...["The King of Terror (novel)"])

At the 1981 Ashes series, Tegan accidentally distracted Graham Dilley when he was supposed to make a catch and created an aberrant timeline in which the English rioted and multiple heads of state were assassinated. An older Doctor successfully sent Peri Brown and Erimem to prevent the distraction and she instead shouted at Dilley to pay attention, after which the three women got drunk at a pub together. (PROSE: Graham Dilley Saves the World [+]Loading...["Graham Dilley Saves the World (short story)"])

Tegan did not understand why the Doctor wanted to stay at Simon and Joanne's apartment when they landed there and wanted to leave, finding it strange that the couple spent time watching Lants lead ordinary lives in Lant Land. She and Turlough came to believe that the Doctor had accidentally brought them to Lant Land, but the Doctor deduced that they were in the real world and that the Lants and viewers had swapped places. (PROSE: Lant Land [+]Loading...["Lant Land (short story)"])

In 1984, Tegan noticed a newspaper reporting on Margaret Thatcher's assassination and went back in time with the Doctor and Turlough several times to try to prevent it. They eventually took the imprisoned assassin Heathcliffe Bower to meet his younger self and succeeded in preventing the killing. (PROSE: The Assassin's Story [+]Loading...["The Assassin's Story (short story)"])

Tegan and Turlough were awoken at five o'clock one morning by the Doctor, who finally managed to land at Oxford Street on Christmas Eve, and she excitedly went out shopping, having the most fun she had had since shooting a Cyberman. She bought socks and a tie for Turlough and was unable to find question mark pyjamas for the Doctor, going on to reject a question mark umbrella for looking "a bit naff" before stealing a compass with the intent of paying for it in the future. The Doctor ultimately failed to find anything for her and Turlough bought her clothes which they used to tie up an undercover policeman who tried to arrest her. (PROSE: Last Minute Shopping [+]Loading...["Last Minute Shopping (short story)"])

Tegan was keen to see the Colosseum when the Doctor took her and Turlough to Rome, but they arrived sixty years before its construction. She and Turlough became separated from the Doctor as he gave them a history lesson and captured by men who brought them before Sextus Cornelius, who threatened to kill them unless the Doctor took him back to his planet. With the help of Felix and an orphan, the Doctor freed them. (PROSE: Rome [+]Loading...["Rome (short story)"])

In the 1st century, Tegan and the Doctor were taken to the Isle of Mona by the Ordovices and kept Ffion from changing time by defeating the Romans. Tegan was saved by Kamelion during the battle and she and the Doctor were reunited with Turlough. (PROSE: The Fall of the Druids [+]Loading...["The Fall of the Druids (short story)"])

Tegan and Turlough were watching the Doctor playing cricket near Allen Road when a Judoon ship landed in search of the Eye of Akasha. Tegan and the Doctor spoke with the Judoon whilst Turlough collected the Doctor's Five Hundred Year Diary and the Doctor got rid of them by handing them a cricket ball, pretending that it was the Eye. (COMIC: The Forgotten [+]Loading...["The Forgotten (comic story)"])

Tegan and Turlough were concerned when seeing the Engineers dismantling the TARDIS console. Volos explained their way of life to Tegan, explaining that they were building a world, and Tegan realised that their leader, Konis, was lying to them. She became worried when she learnt that Konis had suppressed the Doctor's memory. She convinced Volos to create an avatar of her so that she could help the Doctor, but effectively died when entering Konis' world. She was later revived and helped defeat the Vodyani. (AUDIO: Nightmare Country [+]Loading...["Nightmare Country (audio story)"])

When the TARDIS entered the Veruna system in the far future, Tegan asked to visit the humans on Frontios and wrongfully suspected that Range was responsible for those kidnapped by the Tractators upon finding his records of the "unaccountable deaths". She was detained by Brazen after Plantagenet was taken, but escaped by causing a flash with power cables and went into the Tractators' tunnels with the Doctor where they met the Gravis. The Doctor tricked the Gravis into isolating himself from the other Tractators and went with Tegan to drop him off on an uninhabited planet, temporarily leaving Turlough behind. (TV: Frontios [+]Loading...["Frontios (TV story)"])

Sole companion[[edit]]

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Further info from Time in Office [+]Loading...["Time in Office (audio story)"] needs to be added

According to one account, Tegan and the Doctor dropped the Gravis off on Kolkokron whilst he was still dormant and then went to Africa at the end of Earth. The Doctor intended to return to Frontios to pick up Turlough, but wondered if there might be issues getting back there immediately due to their side trip. (PROSE: Perfect Day [+]Loading...["Perfect Day (short story)"])

According to another account, the Gravis was no longer dormant and his enthusiasm for the mundane frustrated Tegan during the twelve-hour journey to Kolkokron. She wanted to leave him behind and return to Frontios when the TARDIS instead landed on Queth, calling him a murderer, but the Doctor insisted that they stay to investigate. Upon realising that the Queeth had to become their own ancestors, Tegan and the Doctor left the Gravis on Kolkokron and took the Queeth back in time. (PROSE: Life After Queth [+]Loading...["Life After Queth (short story)"])

The Doctor received a distress call on the way back to Frontios and took Tegan to Salient Point where she met Vivash O'Connell, the sole survivor of a human colony ship who reprogrammed the food replicator to make it Christmas every day. They intended to take him to Frontios and had Christmas dinner with him in the console room, which Tegan was surprised to find that she enjoyed, but the TARDIS picked up another distress call during the journey. (PROSE: Keeping It Real [+]Loading...["Keeping It Real (short story)"])

Tegan and the Doctor arrived in mediaeval Great Britain and met King Arthur, quickly deducing that his Merlin was the Master and that he planned to prevent Arthur's unification of Britain. The King sent the Master to his rooms to await his judgement, but he departed in his TARDIS and Tegan and the Doctor were left to ensure that established history was adhered to by suggesting a Round Table. (PROSE: The Creation of Camelot [+]Loading...["The Creation of Camelot (short story)"])

To persuade the Mekon to donate money to charity, Tegan and the Doctor went with the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors, as well as Susan Foreman, Victoria Waterfield, Leela, K9 Mark I and Ace to 1991, where the Second Doctor hit the Mekon in the face with a box of red noses. (COMIC: The Totally Stonking, Surprisingly Educational And Utterly Mindboggling Comic Relief Comic [+]Loading...["The Totally Stonking, Surprisingly Educational And Utterly Mindboggling Comic Relief Comic (comic story)"])

Tegan and the Doctor landed on Artaris where they soon got into an argument about how they had failed to get to Frontios, leading the Doctor to send Tegan to wait in the TARDIS and go out to explore whilst the time engine rested. (AUDIO: Excelis Dawns [+]Loading...["Excelis Dawns (audio story)"])

Tegan went with the Doctor to kill Ann's child, but he did not go through with it and she deemed the trip a waste of time. As they left, she reminded him that the child would grow to be a monster and complained about the rudeness of Sarah Jane Smith, who had strongly disagreed with the Doctor. (PROSE: Categorical Imperative [+]Loading...["Categorical Imperative (short story)"])

Tegan and the Doctor once had what the Seventh Doctor remembered as a "particularly lively visit" to Nocturne (AUDIO: Nocturne [+]Loading...["Nocturne (audio story)"]) and attended Elizabeth II's coronation. (COMIC: Where's the Doctor? [+]Loading...["Where's the Doctor? (comic story)"])

Tegan and the Doctor were summoned to Gallifrey where she met Leela and became Earth Ambassador to Gallifrey otherwise she would have had her memories wiped. She went on an Ambassadorial trip to one of the former Enemies of the Time Lords and worked out a way to de-escalate a situation with Sugru. She was later kidnapped by Scandrius who wanted to explore the universe. She got lost in the New Capitol. (AUDIO: Time in Office [+]Loading...["Time in Office (audio story)"])

Tegan and the Doctor eventually arrived back on Frontios and, after ensuring that Range and Norna would keep their presence there secret to keep the Time Lords from finding out, left with Turlough. The TARDIS was pulled towards the centre of the universe, for which Tegan initially thought that the Gravis might somehow be responsible. (TV: Frontios [+]Loading...["Frontios (TV story)"])


After leaving Frontios, the TARDIS materialised in Snowdonia where Tegan was greatly upset when Prodigal and her human-Autons killed several UNIT soldiers and shot Turlough, whom she momentarily believed was dead. The two companions were taken aboard a vortex driller where Tegan came to sympathise with Prodigal, who asked her if life with the Doctor was rewarding and died wearing her face, hoping that Tegan would find a place of her own in the world. She realised the amount of death that she saw in her life with the Doctor and, following the defeat of the First Consciousness, she returned to the TARDIS with the Doctor and Turlough and was caught in a time corridor. (AUDIO: The Auton Infinity [+]Loading...["The Auton Infinity (audio story)"])

Tegan says goodbye to the Doctor. (TV: Resurrection of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Resurrection of the Daleks (TV story)"])

A time corridor dragged the TARDIS to 1984 London where Tegan was knocked out after coming across a Dalek. She helped to defeat them, but the carnage of the Dalek civil war disillusioned her to her travels in the TARDIS. Remembering what Vanessa had told her when she started her job as an air stewardess, she bid an emotional and accusatory farewell to the Doctor and Turlough and ran off before the Doctor could respond.

Even so, she ran back in time to see the TARDIS dematerialise, calling out her goodbyes. (TV: Resurrection of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Resurrection of the Daleks (TV story)"]) She left the warehouse and escaped from Gustave Lytton's policemen by jumping onto a boat. (PROSE: Resurrection of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Resurrection of the Daleks (novelisation)"])

Unbeknownst to her, Tegan left the TARDIS with damage to her brain which would result in a tumour. She would later ascribe it to the numerous times she was knocked out or possessed. (AUDIO: The Gathering [+]Loading...["The Gathering (audio story)"])

Later life[[edit]]

Settling down[[edit]]

Tegan was left on Earth with no money, no possessions and no explanation of where she had been for three years. (PROSE: Fixing a Hole [+]Loading...["Fixing a Hole (short story)"]) She returned to Brisbane using money that her family wired to her so that she might leave London (PROSE: Encounter on Burnt Snake Flat [+]Loading...["Encounter on Burnt Snake Flat (short story)"]) and then spent several weeks travelling around the globe, dropping in on friends in Melbourne and London.

After several weeks of travelling, which she found dull, Tegan decided to get her job as an air stewardess back and wrote a letter to the airline which she did not receive a response to. She then left a telephone message and, when she did not hear back, she went to the airline offices and demanded to speak with the personnel director. She managed to get her job back and was to begin on 23 February 1985. At some point before this date, she met a nice man who made her feel settled. (PROSE: Fixing a Hole [+]Loading...["Fixing a Hole (short story)"])

Meeting the Sixth Doctor[[edit]]

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On her first morning back at the airport as a stewardess, (PROSE: Fixing a Hole [+]Loading...["Fixing a Hole (short story)"]) just as she was about to eat lunch, Tegan was teleported into the TARDIS after the Sixth Doctor accidentally activated the matter transporter. Despite her grievances, she helped isolate the power to the control room to stop Group Marshal Nathan and his subordinate from using the TARDIS to detonate a vitrox bomb, in the course of which she accidentally transported Gareth Jenkins aboard. She was afraid upon seeing the Tenth Sontaran Battle Brigade on the TARDIS scanner. (HOMEVID: A Fix with Sontarans [+]Loading...["A Fix with Sontarans (home video)"])

After the adventure, Tegan and the Doctor reconciled for a time and she was returned to Heathrow. She later recalled the experience as either cinematic and terrifying or comedic and silly, depending on how she looked at it. (PROSE: Fixing a Hole [+]Loading...["Fixing a Hole (short story)"])

Back in Australia[[edit]]

By 1987, Tegan was running her father's farm (PROSE: Encounter on Burnt Snake Flat [+]Loading...["Encounter on Burnt Snake Flat (short story)"]) and rarely thought about her adventures in the TARDIS, (AUDIO: The Gathering [+]Loading...["The Gathering (audio story)"]) although she did give an interview to River Song (PROSE: When It Was Fun [+]Loading...["When It Was Fun (short story)"]) and was, at some point, interviewed by UNIT before having her mind wiped. (TV: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (TV story)"])

The Doctor visited her in 1987 to reassure her that she did not have to worry about the Mara, as well as that her father would survive the snake bite that he suffered. (PROSE: Encounter on Burnt Snake Flat [+]Loading...["Encounter on Burnt Snake Flat (short story)"]) When the Doctor was regenerating, he reached out psychically to his companions. Tegan said "brave heart" and told him that he would survive. (AUDIO: Winter [+]Loading...["Winter (audio story)"]; TV: The Caves of Androzani [+]Loading...["The Caves of Androzani (TV story)"])

After her father died, she took over his animal feed company Verney Food Supplies, a job that she did not find especially fulfilling. She lived a normal life with few friends other than colleagues that she did not like. (AUDIO: The Gathering [+]Loading...["The Gathering (audio story)"])

In the 1990s, Tegan answered a small advert in Time Out magazine which called for anybody who knew what the word "TARDIS" meant. She went to London where she was reunited with Sarah Jane Smith and met Liz Shaw, Jo Grant and Dorothy McShane and reminisced with them over wine, although she was less positive than the others. (PROSE: Girls' Night In [+]Loading...["Girls' Night In (short story)"])


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Further info on the actual events of The Gathering [+]Loading...["The Gathering (audio story)"] needs to be added

Tegan embarked on a romantic relationship with Michael Tanaka, a colleague of hers. However, she ended the relationship in 2006 after discovering that she had an inoperable brain tumour which she suspected was the result of her TARDIS misadventures. She was told that she was unlikely to live more than a year. On her birthday that year, she was reunited with the Doctor and refused his offer of travelling again or finding a cure, telling him that she was happy with her life. She resumed her relationship with Michael.

Despite only having been given a year to live, (AUDIO: The Gathering [+]Loading...["The Gathering (audio story)"]) Tegan was still alive in 2010, by which time she was, according to Sarah Jane Smith's research, campaigning for Aboriginal rights. (TV: Death of the Doctor [+]Loading...["Death of the Doctor (TV story)"])

Accounts set during this period often disagreed on Tegan's romantic life: according to some, she entered into a relationship with Nyssa, (WC: Farewell, Sarah Jane [+]Loading...["Farewell, Sarah Jane (webcast)"], PROSE: The Doctor's Companions [+]Loading...{"page":"15","1":"The Doctor's Companions (feature)"}, etc.) whilst other accounts inferred that Tegan was heterosexual, (TV: The Power of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Power of the Doctor (TV story)"], WC: The Passenger [+]Loading...["The Passenger (webcast)"], etc.) the latter account further implying Tegan's relationship with Nyssa was in a different universe, (WC: The Passenger [+]Loading...["The Passenger (webcast)"]) whilst another, linked account listed "Haybourne" as one of several surnames used by Tegan, (PROSE: TARDIS Data File: Tegan) matching a further, much contradictory account of Tegan's life and marriage in the 2020s. (PROSE: Good Companions [+]Loading...["Good Companions (short story)"])

As a couple, Tegan and Nyssa attended Sarah's funeral one spring day. The pair discussed Sarah with the other guests and helped fight the Jackals of the Backwards Clock. (WC: Farewell, Sarah Jane [+]Loading...["Farewell, Sarah Jane (webcast)"])

Meeting the Thirteenth Doctor[[edit]]

Tegan is taunted by the Spy Master. (TV: The Power of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Power of the Doctor (TV story)"])

By 2022, Tegan had "seen off" two husbands and adopted a son whom she went six weeks without hearing from. She claimed to have spent her time since leaving the Doctor living "like a nomad" and helping people, a lifestyle which involved removing land mines, partaking in coups, being hijacked and almost drowning.

In 2022, Tegan assisted the Thirteenth Doctor, Yasmin Khan, Ace and UNIT against the combined forces of the Spy Master, the Daleks, Ashad and his Cyber-Warriors, and the CyberMasters. About a month later, she joined a support group for other people who had travelled with the Doctor, including Yasmin Khan, Dan Lewis, Graham O'Brien, Ian Chesterton, Jo Jones, Melanie Bush, Ace and Kate Stewart. (TV: The Power of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Power of the Doctor (TV story)"])

Tegan and the Doctor in the remembered TARDIS. (TV: Earthshock [+]Loading...["Earthshock (TotT TV story)"])

Tegan later materialised in a remembered TARDIS, just after she had said goodnight to Nyssa. She reunited with the Fifth Doctor, and the pair remembered the day Adric died fighting the Cybermen. (TV: Earthshock [+]Loading...["Earthshock (TotT TV story)"])

At some point afterwards, the Mara resurfaced in a dream of Tegan's, in another attempt to possess her. It tried to tempt her with a reunion with Nyssa, but Tegan refused, with Nyssa's voice claiming that they were "together" in another universe. Upon awakening, Tegan defiantly told the Mara that it was nothing compared to the other monsters and horrors she had encountered, and she bluntly told it to get "back in [its] box". (WC: The Passenger [+]Loading...["The Passenger (webcast)"])

Marriage and widowhood[[edit]]

According to one account, by the 2020s, Tegan had had a breakdown and was sent to Shawlands for therapy due to her stories about her time in the TARDIS, which were not only considered fanciful but also embarrassing for the government. She came to believe that her memories were delusions stemming from her trauma following Vanessa's death. Whilst at therapy, she developed her writing skills. She married Dr William Haybourne and lived with him in Cambridge after he was appointed chair at St Cedd's College, writing a book called Good Companions.

Fifty years after Vanessa's death and ten years after the Haybournes' wedding, William fell ill whilst giving a lecture and died. On her way back to her empty home from the funeral in Exeter, Tegan met an incarnation of the Doctor that she did not know, calling himself Dr Smith, on a train. Although she played a role in helping defeat the Sigrarnons, she believed that it was a dream and parted ways with him. After sorting out the matter of William's estate with their lawyer, she went looking for Dr Smith's house, which she had visited, but was told by a policeman that there had not been a house at that address for years. (PROSE: Good Companions [+]Loading...["Good Companions (short story)"]) Curiously, an account linked to other, differing accounts of Tegan's life in the 2020s, listed "Haybourne" among Tegan's various surnames. (PROSE: TARDIS Data File: Tegan)


When the Eleventh Doctor accidentally materialised in 19th century Yorkshire, he defended to Clara Oswald that his piloting was much better than it used to be, recalling that he'd spent "a hell of a long time" trying to get "a gobby Australian" back to Heathrow Airport. Though by this stage of his life, the Doctor had forgotten why Tegan had been so eager to return. (TV: The Crimson Horror [+]Loading...["The Crimson Horror (TV story)"])


Tegan was stubborn, loud and direct, describing herself as "just a mouth on legs". (TV: Earthshock [+]Loading...["Earthshock (TV story)"]) Although she did often bicker with her fellow travellers, she was intrinsically honest and moral, qualities that the Fifth Doctor noted made her a good coordinator. (TV: Castrovalva [+]Loading...["Castrovalva (TV story)"]) She was also more likely to detect a threat to the Doctor's safety than her fellow companions. (TV: Castrovalva [+]Loading...["Castrovalva (TV story)"], Mawdryn Undead [+]Loading...["Mawdryn Undead (TV story)"]) Nonetheless, she was described by Adric as "unreasonably highly strung", (AUDIO: The Toy [+]Loading...["The Toy (audio story)"]) by Iris Wildthyme as "shrill" (AUDIO: Excelis Dawns [+]Loading...["Excelis Dawns (audio story)"]) and by the Eleventh Doctor as a "gobby Australian". (TV: The Crimson Horror [+]Loading...["The Crimson Horror (TV story)"])

In terms of her personal politics, Tegan described herself as "a fully paid up Aussie republican". (AUDIO: The Children of Seth [+]Loading...["The Children of Seth (audio story)"]) She was sickened by blood sports (AUDIO: Equilibrium [+]Loading...["Equilibrium (audio story)"]) and violence, (TV: Resurrection of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Resurrection of the Daleks (TV story)"]) but was willing to resort to violence in extreme circumstances. She threw a knife at the Tremas Master when he threatened the Doctor (TV: The King's Demons [+]Loading...["The King's Demons (TV story)"]) and killed a Cyberman with its own gun. (TV: Earthshock [+]Loading...["Earthshock (TV story)"])

Tegan was a talented artist, sketching the latest 1980s fashions on Earth for Enlightenment (TV: Four to Doomsday [+]Loading...["Four to Doomsday (TV story)"]) and a pair of Cybermen. (PROSE: Lackaday Express [+]Loading...["Lackaday Express (short story)"]) However, she was not a fan of modern art. (AUDIO: The Waters of Amsterdam [+]Loading...["The Waters of Amsterdam (audio story)"]) She was a skilled linguist, studying foreign languages at college (PROSE: Cold Fusion [+]Loading...["Cold Fusion (novel)"]) and being able to speak an Aboriginal language fluently. (TV: Four to Doomsday [+]Loading...["Four to Doomsday (TV story)"]) She was sympathetic to the status of the Aboriginal people in her time and campaigned for their rights in the 21st century. (TV: Death of the Doctor [+]Loading...["Death of the Doctor (TV story)"])

Tegan and Nyssa. (TV: Earthshock [+]Loading...["Earthshock (TV story)"])

She considered Nyssa to be her best friend (AUDIO: The Emerald Tiger [+]Loading...["The Emerald Tiger (audio story)"]) and was greatly saddened when she first left the TARDIS, (TV: Terminus [+]Loading...["Terminus (TV story)"]) once saying that Nyssa was "too good for this world" and that she wanted to be more like her. (AUDIO: Aquitaine [+]Loading...["Aquitaine (audio story)"]) When Geoff Paynter called her a lesbian, Tegan ignored him and then called him a moron. (PROSE: The King of Terror [+]Loading...["The King of Terror (novel)"]) However, the Mara, which knew all of Tegan's thoughts, implied that she did indeed harbour passionate feelings for Nyssa and it tried to use this to tempt her. (WC: The Passenger) Some accounts asserted that when Nyssa settled down on Earth, Tegan entered into a relationship with her, (WC: Farewell, Sarah Jane [+]Loading...["Farewell, Sarah Jane (webcast)"], TV: Earthshock [+]Loading...["Earthshock (TotT TV story)"], PROSE: The Doctor's Companions [+]Loading...{"page":"15","1":"The Doctor's Companions (feature)"}) although others showed that she only ever had romantic relationships with men. (TV: The Power of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Power of the Doctor (TV story)"], PROSE: TARDIS Data File: Tegan, Good Companions [+]Loading...["Good Companions (short story)"])

Although Tegan often found it hard to cope with Adric due to his apparent chauvinism, (TV: Four to Doomsday [+]Loading...["Four to Doomsday (TV story)"]) she did care for him and was upset by his death (TV: Earthshock [+]Loading...["Earthshock (TV story)"]) and indignant at the Doctor's apparent refusal to save Adric's life, even though he mentioned the destructive consequences of messing with time. (TV: Earthshock [+]Loading...["Earthshock (TV story)"])

Tegan claimed that the Doctor often gave her "half pained, half patronising" looks and later described him as the most annoying man that she had ever met. (AUDIO: Aquitaine [+]Loading...["Aquitaine (audio story)"]) On one occasion, she derisively referred to the Doctor as a "posho". (AUDIO: The Peterloo Massacre [+]Loading...["The Peterloo Massacre (audio story)"]) Despite this, the Doctor said that she was "very dear" to him, (AUDIO: The Emerald Tiger [+]Loading...["The Emerald Tiger (audio story)"]) and the two admitted missing each other. (TV: The Power of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Power of the Doctor (TV story)"])

The Doctor often encouraged her to find her inner strength with the words, "Brave heart, Tegan". (TV: Earthshock [+]Loading...["Earthshock (TV story)"], Enlightenment [+]Loading...["Enlightenment (TV story)"], Warriors of the Deep [+]Loading...["Warriors of the Deep (TV story)"], The Awakening [+]Loading...["The Awakening (TV story)"]) Although she told him that she found it annoying and asked him never to say it again, he did so on numerous subsequent occasions. (AUDIO: Psychodrome [+]Loading...["Psychodrome (audio story)"]) He saw her saying the phrase back to him as he regenerated. (TV: The Caves of Androzani [+]Loading...["The Caves of Androzani (TV story)"]) On one occasion, Tegan said, "Brave heart" to encourage Nyssa. (AUDIO: The Star Men [+]Loading...["The Star Men (audio story)"]) She muttered those words to herself after leaving the TARDIS and watching it dematerialise, (TV: Resurrection of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Resurrection of the Daleks (TV story)"]) and was genuinely pleased to hear those words used to encourage her by the Thirteenth Doctor's hologram in the form of the Fifth to fight Ashad and his Cyber-Warriors. (TV: The Power of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Power of the Doctor (TV story)"])

She was a fan of Talking Heads (AUDIO: The Waters of Amsterdam [+]Loading...["The Waters of Amsterdam (audio story)"]) and had seen Blake's 7. (PROSE: Cold Fusion [+]Loading...["Cold Fusion (novel)"]) Accounts differed on whether she was passionate about cricket (PROSE: Black Orchid [+]Loading...["Black Orchid (novelisation)"]) or found it boring. (PROSE: Goth Opera [+]Loading...["Goth Opera (novel)"]) She was not much of a tea drinker. (PROSE: Resurrection of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Resurrection of the Daleks (novelisation)"])


Tegan was small, slender (PROSE: Arc of Infinity [+]Loading...["Arc of Infinity (novelisation)"]) and attractive, (PROSE: Warriors of the Deep [+]Loading...["Warriors of the Deep (novelisation)"]) with aggressively close-cropped, dark auburn hair. (PROSE: Kinda [+]Loading...["Kinda (novelisation)"], The Eight Doctors [+]Loading...["The Eight Doctors (novel)"]) She gave out an efficient and determined aura. (PROSE: Earthshock [+]Loading...["Earthshock (novelisation)"])

When she first travelled with the Doctor, she wore a mauve uniform skirt and a lavender blouse (TV: Logopolis [+]Loading...["Logopolis (TV story)"], etc.) with stylish shoes, (PROSE: Earthshock [+]Loading...["Earthshock (novelisation)"]) which she kept on to remind the Doctor that she wished to return home. (PROSE: When It Was Fun [+]Loading...["When It Was Fun (short story)"]) She did, however, change into a "spritely confection" of a mint green taffeta dress with a pink skirt for the party at Cranleigh Hall. (PROSE: Black Orchid [+]Loading...["Black Orchid (novelisation)"])

Upon reuniting with the Doctor and Nyssa, Tegan wore an alabaster jacket with matching shorts and a white camisole top, (PROSE: Arc of Infinity [+]Loading...["Arc of Infinity (novelisation)"]) an outfit that she wore for some time due to her possessions having been stored away. (AUDIO: The Waters of Amsterdam [+]Loading...["The Waters of Amsterdam (audio story)"]) She also wore a rainbow dress (TV: Warriors of the Deep [+]Loading...["Warriors of the Deep (TV story)"]) with an ivory sash about her waist. (PROSE: Warriors of the Deep [+]Loading...["Warriors of the Deep (novelisation)"], The Eight Doctors [+]Loading...["The Eight Doctors (novel)"])

In her seventies, Tegan had hair as grey as a winter's day, having allowed her colour to grow out when she was sixty. Her hair reminded her of her mother's. (PROSE: Good Companions [+]Loading...["Good Companions (short story)"])

Behind the scenes[[edit]]