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2023 was a year.



Mrs Flood claimed that she did an Easter fun run in twenty-five minutes flat. (TV: The Church on Ruby Road [+]Loading...["The Church on Ruby Road (TV story)"])


In late November, (PROSE: The Star Beast [+]Loading...["The Star Beast (novelisation)"]) the Meep crashed their ship into Millson Wagner Steelworks, evading the Wrarth Warriors chasing the Meep by exploiting Rose Noble's kindness. Controlling UNIT soldiers using a psychedelic sun, the Meep plotted to repair the ship to again menace the universe. The Fourteenth Doctor and Donna Noble prevented the Meep from leaving Earth, and enabled the Meep's arrest by the Wrarth Warriors. (TV: The Star Beast [+]Loading...["The Star Beast (TV story)"])

A few days after the Meep's arrest, the satellite KOSAT 5 was launched. Although this brought all of humanity online, it also triggered a waveform the Toymaker had subliminally embedded with an arpeggio through Stooky Bill's giggle that caused every human to believe that they alone were right. Supported by UNIT to stop the ensuing chaos, the Doctor and Donna learned of the Toymaker's involvement and travelled to 1925 London to confront him.

The Toymaker arrived in 2023 just after the duo returned and turned UNIT personnel into his playthings. Unable to convince him to leave the Earth alone, the Doctor demanded the Toymaker finish their game. The Toymaker shot the Doctor with UNIT's galvanic beam, assuming he would regenerate into a third Doctor to play a third round, and was shocked when he instead bi-generated into the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Doctors. The Doctors challenged the Toymaker to a game of catch and upon triumphing, banished him from existence, forever folded into a salt-surrounded box in a UNIT vault deep underground. (TV: The Giggle [+]Loading...["The Giggle (TV story)"])

Also in November, UNIT affiliates Sasha and Darren were hurled through time by the Entity. (WC: Incoming Transmission - February Update Video [+]Loading...["Incoming Transmission - February Update Video (webcast)"])


On 1 December, Davina McCall took an interview from Ruby Sunday for a television show, offering to help Ruby find her relatives if possible using DNA. Goblins caused a series of accidents during the interview.

On 22 December, Ruby was performing at a concert when a goblin unplugged her keyboard, as the Fifteenth Doctor looked on.

On 23 December, Ruby was having a night out at a nightclub when a goblin deliberately knocked over her drink, but it was caught by the Doctor, who later saved a woman when a goblin triggered a Christmas decoration collapsing on her. (TV: The Church on Ruby Road [+]Loading...["The Church on Ruby Road (TV story)"])

On 24 December, the Seventh Doctor and Ace visited a Los Angeles toy shop. (PROSE: Instead of You [+]Loading...["Instead of You (short story)"])

On the same day, Ruby was called by McCall to inform her that she was unable to locate her birth parents. She then commemorated her nineteenth birthday by saving her foster sister, Lulubelle, from being eaten by the Goblin King, with assistance from the Fifteenth Doctor. After the goblins were defeated, she stepped inside the Doctor's TARDIS for the first time.

Ruth Lyons told Carla Sunday that she could return Lulubelle on Thursday 28 December, around ten o'clock. (TV: The Church on Ruby Road [+]Loading...["The Church on Ruby Road (TV story)"])


Horrors of Arcbeatle and The Book of the Snowstorm were published by Arcbeatle Press. (PROSE: Love & War [+]Loading...["Love & War (short story)"])

By this time, dyslexia had reliable remedies. (PROSE: Artificial Intelligence [+]Loading...["Artificial Intelligence (short story)"])

Helen Thomson cured a number of childhood diseases and won an Outstanding Citizen Award in 2023. (PROSE: The Little Things [+]Loading...["The Little Things (short story)"])

Demeter Glauss's Cybercrime: An Analysis of Hacking was published in 2023. (PROSE: Millennial Rites [+]Loading...["Millennial Rites (novel)"])

Dodo Chaplet, who came from the 1960s, noticed people in London were wearing face masks, which the First Doctor told her was a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. (AUDIO: The Demon Song [+]Loading...["The Demon Song (audio story)"])

Births and deaths[[edit]]

Claire Billing died shortly before her son Gerry's sixty-seventh birthday. (PROSE: Imaginary Friends [+]Loading...["Imaginary Friends (novel)"])

On 24 December, Lulubelle was born. (TV: The Church on Ruby Road [+]Loading...["The Church on Ruby Road (TV story)"])

Behind the scenes[[edit]]

Information from invalid sources[[edit]]

The Eurovision Song Contest was held in the United Kingdom. (TV: 2023: The Eurovision Audition Tapes [+]Loading...["2023: The Eurovision Audition Tapes (TV story)"])