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A calendar showing December 1986. (TV: The Tenth Planet)
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23 December




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23 December was a date.

Holidays and observances

23 December was the date of the Crystal Feast in Sardicktown and on the planet Ember, a winter celebration. (PROSE: Time Traveller's Diary [+]Loading...["Time Traveller's Diary (novel)"])


In 1861, the Fifth Doctor and Turlough assisted Mrs Elkins in defending her Virginia farmhouse from a group of American Civil War deserters led by Lucius Casler. (PROSE: Comforts of Home [+]Loading...["Comforts of Home (short story)"])

In 1892, Clara Oswin Oswald first met the Eleventh Doctor in London, when she asked him about the snowmen. She also first found the TARDIS exterior staircase, and, by extension, the TARDIS itself. (TV: The Snowmen [+]Loading...["The Snowmen (TV story)"])

In 1968, the Seventh Doctor and Ace arrived in the village of Crook Marsham only to become embroiled in a mystery involving disappearing townsfolk. Ultimately, the answer to the puzzle put the time travellers in direct conflict with the mysterious Sentience. (PROSE: Nightshade [+]Loading...["Nightshade (novel)"])

In 1969, on his thirteenth birthday, Gerry Billing received a package from the Doctor, containing a sonic screwdriver for his stuffed toy, Doctor Bear. (PROSE: Imaginary Friends [+]Loading...["Imaginary Friends (novel)"])

In 2023, Ruby Sunday was having a night out at a nightclub when a Goblin deliberately knocked over her drink, but it was caught by the Fifteenth Doctor, who had been observing Ruby. He later saved a woman when a Goblin triggered a Christmas decoration collapsing on her (TV: The Church on Ruby Road) from the roof of the local Henrik's. (PROSE: The Church on Ruby Road [+]Loading...{"page":"23-31","chaptnum":"Three","1":"The Church on Ruby Road (novelisation)"})

Births and deaths

In 1956, Gerry Billing was born. (PROSE: Imaginary Friends [+]Loading...["Imaginary Friends (novel)"])


According to a calendar on the Snowcap base, 23 December 1986 was a Tuesday. (TV: The Tenth Planet [+]Loading...["The Tenth Planet (TV story)"])