Time Station

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A Time Station was a large, high-powered TARDIS used by the Time Lords as a mobile base of command.

A Class 7C Supra-Orbital Time Station was used by the Celestial Intervention Agency to carry Madam President Romana and CIA Coordinator Vansell during the campaign against anti-time. (AUDIO: Neverland)


The Time Station was powered by massive temporal engines surrounded by Zybanium shielding, along with a regenerating Artron energy reserve.

The station contained hulls made of triple-bonded polysium with a tinclavic relief. According to the Doctor, this was unique to a Class 7 Time Station.

At least one of the station's rooms contained a direct link to the Matrix, described as an "Eighth Door". It allowed individuals to directly transfer to the extra-dimensional reality where the Matrix resides. The room could also reconfigure itself transcendentally. (AUDIO: Neverland)


Romana and Vansell chose a Class 7C Time Station as their base of operations when the forces of anti-time were wreaking havoc on the Web of Time. They captured the Eighth Doctor and brought him aboard, where they explained the situation they were facing. Vansell then used the Doctor's companion Charley Pollard to open a portal into the Antiverse and the Time Station travelled through. The environment proved too unpredictable, however, and the station soon crashed on a planetoid there.

While the Doctor, Romana and Vansell went in search of the remains of Rassilon, the Time Station was left to self-repair. The Station's self-repair circuits had the station largely recovered within a few hours. During its down time, the Neverpeople drained much of the Station's energy from its cracked time rotor.

In the meantime, Vansell returned under the influence of the Neverperson Sentris with a casket filled with anti-time. Under Sentris' direction the casket was wired into the Station's self-destruct circuits. Romana and Vansell undertook the final needed repairs and calibrations. Vansell sacrificed himself in the Engine Room to give Romana a chance to escape through the Eighth Door into the Matrix.

Sentris piloted the Time Station out of the Antiverse into N-Space. He intended to self-destruct the station near Gallifrey, permanently destroying the Web of Time. However the Doctor materialised his TARDIS around the station just before it self-destructed. The Time Station and all aboard were destroyed, but the anti-time was contained. (AUDIO: Neverland)