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New York City was a city in New York state and one of the largest and most impressive cities in the United States of America, described by Sam Garner as "the city of a million stories" — and by the Eighth Doctor as a city where the traffic was always terrible. The Doctor visited New York on many occasions, beginning with his very first incarnation. Many of his adventures included a stop by obvious landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street and the Empire State Building. Sometimes, he tried to avail himself of the city's renowned commercial facilities, as when he once tried to patent and mass manufacture a household robot. The Daleks notably invaded the city during the Great Depression, but were defeated at high cost by the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones. Likewise, the Weeping Angels held sway at the Winter Quay for a number of years, until the reality they created was banished as an alternative timeline. Nevertheless, they did not give up their hold on the city quietly, and managed to kill companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams on their way out of town.

Jack Harkness also visited the city on diverse occasions, and sometimes even died there. He also fell in love with an Italian immigrant at Ellis Island — someone who would later become crucially important to the Miracle Day phenomenon.

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Why yes, there have been stories set in New Mexico.

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While on the Dalek homeworld, don't miss the fabulously scenic ... Lake of Mutations!

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Although the Doctor spends an awful lot of time on the ground, it should come as no surprise that he's walked a few space station corridors in his time. Here's the list we're working on now...

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Doctor Who being a show about time travel, it should perhaps come as no surprise that there are such things as temporal locations, too.

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You've heard of trainspotters? Well, we're street spotters around here. Seriously, we love our city infrastructure, but especially streets. Yes, we tend to care most about English streets, but believe it or not, we know quite a lot about how to get around streets in Buenos Aires, thanks to Torchwood: Miracle Day. (So that's one good thing about that series.)