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The Neverpeople were Gallifreyans who were removed from the Web of Time by the Oubliette of Eternity and now lived in the Antiverse.


Within the Antiverse a Neverperson was semi-transparent and could pass through most solid objects at will. They had telepathic contact with each other. Neverpeople fed on temporal energy, which they could drain from people and from the time rotor of TARDISes, though they showed no sign of starving to death if deprived of it.

Within the normal universe, the Neverpeople had the additional effect of generating temporal distortions that could stretch the Web of Time to breaking. They were also able to change their appearance; Sentris was able to take the form of Charlotte Pollard. (AUDIO: Neverland)


The Celestial Intervention Agency had a special chamber called the Oubliette of Eternity. Criminals and those convicted of high crimes would be "dispersed" from history; their timelines erased as if they never existed. However, they instead crossed over to the Antiverse: a realm where the usual rules of cause and effect don't apply.

Thousands of individuals ended up on a small planet in the Antiverse, and their anger against the Time Lords grew over the generations. When Sentris arrived in their ranks, a plot for vengeance was born. When the Eighth Doctor saved Charlotte Pollard from her destined death on the R101 she became a living paradox, and gateway between the Universe and Antiverse, enabling the Neverpeople to enter the Universe. They carefully sowed legends of Rassilon and Zagreus into the history of many species, suggesting that Rassilon was actually in the Antiverse. Once the Time Lords came to find him, they would send an anti-time bomb back to Gallifrey disguised as Rassilon's casket. The resulting explosion would completely unravel the Web of Time and make the normal universe like the Antiverse.

Sentris and others successfully got the anti-time bomb into the normal universe aboard a Gallifreyan Time Station, the anti-time infecting the crew, who set the station to explode. But they were thwarted by the Eighth Doctor, who wrapped his own TARDIS around the station before the bomb could explode. Sentris and the other Neverpeople aboard were annihilated in the contained explosion. (AUDIO: Neverland)

Known individuals[[edit]]

  • Sentris was a coordinator for the CIA who discovered how many people had been dispersed in the Oubliette, by her and by her predecessors. Consumed with guilt, she dispersed herself.
  • Biddulph was a Chancellery Guard for Lord President Pandak. He was dispersed for babbling details of the President's retinue to an unauthorised person.
  • Savos the barman was dispersed for listening to Biddulph's babbling.
  • Rorvan and Taris were dispersed for accessing classified CIA records, looking for information about their parents. They found their parents, Majos and Telsa, were student rebels dispersed for unlicensed and unsponsored research into mutagenic breeding. (AUDIO: Neverland)