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Salt Publishing

Salt Publishing is a publishing company founded in 1999.

Their first publications were poetry, and they later expanded to include other genrés of prose. By 2010, they had published over one thousand distinct works.

Many of their books would receive prestigious awards.[1]

Their first published book with DWU-elements was Twelve Stories; an anthology written by Paul Magrs. The book contained a reprint of Kept Safe and Sound, and In the Sixties, a short story featuring Iris Wildthyme and Paul Magrs. In the Sixties was originally published in a charity publication, Walking in Eternity, however this edition had copyright violating names changed. The anthology also had other stories with DWU elements, The Great Big Book Exchange, Collecting Ada Jones (featuring characters from Enter Wildthyme and Wildthyme Beyond) and Never the Bride (a short story featuring Brenda and Effie), however for certain reasons, these stories are not currently covered by the Tardis Data Core Wiki.

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