The Usual Suspects? (illustration)

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The Usual Suspects? is a series of illustrations made by Lee Sullivan. First published in the article "The Usual Suspects?" in DWM 277 — a retrospective on the Virgin Missing Adventures novel series — the piece features many incarnations of the Doctor in a police lineup inspired by the 1995 film The Usual Suspects, receiving updates every few years to include the then-latest Doctor(s).

As only a few instalments are known to be licensed, only those listed as "Licensed" below are covered by this wiki.


Illustration Year Source Updates Licensing
The usual suspects original art.jpg 1999 Art before background added N/A
DWM 277 The Usual Suspects.jpg 1999 DWM 277 First Doctor, Second Doctor, Third Doctor, Fourth Doctor, Fifth Doctor, Sixth Doctor, Seventh Doctor Licensed
The Usual Suspects? 2000.jpg 2000 Commission[1] Presumably unlicensed
The Usual Suspects 2008.jpg 2008[2] Commission[3] Presumably unlicensed
The Usual Suspects 2011.jpg 2011 Cartoon Museum: Doctor Who in Comics: 1964-2011[4] Presumably unlicensed
The Usual Suspects 2013.jpg 2013 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Box Set prints
Stick It On Your Wall poster
  • Removed Dr. Who
The Usual Suspects 2014.jpg 2014 Comic Heroes Magazine Issue 23[5]
  • Third Doctor (red coat)
  • Fourth Doctor (cream coat)
  • Seventh Doctor (cream coat)
  • Eighth Doctor (2013 costume)
  • War Doctor
  • Tenth Doctor (blue suit)
  • Eleventh Doctor (purple coat)
  • Twelfth Doctor
Presumably unlicensed
The Usual Suspects 2017.jpg 2017 Presumably unlicensed
The Usual Suspects 2020.jpg 2020 Presumably unlicensed
Usual Suspects 2023.jpg 2023 Weston Museum: Adventures in Time and Space – 60 Years of Doctor Who Art Exhibition[6] Presumably unlicensed


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