Kane's Story (comic story)

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Kane's Story was a Sixth Doctor comic published in Doctor Who Magazine. It was the first story to feature the Skeletoids, who would form the basis of the comics' plot up until Frobisher's Story. It would also be the first DWM story to feature a human companion originating from the TV series without the reveal of an illusion. In terms of non-human companions, K9 had appeared in comics as early as 1980's Timeslip, and illusions of Peri Brown and arguably Zoe Heriot had previously been seen in Funhouse and The Tides of Time respectively.


With the TARDIS awaiting repairs, the Sixth Doctor meets Kane, a man who tells him of the approaching menace that threatens much of the galaxy, including the Earth.


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  • Peri, an American in New York City, tells her boss to find a new "skivvy" when she quits. The term is a British colloquialism used for low-ranking domestic servants. While an inconsistency on its own, Peri is known for using a number of British slang words in her vocabulary across various forms of media. A possible side-effect of her parents' globetrotting careers as archaeologists. She also uses the word, "skivvy", in AUDIO: Paradise 5.
  • Almost uniquely, this comic is the first of a four-part story to use an idiosyncratic naming style for each episode (i.e. "Appl.'s Story"). While unusual for the time, it was common practice in the early 1960s for each instalment to possess its own title.


  • The TARDIS has just escaped from Funhouse (COMIC: Funhouse [+]Loading...["Funhouse (comic story)"])
  • Frobisher is slightly apprehensive towards Peri due to seeing an illusion of her in Funhouse. (COMIC: Funhouse [+]Loading...["Funhouse (comic story)"])

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