War Ollistra

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Cardinal Ollistra was a high ranking Time Lord involved in the Last Great Time War. She spent some time of this incarnation trying to convince the Eighth Doctor to join his people in the war against the Daleks, and then aiding him and his next incarnation on the battlefield.


Working with the Eighth Doctor[[edit]]

During the Last Great Time War, Ollistra was given special dispensation to conduct operations by the War Council. She was off-world by the time of Rassilon’s coming to power. (AUDIO: Assassins) Whilst she was away from Gallifrey, her past incarnation was resurrected from the Matrix to serve in the War Room. (AUDIO: The Last Days of Freme)

Ollistra organised a battle over a planet to trap a Dalek fleet and test the effectiveness of the Type 120 TARDISes. In initiating the battle. Ollistra had caused the destruction of the planet and corrupted its timeline. Her troops captured the Doctor and refugees from the Theseus, Bliss, Rupa Maguire and Quarren Maguire. She ordered the Doctor be pressed into service. (AUDIO: Echoes of War)

Returning to the base on the Moon of Tenacity, she placed the Doctor under the command of Commander Harlan and had his companions kept for interrogation. She threatened Bliss that she could just let her disappear as a casualty of the War if she didn’t comply. She wanted to find more about Rupa and Quarren. When a Dalek hunter drone was caught on the Moon, she ordered an evacuation and reluctantly allowed Harlan to let the Doctor go. As the Daleks invaded, she caught the Doctor as he was leaving and threatened to shoot him so that she could get his next incarnation to join the war. (AUDIO: The Conscript)

She was interrupted by the arrival of the Daleks broke in the structure, leaving all her guards behind to escape in the Doctor's TARDIS with him and his companions. She discovered that the Daleks were using a reversal wave on the system. She was after the CIA weapon that was stored on the Theseus. Using material she got from the CIA, she discovered that Quarren was a missing CIA weapon that could rewrite reality with his mind who had hidden using a Chameleon Arch. After they crashed on Jedris, she used a hypercube to summon Time Lord forces. When they arrived and engaged the Daleks by accelerating time, she used a temporal flare to attract a Battle TARDIS. Despite the Doctor being lost in the shifting landscape of Jedris, she ordered the TARDIS to leave. Angry, Quarren returned to his Time Lord identity to save him, sending Ollistra back to Gallifrey. (AUDIO: One Life)

Ollistra was informed when the Twelve's memories of Uzmal appeared to have been unlocked by a Dalek interrogation. She recruited the Doctor and Bliss to help her investigate the Daleks’ interest on the planet, as the mission was far from the front lines. (AUDIO: In the Garden of Death)

She and Major Tamasan took control of one resistance submarine, putting the Doctor in charge of a second one. When the Doctor managed to make contact with the dying Ourashima Ollistra enthusiastically accepted its offer of its powers of precognition and was infuriated when the Doctor refused. (AUDIO: Jonah)

Afterwards she informed the Doctor of suspicious irregularities in Bliss’ timeline. (AUDIO: State of Bliss) She wrote a report about the incident on Uzmal, which the General read before putting the Twelve in stasis. (AUDIO: Dreadshade)

Cardinal Rasmus contacted Ollistra about using the Ravolox Protocols to move Cosca. (AUDIO: Restoration of the Daleks)

Ollistra sponsored a Time Lord project to weaponise the Vashta Nerada against the Daleks by altering their biodata so that they could consume Dalekanium. Ollistra met the Doctor, who had arrived at the station independently, just as the Vashta Nerada began to fight back. After the Doctor had got her to safety, Ollistra pleaded with him to join the fighting. The Doctor refused, reminding her he was a doctor, not a warrior. (AUDIO: Day of the Vashta Nerada)

Working with the War Doctor[[edit]]

Ollistra was present when a Gallifreyan reported the destruction of the Dalek fleet and the death of the Doctor. Horrified, Ollistra lamented Time Lord soldiers Bennus and Arverton when they allowed the War Doctor to activate the Dalek Time Destructor instead of them, a blast no Time Lord could survive. Ollistra attended the Doctor's funeral, sceptical of his demise. With her strong belief that the Doctor was still alive, she sent Veklin to search for him. After gaining control of the Eye of Harmony of the Doctor's TARDIS, Ollistra pulled the Doctor from Keska when he refused to go home. (AUDIO: The Innocent)

She later built a team, consisting of the War Doctor, Veklin, Bennus and Arverton, to rescue Seratrix, a Time Lord strategist, in the "Null Zone". (AUDIO: The Thousand Worlds)

It was later revealed that the scheme underneath the mission was to purge the idea of Seratrix to make peace with the Dalek. The reason why she sent the "rescue team" was because she believed that the Doctor, Bennus, and Arverton were followers of the belief of Seratrix so they should be killed together with him.

After the War Doctor stopped the plan of the Daleks to explode the thousand planets, Ollistra came and revealed her plan to the Doctor. After that, she brought the Doctor to the future of Keska to show how the planet recuperated from the invasion of the Daleks. (AUDIO: The Heart of the Battle)

Ollistra caught up with the Doctor after he used the Annihilator to erase the Technomancers, placing him under arrest as a war criminal. (AUDIO: Legion of the Lost)

She was looking for the Doctor in order for him to understand the whether they should use the anima device. She then decided to take on a mission to Asteroid Theta 12 to discover the secrets that they were the war council was hearing. She was reluctant to save Jarad. She discovered the research that the Daleks were doing. The Doctor got her to use the anima device in order to destroy the Dalek fleet. The Doctor left her behind on the Asteroid. (AUDIO: A Thing of Guile)

Ollistra followed the Doctor to the Neverwhen as his TARDIS was used to travelling to strange places. She was interested in the results of the weapon that created the Neverwhen, especially because it resurrected Time Lords. The Doctor later used it to create a state of peace where both Daleks and Time Lords were farmers. Ollistra planned to use it along with the Neverwhen to destroy Skaro. (AUDIO: The Neverwhen)

Ollistra had Heleyna to contact the Doctor when the quantum shield around Earth was breached. (AUDIO: The Shadow Vortex)

She went to a retreat to gain information about a Dalek Spy in the High Council, where she was taken by General Fesk to be used as a bargaining chip between the Sontarans and both the Daleks and the Time Lords to let them into the war. She discussed the beginnings of the war with the Dalek Time Strategist. When a Time Lord rescue party came, the Doctor learnt that everything had been orchestrated by the Sontarans' Time Lord captive Vassarian, their source of artron energy. With the Doctor's aid, Vassarian dissipated the artron energy, allowing the Daleks to destroy the Sontarans, before the Time Lords, accompanied by Kalan, to escape in Vassarian's TARDIS. When the ship reached orbit, Heleyna revealed herself as the Dalek spy, kicking the War Doctor out of the ship. (AUDIO: The Eternity Cage)

As Heleyna struggled to properly open communications with the Dalek Time Strategist, Ollistra managed to use the Battle TARDIS' short-ranged transmat recall to save the Doctor. Taken as a hostage by Heleyna, the two fell into the lower levels of the TARDIS. Heleyna sought to destroy the Eye of Harmony, both to bring her grandfather back from the dead and prevent the Time War from ever happening, and used Ollistra's credentials to access the ship's star chamber. The time winds managed to delay the Temporal Assault Squad long enough for the Doctor and Kalan to stop the Dalek plan. When a repentant Heleyna detonated the Daleks' Primary Weapon, the Battle TARDIS was thrown out of the Time Vortex and crashed on Rovidia. Though the Doctor desperately tried to get medical attention for Kalan, Ollistra sadly informed him that the boy was dead. (AUDIO: Eye of Harmony)

The Doctor and Ollistra were then captured and sent on an escape capture to be picked up by the Daleks. The Doctor managed to avoid capture by flying the capsule to Beltox. Her main concern was getting back to Gallifrey, but when the Daleks arrived she first organised the retreat of the locals and then the defence of Beltox. (AUDIO: Pretty Lies)

On Grend, she managed to get a message to the war council and asked for a complete Time Fleet to be sent there. Freel arrived to take her back to Gallifrey, but she was annoyed that only a fleet of 20 Battle TARDISes were sent. She then got those 20 TARDIS to defend Grend. Later when the Doctor arrived, he came with the Fifth Time Fleet and Commander Veklin. (AUDIO: The Lady of Obsidian)

On returning to Gallifrey, she was the highest-ranking Time Lord not in deep hiding due to the Enigma. She started to not trust Leela because of her savagery. When the Enigma arrived on Gallifrey she thought that the Daleks had won. She helped to explore the dimension she was in and helped with the Doctor's theorising of what was going on and why Leela was being communicated. The Doctor managed to rouse his TARDIS into action, bringing the three to the heart of the Dalek operation. After the Daleks' bluff had been called, Ollistra suggested to the Enigma that it use its powers to wipe the Daleks from history. As the creatures considered it, the Doctor suggested to the Enigma that it wipe both the Daleks and Time Lords from history. When the three returned to N-Space however, they found that the Enigma had done nothing but returned all combatants to N-Space. Returning to her duties, Ollistra marked the Doctor's actions as treasonous. (AUDIO: The Enigma Dimension)

Ollistra signed an order allowing a team of Time Lords, headed by Councilor Voltrix, to open a rift into the universe of the Great Vampires, allowing them to destroy a fleet of Dalek saucers. (COMIC: The Bidding War)


After the Time War, Leela acknowledged Ollistra among those who were "gone" whilst speaking with the Tenth Doctor. (AUDIO: Splinters)


Ollistra was a heartless politician, so much so that Bennus and Arverton joked over the existence of Ollistra's emotions, and was also deeply patriotic, allowing Gallifreyans to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. She displayed a discontent with the Gallifreyan armed forces, telling two soldiers "The Doctor is worth a hundred of you... people!". (AUDIO: The Innocent) Though she was not entirely free of morals, coming to appreciate Kalan's innocence and mourning his passing. (AUDIO: Eye of Harmony)

Ollistra was regularly callous and decadent and retained the mindset that any act done in the name of Gallifrey's victory of the Last Great Time War was a necessary means to that end; to this extent, she threatened to force the Eighth Doctor to regenerate in the hopes of making him more co-operative in the war effort. (AUDIO: The Conscript)

Her cold indifference to the fates of most other races thawed as a result of her experiences on Rovidia, Beltox and Grend. Beltox's destruction particularly affected her, after she fought side by side with its inhabitants in a futile attempt to save the planet from the Daleks. She refused to allow Grend to meet the same fate, to the point where she demanded Gallifrey send reinforcements to defend the planet, although she did claim to be doing so for strategic rather than altruistic purposes. (AUDIO: The Eternity Cage/Eye of Harmony, Pretty Lies, The Lady of Obsidian)

Relationship with the War Doctor[[edit]]

Although Ollistra respected the War Doctor's efforts for Gallifrey, she on occasion described him as "a thorn in [the Time Lords'] side" and "an embarrassment for most of his lives". When he was presumed dead, Ollistra confessed that she felt the universe "a far more dangerous place without [him]", displaying that she had some level of recognition for his pursuits and actions. (AUDIO: The Innocent) When needing to get his attention quickly, Ollistra deliberately referred to him as "The Doctor", knowing it was a surefire way to get his attention. (AUDIO: The Enigma Dimension)