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Perpugilliam Brown, also known as Peri, was a companion of the Fifth and Sixth Doctors.

She was an American college student who accidentally joined the Fifth Doctor during his visit to Lanzarote in 1984. She then elected to remain with him for the rest of her vacation time. She remained with the Doctor after his regeneration into his sixth incarnation. She found it harder to get along with him because of his recklessness, seeing him as arrogant and mad; only to see her own hypocrisy when her influence on him caused the death of Gustav Lytton by the hands of a Cyber Controller, and also the deaths many victims of Davros and his Necros Daleks. However, as time went on, the Sixth Doctor's personality mellowed and Peri's friendship with him improved, especially after he returned to comfort her after the death of her mother.

Peri was separated from him by the Time Lords so that they could cover up the Ravolox conspiracy. According to the Tremas Master, Peri fell in love with King Yrcanos and married him, but that was just part of the truth. As it turned out, there were several future versions of Peri's life due to interventions of various Time Lord factions. One of these versions of Peri eventually rejoined the Sixth Doctor on his travels after Yrcanos died, though she returned to Krontep once a year to pay tribute to her late husband.

Peri had limited contact with other companions, although she did encounter a few. She spent a significant amount of time alongside the uncrowned Egyptian Pharaoh Erimem, developing a deep sister-like bond. As well as this she had a series of adventures with Frobisher. She was also acquainted with Jamie McCrimmon, meeting him and the Second Doctor during an encounter with two Androgums and two leading members of the Ninth Sontaran Battle Group. She also very briefly met Vislor Turlough who left the Doctor's company just prior to her joining. She also met Kamelion briefly before his destruction. She also briefly met Ace, accompanied by the Seventh Doctor, at the Factory.



Perpugilliam Brown was born in 1966 as the only child of archaeologists (PROSE: Blue Box [+]Loading...["Blue Box (novel)"]) Paul and Janine Brown, who had married on 21 November 1962. She had an aunt named Mona who lived on a trailer park. (AUDIO: Peri and the Piscon Paradox [+]Loading...["Peri and the Piscon Paradox (audio story)"]) "Perpugilliam" was an old family name (PROSE: Players [+]Loading...["Players (novel)"]) which Peri claimed meant "she who lives in the hills" (AUDIO: The Bride of Peladon [+]Loading...["The Bride of Peladon (audio story)"]) or "by a handful" (PROSE: A Handful of Stardust [+]Loading...["A Handful of Stardust (short story)"]) and which she often found people had difficulty pronouncing. (PROSE: Revelation of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Revelation of the Daleks (novelisation)"])

According to most accounts, Peri was raised in Baltimore, (PROSE: House [+]Loading...["House (short story)"], The Ruins of Heaven [+]Loading...["The Ruins of Heaven (short story)"]; AUDIO: Nekromanteia [+]Loading...["Nekromanteia (audio story)"], The Macros [+]Loading...["The Macros (audio story)"]) specifically Fell's Point (AUDIO: The Reaping [+]Loading...["The Reaping (audio story)"]; PROSE: When It Was Fun [+]Loading...["When It Was Fun (short story)"]; TV: Vengeance on Varos [+]Loading...["Vengeance on Varos (TotT TV story)"]) where she lived at 256 East Lombard Street. (PROSE: When It Was Fun [+]Loading...["When It Was Fun (short story)"]) According to other accounts, she came from New York City, (PROSE: The Twin Dilemma [+]Loading...["The Twin Dilemma (novelisation)"], Revelation of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Revelation of the Daleks (novelisation)"]; AUDIO: The Authentic Experience [+]Loading...["The Authentic Experience (audio story)"]) Pasadena (PROSE: Synthespians™ [+]Loading...["Synthespians™ (novel)"], Something Borrowed [+]Loading...["Something Borrowed (short story)"]) or New England, (PROSE: The Mark of the Rani [+]Loading...["The Mark of the Rani (novelisation)"]; AUDIO: ...ish [+]Loading...["...ish (audio story)"]) specifically Boston. (PROSE: The More Things Change [+]Loading...["The More Things Change (short story)"])

Peri was raised as a Baptist (AUDIO: The Council of Nicaea [+]Loading...["The Council of Nicaea (audio story)"]) and made to attend church every week, (PROSE: The Ruins of Heaven [+]Loading...["The Ruins of Heaven (short story)"]) but she would later consider herself not to be religious. (AUDIO: The Council of Nicaea [+]Loading...["The Council of Nicaea (audio story)"]) She travelled the world with her parents due to their careers (PROSE: Blue Box [+]Loading...["Blue Box (novel)"]) and went to Manhattan every Thanksgiving. (AUDIO: Paradise 5 [+]Loading...["Paradise 5 (audio story)"]) She enjoyed a comfortable life thanks to her parents' wealth, but she was only truly happy amongst nature and was fascinated with botany. (PROSE: Synthespians™ [+]Loading...["Synthespians™ (novel)"]) She was best friends with Kathy Chambers, whose brother Nate she fancied. (AUDIO: The Reaping [+]Loading...["The Reaping (audio story)"])

Janine once took Peri to the Boston Botanical Centre when she was eleven (PROSE: Superior Beings [+]Loading...["Superior Beings (novel)"]) and she once visited Kew Gardens and Wembley Stadium where she saw AC/DC and the Who, (PROSE: The Church of Football [+]Loading...["The Church of Football (short story)"]) although she would later tell the Sixth Doctor that she had never visited London. (TV: Attack of the Cybermen [+]Loading...["Attack of the Cybermen (TV story)"]) She also visited Bath Abbey, (PROSE: Superior Beings [+]Loading...["Superior Beings (novel)"]) Las Vegas (PROSE: Something Borrowed [+]Loading...["Something Borrowed (short story)"]) and France, where she walked in the gardens of a chateau. (AUDIO: Breaking Bubbles [+]Loading...["Breaking Bubbles (audio story)"])

As a girl, Peri read the comic book Swamp Thing (PROSE: Players [+]Loading...["Players (novel)"]) and read about the Philadelphia Experiment. (AUDIO: The Macros [+]Loading...["The Macros (audio story)"]) Her father took her out hunting and they had a dog called Whiskey. (AUDIO: Peri and the Piscon Paradox [+]Loading...["Peri and the Piscon Paradox (audio story)"]) She had the opportunity to take horse-riding lessons, but chose not to (AUDIO: The Church and the Crown [+]Loading...["The Church and the Crown (audio story)"]) and later remarked that she never had time. (AUDIO: Leviathan [+]Loading...["Leviathan (audio story)"]) Whilst living in Baltimore, she would sometimes go to the graveyard and read inscriptions upon the tombstones. (AUDIO: Emissary of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Emissary of the Daleks (audio story)"])

Teenage years[[edit]]

Paul taught Peri how to use a gun, although she did not like handling them (PROSE: Attack of the Cybermen [+]Loading...["Attack of the Cybermen (novelisation)"]) and was not confident in her ability to use them. (TV: Attack of the Cybermen [+]Loading...["Attack of the Cybermen (TV story)"]) When she was thirteen, her father died in a boating accident. (PROSE: Synthespians™ [+]Loading...["Synthespians™ (novel)"]) Janine married Professor Howard Foster, another archaeologist, who already had two children. (PROSE: Shell Shock [+]Loading...["Shell Shock (novel)"]) Peri believed that Janine married Howard too soon after Paul's death. (AUDIO: The Reaping [+]Loading...["The Reaping (audio story)"]) According to some accounts, Howard sexually abused Peri and made her keep it a secret from Janine. (PROSE: Synthespians™ [+]Loading...["Synthespians™ (novel)"], Shell Shock [+]Loading...["Shell Shock (novel)"])

In high school, Peri was a straight A student (AUDIO: Trouble in Paradise [+]Loading...["Trouble in Paradise (audio story)"]) and popular amongst her peers whilst Kathy was her "geeky friend". (AUDIO: The Reaping [+]Loading...["The Reaping (audio story)"]) She studied Christopher Columbus, whose actions she was disgusted by, in great detail (AUDIO: Trouble in Paradise [+]Loading...["Trouble in Paradise (audio story)"]) and learnt British history, covering Henry VIII. (AUDIO: Recorded Time [+]Loading...["Recorded Time (audio story)"]) She was top of her class in botany and dreamed about discovering a new plant species or having a flower named after her. (AUDIO: Paradise 5 [+]Loading...["Paradise 5 (audio story)"])

In addition to Kathy, Peri was friends with Eunice, Paula, (AUDIO: The Reaping [+]Loading...["The Reaping (audio story)"]) and Candy Tyler, whom she once pushed into the path of a boy to prevent him from asking her to prom. (AUDIO: The Veiled Leopard [+]Loading...["The Veiled Leopard (audio story)"]) Candy never forgave her. (AUDIO: The Reaping [+]Loading...["The Reaping (audio story)"]) Peri and some of her friends once drove across the plains of Arizona. She would later remember how clearly she was able to see the stars that night, a view which was not surpassed until her travels with the Sixth Doctor. (AUDIO: The Shadows of Serenity [+]Loading...["The Shadows of Serenity (audio story)"])

Peri's first boyfriend was George Stewart, whom she nicknamed "Curious George" and who crashed the car on their way to their first date because he was distracted by her legs. When she was sixteen, she was dumped by "a real creep" and was upset until her grandmother called her and told her to pull herself together. She started dating Davey Silverman, who never left her alone for the first three months of their relationship and was nervous when she once used the subway, something that she interpreted as him being overprotective. (AUDIO: Peri and the Piscon Paradox [+]Loading...["Peri and the Piscon Paradox (audio story)"])

Peri and Nate both disliked their names, which they thought were stupid, and agreed that they would one day get them changed. Peri knew that Nate was attracted to her, something that Kathy was also aware of and found weird on account of her and Peri being best friends. (AUDIO: The Reaping [+]Loading...["The Reaping (audio story)"]) In her gap year, she read À la recherche du temps perdu and believed that Marcel Proust could have benefitted from a better editor. She also read Black Orchid (AUDIO: Year of the Pig [+]Loading...["Year of the Pig (audio story)"]) and did a fair amount of serving drinks in cafés. (AUDIO: Paradise 5 [+]Loading...["Paradise 5 (audio story)"])


Peri began studying Botany (TV: The Mysterious Planet [+]Loading...["The Mysterious Planet (TV story)"]) at college (TV: Planet of Fire [+]Loading...["Planet of Fire (TV story)"]) in 1983 (AUDIO: The Mind's Eye [+]Loading...["The Mind's Eye (audio story)"], Peri and the Piscon Paradox [+]Loading...["Peri and the Piscon Paradox (audio story)"]) whilst maintaining an interest in archaeology thanks to her parents and Howard. (PROSE: Blue Box [+]Loading...["Blue Box (novel)"]) Accounts differed on whether she attended Boston University, (PROSE: Burning Heart [+]Loading...["Burning Heart (novel)"]) Berkeley (PROSE: Synthespians™ [+]Loading...["Synthespians™ (novel)"]) or California State.

Peri and Howard. (PROSE: The Doctor: His Lives and Times [+]Loading...["The Doctor: His Lives and Times"])

Peri considered breaking up with Davey rather than have a long-distance relationship whilst she was at college and he punched a door when he realised this was the case. She ultimately decided to stay with him, (AUDIO: Peri and the Piscon Paradox [+]Loading...["Peri and the Piscon Paradox (audio story)"]) although she did date Chuck for a time and found that he was unable to give simple answers to any question, always speaking in "jargonese". (PROSE: Attack of the Cybermen [+]Loading...["Attack of the Cybermen (novelisation)"]) She would later remark that she had to deal with a number of "dumb jocks" in college. (PROSE: Superior Beings [+]Loading...["Superior Beings (novel)"])

On campus, Peri was a sports star, enjoying playing tennis, hockey and lacrosse. (PROSE: The Two Doctors [+]Loading...["The Two Doctors (novelisation)"]) Whenever she passed the Zoology laboratory on campus, she was glad that she chose to study Botany instead as she did not know what was going on with the animals inside. (AUDIO: Year of the Pig [+]Loading...["Year of the Pig (audio story)"]) She shared a residence with other girls, (AUDIO: Peri and the Piscon Paradox [+]Loading...["Peri and the Piscon Paradox (audio story)"]) was friends with Sara (PROSE: Burning Heart [+]Loading...["Burning Heart (novel)"]) and knew a girl with an eating disorder who was referred to a counsellor. (AUDIO: Year of the Pig [+]Loading...["Year of the Pig (audio story)"])

Peri had a young cousin named Pete who had just started learning how to walk (AUDIO: The Song of Megaptera [+]Loading...["The Song of Megaptera (audio story)"]) by the time she went on holiday to Lanzarote in 1984. (TV: Planet of Fire [+]Loading...["Planet of Fire (TV story)"]) She carried a photograph of Pete around with her and fondly remembered how he laughed when he burped and burped when he laughed. (AUDIO: The Song of Megaptera [+]Loading...["The Song of Megaptera (audio story)"])

Adventures with the Fifth Doctor[[edit]]

Joining the Doctor[[edit]]

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Peri and the Doctor saying goodbye to Turlough. (TV: Planet of Fire [+]Loading...["Planet of Fire (TV story)"])

In Lanzarote on 9 May 1984, Peri met two Englishmen (AUDIO: The Reaping [+]Loading...["The Reaping (audio story)"]) and decided to go with them to Morocco before returning to college in the autumn, cashing in her return ticket to New York. However, Howard stopped her from making it to the airport on time by stranding her on a boat.

Peri was saved by Vislor Turlough from drowning and was taken by him into the TARDIS where she met the Fifth Doctor and Kamelion, who assumed Howard's form and, later, the Tremas Master's. Kamelion seized control of the TARDIS and took Peri to Sarn where she met the real Master. Following his defeat and Turlough's return to Trion with his brother, Peri joined the Doctor on his travels with the intention of returning to finish her degree. (TV: Planet of Fire [+]Loading...["Planet of Fire (TV story)"])

Early adventures[[edit]]

When the Doctor received a summons and materialised the TARDIS in 12th century England, he decided that it was not the right place for Peri's adventures in time and space begin and told her to wait inside whilst he answered the call. (PROSE: Five Card Draw [+]Loading...["Five Card Draw (short story)"])

On N'Tia, Peri began to regret joining the Doctor but decided that she had made the right choice upon seeing the planet's beauty. (PROSE: Light at the End of the Tunnel [+]Loading...["Light at the End of the Tunnel (short story)"])

To recover from her experiences with the N'Tians, the Doctor took her shopping in London where they watched Les Misérables. (PROSE: Black and White [+]Loading...["Black and White (short story)"])

The Doctor took Peri to Astroville Seven in the 31st century to help her acclimatise to being amongst various species of aliens and, wanting to choose clothes for herself rather than be limited to what was in the TARDIS wardrobe, she went shopping. They became caught up in a quest for the legendary treasure of Rovan Cartovall. (PROSE: The Ultimate Treasure [+]Loading...["The Ultimate Treasure (novel)"])

On Earth, she watched Len Skeggs die after stealing the Eye of Gaar. (PROSE: Hot Ice [+]Loading...["Hot Ice (short story)"])

Peri and the Doctor on Mars. (AUDIO: Red Dawn [+]Loading...["Red Dawn (audio story)"])

On Mars in the 2000s, Peri and the Doctor encountered the Ice Warriors and met the crew of the Argosy. When the Argosy crash-landed, Peri went with Paul and Tanya Webster to Izdaal's tomb. (AUDIO: Red Dawn [+]Loading...["Red Dawn (audio story)"])

A week into her adventures, she once again met the Master, this time in 1880s California. (PROSE: A Town Called Eternity [+]Loading...["A Town Called Eternity (short story)"])

A week later, the Doctor took her to watch a football game and she encountered Edward Grainger (PROSE: The Church of Football [+]Loading...["The Church of Football (short story)"]) before going to 2099 Prague. (PROSE: Leap Second [+]Loading...["Leap Second (short story)"])

She later met the Valethske and narrowly avoided becoming a meal. Despite understanding how she felt, the Doctor disapproved of the visceral hatred she developed for Veek's people. (PROSE: Superior Beings [+]Loading...["Superior Beings (novel)"])

With Erimem[[edit]]

After travelling alone with the Doctor, they met Erimem, a princess of ancient Egypt, who joined them in the TARDIS. (AUDIO: The Eye of the Scorpion [+]Loading...["The Eye of the Scorpion (audio story)"])

The Doctor intended to drop Erimem off on the Braxiatel Collection so that she could have an education. Instead, they arrived in 17th century Paris. There, Peri was kidnapped by the Duke of Buckingham, who believed that she was Queen Anne (a look-alike of Peri). After this adventure, the Doctor invited Erimem to join them travelling in the TARDIS. (AUDIO: The Church and the Crown [+]Loading...["The Church and the Crown (audio story)"])

By this time, Peri had found one of Leela's skins in the TARDIS wardrobe and considered wearing it on one occasion. (AUDIO: No Place Like Home [+]Loading...["No Place Like Home (audio story)"])

Peri grew exceptionally close to Erimem and hoped her feelings for Erimem were like those she had for a sister. (PROSE: Blood and Hope [+]Loading...["Blood and Hope (novel)"]) She helped teach Erimem to read English.

The three battled Jarra To in the Axis, (AUDIO: The Axis of Insanity [+]Loading...["The Axis of Insanity (audio story)"]) defeated the Great Old Ones in the Himalayas (AUDIO: The Roof of the World [+]Loading...["The Roof of the World (audio story)"]) and prevented the Khellians from preying on a vulnerable Earth colony. (AUDIO: Three's a Crowd [+]Loading...["Three's a Crowd (audio story)"])

The trio next visited Nicaea in 325 AD, where they found themselves in the middle of a religious conflict. (AUDIO: The Council of Nicaea [+]Loading...["The Council of Nicaea (audio story)"])

Peri and Erimem were stranded in 15th century Earth when the TARDIS separated them from the Doctor, having to work as serving wenches. They were eventually reunited with the Doctor after coming into conflict with William Shakespeare. (AUDIO: The Kingmaker [+]Loading...["The Kingmaker (audio story)"])

As part of a scheme with his seventh incarnation, the Doctor left Peri and Erimem in Monte Carlo in 1966 to stop the theft of the Veiled Leopard at a party. They discovered the thief was Lillian Hawthorne and stopped her getting away, returning the jewel to its safe. (AUDIO: The Veiled Leopard [+]Loading...["The Veiled Leopard (audio story)"])

Later, Peri and Erimen corrected a change to the timeline caused by the Doctor's former companion Tegan Jovanka. The three women proceeded to go out and get drunk afterwards. (PROSE: Graham Dilley Saves the World [+]Loading...["Graham Dilley Saves the World (short story)"])

In a hallucination induced by the plants of YT45, Kyropite, she believed that she had a boyfriend with a stepson, Kyle. She had to deal with Kyle's unruly behaviour. She was eventually found being ingested by the plants. Inside the dream her stepson caught Meningitis, this corresponded to her health deteriorating in the real world. As it got worse she imagined her partner cheating on her and then she was run over by a car. Takol wanted her to die for his experiment. She didn't recognise the Doctor when he went into her dream. As her dream became a bad drama, the Doctor asked her to choose. As she awoke the plant removed itself from her. Both Erimem and the Doctor took her back to the TARDIS to escape. (AUDIO: The Mind's Eye [+]Loading...["The Mind's Eye (audio story)"])

The Doctor, Peri and Erimem visited Peladon after answering a distress call from the Ice Warrior prince and ambassador Zixlyr in the 41st century. King Pelleas proposed to Erimem, and she accepted, parting with Peri and the Doctor to stay to rule Peladon. The Doctor and Peri departed for the TARDIS, still in orbit around Peladon with the help of Alpha Centauri's ship. (AUDIO: The Bride of Peladon [+]Loading...["The Bride of Peladon (audio story)"])

Later adventures[[edit]]

Soon after Erimem's departure, Peri and the Doctor went to the planet Grallista Social for a spot of relaxation but found themselves in the midst of a viral decontamination effort by the Viyrans. She was infected with a virus which turned anyone she came into contact with. The Viyrans were getting her to remember each time this happened, first with the Doctor, then with Chris and finally Lawrence as a way to remove her memories as part of the cure. Her memory wouldn't be erased as easily so the Viyran wanted to kill her. She realised that her memory was returning as her memory was trying to work out what had happened and why it was happening. (AUDIO: Mission of the Viyrans [+]Loading...["Mission of the Viyrans (audio story)"])

Peri and the Doctor went to the village of Sair during the Middle Ages, where a young man named Tablibik used a form of magic to make her fall in love with him. The Doctor swiftly broke his spell. (PROSE: Fascination [+]Loading...["Fascination (short story)"])

After Peri was badly injured, the Doctor took her to Karn where she was kidnapped by Morbius. However, she was able to trick him into putting her into an escape pod and escaped to Sylvana where she became a guerrilla leader against his regime. She eventually rejoined the Doctor after he became the general of an army of Draconians, Sontarans, Cybermen and Ice Warriors against Morbius. (PROSE: Warmonger [+]Loading...["Warmonger (novel)"])

Peri was intentionally separated from the Doctor on an unnamed world. During this separation, the Doctor travelled briefly with a tracer named Amy whom he helped find the Key to Time. Peri was reunited with the Doctor after his second attempt at finding the Key to Time concluded. (AUDIO: The Judgement of Isskar [+]Loading...["The Judgement of Isskar (audio story)"], The Chaos Pool [+]Loading...["The Chaos Pool (audio story)"])

The two met an Essex priest who was hiding alien bodies in his church crypt in 1953. (PROSE: The Canvey Angels [+]Loading...["The Canvey Angels (short story)"])

Peri was, for a time, separated from the Doctor on a World War I battlefield in 1914. (PROSE: Never Seen Cairo [+]Loading...["Never Seen Cairo (short story)"])

The two met Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart before encountering the Arix. (PROSE: A Life in the Day [+]Loading...["A Life in the Day (short story)"])

Peri helped the Doctor save a group of human colonists beset by the carnivorous Farakosh. (AUDIO: Exotron [+]Loading...["Exotron (audio story)"])

Peri pretended to be a waitress in an alien restaurant to figure out why three different gourmets wanted to kill the Doctor. (AUDIO: Urban Myths [+]Loading...["Urban Myths (audio story)"])

Peri helped the Doctor stop the Valtor from invading Beadledom 3. (AUDIO: Rulebook [+]Loading...["Rulebook (audio story)"])

Arriving in Los Angeles in 2009 to stop Zarl from selling Earth's water to his fellow Piscons, Peri met a future version of herself who, unbeknownst to her, only remembered her first adventure with the Doctor. She was disgusted by her future self when she apparently killed Zarl and Carburetor and greatly upset upon learning that her future self had lied about having children, which she wanted more than anything. She decided that she would stay with Davey Silverman when her travels came to an end and wondered about how her relationship with the Doctor, who decided to take her to Androzani Minor, would change given what he had seen her future self do. (AUDIO: Peri and the Piscon Paradox [+]Loading...["Peri and the Piscon Paradox (audio story)"])

Whilst exploring Androzani Minor, Peri and the Doctor contracted spectrox toxaemia and became caught in the conflict over spectrox between Androzani Major government forces and Sharaz Jek's insurgency. They were arrested by government forces and sentenced to execution, but they were abducted by Jek, who was attracted to Peri. They escaped with the aid of fellow prisoner Salateen, however the Doctor became separated from them. Salateen took her back to the soldiers, however she was abducted by Jek again. She began to die from the disease and the Doctor gave her the single dose of bat's milk he was able to acquire before regenerating into a new incarnation, to her astonishment. (TV: The Caves of Androzani [+]Loading...["The Caves of Androzani (TV story)"])

Adventures with the Sixth Doctor[[edit]]

The new Doctor[[edit]]

Peri was disturbed by the Sixth Doctor's behaviour following his regeneration and terrified after he attempted to strangle her, leading him to decide to repent for his actions as a hermit on Titan III before they found the wounded Hugo Lang and learnt of the kidnapping of Romulus and Remus Sylvest. Joined by Hugo, they followed Azmael and the Sylvests to Jaconda where they were captured by Mestor, whom the Doctor and Azmael killed. Peri tried to get the Doctor to stay to help the Jacondans and admonished him for being rude to Hugo when they parted, but he asked her to get to wait before condemning his new persona. (TV: The Twin Dilemma [+]Loading...["The Twin Dilemma (TV story)"])

Peri wanted to return home, but decided to acquiesce to the Doctor's request and get to know him. (PROSE: The Twin Dilemma [+]Loading...["The Twin Dilemma (novelisation)"]) He called Peri by the names of various former companions of his, as well as Zodin, in the days following Jaconda (TV: Attack of the Cybermen [+]Loading...["Attack of the Cybermen (TV story)"]) and, according to one account, they spent a week frozen inside of a glacier on Vespod Eight. Otherwise, Peri spent her time studying in case she returned to college and demanded that she and the Doctor discuss terms for her remaining on the TARDIS. (PROSE: Attack of the Cybermen [+]Loading...["Attack of the Cybermen (novelisation)"])

Peri and the Doctor stand outside 76 Totter's Lane. (TV: Attack of the Cybermen [+]Loading...["Attack of the Cybermen (TV story)"])

After picking up Gustave Lytton's distress call in 1985, Peri and the Doctor descended into London's sewers and encountered Cybermen who infiltrated the TARDIS and forced the Doctor to take them, Lytton and Charles Griffiths to Telos. There, Peri was saved from a deranged Cyberman by Rost and Varne, from whom she learnt of the Cybermen's plan to destroy Earth and who wanted her to destroy the TARDIS to prevent this, and was eventually reunited with the Doctor. She told the Doctor that Lytton was working with the Cryons, but they were too late to save him and they left Telos before Cyber-Control was destroyed. (TV: Attack of the Cybermen [+]Loading...["Attack of the Cybermen (TV story)"])

The Doctor kept making attempts to repair the TARDIS's chameleon circuit, causing it to switch between various shapes before returning to the form of a police box. It was then that Peri demanded that he stop. (COMIC: Quick Change [+]Loading...["Quick Change (comic story)"]) He had a number of accidents in the TARDIS, including burning dinner despite promising a cold supper, (TV: Vengeance on Varos [+]Loading...["Vengeance on Varos (TV story)"]) and Peri thought more and more about returning to college. (PROSE: Vengeance on Varos [+]Loading...["Vengeance on Varos (novelisation)"])

When the TARDIS's trans-power system failed, Peri and the Doctor travelled to 23rd century Varos on emergency power to acquire Zeiton-7 and saved Jondar from execution in the Punishment Dome, only for Peri to be captured and taken to the Governor, the Chief Officer and Sil. She was accused of being a spy for Amorb and taken by Quillam for his cell mutation experiments, which began turning her into a bird hybrid, but the Doctor saved her and, after being recaptured and escaping with the Governor and Maldak, Sil was defeated. With a supply of Zeiton-7, Peri and the Doctor left to continue their travels. (TV: Vengeance on Varos [+]Loading...["Vengeance on Varos (TV story)"])

Peri stayed in her bedroom reading Jeffrey Archer after leaving Varos because she was tired of being shouted at, but the Doctor barged in after detecting something following them through the Time Vortex. She realised that the object was sending signals which they followed to the Overseers, whom they learnt had been interfering with reality to make the Doctor's adventures more interesting for them to sell as entertainment. The Doctor was ultimately powerless to stop them from doing so. (PROSE: Telling Tales [+]Loading...["Telling Tales (short story)"])

Whilst scuba-diving, Peri became separated from the Doctor and was found by the Memory, which fed on her sense of self as well as her body and which she refused to give into. She accessed its mind and used it to create a woman whom she sent to find the Doctor, but she had been reduced to a disembodied brain by the time he found her and he had to use his connection to the Memory to put her mind back together and create a duplicate body. Her new body was exactly the same as her original, although it was initially hairless. (PROSE: Shell Shock [+]Loading...["Shell Shock (novel)"])

Running in the new Zeiton-7 landed the Doctor and Peri in Dorsill where Peri saw Edward Baddesley dig up Bill Neville's corpse, which he demonstrated when confronted by the Doctor was to inspect it as there had not been a post-mortem. The corpse came to life before they could return it to its grave and the Doctor and Edward went after it whilst Peri waited in the pub because of a cold, learning from Janet Spillsbury that Christopher Sheldon had been working on a DNA computer. Realising that alien DNA had been used as part of an MoD experiment, the Doctor ensured that everybody got the antidote, including Peri after she was infected. (PROSE: Grave Matter [+]Loading...["Grave Matter (novel)"])

The Doctor took Peri to Earth tens of thousands of years into her future to acquire a six-dimensional anomaly to recalibrate the TARDIS and repair some of the damage he had done to it. Peri was caught by Monitors looking for Kimo Ani after picking up the Wibliwee's ship and put in suspended animation with the rest of humanity, but the Doctor and Kimo Ani saved her. After the Doctor used the Wibliwee's ship to repair part of the TARDIS, Peri checked that the kitchens were in working order once again. (PROSE: Moon Graffiti [+]Loading...["Moon Graffiti (short story)"])

Before the TARDIS materialised on Reef Station One, Peri's mind was touched by the Nestene Consciousness and she had a vision of Shub-Niggurath sending her children out to colonise the universe. She befriended Claudia Bruderbakker and helped investigate after her father was killed by her step-mother, keeping Walter J. Matheson busy as the Doctor and Claudia looked into Skin Deep and discovered the involvement of the Autons. Matheson subjected Peri and Claudia to the Skin Deep process, but the Doctor saved them and, after the Nestenes' defeat, Peri declined Claudia's offer to give up her life of adventure and stay with her and Marcus Brooks, whom she considered a "ready-made" boyfriend, in the 101st century. (PROSE: Synthespians™ [+]Loading...["Synthespians™ (novel)"])

Peri asked the Doctor to take her to Rome to see the Colosseum where they noticed a gladiator carrying a digital watch, leading them to follow chronon energy radiation through time and to find various other anachronisms. After six days, they arrived at Dotty's in New York City where they met the amnesiac Jacob, whom they learnt had been travelling through time on a gap year using a BackPack and had saved the life of Dorothy in 1897, changing his own timeline and causing him to start fading out of existence. He chose to let himself disappear than stop himself saving Dorothy, but Peri was delighted to learn from Mary that Dorothy had never forgotten him. (AUDIO: Not Forgotten [+]Loading...["Not Forgotten (audio story)"])

Peri was considering leaving the TARDIS because of how emotionally inaccessible the Doctor had been since his regeneration when they landed on Eldair and found House killing the sole survivors of a nuclear war. She and the Doctor tried and failed to convince Carl and Roger to leave with them, forcing them to leave them behind. Afterwards, the Doctor told Peri that her bedroom had once belonged to Susan Foreman and, reflecting on his words on home, she decided to stay and thanked him for the room. (PROSE: House [+]Loading...["House (short story)"])

Whilst looking through the Doctor's pockets for a pen, Peri found a note he had written to remind himself to remove the body of a vampire-like creature from a Holiday Opportunity Promotions timeshare in North Devon in 1920 and shut it down. He ignored Peri's reading of the coordinates, so they instead arrived in 1929 and caused a potential temporal disaster by putting money in the timeshare meter when Godfrey and Camilla Richardson had already done so. After a Time Lord explained the Doctor's note to him, he went back to remove the body and he and Peri used up two weeks' time in the course of a week to resolve the temporal issues. (PROSE: Timeshare [+]Loading...["Timeshare (VD short story)"])

Peri left the TARDIS in a rush after having an argument with the Doctor and was admonished by the natives and the voice of the Monitor for how revealing her shorts and top were. She became aware that her vision was being censored and managed to escape the police and a murderer who was invisible thanks to his religious costume by praying, hiding her from their sight to avoid offence. After the Doctor muted the Monitor to free everybody from her control, Peri returned with him to the TARDIS despite her expecting that they would have to stay and overthrow the government. (PROSE: See No Evil [+]Loading...["See No Evil (short story)"])

Offended by the Doctor's response to her culture shock on Dramos in 3174, Peri left him to explore the Habitat on her own and was welcomed into Human First's inner circle, White Fire, after attending a rally which was broken up by the Adjudicators. She was given weapons training and ordered by Draker to kill Darbokians during a riot, after which she learnt from Kane that White Fire supported the extermination of all non-humans and almost shot Avron Jelks because of her discomfort at what his group had made her realise about herself. Following the deaths of Jelks and Garon, Peri and the Doctor left, although Peri had hoped that Kane could have joined them. (PROSE: Burning Heart [+]Loading...["Burning Heart (novel)"])

Peri asked the Doctor to take her to Kew Gardens, (PROSE: The Mark of the Rani [+]Loading...["The Mark of the Rani (novelisation)"]) but the Master's time distortion caused them to land in 19th century Killingworth where they became aware of the violence caused by the First Rani's mission to restore calm to Miasimia Goria. Peri saved the Doctor after he was captured by the Master and the Rani and collected herbs with Luke Ward to make a sleeping draught to sedate the Luddites, a task which led them to Redfern Dell where Luke was turned into a tree by one of the Rani's land mines. The sleeping draught was ultimately unnecessary thanks to the Doctor picking the Rani's phial from her pocket before she and the Master fled Earth. (TV: The Mark of the Rani [+]Loading...["The Mark of the Rani (TV story)"])

After leaving Killingworth, Peri was arrested and tried for the murder of Professor Mis'Kin Karac as a gun had been forced into her hands before the shooting. She was represented at trial by the Doctor, who realised that Karac's assistant was responsible and deceived him into confessing to the murder at court by threatening him with the actual murder weapon. As a result, Peri was released. (COMIC: The Forgotten [+]Loading...["The Forgotten (comic story)"])

Peri and the Doctor travelled to 1932 New Orleans where the Doctor left Peri to eat at the Legendre Lounge whilst he continued to follow the signal of a crashed Mykosian Pod. She bonded with Cassandra Legendre over their complicated relationships with their stepfathers and was attacked by zombies as she was thinking once more about leaving the TARDIS, prompting her to go after the Doctor and save him and Madame Ledanois. They learnt that Cassandra was being controlled by a Mykosian pendant which used her to turn people into zombies ahead of an invasion and returned it to the Mykosian pilot, whom Peri and the Doctor agreed to take home. (PROSE: Mardi Gras Massacre [+]Loading...["Mardi Gras Massacre (short story)"])

Attempting to make up for some of their recent rough journeys, the Doctor tried to take Peri to London in 1899, but they instead arrived in Africa during the Boer War where they narrowly saved Winston Churchill from an assassination attempt. After a brief stint in a Boer prison, they travelled to 1936 to make sure Churchill was safe, posing as the children of their 1899 selves, and Peri was briefly captured by Joachim von Ribbentrop. She was able to escape and uncover evidence of a conspiracy of high-ranking British citizens with Nazi sympathies, simultaneously preventing the would-be Edward VIII from dismissing the government so that he could marry Wallis Simpson, which was part of a complex plan by the Players to change history for the sake of it. (PROSE: Players [+]Loading...["Players (novel)"])

For Peri's birthday, the Doctor took her to Las Vegas in 1971 to see Elvis Presley perform and promised her that her wish would be his command for the night. He left her before the performance, claiming that he was getting her any cocktail, and returned with Presley's autograph after stopping the Mongarians' plan to sell clones of him. (PROSE: Priceless Junk [+]Loading...["Priceless Junk (short story)"])

The Sixth Doctor, Peri and Jamie. (TV: The Two Doctors [+]Loading...["The Two Doctors (TV story)"])

Peri suggested that the Doctor get medical help after he felt a time slip in his subconscious and they went to Space Station Camera to see Joinson Dastari, but the Sontarans had attacked. With survivor Jamie McCrimmon, they travelled to Seville to save the Second Doctor from Dastari and Chessene, who transformed him temporarily into an Androgum, but they were captured. Dastari freed Peri and the Second Doctor upon realising that he had made a mistake in augmenting Chessene and, with Peri's help, the Sixth Doctor tricked Chessene into trying to use the Kartz-Reimer module, killing her. Because of their experiences with Shockeye, the Doctor decided that he and Peri would adopt a vegetarian diet. (TV: The Two Doctors [+]Loading...["The Two Doctors (TV story)"])

The Doctor tried to take Peri to see her family, but the TARDIS arrived in 1981 Washington DC where he became aware of the creation of the Savant and got Peri and Bob Salmon to help steal it from Sarah Swan. She considered leaving the TARDIS because she was tired of being frightened, with the Doctor agreeing that she deserved a better life, only to change her mind and decide once and for all that she belonged at the Doctor's side. Following the defeat of Swan and the Savant, Peri and the Doctor said goodbye to Charles Peters, who wrote the story of what happened as Blue Box with Peri's surname changed to Smith. (PROSE: Blue Box [+]Loading...["Blue Box (novel)"])

Arriving on Belstar instead of Exar 3, Peri and the Doctor were shot at by the Debans and rendered unconscious by a moisture evaporator, after which the Doctor was tasked by Ranon with recovering a blue rock from the Tower of Selsor to help them defeat the Siros. Peri joined him and found the trap door which led to the blue rock by touching a nugget of gold on the cave wall. Upon handing the rock to Ranon, they were permitted to leave. (PROSE: Battle Planet [+]Loading...["Battle Planet (short story)"])

Colonel Latham was burnt to death whilst Peri and the Doctor were in the next room and they found one of Qualar's scales in the cellar when Sarah claimed that there were dragons down there. They encountered Qualar as they headed to the TARDIS and the Doctor defeated him and his dragons by blowing up Latham's house with them inside whilst he, Peri, Sarah and Harper were safe in the ship. (PROSE: Day of the Dragon [+]Loading...["Day of the Dragon (short story)"])

Lost in the Fenlands in 1066, Peri and the Doctor were captured by Saxon rebels and brought before Hereward the Wake, who let them go and whom the Doctor realised was the same person as Harold Godwinson. The Doctor stopped the Normans from attacking by scaring them with a wind-up toy robot and he and Peri took their leave, with Peri wanting to know why the Doctor carried toy robots around in his pockets. (PROSE: The Real Hereward [+]Loading...["The Real Hereward (short story)"])

Peri and the Doctor visited Kyros following an invitation from Vama and informed him after they saw a creature die and turn bronze after eating some weeds. Whilst the Doctor spoke with him, Peri was attacked by Neltar, who had become a robot and whom the Doctor stopped with a freeze gun. Accompanied by guards, Peri and the Doctor destroyed the comet by which the weeds had arrived on Kyros, killing the weeds as they had been transforming people into robots. (PROSE: The Deadly Weed [+]Loading...["The Deadly Weed (short story)"])

The TARDIS was pulled to Exclon by Vorton's gravity control and Peri and the Doctor were imprisoned, with the Doctor being ordered to inform the Time Lords that he had arranged a peace treaty with Exclon so that they could launch a surprise attack. They managed to get away, however, when the Exclons' spaceship attempted take-off and caused an earthquake before exploding. Peri fainted and the Doctor carried her back to the TARDIS. (PROSE: Vorton's Revenge [+]Loading...["Vorton's Revenge (short story)"])

The Doctor intended to take Peri to Palaran for a holiday, but the High Council overrode the TARDIS's controls and summoned it to Gallifrey where they gave the Doctor a mission whilst Peri slept inside. They were sent to Cambridge in 1996 to stop time from being manipulated and discovered that the Master was stranded on Earth and using Professor Thomas to build a time machine so that he could leave, but men from the Ipsilon Foundation went back in time and destroyed it. The Master escaped and Peri and the Doctor left for Palaran rather than return to Gallifrey. (PROSE: The Time Savers [+]Loading...["The Time Savers (short story)"])

After Peri complained about the TARDIS's unreliability, the Doctor took her to England in the late 1970s so that he could acquire a screwdriver to continue his repairs and they heard about strange lights and sounds at the stone circle on King's Hill. They found that creatures from Valiark were hypnotising people as part of their plan to colonise Earth and defeated them by disturbing the electromagnetism of the stone circle protecting them, causing them to fade away and release the humans. (PROSE: The Mystery of the Rings [+]Loading...["The Mystery of the Rings (short story)"])

Peri and the Doctor traced a signal to Stan's house and saved Maureen from a decompression bomb left as part of a trap. They learnt from Mick, whose taxi they hailed, of a series of killings committed by an Algernon stranded in Earth's seas and investigated, with the Algernon ultimately being killed by Mick. Peri and the Doctor left him with an unpaid fare of £436, heading off to the approaching Algernon rescue ship to save them a wasted journey. (PROSE: £436 [+]Loading...["£436 (short story)"])

Feeling homesick, Peri asked the Doctor to take her to Earth and they arrived on Broadway in New York City. She decided to withdraw money so that she could take the Doctor to a delicatessen, but a man snatched her card from her and knocked the Doctor out when he went after him. Peri woke the Doctor up using lavender water as smelling salts and they returned to the TARDIS, unaware that a CHAOS droid had been put in his brain. (PROSE: CHAOS [+]Loading...["CHAOS (short story)"])

Peri accompanied the Doctor to the christening of a future dictator whom he and several other incarnations of himself intended to kill. She believed that it was wrong to kill the baby and that to do so would be unlike the Doctor, but they argued about it when he found himself unable to kill him despite disagreeing with her. (PROSE: Categorical Imperative [+]Loading...["Categorical Imperative (short story)"])

The Doctor tracked down Saric Warder and gave chase when he gravely injured Sacha Mary Palmer, whom Peri stayed with until she died. Peri then followed the Doctor and saw the bodies of people Saric had killed in a lift, making her throw up and return to her bedroom in tears because of what she had seen as well as how she felt responsible for the Doctor's actions due to her role in his regeneration. The Doctor assured her that he was entirely responsible for both his actions and his regeneration and asked why she remained with him; she told him that it was because he was her friend. (PROSE: Trapped! [+]Loading...["Trapped! (ST short story)"])

The Doctor dropped Peri off at a botany symposium whilst he went to meet Willis on a planet on the other side of the galaxy. (AUDIO: Davros [+]Loading...["Davros (audio story)"])

The TARDIS became caught in a time corridor and arrived on Karfel where a reluctant Peri was given a tour by Brunner and escaped an attempt to kidnap her to ensure the Doctor's cooperation with Tekker. She was captured by Sezon and Katz Makrif before a Morlox could kill her and convinced them that she was not a spy by naming Jo Grant, whose picture Katz had, only to be captured once more and subject to an attempt by the Borad to mutate her into a suitable mate. H. G. Wells came to her rescue and the Doctor pushed the Borad into the Timelash when he declared his intention to kill her because of how revolted by him she was. (TV: Timelash [+]Loading...["Timelash (TV story)"])

The Doctor took Peri to the Hotel Palace Thermae in 1913 to enjoy a week of reading which was interrupted when Alphonse Chardalot pretended to drown so that they would save him, help him find Toby the Sapient Pig and so that he could get access to the TARDIS. He locked Peri in the hammam in attempt to kill her, but the Doctor saved her and they worked with Albertine to free Toby and Alice Bultitude from Chardalot, who forced them on a train to Brussels. Peri noticed that the dates in Chardalot's diary did not add up and the Doctor deduced that Chardalot was actually Toby's brother, after which the two siblings reconciled and Peri and the Doctor remained in 1913 long enough for the Doctor to finish À la recherche du temps perdu. (AUDIO: Year of the Pig [+]Loading...["Year of the Pig (audio story)"])

Learning of Arthur Stengos's perpetual instatement, the Doctor took Peri to Necros where she mortally wounded a mutated man who attacked him and was upset by how he forgave her before he died. They went to investigate the Great Healer that the man mentioned and, at her request, Peri was taken to meet Derek Johnson, who was exterminated when the Imperial Daleks attacked them. She was taken to Davros and the Doctor and asked to be taken somewhere fun after the Renegade Daleks took Davros prisoner and his schemes were brought to an end. (TV: Revelation of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Revelation of the Daleks (TV story)"]) According to one account, she and the Doctor remained on Necros at her request to help with the aftermath. (PROSE: Revelation of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Revelation of the Daleks (novelisation)"])

Growing closer[[edit]]

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Peri and the Doctor took a guided tour of Heaven on Sheol, but Peri became exasperated when the Doctor took over the tour and wandered off to a market where she decided to get the Doctor's pocket watch repaired as a present. She fell to her death thanks to the putti, who wanted her dead so that she could see Yy and convince him to close the Gates of Heaven and start a new Heaven which would not be overrun with commercialism. The putti restored her to life after she did so and she returned to the Doctor, handing over his watch which had mysteriously been repaired. (PROSE: The Ruins of Heaven [+]Loading...["The Ruins of Heaven (short story)"])

The Doctor next took Peri shopping on Bryce's Asteroid, but they found that the market had become the Lifemarket and was selling body parts and scientific equipment necessary to create life. Peri received a tour from the Grand Auctioneer, who took her to meet with Mr Carrington and see the reanimated corpses of the band Military Hardware. They were reprogrammed by the Doctor to destroy the Lifemarket, however, as he had not realised that Military Hardware was the name of a band and believed that they were part of an invasion force. (PROSE: A Star is Reborn [+]Loading...["A Star is Reborn (short story)"])

Peri thought about leaving the Doctor and came across a child born from the TARDIS and Kamelion which had been siphoning artron energy from the ship and which looked to Peri and the Doctor like a younger version of themselves. She and the Doctor tried to raise it as it quickly grew up, but it was affected by Peri's thoughts of leaving the TARDIS and the Doctor instead erased any trace of himself from its mind so that it would take on Peri's form. They then left the new Peri at her college dorm to lead her life as though she were the real Peri, who decided to stay with the Doctor. (PROSE: The Reproductive Cycle [+]Loading...["The Reproductive Cycle (short story)"])

After a visit to Zaurak Minor, the TARDIS was pulled to the Vipod Mor by time experiments and Peri was soon separated from the Doctor when she fell down a ventilation shaft during a Maston attack. They tried to stop the computer's plan to go back in time and avert humanity's evolution into a violent race, but a member of the High Council stopped them as the computer's plan was part of established history and that its self-destruction was what caused the Big Bang. The Doctor then took Peri to find a library where he could read up on history and avoid similar things from happening again. (AUDIO: Slipback [+]Loading...["Slipback (audio story)"])

The TARDIS was drawn to Tuven III by the Master using a localised spatial vortex and Peri and the Doctor were soon captured by the Fellowship of Quan, whom the Master was leading. He forced the Doctor to help him open Quan's tomb, threatening his and Peri's lives, but the Doctor exposed the Master and left him to the mercy of Quan and his Fellowship. Peri was shocked. (PROSE: The Fellowship of Quan [+]Loading...["The Fellowship of Quan (short story)"])

Peri and the Doctor investigated a Time Wake stretching from 1986 to 1720 and found android copies of every British Prime Minister from the period which the Doctor destroyed before removing the Primary Polarity Enhancer from the time machine responsible. Its pilot, Tasq, revealed that he had intended to change time as part of his plan to escape 1986 and failed to pass through the Time Wake with Peri and the Doctor before it closed, killing him. (PROSE: Time Wake [+]Loading...["Time Wake (short story)"])

The TARDIS was sent by the Time Lords to a castle Ketra VIII so that the Doctor would resolve a convergence of time. Peri watched the rooms and people change because of the phenomenon whilst the Doctor fetched the TARDIS and resolved the convergence, causing the scenes Peri had watched to replay and then disappear. (PROSE: Interface [+]Loading...["Interface (short story)"])

The Doctor took Peri to a beautiful city which impressed her until she learnt that it owed its existence to slavery. At night, she and the Doctor visited the slaves and listened to how the people of the city were split into citizens and slaves at the age of ten and how they intended to revolt. Peri and the Doctor left before the rebellion began, with the Doctor telling Peri that he had seen civilisations like this numerous times. (PROSE: Beauty and the Beast [+]Loading...["Beauty and the Beast (short story)"])

Although the Doctor promised to take Peri to Edward VII's coronation, the TARDIS landed in the countryside and they were taken by Robert Lawton to shelter at Professor Watkins's home. Watkins unwittingly freed Chintor from suspended animation in his casket and the Doctor told him, Peri and Emily Watkins to barricade themselves inside whilst he and Lawton dealt with the mothership coming for Chintor. Peri and Emily were forced to flee using a ladder made from bedsheets and ran to the TARDIS where they were joined by the Doctor after he killed Chintor. (PROSE: Retribution [+]Loading...["Retribution (short story)"])

In Charlie Turner's house in 1924, Peri was captured by Davarrk, who was using humans in an attempt to build the perfect body for himself. The Doctor saved her, however, and Davarrk managed to restore his body to how it was before he crashed on Earth, but at the cost of his life. (PROSE: Davarrk's Experiment [+]Loading...["Davarrk's Experiment (short story)"])

Peri and the Doctor were called in by a 20th century Chief Inspector to investigate after people listening to the radio were hypnotised into standing outside the Palace of Westminster for an hour. They went with the police to the Post Office Tower where the Doctor confronted and defeated the Master, who had planned to use the radio waves to hypnotise people into massacring Parliament whilst the Queen was there. (PROSE: The Radio Waves [+]Loading...["The Radio Waves (short story)"])

Whilst Peri and the Doctor were discussing time travel, they were contacted by God and sent to replace the batteries in the heart of the universe. Afterwards, they were returned to the TARDIS with no memory of their adventure and Peri interrupted the Doctor's reading to ask him a question about time, but she had forgotten what it was. (PROSE: Power to the People [+]Loading...["Power to the People (short story)"])

A power failure caused the TARDIS to materialise inside Ademus's prison where it took the form of a mirror which Peri marked with lipstick to make sure that she and the Doctor could find it again. Rather than break the machine keeping Ademus prisoner, the Doctor used a sphere to siphon power from the machine to the TARDIS, allowing him and Peri to leave. (PROSE: Hall of Mirrors [+]Loading...["Hall of Mirrors (short story)"])

Peri accompanied the Doctor to Potomac some years before the 2150s Dalek invasion to collect plants, but they found a woman giving birth and the Doctor helped deliver her son. They collected the plants fifteen years later and planted them another fifteen years in the future to give people hope. (PROSE: The More Things Change [+]Loading...["The More Things Change (short story)"])

The Doctor refused to let Peri watch Cleopatra's entry to Tarsus because she insisted on taking a camera and they became temporarily suspended in time when the TARDIS's link to the Eye of Harmony by Iam, which misunderstood the First Rani's order to copy the TARDIS and instead created an alternative Rome. Peri's traumatic memories of becoming a bird hybrid on Varos caused her to revert back to that form due to her destabilised morphic print and she enjoyed being able to fly. She helped Ptolemy and rescued him from the Rani, after which Iam moved Rome to Terra Nova and the restored Peri left with the Doctor. (PROSE: State of Change [+]Loading...["State of Change (novel)"])

Peri was not enthusiastic about leaving the TARDIS to explore the Museum of Aural Antiquities based on the dusty corridor she saw on the scanner, but she went out with the Doctor and they were soon accused by Berkeley of killing Goff Fotherill, whose death the Doctor decided they would help investigate. Peri and Berkeley sealed the museum to trap Visteen Krane, who killed Fotherill to stop him altering recordings of his speeches for Beth Pernell, but she later released him from a disc on which Pernell and Hans Stengard were torturing him. After Pernell's plan was thwarted and she fled the museum, Peri and the Doctor departed. (AUDIO: Whispers of Terror [+]Loading...["Whispers of Terror (audio story)"])

After a visit to Paris on what Peri found out from Mademoiselle Depardieu was her birthday, the Doctor attempted to take her to the SS Magnificent, but the TARDIS landed on a nearby Sacronax Gleaming Travel Cruiser because of Quenning's time manipulator. Peri noticed Quenning's resemblance to Howard, which the Doctor assured her was a coincidence, and they found themselves trapped in a time bubble until they stopped him from using time travel to cheat. The Doctor then took Peri to the SS Magnificent where he revealed why he took her there and gave her a crystal as a present, telling her that he was not all bad. (AUDIO: Prime Winner [+]Loading...["Prime Winner (audio story)"])

The Eleventh Doctor sent Peri and the Sixth Doctor to the Santa Maria in 1492 to obtain an omniparadox for him to use to save the universe. Peri was disgusted by Christopher Columbus and fell off the ship whilst protesting against the Doctor's refusal to cure a crewmember of tuberculosis, washing up on an island where she was captured by the Bovine Herd Leader to have her fat deposits used to power his time machine. The machine was accidentally destroyed the machine and Peri and the Doctor left with the omniparadox created by the death of the time-travelling Herd Leader. (AUDIO: Trouble in Paradise [+]Loading...["Trouble in Paradise (audio story)"])

Peri and the Doctor saved a number of Stena refugees who were being hunted by the Haxeen and got them into the TARDIS. The Haxeen attacked the ship and the two travellers went over what they knew about them, with Peri's remark about how the information could help them "one bit" giving the Doctor the idea to flood the Time Vortex with a bits which sated the Haxeen. They then headed off to find a new home for the Stena. (COMIC: Virtually Indestructible [+]Loading...["Virtually Indestructible (comic story)"])

Peri and the Doctor were joined for a time by Harry Sullivan and kept trying to return to 20th century Earth, landing on a volcanic planet before being pulled to the United States where Everett Marshall was attempting to alter time. One outcome had Peri and Harry stranded in the 19th century following the Doctor's death, whilst others had the Doctor defeating Marshall. (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Rebel's Gamble [+]Loading...["Doctor Who and the Rebel's Gamble (novel)"])

Amicable travels[[edit]]

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The Toymaker pulled the TARDIS to Blackpool and, before going to investigate what brought them there, the Doctor made Peri go around the amusement park with him, an experience which she did not enjoy until they went on a roller coaster together. They became separated when the Doctor was captured by the Toymaker, but Peri, who teamed up with Kevin Stoney, was captured herself after Kevin was replaced with an android duplicate tasked with leading her to the Toymaker's cells. There, fellow prisoner Mechanic built a transmitter which beamed Peri's screams into the Toymaker's mind, allowing the Doctor to defeat and imprison him inside his own holograms. She then suggested that the Doctor take the Toymaker elsewhere, but he first took her back to the funfair. (PROSE: The Nightmare Fair [+]Loading...["The Nightmare Fair (novelisation)"])

Peri suggested a holiday when the Doctor bemoaned that he had run out of TARDIS repairs and they headed to Amaltron where they were separated in a disturbance caused by Dwarf Mordant's hate gun. Because she bore a resemblance to Mariana, Peri was taken by Locas to Abatan's palace and they were both imprisoned for entering the Tranquela Armoury in search of the missing Shankel, Locas only using his teleportation power to get him and Peri out after they were joined by Shankel, Ravlos and Koreelya, all of whom Escoval had hypnotised. Peri was reunited with the Doctor and joined him as he confronted and banished Mordant, after which she suggested a visit to Majorca. (PROSE: The Ultimate Evil [+]Loading...["The Ultimate Evil (novelisation)"])

On a prison ship transporting Safira Valtris from one planet to another, Peri was taken hostage by the former empress and taken away from the Doctor by way of a short-range teleport. She learnt from a hologram of a book about Valtris that she had started an interplanetary war and was able to stop her from killing Officer Tondra when she tried to assassinate her, after which she persuaded Valtris to abandon her attempt to escape in General Akros's ship on account of the number of deaths that would occur in a battle between her supporters and the Imperial Flotilla. Although Officer Laris wanted their statements, Peri and the Doctor left. (AUDIO: Breaking Bubbles [+]Loading...["Breaking Bubbles (audio story)"])

Trobe's chronological infection was detected by the TARDIS and Peri and the Doctor went to investigate, leading to the Doctor suffering from time sickness himself and experiencing time jumps which Peri was unaware of for some time. They met Professor Maylon and fled with him when Professor Standing tried to kill them to prevent them from stopping Warma's launch of the chronon bomb. Maylon was killed, but Peri was able to help the Doctor use Trobe's temporal energy to create a wormhole to Warma's satellite station and stop the launch, curing both the Doctor and Trobe of their affliction and preventing catastrophe. (AUDIO: Of Chaos Time The [+]Loading...["Of Chaos Time The (audio story)"])

Picking up dark vacuum energy fluctuations in 1939, Peri and the Doctor went to St Ursula's College where, mistaken for author Susan Perry, Dr Petherbridge enlisted her help in finding out who was sending racist letters to Ruth Horwitz. Peri suspected that Joan Dalton was responsible on account of her failing to recruit Dr Horwitz to the communist cause, but Dr Horwitz revealed that Maria Backhouse was a Nazi and had been blackmailing her. She realised that Dr Backhouse was using the powers of Dr Horwitz's alien eye to hide in the college and, after Dr Backhouse's death and the eye's destruction, she left with the Doctor under the pretense of fetching notes for the speech Perry was supposed to give. (AUDIO: An Eye For Murder [+]Loading...["An Eye For Murder (audio story)"])

Peri and the Doctor tracked Llangragen down to 12 Arcadia Gardens and searched for him amongst the garden gnomes in the night, knocking on the front door during the day and having the door slammed on them by Olivia Jennings when the Doctor tried to tell her about the Genoi. After Michael Jennings purchased Llangragen from Houseproud and took him back on Llangragen's orders, Peri, the Doctor and Olivia went after him to stop the revival of the 12th Genoi Battalion. They had dinner at Arcadia Gardens and left after the Doctor helped Michael deal with his father's death. (AUDIO: The Curious Incident of the Doctor in the Night-Time [+]Loading...["The Curious Incident of the Doctor in the Night-Time (audio story)"])

Anzor pulled the TARDIS into Magnus's orbit using his own and the Doctor and Peri managed to descend to the planet where they met the Magnii and were separated, with Peri going with Vion and eventually running back into the Doctor. She was kidnapped by Jarga after the Doctor delayed the Ice Warriors' first round of explosives to alter the planet's orbit and convinced the Salvakian slaves to rebel against their captors, later being reunited with Sil and lined up to be executed by the Ice Warriors. However, the Doctor returned the planet to its original orbit and left with Peri (PROSE: Mission to Magnus [+]Loading...["Mission to Magnus (novelisation)"]) after he finally stood up to Anzor, which Peri was proud he had done. (AUDIO: Mission to Magnus [+]Loading...["Mission to Magnus (audio story)"])

Technical issues with the TARDIS led to it landing in a Leviathan, which the two travellers initially assumed was mediaeval England. Peri managed to convince the Doctor to leave the TARDIS to save Gurth from the Herne when she saw them on the scanner and was held captive by the Pariah until she persuaded Gurth to let her go, after which they were reunited with the Doctor and learnt that they were on a spaceship. Infiltrating the Baron's castle with Peri, the Doctor was able to take control of the Zeron and get everyone aboard the ship to the Icarus, after which they left in the TARDIS and again experienced technical problems. (AUDIO: Leviathan [+]Loading...["Leviathan (audio story)"])

Claiming that he was taking her to meet Reverend Foxwell and have a holiday, the Doctor took Peri to Hollowdean in the 1980s where he had detected gravitational anomalies which they discovered were caused by a quantum gravity engine built by Professor Stream. Peri looked after Simon as he joined her and the Doctor on their mission which led to them being trapped in the engine with the Doctor and Foxwell. They eventually got free thanks to time corridors made by Stream's captive Tractators and Stream was pulled apart by the Gravis's powers, something which Peri, unlike the Doctor, did not believe he could have survived. They offered Simon a place in the TARDIS, but he was unable to join them because of school. (AUDIO: The Hollows of Time [+]Loading...["The Hollows of Time (audio story)"])

The Doctor took Peri to Targos Delta to catch up with Albrecht Thompson, the latest in a long list of friends he had insisted on visiting since his regeneration, but they learnt that he had never returned from Paradise 5. Peri got a job as a hostess there to assist the Doctor in finding him, learning that the Paradise Machine had been used to turn the mind of Albrecht, and numerous other guests, into soldiers for the Elohim whilst their bodies became Cherubs. Peri saved the guests due to be subjected to the Machine using the sonic lance and escaped with them, the Doctor, Bella, Stella and the Cherubs before the station crashed, after which she suggested a trip to Manhattan to cheer the Doctor up. (AUDIO: Paradise 5 [+]Loading...["Paradise 5 (audio story)"])

During a tour of asteroids, the TARDIS was latched onto by the Omnim and sent to Earth in 1590 so that they could have Lorenzo Velez reform the Aztec blade which fed them. Peri and the Doctor were separated when the latter went to find Francis Walsingham to learn about Kit Marlowe's mission to spy on Velez and Peri went with Tom to Velez's house where Iguano forced her to astral project, after which the Omnim briefly controlled her to communicate with the Doctor. By posing as Elizabeth I, Peri helped in the search for the blade which ended with the Omnim's defeat and Kit, whom Peri had a liking for despite his actions, redeeming himself after making a deal with Velez. (AUDIO: Point of Entry [+]Loading...["Point of Entry (audio story)"])

The TARDIS's systems experienced interference from Megaptera's time core and Peri and the Doctor were captured in its place by the SS Orcus when the Doctor saved it from the ship's tractor beam. Peri was attacked and infected by the Caller whilst avoiding the security guards, but the Doctor managed to heal her using his sonic lance and they worked to stop Captain Greeg from killing Megaptera, materialising inside of it to realign its time core and help it escape. They were subjected to time radiation, which the Doctor remarked might keep Peri from ageing for a time, and eventually saved it, the castaways living inside and the surviving crew of the Orcus, which was damaged by Megaptera. (AUDIO: The Song of Megaptera [+]Loading...["The Song of Megaptera (audio story)"])

Peri decided that she wanted to return to Baltimore to see Janine and Howard and assure them that she was safe. The Doctor did not manage to get her there, however. (AUDIO: The Macros [+]Loading...["The Macros (audio story)"])

Peri visited Serenity. (AUDIO: The Guardians of Prophecy [+]Loading...["The Guardians of Prophecy (audio story)"])

The TARDIS landed in 21st century England thanks to Dominicus and Leiss's plan to make a scapegoat of the Doctor and the two travellers met Marion Tudor and her fellow protestors. Peri went with her to investigate Matthew Dysart's power station and was captured by Dominicus, who took her through his time corridor to his ship on prehistoric Earth where he was dumping nuclear waste to destroy the planet. Affected by hallucinogens, she came to her senses when she met Victoria Waterfield and spoke with her about her adventures in the TARDIS and helped stop Dominicus, learning that he was employed by the Terrible Zodin and remarking that she "got around". The Doctor offered Victoria the chance to travel with him and Peri, but she declined. (AUDIO: Power Play [+]Loading...["Power Play (audio story)"])

The Doctor took Peri to the Moon in 1872 where found a communications repeater and traced the message that it was transmitting to Sussex, becoming embroiled in a conflict between the Sontarans, the Rutans and the Kaveetch. Leandra Roath took Peri to the Kaveetch orbiter to scan for Sontaran ships after Commander Lork activated a distress call and took her captive after revealing that she had an alliance with the Rutans, but she was betrayed and she and Peri killed several Rutans by opening the airlock as they boarded the orbiter. Peri and Leandra escaped the orbiter's destruction thanks to a teleport and saved the Doctor by disguising themselves as Sontarans, after which Megnus Jaka ordered that his ship's self-destruct be activated to wipe out the Rutans and the trio managed to escape with Meredid Roath. (AUDIO: The First Sontarans [+]Loading...["The First Sontarans (audio story)"])

When the TARDIS landed on Esselven Minor, Peri and the Doctor were separated when Peri fell into a haha and was captured by the robotic Gardeners. Escaping her captivity with Kel, one of the local Scavengers, Peri fled to the planet's dark side but was nearly forced into marriage to Kel before the appearance of Dexel Dynes gave her a chance to take on an authoritative role for the Scavengers. Reuniting with the Doctor in the palace, Peri learned the truth about Esselven Minor's unique temporal situation, allowing them to trap Dexel Dynes and Glavis Judd five centuries in their future while the Scavengers rebuilt their society. (PROSE: Palace of the Red Sun [+]Loading...["Palace of the Red Sun (novel)"])

When he was summoned to a medieval castle by his first incarnation, the Doctor told Peri to stay in the TARDIS. She eventually went looking for him and encountered the Fifth Doctor, leading him to realise that his next regeneration would be soon given that she was in the company of his next incarnation. (PROSE: Five Card Draw [+]Loading...["Five Card Draw (short story)"])

After spending time in 1901 Madagascar, the Doctor promised Peri a relaxing cruise and took her and the TARDIS aboard the Lankester as it set sail for New Orleans, but Peri soon found that crossing the Atlantic Ocean was not a relaxing experience. She protested against Captain Callany when he accused the Doctor of murdering Crawford and was almost killed by Jacques De Requin with mercury to hide the fact that he intended to sell Amphitrite, a mermaid who subsequently died because of him. Having promised that she would protect Amphitrite's daughter, Peri returned her to Nereus and persuaded him to save the crew of the sinking ship from drowning. (AUDIO: Cryptobiosis [+]Loading...["Cryptobiosis (audio story)"])

Peri and the Doctor were stranded in 1963 Kazakhstan when the TARDIS's temperature circuit and were mistaken for Khristina Pushkin and Grigori Kalashnikov by Leonid Kurakin, who took them to the Baikonur Cosmodrome where they investigated the deaths of the real Pushkin and Kalashnikov as well as Valentina Cherlin. She formed a bond with Laika when she returned from space and developed a romantic relationship with Kurakin whilst the Doctor was aboard Vostok 8 with Larisa Petrov, whom they realised was responsible for the deaths. Kurakin was shot on Laika's orders and, after Laika's death, Peri and the Doctor took the warhead Laika had intended to turn against the cosmodrome to Moonbase Eisenhower where Petrov and the animals under Laika's control were taken away by a black hole. (AUDIO: 1963: The Space Race [+]Loading...["1963: The Space Race (audio story)"])

Return home[[edit]]

At the Gogglebox, Peri watched the news from 1984 Baltimore and had the Doctor take her back to see Janine and Kathy when she heard of the murder of Anthony Chambers. She was upset by her mother's response to her return and at having been at least partially responsible for her and Howard's separation, but she and Janine reconciled and helped the Doctor uncover the presence of a Cyber-Leader who killed Anthony as part of a trap to lure the Doctor to him.

Following the Cyber-Leader's return to Mondas, Peri chose to stay with Janine, Kathy and the paralysed Nate and said a tearful farewell to the Doctor. She once again enrolled at university and was ready to continue her life on Earth, but Janine was killed when a conversion device Peri kept exploded. Kathy and Nate disappeared and the Doctor returned for Peri upon learning of these events at the Gogglebox; with nobody left to stay for, she rejoined her old friend in the TARDIS to continue their adventures. (AUDIO: The Reaping [+]Loading...["The Reaping (audio story)"])

Renewed adventures[[edit]]

The Doctor and Peri visited a galactic fair and took part in a virtual immersion experience that played out as a fantasy. Peri became trapped, while the Doctor tried to convince her virtual self of the danger. An alien parasite using the name Mr Darcy asked Peri to marry him, knowing that if she accepted, he'd be able to take over her mind. The Doctor intervened but fell prey to Darcy who had planned on taking him over from the very start. Peri woke up in the immersion room and supplied the system administrator – Crompton – with her own story to feed into the fantasy before returning to help the Doctor and defeat Darcy. (AUDIO: A Most Excellent Match [+]Loading...["A Most Excellent Match (audio story)"])

The Doctor and Peri visited Bob Dovie at 59A Barnsfield Crescent in Totton, Hampshire on 23 November 1963. (AUDIO: The Light at the End [+]Loading...["The Light at the End (audio story)"])

Tracing the source of temporal fluctuation, Peri and the Doctor found that Amy Ipo was using a Luconian chronotopic projector to send customers into the past for holidays. Peri fell into one of the booths during a scuffle and had to traverse time to make physical contact with the other tourists so that the Doctor could wake them up; in this mission, she became a male soldier called Perry, a Frenchman in a hot air balloon called Perrault, a trapeze artist called the Amazing Perpugilliam, a fisherman, a woman in 19th century Venice and a dog called Pushinka. The Doctor then sent her to sabotage Exurus Holdings Plc's share price as a computer virus, shutting down the company. (AUDIO: The Authentic Experience [+]Loading...["The Authentic Experience (audio story)"])

The Doctor and Peri witnessed Primus Cyberman 9.9P-VIV being destroyed when it overheated to the point of combustion while "raging at the final vestiges of its own humanity". (PROSE: Ghost in the Machine [+]Loading...["Ghost in the Machine (short story)"])

The Doctor took Peri to Buros so that she could go on a shopping spree at a Burosi market, but they found that an ODIN Megastore had been built in its place and learnt from Sven that Thor was suppressing the Burosians culture and that dissident employees had been disappearing. Investigating, they found a corrective labour camp in East Ridge and uncovered the relationship between Thor and the Morpatha, after which they worked with Sven to defeat them. Peri and the Doctor slipped away afterwards, with Peri remarking to the Doctor how Sven was a "great guy". (AUDIO: Under ODIN's Eye [+]Loading...["Under ODIN's Eye (audio story)"])

Learning of the abilities at the mind farm, Peri wanted to use it to remember her late father, but became worried when Garius Moro recognised her. She helped him to remember his past. After the Doctor was imprisoned, she was determined to defend him and noticed that things had been changed. (AUDIO: Memories of a Tyrant [+]Loading...["Memories of a Tyrant (audio story)"])

After landing aboard the Sun God, Peri was targeted by robot cats attempting to inject her with an implant to make her non-human and thus incapable of taking Spalding Revere's place in his sarcophagus and keeping the ship from flying into Tyresus Minor following his death. She remained in the TARDIS for her own safety until she met Brian Meadows with whom she fled from the cats, eventually being reunited with the Doctor and entering Revere's sarcophagus by virtue of being the only human aboard, stopping the ship's destruction. When she and the Doctor returned to the TARDIS, she vetoed his desire to keep a robot cat. (AUDIO: The Flight of the Sun God [+]Loading...["The Flight of the Sun God (audio story)"])

With Joe[[edit]]

The Doctor once took Peri to a recording of Top of the Pops and encountered Joe Carnaby, who Peri became enamoured with. He took them to Naxios where the Doctor and Peri found a group of religious people whose religions were based on works from ancient Earth, a set of Shakespeareans Cordelia and Iago who oppressed the Earth Animals (who worshipped the Wind in the Willows). Wanting to go back to Joe, she found a dead Father Christmas. She helped the Doctor to free the slaves and went to then find Joe. (AUDIO: Blood on Santa's Claw [+]Loading...["Blood on Santa's Claw (audio story)"])

Going to the Ishtar institute to investigate what was happening there, she didn't like what was happening as it sounded like Eugenics. She became attached to Paul and Janey and didn't know how to choose between which one to discard to allow the Doctor to track their DNA through the system. Taking the children to adolescence she saw them become monsters. She tried to calm the children down. (AUDIO: The Baby Awakes [+]Loading...["The Baby Awakes (audio story)"])

The Doctor landed at a party in the 59th century and was reluctant to visit until Peri noticed that people weren't looking at the TARDIS. She removed the Mistletoe to chase Joe around the party trying to kiss him but was warned against it. When the TARDIS was taken to the cloakroom, she tried to find a backdoor to get to it. Joe tried to convince Peri to stay in the 59th Century. She fought with him about that and ended up running to the bathroom and crying. She discovered from Selene that Joe wasn't after her as he reminded her of her brother. (AUDIO: I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day [+]Loading...["I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day (audio story)"])

She worked out that Joe was the reason that the were lords could escape. Deciding to kill Joe by evacuating the airlock she was transmatted to the Nursery where she met Ratty and Mole and was run over by Toad. She met Cordeline who showed her Paul and Janey who were now in their human forms after Shreela's message. The Doctor and her confronted Joe. She saw Paul sacrifice himself for her. (AUDIO: Brightly Shone The Moon That Night [+]Loading...["Brightly Shone The Moon That Night (audio story)"])

With Frobisher[[edit]]

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Peri became homesick for 1980s America (PROSE: CHAOS [+]Loading...["CHAOS (short story)"]) and left the TARDIS to pursue a life in New York City in 1985, where she worked in an office. She grew frustrated with her job and soon quit, after which she gratefully rejoined the Doctor and Frobisher. (COMIC: Kane's Story [+]Loading...["Kane's Story (comic story)"])

During a visit to Antarctopolis in 7214, the Sixth Doctor was kidnapped by the Autons, allied with the Master; Peri and Frobisher helped him escape. As part of a plan with the Tenth Doctor, Frobisher disguised himself as Peri so was kidnapped in her place by a disguised Adam Mitchell, equipped with a vortex manipulator, (COMIC: Façades [+]Loading...["Façades (comic story)"]) however Adam later captured her anyway. (COMIC: The Choice [+]Loading...["The Choice (comic story)"]) She was freed after eleven incarnations of the Doctor confronted Adam and the Master. (COMIC: Endgame [+]Loading...["Endgame (POT comic story)"])

Peri and Frobisher. (COMIC: Exodus [+]Loading...["Exodus (comic story)"])

In the TARDIS, Peri and Frobisher were cleaning until they found an alien family in one of the rooms. When the Doctor refused to help them, Peri convinced him to help them. When the family left, the Doctor decided to go to their planet, Sylvaniar. (COMIC: Exodus [+]Loading...["Exodus (comic story)"])

As soon as they arrived, they were imprisoned. The Doctor was allowed freedom and after he defeated the Cybermen, he came back for them. When they left Peri discovered that her new travelling partner had mono-morphia. (COMIC: Revelation! [+]Loading...["Revelation! (comic story)"] / Genesis! [+]Loading...["Genesis! (comic story)"])

At one point, Peri enjoyed a baseball match. (COMIC: Time Bomb [+]Loading...["Time Bomb (comic story)"]) When she came back, she forced the Doctor on a diet. (COMIC: Salad Daze [+]Loading...["Salad Daze (comic story)"]) When the TARDIS was invaded, Peri and Frobisher went to help the Doctor. However, they were separated in the memory vaults and Peri ran into the invader who took her form. She was rescued by the Doctor and Frobisher. (COMIC: Changes [+]Loading...["Changes (comic story)"])

With Chris[[edit]]

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Further adventures[[edit]]

Peri once had to change the light bulb of the TARDIS's outer plasmic shell, which she learnt had to be done from the inside. She climbed a stairway, passing portraits of the Doctor's various incarnations, and climbed a small ladder to reach the hatch which allowed her to change the bulb. (COMIC: Enlightenment [+]Loading...["Enlightenment (comic story)"])

Peri and the Doctor travelled to the Dalek City to save Davros from his trial following his arrest on Necros and managed to survive being hit by Dalek gunfire by holding onto a Dalekanium wire. They successfully liberated him after the Doctor released a computer virus to incapacitate the Daleks and led him to the TARDIS with a technobot, taking him away in the TARDIS. The Doctor told Davros of the Hand of Omega, which he told Peri was part of a plan he had. (COMIC: Emperor of the Daleks! [+]Loading...["Emperor of the Daleks! (comic story)"])

The Doctor took Peri to Omnia as it was a remote planet. She noticed that there was no writing on the gravestones. She was taken to a forbidden zone where she learnt that the planet was invaded by the Daleks. Hingus Steen helped her when she was caught out during curfew. She was appalled that the main way of resistance was listening to the forbidden texts. Steen betrayed her to the Daleks. She escaped with the Doctor into the mines, but was eventually recaptured. She was then subjected to Truth assessment. (AUDIO: Emissary of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Emissary of the Daleks (audio story)"])

Peri posing as the wife of Percy Blakeney. (AUDIO: Plight of the Pimpernel [+]Loading...["Plight of the Pimpernel (audio story)"])

Peri posed as Percy Blakeney's wife whilst the Doctor investigated how the Scarlet Pimpernel existed in the real world. She wanted to pose as the Scarlet Pimpernel, as she was sure that they were a real person. She managed to persuade the Doctor to let her go with Oliver. Whilst in France she was attacked by Z22, and on coming home she learnt that Blakeney was an alien fugitive from the future. She was appalled at seeing the effect of what she thought the Z22 did but then learnt that Blakeney was the one who had caused it. Peri left the estate to Oliver as thanks. (AUDIO: Plight of the Pimpernel [+]Loading...["Plight of the Pimpernel (audio story)"])

Peri gets a funny feeling about "Ravolox". (TV: The Mysterious Planet [+]Loading...["The Mysterious Planet (TV story)"])

Visiting Ravolox because of its similarity to Earth and having supposedly been destroyed, Peri was greatly upset to discover upon finding Marble Arch that she and the Doctor were indeed on her home planet and was soon captured by the Tribe of the Free. She, Sabalom Glitz and Dibber managed to escape from Katryca twice, only for Peri and the Doctor to go after her when she went to Marb to take Drathro's castle. Peri persuaded Merdeen not to kill the Free and infiltrated the castle with him and Balazar through the ration chute, after which she helped contain a black light explosion and left with the Doctor, unaware of who moved Earth and its constellation or why. (TV: The Mysterious Planet [+]Loading...["The Mysterious Planet (TV story)"])

The TARDIS's number 2 renticular celluprime ran out of charge and Peri and the Doctor were left stranded on Malgar until it powered back up, going to explore despite Peri wanting the two of them to stay in the TARDIS to keep out of trouble. When they met the Malgarians, she stayed with them at their homestead to keep an eye out for anything strange whilst the Doctor investigated the Sisters of Serenity who had pacified the Malgarians. Peri went after him with the help of the Shadow League and saved him from the Sisters after learning that he had entered the Abbey of Serenity alone, leaving to find the Hyrudex a new home following the Sisters' retreat. (AUDIO: The Shadows of Serenity [+]Loading...["The Shadows of Serenity (audio story)"])

On Thordon, (PROSE: Mindwarp [+]Loading...["Mindwarp (novelisation)"]) Peri and the Doctor met a Warlord with a sexual interest in Peri who had been supplied with CD phasers from Thoros-Beta. He told Peri and the Doctor where the weapons came from with his dying breath and they went to investigate, the Doctor being concerned with the interference with the Thordonians' civilisation. Peri, however, was less concerned given that the Thordonians would be killing each other with less-advanced weapons anyway. (TV: Mindwarp [+]Loading...["Mindwarp (TV story)"])


Peri and Yrcanos develop feelings for each other. (TV: Mindwarp [+]Loading...["Mindwarp (TV story)"])

Upon arriving on Thoros-Beta in 2379,[source needed] Peri and the Doctor were attacked by the Raak and captured by Kiv's men, but they managed to escape with Yrcanos after Crozier attempted to interrogate him to learn what provoked the Raak. According to a Matrix record (TV: Mindwarp [+]Loading...["Mindwarp (TV story)"]) tampered with by the Valeyard, (TV: The Ultimate Foe [+]Loading...["The Ultimate Foe (TV story)"]) the Doctor began behaving oddly and seemingly betrayed his friends to Sil, again giving Peri away when she joined Matrona Kani's retinue to speak with him discreetly.

Peri, Yrcanos and Dorf went on to stir up rebellion amongst the Thoros-Alphans until they were stunned by Frax and imprisoned. Peri confessed to Yrcanos, who decided that she would be his queen, that she had been feeling a longing to belong somewhere with people that she loved ever since arriving on the planet and bonded with him whilst trying to explain the concept of love. (TV: Mindwarp [+]Loading...["Mindwarp (TV story)"]) She was relieved when she was taken to the laboratory as she believed that she had avoided execution, (PROSE: Mindwarp [+]Loading...["Mindwarp (novelisation)"]) but after examination, she was strapped to an operating table and gagged, as she had been chosen by Crozier to become the host for Kiv through direct transference of his brainwaves. The Doctor was taken out of time by the Time Lords, preventing him from saving Peri (TV: Mindwarp [+]Loading...["Mindwarp (TV story)"]) who would otherwise be able to corroborate his claims about Ravolox. (AUDIO: Peri and the Piscon Paradox [+]Loading...["Peri and the Piscon Paradox (audio story)"])

An unconscious and bald Peri is prepared for mind alteration. (TV: Mindwarp [+]Loading...["Mindwarp (TV story)"])

Matrona Kani completely shaved Peri's head, (TV: Mindwarp [+]Loading...["Mindwarp (TV story)"]) which Peri was glad that she was unable to see, (PROSE: Mindwarp [+]Loading...["Mindwarp (novelisation)"]) and Crozier completely erased her mind in the process of transferring Kiv, meaning that although Peri was still physically alive, the person she once was mentally no longer existed. Ostensibly to prevent Crozier's discovery from making Kiv immortal and affecting evolution across the universe, the High Council trapped Yrcanos in a time bubble and used him as an unwitting assassin to kill Kiv by destroying Peri's body with a CD phaser soon after the successful transfer. (TV: Mindwarp [+]Loading...["Mindwarp (TV story)"])


Despite her death, a number of varied fates for Peri existed thanks to the temporal manipulations of various competing factions of Time Lords who each devised different ways to save her life and let her live out her life. According to a Time Lord who visited the Sixth Doctor and a version of Peri living in Los Angeles in 2009, at least five versions of Peri were removed from the timeline prior to the death of the original. (AUDIO: Peri and the Piscon Paradox [+]Loading...["Peri and the Piscon Paradox (audio story)"])

The Warrior Queen[[edit]]

A faction within the High Council deemed Peri's death excessive and unnecessary and pulled her out of the timestream before her death, allowing Yrcanos to rescue her. (AUDIO: Peri and the Piscon Paradox [+]Loading...["Peri and the Piscon Paradox (audio story)"]) According to one account, she made Yrcanos wait with her on Thoros-Beta for a month as she believed that the Doctor would be coming back to collect her, something she continued to believe when she agreed to leave for Krontep. (PROSE: Bad Therapy [+]Loading...["Bad Therapy (novel)"]) She and Yrcanos were married (TV: The Ultimate Foe [+]Loading...["The Ultimate Foe (TV story)"]) in the Hall of Blood and Skulls on the Day of Six Deaths (PROSE: The Dark Scrolls of the Valeyard [+]Loading...["The Dark Scrolls of the Valeyard (short story)"]) and it was on the day of their wedding that she accepted that the Doctor would not be coming for her. (PROSE: Bad Therapy [+]Loading...["Bad Therapy (novel)"])

Peri as Queen on Krontep. (PROSE: Reunion [+]Loading...["Reunion (BE short story)"])

Accounts differed on whether Peri was in love with Yrcanos (AUDIO: Peri and the Piscon Paradox [+]Loading...["Peri and the Piscon Paradox (audio story)"]; WC: The Eternal Mystery [+]Loading...["The Eternal Mystery (webcast)"]) or if the relationship was entirely one-sided. (PROSE: Bad Therapy [+]Loading...["Bad Therapy (novel)"]) She brought peace and prosperity to Krontep and was considered mightier than her husband, ruling with both steel and compassion. (WC: The Eternal Mystery [+]Loading...["The Eternal Mystery (webcast)"]) As well as being the nominal queen, known in one account as Queen Gilliam, she was governor in her own right of seven planets and director of several health and education enterprises on Krontep and almost never had time off from her official duties as a result. (PROSE: Bad Therapy [+]Loading...["Bad Therapy (novel)"])

A Time Lord claimed that Peri and Yrcanos had three children: two boys and a girl. (AUDIO: Peri and the Piscon Paradox [+]Loading...["Peri and the Piscon Paradox (audio story)"]) According to one account, their daughter Yrcanthia gave them three grandchildren: Actis, Artios and Euthys, (COMIC: The Age of Chaos [+]Loading...["The Age of Chaos (comic story)"]) whilst another claimed that Peri chose not to have any children with Yrcanos, who waited patiently for her to change her mind. (PROSE: Bad Therapy [+]Loading...["Bad Therapy (novel)"])

According to one account, Peri was reunited with a small and old Doctor twenty years after they parted ways on Thoros-Beta. She was bitterly unhappy with him for having abandoned her and refused to reconcile with him, claiming that she had had better things to think about than him whilst on Krontep. He left, accepting her decision. (PROSE: Reunion [+]Loading...["Reunion (BE short story)"])

According to another account, Peri was suffocated by the regimented life of a queen and her twenty-five unhappy years of marriage and ran away to the Palace of the First Queen of Kr'on Tep where she continued her research into Petruska. Although she promised Yrcanos that she would return when he came after her, she used Petruska's time tunnel and was reunited with the Doctor in his seventh incarnation, whom she greeted with a slap, in London in 1958. She helped him defeat Moriah, after which she forgave the Doctor for leaving her and had him take her to the late 20th century where she went to travel Europe. (PROSE: Bad Therapy [+]Loading...["Bad Therapy (novel)"])

An older Peri returns to Krontep. (WC: The Eternal Mystery [+]Loading...["The Eternal Mystery (webcast)"])

A further account stated that after ruling for many years as the Warrior Queen, Peri left Krontep following Yrcanos' death as she did not believe that her subjects needed a figurehead anymore, with her disappearance being dubbed the Eternal Mystery. (WC: The Eternal Mystery [+]Loading...["The Eternal Mystery (webcast)"]) She began travelling the universe, and eventually returned to Earth. She later found herself on the remembered TARDIS, where she was reunited with an older version of the Sixth Doctor. Peri thought back to her experience on Varos, and agreed to rejoin the Doctor in his travels, on the condition that he take her back to Krontep once a year to pay her respects to Yrcanos and check on her former people. (TV: Vengeance on Varos [+]Loading...["Vengeance on Varos (TotT TV story)"]) On one such occasion, she was caught by Rex and invited him aboard the TARDIS. (WC: The Eternal Mystery [+]Loading...["The Eternal Mystery (webcast)"])

According to another account, in which she was regularly visited by the Sixth Doctor, Peri remained on Krontep following Yrcanos's death and went into exile under the name Ranith when Actios and Euthys entered into a civil war which killed Yrcanthia, who had succeeded Yrcanos. She returned after the Doctor, Frobisher and Actis exposed Farlig's warmongering whilst under the control of a Nahrung and was reunited with her family, with the Doctor, to whom she did not reveal her identity, calling out to her from afar as he prepared to leave the planet, knowing that it was her. (COMIC: The Age of Chaos [+]Loading...["The Age of Chaos (comic story)"])

Dr Peri Brown[[edit]]

Peri in 2009. (AUDIO: Peri and the Piscon Paradox [+]Loading...["Peri and the Piscon Paradox (audio story)"])

Feeling that forcing Peri to live out her days with Yrcanos was a fate worse than death, an incoming President arranged for another version of Peri to be removed from the timestream and given the same treatment as Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot: being returned home and having her memories of all but her first adventure with the Doctor wiped. Peri completed her studied at college, going on to earn a doctorate, and resumed her relationship with Davey Silverman, whom she married. Davey frequently beat her, kicking her on their honeymoon and pushing her down the stairs.

Davey's beatings were so severe that Peri had to undergo reconstructive surgery because of damage to her nose and found that she was unable to bear children. She ran away to Los Angeles and became a relationship counsellor because she wanted to help people, but she eventually did it solely to make money and came to host Dr. Peri Brown: Worrier Queen, a popular television series which she produced with Carburetor, her best friend. After divorcing Davey, she had two further failed marriages.

In 2009, Peri was reunited with the Doctor on an adventure that saw her interact with her younger self — she pretended to be an alien expert working for the government in order to protect the Web of Time, not revealing her future to her past self. She unintentionally appalled her earlier self by seeming to kill Zarl, despite the fact that he was actually the Sixth Doctor in a monster costume, and was teleported away rather than killed. Ultimately, she learnt about her other selves, and the Doctor apologised profoundly for how his people had tampered with her life. Offered a chance to travel with the Doctor again, she declined and returned to her life in Los Angeles in 2009. (AUDIO: Peri and the Piscon Paradox [+]Loading...["Peri and the Piscon Paradox (audio story)"])

Earth with Yrcanos[[edit]]

Exercising mercy, the High Council distorted the Matrix's timeflow and removed Peri and Yrcanos prior to the mind transfer operation, sending them back in time to live out their lives on Earth in the early 1990s. Peri was happy to be back in the United States, where she and Yrcanos settled in California, and believed that Yrcanos coped better with the perplexities of the 20th century than some natives.

Peri became Yrcanos's manager when he decided to take up a career as an all-win wrestler and watched him from the crowd during his matches. Whilst doing so, she wondered what had happened to the Sixth Doctor as her memories of Thoros-Beta had become vague, but she was ultimately happy being in her original time and place. (PROSE: Mindwarp [+]Loading...["Mindwarp (novelisation)"])

Mind parasite[[edit]]

Overcoming Mandrake[[edit]]

Another version of Queen Peri, visited by the Sixth Doctor on Krontep, was revealed to have become a pawn of Mandrake, the Doctor's childhood imaginary enemy that became a mind parasite, transferred to Crozier's computer when the Doctor was connected to the machine, and then to Peri's body instead of Kiv. Oblivious of the fact, Yrcanos died seven days after the wedding, having been poisoned by Mandrake.

When the Doctor came to attend Peri's wedding, Mandrake had him thrown into the cells, where he remained for five years as Mandrake used Peri's body to prepare for a coup of the various kingdoms. However, since Peri was sterile due to her spectrox poisoning, none of the other rulers would marry "Peri" as she would be unable to continue the royal line. After five years, Mandrake poisoned Peri's own body, wanting to force the Doctor to transfer his mind to the body of princess Dirani of Hurn in exchange for a cure.

Eventually, after swapping bodies with Peri in order to force the mind parasite into submission with his greater strength of will, the Doctor managed to restore her real consciousness and save her life with an antidote he had prepared during his imprisonment. Following this, Peri rejoined the Doctor on his travels. (AUDIO: The Widow's Assassin [+]Loading...["The Widow's Assassin (audio story)"])

Continued adventures[[edit]]

One of their first trips together in the TARDIS again was to Scotland during the 22nd century Dalek invasion. She wanted to stop the stoning of Ross Nicolson. The Doctor told her not to get involved in what was happening and accidentally got chosen to work in the Daleks' refinery. On board, Peri met Moira Brody who told her more of the situation. Whilst escaping the complex she met up with the Doctor as he broke in.

Peri and the Doctor joined Moira on her way north to the Orkneys. Walking by foot, she was infected by a Varga plant. She started to be influenced by the Varga and wanted to kill her friends. After being captured by the Daleks, Moira started testing her blood and Peri was cured in a Dalek facility. She then helped Moira and Curbishly to stop the Roboman Elite as Moira used the same technique she used on Peri to remember her past. (AUDIO: Masters of Earth [+]Loading...["Masters of Earth (audio story)"])

The Doctor and Peri visited the College of Advanced Galactic Education so that the Doctor could get an honorary degree. She helped Lizzo when they encountered her after she was experimented on. After attending one of Professor Baxton's lectures, she followed her to the medical facility and she realised that Baxton was in fact the Rani in her new incarnation. Peri was subjected to another body-switching experience when an elderly Countess was transferred into her body, but listening to an audio diary Peri had made earlier forced the Countess to realise that what she and others were doing was wrong. Peri later gained an honorary degree in Botany. (AUDIO: The Rani Elite [+]Loading...["The Rani Elite (audio story)"])

When a signal was interfering with the TARDIS, she noticed that the TARDIS rotor was cracking. She used her botanical knowledge using the local plant life to deduce that they had landed in an African Jungle. They found the camp that Amanda Latimer's expedition was using. She used her status of the Queen of Krontep to negotiate for their release. She was taken by the B'lemyae with Siyanda. Peri realised that the B'lemyae's creation story meant that they had come from the space. She tried to rescue Kaylin but she was almost dragged over a cliff. (AUDIO: The Headless Ones [+]Loading...["The Headless Ones (audio story)"])

She went with the Doctor to Rusina to help in negotiate on behalf of Sandis-Fernis. She was arrested for not having a computer chip implanted into him. She didn't like the concept of social media. The Doctor and Peri both had a chip forcibly implanted in them and released into the custody of Christie. She initially declined to be part of an advertising campaign, but when their sub count did permitted her or the Doctor to see the governor she accepted it to get the subs. She was distressed at how Crompton manipulated the Doctor's message. She used her contact at Christie's to help Sandis-Fernis by creating a mini-advertising campaign. (AUDIO: Like [+]Loading...["Like (audio story)"])

Aiming for Metebelis IV, the Doctor and Peri landed on Earth encountering Myrna Kendal who said she knew them both, which delighted her as her mother watched all her films. She stopped the Doctor from wearing his own attire. She consoled Carolyn Sue May after she was chastised by Myrna. She was flung into the future be the time distortion. She realised that Myrna and Carolyn were forked versions of each other. (AUDIO: The Vanity Trap [+]Loading...["The Vanity Trap (audio story)"])

The Doctor and Peri went to Freudian Institute to undertake some therapy and were both assigned a Sigmund Freud to care for them. She told them about their exploration and dismissed that they were attracted to danger, after detailing their defeat of the Complex. She also retold how the Doctor wouldn't let her leave the TARDIS, then requested to be returned to Baltimore during the 1990s. When he suggested keeping her in a deep freeze to stop her from dying, she thought something was mentally wrong with the Doctor, and that's why they came to the institute. She was attacked by the Rorschach. She was sent to The Complex, Her story to her analyst was a fiction based on multiple previous adventures. (AUDIO: Conflict Theory [+]Loading...["Conflict Theory (audio story)"])

Possessed by Kiv[[edit]]

Another account suggested that Peri survived the assassination and continued to be possessed by the mind of Kiv until a new host body was selected. It was implied that her brain, which still housed Kiv's mind, was surgically transplanted into the new body by Cordelia Crozier. (PROSE: Sil and the Devil Seeds of Arodor [+]Loading...["Sil and the Devil Seeds of Arodor (novelisation)"])


The other permutations of Peri and the reasons for their creation were not specified by the Time Lord. (AUDIO: Peri and the Piscon Paradox [+]Loading...["Peri and the Piscon Paradox (audio story)"])

Undated events[[edit]]

While travelling with the Sixth Doctor, Peri encountered the Fielding brothers in an adventure involving an exiled Draconian prince. (AUDIO: The Avenues of Possibility [+]Loading...["The Avenues of Possibility (audio story)"])

At some point, Peri was taken to the Black Archive by UNIT to have her record as a companion of the Doctor taken, her memories of the visit were subsequently erased and she was sent on her way. (TV: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (TV story)"])

In March 2005, Peri wrote on the website Doctor Who? asking if anybody had information on the Doctor as she was interested in getting back in touch. (PROSE: Have You Seen This Man? [+]Loading...["Have You Seen This Man? (short story)"])

Alternative timelines[[edit]]

In a parallel universe, the Valeyard accidentally killed the Fourth Doctor by time-ramming him, the Fifth Doctor was erased from existence, and thus Peri's first meeting with the Doctor was altered or dissolved. (AUDIO: He Jests at Scars... [+]Loading...["He Jests at Scars... (audio story)"])

In an alternate timeline created when Rassilon joined forces with the Cybermen, the Fifth Doctor and Peri landed on Skaro, the home planet of the Daleks, only to find it conquered by the Cybermen. (COMIC: Supremacy of the Cybermen [+]Loading...["Supremacy of the Cybermen (comic story)"]) Realising that the Cybermen had grown powerful to wipe out the Daleks, the Doctor led Peri away, (COMIC: Prologue: The Fifth Doctor [+]Loading...["Prologue: The Fifth Doctor (comic story)"]) only for this timeline to be undone when a remorseful Rassilon joined forces with the Twelfth Doctor. (COMIC: Supremacy of the Cybermen [+]Loading...["Supremacy of the Cybermen (comic story)"])

The Doctor and Peri were almost forced to land at the Big Bang due to mysterious coordinates being sent to the TARDIS which the Doctor tried to investigate. Escaping the explosion, the Doctor and Peri arrived at a Vess warehouse, and learnt the full magnitude of the situation with the Seventh Doctor and Ace. The Seventh Doctor was melancholy when he saw her again, telling his younger self that he had never gotten used to time travel leading to his being reunited with old friends. However, Peri got along well with Ace. She was surprised that Ace referred to the Seventh Doctor as "Professor" but was amused when she referred to the Sixth Doctor as "Joseph," a reference to the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The Sixth Doctor and Peri went to investigate the higher levels where they found a delegation of Time Lords, however Peri vanished due to the Doctor’s travels being undone by the Master’s conceptual bomb. These events were erased when the detonation of the conceptual bomb was prevented by the Doctors and the First Doctor disabled the emergency system that had drawn some the Doctors to the Vess pocket dimension. (AUDIO: The Light at the End [+]Loading...["The Light at the End (audio story)"])


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Peri enjoyed playing tennis, hockey and lacrosse. (PROSE: The Two Doctors [+]Loading...["The Two Doctors (novelisation)"]) Peri was often exasperated with the Doctor's sixth incarnation (TV: Vengeance on Varos [+]Loading...["Vengeance on Varos (TV story)"]), but still cared for him and came to see her own hypocrisy. (TV: Attack of the Cybermen [+]Loading...["Attack of the Cybermen (TV story)"], The Two Doctors [+]Loading...["The Two Doctors (TV story)"], Revelation of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Revelation of the Daleks (TV story)"], etc.) Over time, the two of them became more amicable with each other, (TV: The Mysterious Planet [+]Loading...["The Mysterious Planet (TV story)"]) especially after the death of Peri's mother. (AUDIO: The Reaping [+]Loading...["The Reaping (audio story)"])

Although she typically relied on the Doctor, she showed that she was intelligent, such as when she figured the poison must own a cure, (TV: The Caves of Androzani [+]Loading...["The Caves of Androzani (TV story)"]) and when tricked a Paradise 5 computer into giving her food and drink. (AUDIO: Paradise 5 [+]Loading...["Paradise 5 (audio story)"]) She showed such courage when standing up to enemies. (TV: Planet of Fire [+]Loading...["Planet of Fire (TV story)"], Attack of the Cybermen [+]Loading...["Attack of the Cybermen (TV story)"], Revelation of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Revelation of the Daleks (TV story)"]) She also showed compassion for many, even on opponents such as Lytton. (TV: Attack of the Cybermen [+]Loading...["Attack of the Cybermen (TV story)"]) She mourned the death of Kamelion even though he was an android, (TV: Planet of Fire [+]Loading...["Planet of Fire (TV story)"]) proved a capable one as a big sister figure to Erimem. (AUDIO: The Veiled Leopard [+]Loading...["The Veiled Leopard (audio story)"]), and also felt remorse after killing a mutant victim of Davros. (TV: Revelation of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Revelation of the Daleks (TV story)"]) She was remembered by Krontep as leading with iron and compassion, and was regarded as being mightier than her husband. (WC: The Eternal Mystery [+]Loading...["The Eternal Mystery (webcast)"])

Peri began to develop fond and romantic feelings for the warrior king Yrcanos, whom she subsequently fell in love with. (TV: Mindwarp [+]Loading...["Mindwarp (TV story)"]) Following her rescue on Thoros Beta, Peri married Yrcanos in a least one timeline, (TV: The Ultimate Foe [+]Loading...["The Ultimate Foe (TV story)"]) and later bore his children. (COMIC: The Age of Chaos [+]Loading...["The Age of Chaos (comic story)"]) After the warrior king's death, Peri would regularly visit a temple dedicated to Yrcanos, once a year, to pay tribute to her late husband. (WC: The Eternal Mystery [+]Loading...["The Eternal Mystery (webcast)"])

In one timeline, (AUDIO: Peri and the Piscon Paradox [+]Loading...["Peri and the Piscon Paradox (audio story)"]) Peri's entire mind was altered into becoming a copy of Lord Kiv's. This made her personality more ruthless, lustful and dictatorial, although Crozier made sure she retained some of her original personality's spirit and strength, and she also seemed to retain her disgust for the physical form of the Mentors. (TV: Mindwarp [+]Loading...["Mindwarp (TV story)"])


Peri with longer hair and more conservative clothes. (TV: The Mysterious Planet [+]Loading...["The Mysterious Planet (TV story)"])

Peri had dark, shiny hair which she usually wore short and straight (PROSE: The Mark of the Rani [+]Loading...["The Mark of the Rani (novelisation)"]) but later wore long and curled. (TV: The Mysterious Planet [+]Loading...["The Mysterious Planet (TV story)"], Mindwarp [+]Loading...["Mindwarp (TV story)"]) During her time on Krontep, she wore her hair short again, (AUDIO: The Widow's Assassin [+]Loading...["The Widow's Assassin (audio story)"]) presumably due to having to regrow it after being shaved bald by Matrona Kani. (TV: Mindwarp [+]Loading...["Mindwarp (TV story)"]) In her later years, she styled her hair long and straight. (WC: The Eternal Mystery [+]Loading...["The Eternal Mystery (webcast)"]) She had a trim young figure (PROSE: The Mark of the Rani [+]Loading...["The Mark of the Rani (novelisation)"]) and was considered beautiful. (TV: The Caves of Androzani [+]Loading...["The Caves of Androzani (TV story)"], Timelash [+]Loading...["Timelash (TV story)"])

She often wore shorts with a low-cut top whilst travelling with the Doctor, (TV: Planet of Fire [+]Loading...["Planet of Fire (TV story)"], Attack of the Cybermen [+]Loading...["Attack of the Cybermen (TV story)"], The Two Doctors [+]Loading...["The Two Doctors (TV story)"], etc.) but donned a royal yellow gown in 19th century Killingworth (TV: The Mark of the Rani [+]Loading...["The Mark of the Rani (TV story)"]) and a blue ensemble on Necros. (TV: Revelation of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Revelation of the Daleks (TV story)"]) In her later adventures, she wore more conservative clothes. On Ravolox, she wore a flaxen and black blazer, a gold-coloured silk blouse and silver-grey slacks, (TV: The Mysterious Planet [+]Loading...["The Mysterious Planet (TV story)"], PROSE: The Mysterious Planet [+]Loading...["The Mysterious Planet (novelisation)"]) while on Thoros Beta, she was attired in pale blue culottes, a sleeveless pink wrap blouse and a short loose-fitting kimono-style jacket in pink, white and blue. (TV: Mindwarp [+]Loading...["Mindwarp (TV story)"]) Whilst visiting the temple dedicated to her late husband, an older Peri wore a black ensemble, including a cloak with a hood. (WC: The Eternal Mystery [+]Loading...["The Eternal Mystery (webcast)"])

Behind the scenes[[edit]]


When asked about the name "Perpugilliam" in a 1986 interview, Nicola Bryant said:

I never warmed to the name Perpugilliam, but I like Peri as a name. John [Nathan-Turner] found it in a book. Apparently, in the Sixties, mothers in America were naming their children with particularly long ostentatious names. Obviously, John was using this to typify the kind of background that Peri had had, and the kind of mother she had.Nicola Bryant [DWM 119 [src]]

The 1995 Cornerstone trading card misspelt her name as "Perpugillium". The same typo was made in Dalek Combat Training Manual in 2021.

Perpugilliam is an old family name (PROSE: Players) and a family tradition. (PROSE: A Town Called Eternity)

In the audio story The Bride of Peladon, Peri claims her name means "she who lives in the hills".

In the short story A Handful of Stardust, Thomas Digges says that Perpugilliam is Latin for "by a handful". Digges ends A Perfit Description of the Caelestiall Orbes with the inscription "Per Pugilliam Pulvis Sidereus", which Peri translates as "by a handful of stardust".

BBV Productions[[edit]]

Using her actual English accent, Nicola Bryant played "Miss Brown" (who was never actually referred to by name on-screen), an obvious analogue to Peri, in three BBV Productions videos in the Stranger series: Summoned by Shadows, More Than a Messiah and In Memory Alone. Later videos in the series would make clear that the Stranger series did not take place in the Doctor Who universe and that Peri and Miss Brown had no connection with each other. Bryant also played Elenya "Ellie" Brown, the girlfriend of Colin Baker's character, TV weather forecaster Arnold "Arnie" Davis, in another BBV production, the non-Doctor Who The Airzone Solution.


Counting audio and televised adventures together, Peri effectively shares the longest-serving companion title — both in terms of number of stories and recorded time — with Ace. As they are tied, the title essentially alternates as new stories are released. Her nearest rivals are Jamie McCrimmon, Charley Pollard and Nyssa. Nyssa's appearances are considerably more frequent than Jamie's so she represents the only potential threat to Peri and Ace's record-breaking number of appearances.

While she clearly eclipses the amount of time Sarah Jane Smith has been seen or heard as a companion, Peri is easily outpaced by the character of Sarah, due to Sarah's latter-day appearances as a solo character.

Peri was also incredibly prolific within the Sixth Doctor's era on television. Terror of the Vervoids is the only television story of that era in which she does not appear, though within that story, she is still mentioned.

American accent[[edit]]

While Peri is supposed to be an American, her English accent often slips and her American accent wanders between different regional accents. She sometimes uses phrases and pronunciations that Americans would not use, such as "lift" instead of the American "elevator".

Indeed, the Attack of the Cybermen DVD commentary maintained that it was mandated that Peri only use British slang to avoid confusing the audience. This may have worked for the British audience but, as Peter Davison pointed on on the DVD commentary for Planet of Fire, it had the opposite effect on American viewers. They could spot Bryant's fake American accent — or, really, any British actor's attempt at American — with ease. This was one of the principal reasons that Davison fought hard against adding an American companion to the show. This idiosyncrasy of language did not end with the TV series, as it can be heard in several audio dramas also.

According to Nicola Bryant on the DVD commentary for Planet of Fire, there was an active effort to cover up the fact that she was not, in fact, American. She recounted there how John Nathan-Turner insisted she use her American accent when making public appearances or appearances that could have been monitored by the press. At least during the recording of her earliest serials, like Planet of Fire, she was even required to use the American accent when she broke character between takes.

It's unclear how long this obfuscation lasted, but evidence for the subterfuge can be heard on a clip from Breakfast Time broadcast the day the first episode of The Twin Dilemma aired. During the interview, the interviewer asserted that as a "little girl in America" Bryant used to watch Doctor Who and dream of being a companion. Bryant, who used only a very mild English accent during the interview, failed to correct the interviewer or to even look as though the interviewer had made an error. Near the end of the 1984 production block — which is to say after the recording of Season 22, but probably slightly before its airing — Bryant gave a radio interview in which she used her natural British accent. (AUDIO: Doctor Who at the BBC Volume 3)

Relationship with her stepfather[[edit]]

The idea of Howard Foster sexually abusing Peri is one never considered by the production team on Planet of Fire and does not have resonance in audio and print literature beyond the novel Shell Shock. Nicola Bryant says that the idea, as envisioned by Fiona Cumming, Dallas Adams and her was to suggest that she and her stepfather had an appropriate but friendly relationship. Indeed, according to Bryant, Peri much preferred the company of Howard to that of her mother. (DCOM: Planet of Fire) However, the character of Peri (or at least one aspect of Peri) was still destined for an abusive relationship as revealed in AUDIO: Peri and the Piscon Paradox.

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