Natalie Morrison

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Natalie Morrison was an old friend of Donna Noble.

When Donna returned home after her recent visit to a library, Sylvia Noble rang Nat. Sylvia had signed them up to attend One's no Fun, a speed dating event. Despite being married (AUDIO: Out of this World) to Garrison Lord, (AUDIO: The Chiswick Cuckoos) Nat went to the event to accompany Donna, as she thought it would be "a laugh". Afterwards, they both followed who they thought was the Tenth Doctor but was actually an Alien who abducted the two of them along with the TARDIS. (AUDIO: Out of this World)

They were both able to escape and used the TARDIS to flee to Valdacki (AUDIO: Spinvasion) and then Earth in the Middle Ages. (AUDIO: The Sorcerer of Albion)

They eventually landed on Earth and foiled an alien invasion by the Collector Prime involving a doppelgänger of Donna. Together they freed the Doctor. (AUDIO: The Chiswick Cuckoos)

Behind the scenes[[edit]]

Natalie is played by Niky Wardley, a frequent collaborator with Catherine Tate who most prominently appeared with her on The Catherine Tate Show.