The Sorcerer of Albion (audio story)

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The Sorcerer of Albion was the third audio story in the anthology Donna Noble: Kidnapped!.

Publisher's summary[[edit]]

Trying to get home, Donna and Nat end up in the right place at the wrong time – the Middle Ages!

A monastery is under siege from the Burning Knights, and the great Sorcerer Parval calls on the assistance of another great mage. He has summoned Merlin herself – or as Nat knows her, Donna Noble!


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  • When shown an image of her husband by the TARDIS, Natalie asks for Zac Efron or Will Miller instead, but the TARDIS refuses.
  • Natalie describes Derren Brown as the greatest sorcerer who ever lived.



  • Donna and Natalie are taken to the Middle Ages by Parval, who summoned the time mage Merlin. (TV: Battlefield)
  • Donna uses the phrase "wizard". A parallel version of her would also use it (TV: Turn Left), as would the Meta-Crisis Doctor on realising he is part human. (TV: Journey's End)
  • Natalie thinks the monks might be ninjas. The Doctor has previously encountered monks trained in martial arts. (TV: Tooth and Claw)
  • Parval says Merlin has many bodies to contain all the stories about him, and asks why one shouldn't be a woman. The Doctor would later have female incarnations. (TV: Twice Upon a Time et al., PROSE: Rose)
  • Parval believes Nat can read ancient Babylonian as a gift from Merlin. Donna reveals the TARDIS translates languages. (TV: The End of the World et al.)
  • Emergency programme 12 reverses the polarity of its particles. This was a technique commonly used by the Doctor. (TV: The Dæmons et al.)
  • Donna describes herself as a temp from Chiswick. She would do so again in TV: Journey's End.
  • Donna describes the Doctor as her mate. (TV: Partners in Crime)
  • Natalie finds a manual for the Doctor's TARDIS which he dropped in a antique clothes store during the Third Crusade. (TV: The Crusade)

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