The Glory

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The Glory (The Glorious Dead) or Omniversal Spectrum

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The Glory, also named the Omniversal Spectrum, was the focal point of the omniverse. It was the heart of the omniverse, the fulcrum of all that is, containing every multiverse and the totality of existence. Whoever controlled the Glory would be able to oversee and control all of Creation and the omniverse beyond. The Time Vortex of the Doctor's own multiverse merged with the Glory.

The Glory was located in a higher state of existence, shaped like a large circle with geometric lines and circles inside with countless realities and multiverses extending out of it. The circle maintained the structure of the omniverse as long as there was a living consciousness to direct it. Whenever the Glory's controller was about to die, two rivals would be selected to fight for control of it and whoever won the duel would become the new controller of the Glory. (COMIC: The Glorious Dead)


At one point, Esterath became controller of the Glory and kept it safe from all who would use it for evil.

Esterath grew weary after a nearly infinite long life since the Glory refused to give its controller complete immortality and sought a successor. He found the Master floating in the Time Vortex and saved him. Esterath gave the Master a new body and told him that there would be a fight over the Glory, with the victory able to control the Glory itself.

The Master assumed the battle would be between him and the Eighth Doctor. After the Doctor arrived in the higher state of existence where the Glory was, the Master duelled him in a fierce swordfight across countless dimensions and states of being before stabbing his archenemy in the chest.

However, the Master was mistaken: the true battle in the meantime was between his companion, Sato, and the Doctor's companion, the Cyberman Kroton. Kroton was the ultimate winner of this contest. His first acts as controller of the Glory were to heal the Doctor's injuries and restore Earth to how it should have been before the Master’s intervention, banishing him somewhere unknown in the process. Kroton then stayed behind with the Glory to watch over the omniverse as the Doctor departed afterward. (COMIC: The Glorious Dead)

A shard of the Glory was among the collected powers and objects in the possession by the Crimson Hand. (COMIC: The Crimson Hand)


  • When Esterath explains to the Doctor about the Omniversal Spectrum on page two of Part Six of the original The Glorious Undead comic, one of the images that appear from the Glory is a panel of Spider-Man battling Doctor Octopus from Marvel Comics' Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #12, published in 1964, although the panel is somewhat distorted and flipped both horizontally and vertically. This supports the concept that the Doctor Who universe takes place within the Marvel Comics multiverse.