Battle of Tenacity

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The Battle of Tenacity (AUDIO: The Lords of Terror) was a battle fought during the Last Great Time War. The battle initially centred on the Moon of Tenacity but spread through the Tenacity system and on to Jedris as Dalek forces pursued the Doctor's TARDIS. (AUDIO: The Conscript, One Life)


During the Time War, the Celestial Intervention Agency enhanced the advanced psychic abilities of Quarren Maguire, giving him powers to alter reality. Fearing his new power would be abused, Quarren erased all evidence of his existence and used a Chameleon Arch to make himself human. Unaware of his true identity, Quarren's human persona met Rupa and they eventually married. Together they ended up on a cruise aboard the starship Theseus, where they encountered the Eighth Doctor and his companion Sheena.

A Time Lord Chancellor discovered the discrepency caused by Quarren's erasure and dispatched Aymor to recover or destroy the missing weapon. Aymor discovered it was Quarren, (AUDIO: One Life) but his TARDIS was ambushed by Dalek forces en route to the Theseus, leaving him mortally wounded. Reaching the ship, Aymor used his last moments in a failed attempt to kill Quarren in front of the Doctor. As Dalek forces pursued him to the Theseus, recent events aboard the ship were altered, turning it from a cruise ship to a refugee ship fleeing a Dalek attack and erasing Sheena from existence. As the Daleks took over, the Doctor escaped with a group of refugees, including Quarren and Rupa, on a stolen Dalek time machine, (AUDIO: The Starship of Theseus) crashing on a nearby planet. They navigated through temporal distortion ravaging the planet and debris from the Theseus until Time Lord forces commanded by Cardinal Ollistra arrived, having lured a Dalek fleet into a trap there. Ollistra had the Doctor and his friends taken into custody, intending to finally conscript the Doctor to the war effort. (AUDIO: Echoes of War)

Taking the group to the Gallifreyan Military Moon Base on the Moon of Tenacity, Ollistra had the Doctor join the forces training under Commander Harlan whilst she held his friends for interrogation. The Doctor proved a disruptive influence, to Harlan and Ollistra's frustration, and his conscription was cut short when a recruit encountered a Dalek hunter drone. The drone was destroyed, however had already alerted the Daleks to the Time Lord presence on the moon. (AUDIO: The Conscript)


Tha Daleks unleashed a reversal wave in the Tenacity system to erase the Time Lords' defences. (AUDIO: One Life) With Daleks advancing on the moon in force, the Time Lords began a hasty evacuation effort. Harlan allowed the Doctor to return to his TARDIS with his friends however Ollistra confronted him outside the ship flanked by two guards. She pulled a gun on the Doctor, threatening to shoot him to force a regeneration in hopes of his next incarnation deciding to join up, (AUDIO: The Conscript) however was interrupted when Daleks broke into the base. Whilst her guards died delaying their advance, Ollistra joined the group boarding the Doctor's TARDIS.

The TARDIS was still recovering from exposure to time distortion among the wreckage of the Theseus so proved only able to move in space. The Doctor navigated it through the Tenacity system however the Daleks used a quantum causality generator to duplicate a single Dalek saucer millions of times to form a quantum wall, blockading the system. As he flew the TARDIS between the blockade and reversal wave, Ollistra deduced Quarren's true identity and found the module containing his true self, which he refused to open. Following advice from Bliss, the Doctor managed to break the TARDIS through the quantum wall, however lost control causing it to crashland on Jedris in the 53rd Segment of Time.

Dalek forces pursued the TARDIS to Jedris however Ollistra used a hypercube to summon Time Lord reinforcements in turn. The Time Lords accelerated time around Jedris, rapidly altering its landscape and giving them the advantage over Daleks who had been taken by surprise. After the Doctor and his ship were lost in the shifting landscape, Ollistra used a temporal flare to summon a Battle TARDIS to collect her and the Doctor's friends. Angered by her refusal to go back for the Doctor, Quarren opened the module and returned to his Time Lord identity. Using his powers to alter reality, Quarren rescued the Doctor and his ship, dispatched the refugees and Time Lord forces back to where they belonged and then erased himself from existence, stopping him ever being exploited again. As a parting gesture he left the Doctor in the company of Bliss and they decided to continue travelling together. (AUDIO: One Life)