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You may be looking for the account as it exists in the DWU.
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The standard profile picture of the account.[1]

The Official Doctor Who Twitter, occupying the namespace of "bbcdoctorwho", was the official Twitter account used by the BBC for Doctor Who-related content.[2]



In January 2011, the Doctor Who Twitter account was created.[2]

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Doctor Who: Flux marketing campaign[[edit]]

The Doctor Who Twitter account was involved with the promotion of Doctor Who: Flux, which was designed so that the audience were involved with the narrative of the arrival of the Flux:

On 2,[3] 3,[4] 4,[5] 5,[6] 6,[7] 7,[8] and 8 October, the account posted "interruptions" - short bursts of distorted footage of the Thirteenth Doctor sending a message.[9] Within the same day, the account posted what appeared to be a transcript of the Doctor saying "can you hear me?"[10] Very quickly after, all of the Doctor Who social media accounts shut down (barring Tumblr, though that account had been inactive since January same year).[11] In the evening of 9 October, all of the social media accounts returned, posting promo images of the new series as well as giving new details about it.[12] Among the content was the upload of The Flux is Coming..., a minisode that had premiered on television earlier that very same day,[13] evidently showing that the "interruptions" where part of the full minisode, in which the Doctor sent out a distress call warning of the arrival of the Flux, indirectly to the viewers.[14]


On 25 May, the account posted an announcement of the Glow Up: Britain's Next Make-Up Star special, with a video trailer of the special, captioned "This is the @MayaJama x Doctor Who crossover you 100% needed! Get ready for a #DoctorWho themed episode of @GlowUpBBC, tonight on BBC Three."[15]

On 27 May, the account posted about Doctor Who Worlds of Wonder, with 4 images[16][17][18][19] captioned "The Worlds of Wonder exhibition is now open at the @World_Museum in Liverpool! Explore the history of the show and find out how science meets fiction in this exciting new exhibit🪐"[20]